Changed Outlook

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Note to readers: I wrote this with assistance from my friend. This is all fictional, nothing real about it. Enjoy!

Shawn arrived at Changed Outlook a little before opening. He had a lot of paperwork to get done and inventory to put away for the Valentine’s Day rush. Business started picking up weeks before that day. He never understood how so many found his merchandise so enticing. He had a few woman in his past, but not any in wearing that clothing around in public or anywhere.

Janet, his co-worker was not in yet. She fielded most of the customers since she knew a bit more about the items than Shawn. He did most of the paperwork and administrative stuff. Together, they made a great team that gave them money for more computer classes.

Shawn set down his coffee on the counter. He used both hands to open the large binder of inventory. The store had boxes scattered around, which tended to occur before a busy period. He was very organized and hated having crap laying around. Getting all of the boxes put away was one of his goals.

The phone rang next to the cash register. Janet was on the other line. She told Shawn that she was going to be a bit late today because she had some work done on her condo. He accepted her apology and carried on with the inventory alone.

The clock read 9:10 and Shawn was upset at himself for not opening the store promptly. Waiting at the door was a woman with large breasts, black hair and deep blue eyes. She smiled at Shawn who returned the emotion. She started looking around and putting things into a bag he gave her.

Shawn told the woman to ask if she had any questions., but the woman seemed to be doing fine with the increasingly large amount of stuff in the bag. She asked “where is the dressing room?” Shawn cleared a few boxes so she had access to a small room in the back with a door, stool, and mirror.


The woman carried the bag of lingerie into the dressing room after Shawn flicked on the light switch for her. She sat the bag on the stool and got undressed. She tried on the bras and underwear, garter belts and stockings and corsets that she pulled from her bag. She was a larger woman so some of the items were kind of tight on her so she put those in a pile to return to the store worker. The items she wanted to buy were placed back in the bag, a pair of white crotch less thong panties and a matching lace bra, a black garter belt and stockings, a black push-up bra, a cupless corset/garter belt set, and several pair of silk panties in red, black, blue and white.

When she was satisfied with the items she had chosen, she placed them all in the bag, put her clothes back on, and left the dressing room, the unwanted items draped over her arm. She approached the check-out counter and laid the unwanted items on the counter and sat her bag beside them. Shawn came to the register and placed the unwanted items on a table behind the counter, then removed the items from the bag to ring them up. He scanned each item then placed them back into the bag. After scanning all fifteen items, he totaled her purchase, which came to $224.95 with the sales tax. He asked if she needed assistance with her purchases, and she gladly accepted, with a twinkle in her eyes.

Shawn carried her bags out to her car for her and placed them in the front passenger seat for her. Before she closed the door on the driver’s side of the car, she handed him a business card. He looked at it and saw she had written “call me” on the back. Her number was on the front of the card. She winked at him, then drove away, leaving him standing there staring after her black corvette.

He went through his work day as usual, then went home after locking up the store. He still had the woman’s business card in his pocket, so when he got home, he took a beer from the refrigerator, then picked up the phone and punched in her number. After three rings, she answered in a deep husky voice, “Hello, this is Samantha.” she said.

He gulped and said, “Hi Samantha, this is Shawn from Changed Outlook. You gave me your card today when I helped you with your bags.”

“Oh yes, I remember now. How are you, Shawn?” she replied.

“Um, just fine thanks. I just got home from work and figured I’d give ya a call and see what’s going on.” he said.

“Well, the reason I gave you my card is that I found you to be a very attractive gentleman and I’m very interested in getting to know you better. Have you ever done any modeling at all?” she asked him.

“No, can’t say that I have, Samantha. What kind of modeling did you have in mind?” he inquired.

“Men’s swim wear, intimate apparel, and sexual intimacy aids.” she said.


Shawn was flattered by the idea of being a model. He never considered himself in top-shelf shape, but thought to give it a go. He returned to the store and informed Janet about the opportunity. She tried to stifle a laugh, but had a hard time containing herself. A customer walked in, which helped distract her from making Shawn feel worse.

He went throughout the day thinking almanbahis of what types of ads he could do for the woman. He wondered if there were possible romantic ideas in store with him and her, or even a female model. He could count on his stock rising with the women once they started seeing him in magazine ads.

The day went quickly thanks to a steady stream of customers. Shawn left the store soon after closing and called the number left on the card. The woman picked up and asked if he was interested in doing a trial test that evening. Shawn agreed and wrote down the address on a notepad.

The house appeared far larger than Shawn expected. He concluded that the woman was doing quite well for herself in the business. Nervously, he walked toward the door. The woman opened it before he had a chance to knock. She was in jeans and a tank top that showed off her ample breasts.

“Care to come inside into the studio?” She asked before motioning him inside. He entered and followed her down to the studio. It was large with a lot of photographic equipment, numerous backdrops, and a couch. He followed the woman towards the dressing room. She shut the door after instructing Shawn to get changed in the silk robe she gave him.

Shawn was unaware that the woman was able to see into the room with the one way mirror. She got quite wet seeing his form move to unzip his pants. She started to rub her large breasts seeing his cock standing at attention after Shawn removed the jeans. She imagined having it between her breasts fucking them until he came into her mouth.

The woman went back into the studio a bit more flushed but knowing that she needed to get everything set up. Shawn walked in and sat down on the stool. She started snapping photos of him in different poses. He was told to smile and express himself in different ways.

He got a bit more adventurous by leaning over towards the camera. The woman thought she could capture his cock between the robe openings with a photo.

After 20 min of different poses, the woman asked him to change. Shawn nervously slid back on his clothes. He wasn’t sure what would happen next. The woman greeted him in the studio and informed him that the photos would be ready in about a week. She would call him once they arrived.

Knowing his chances of hearing from her were slim, Shawn returned to work the next day somewhat disappointed. Janet knew that whenever Sharona arrived it would cheer him up. She needed a man’s opinion on something to wear for her boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. Janet thought to also get Shawn’s opinion to surprise her boyfriend also.


Sharona arrived promptly at 9:30 am the day after Shawn’s photo shoot. He helped her choose several outfits and ushered her into the dressing room. Janet was assisting another customer, so Shawn waited outside the dressing room for Sharona to come out and model the first outfit. She came out a few minutes later wearing a tight red corset with black ribbon trim over the low heart shaped bust line and around the lower hems, a black silk thong, and a red and black silk garter belt attached to black fishnet stockings. She had her black shoes with the four-inch high heels on her dainty feet.

Shawn felt the blood rush to his groin as her full 40DD breasts pressed against the thin fabric of the corset. Her nipples were very hard and Shawn itched to touch them. But being a professional, he restrained himself. Her long brown hair was pulled back into a pony tail, the end of which brushed over the upper swell of her lush bottom. She asked his opinion of the outfit and he told her it looked great on her. She smiled and went back into the dressing room to change into the other outfit. Shawn took those few minutes to try and get his aching cock back under control.

“Damn, I need a woman real bad!” he thought to himself just as the curtain parted to allow Sharona to come through dressed in the transparent white silk floor length nightgown with the thin spaghetti straps over her tanned shoulders. The fabric of the gown was so thin that he could easily see the darker circles of her aureoles and the rigid points of her nipples, as well as the darker shadow of the patch of curls atop her thighs. Shawn gulped when he realized she wasn’t wearing any panties as she slowly turned around, glancing at him coyly over her shoulder, so he could see the back of the gown on her, through which he could easily see the crack of her ass.

Before she knew what was happening, Sharona felt herself being swept up in Shawn’s arms and carried back through the curtain of the dressing room where he laid her on the bench and parted her thighs, plunging his fingers into her wet pussy as he kissed her passionately. His cock was straining against the soft fabric of his pants as he pressed it against her outer thigh. She moaned and he removed his fingers from between her legs just long enough to free his cock from its confinement. He moved between her legs and plunged into her with one thrust. He pushed the gown off her shoulders to bare her breasts and took almanbahis giriş the hard nipples into his mouth one at a time as he rammed her hot wet pussy with his cock.

He felt her tunnel tighten around his shaft and knew she was close to orgasm, just like he was. He fucked her hard and fast, covering her mouth with his when she was about to scream out with her orgasm, his own release coming within moments of hers. He pulled out quickly and moved to her head where she quickly took the head of his shaft into her mouth, sucking out his cum and swallowing it, never taking her eyes from his face. She moaned softly as the hot jets of cum struck the back of her throat as she stroked his hard throbbing shaft. After a couple minutes, he pulled himself from her mouth and she licked her lips, catching a few stray drops of semen in the corners of her mouth. She smiled up at him and asked huskily, “So Shawnie, do you think Jimmy will like this outfit?” He gulped and nodded, unable to speak because he was still surprised at the intensity and suddenness of their fucking.

Shawn excused himself after tucking his flaccid cock back into his underwear and fastening his pants again. He left Sharona to dress and he went to the restroom to wash up. He looked in the mirror there and saw his face was flushed and his hair was messy. He wet his hands in the sink and ran them through his hair to straighten it out then splashed some water on his face before leaving the restroom. When he went back out to the front of the store, Sharona was at the register paying for her items. Shawn saw that she had the white gown and the red & black corset set both and he smiled. Shawn knew that Sharona’s boyfriend Jimmy would love the clothes that she purchased. He said goodbye to her as she left, then went to his office at the back of the store.

He sat at his desk and looked at the phone messages that lay on top of his day planner. There was one from Samantha right on top of the pile. He quickly picked up the phone and dialed her number….


Samantha answered the phone on the 2nd ring. She was happy to hear that Shawn was calling and told him that she had an appointment cancel on her. Not sounding too annoyed, she asked if Shawn was free to come over.

They set up a time for Shawn to review the pictures with Samantha and talk about next options. While Shawn was at work, Samantha got the photos ready for him. She put them into a folder and started looking at his defined frame. She felt a familiar tingles flowing through her looking more intently at him. She took the photos into her bedroom and pulled out her box of toys. So many to pick from she thought before deciding on a realistic-looking nine inch toy with ridges.

In a few seconds, Samantha had removed her pants and underwear. She coated the toy with some flavored jelly and moved it along her awaiting pussy lips. Without a second to lose, she slammed the dildo home. She screamed so loud that she was almost hoarse. In and out the plastic intruder pounded her pussy. She wanted to explode so badly. Leaving the toy inside her, she turned on the TV. Inside the DVD player was one of many porn movies she kept. It showed a woman being tag teamed. Samantha focused on the TV. Her hands moved the dildo in and out faster. She imagined that Shawn and one of his friends were doing that to her.

That wicked thought caused her to cum hard all over the toy and sheet. Her pussy released its vice grip on the toy and she got ready for Shawn’s appointment. He arrived fifteen minutes after she was fully ready.

After some idle chatting, Samantha invited him into the studio. She gave him his pictures that were sitting on a table. He felt her hand slide along his pants leg as they discussed the next steps in his budding career as a model. She told him that modeling in the nude is important for line of work.

Shawn thought about that idea, but admitted he wasn’t comfortable being without clothing. Samantha told him that he had a great body, but needed some coaching on how to get more comfortable in his skin. She invited him to the side of the bed and flipped on the TV and DVD player. Shawn was surprised that a porn movie was showing. His cock started getting harder from the scene. Samantha told him to just watch the TV and let her do the work. It wasn’t long before she lowered his pants and kneeled in front of him. His cock was at full attention, but Samantha knew from experience that young men often came quickly from excitement. She pulled out a toy for his cock before resuming her kneeling position that would prevent that from happening.


The toy she pulled out happened to be a 1-1/2 inch cock ring, which she slid carefully over the head of his cock, and rolled it slowly down to the base of his shaved eight inch cock. Once the ring was in place, she slowly began licking his shaft from base to tip and back down again. Shawn groaned with pleasure as her tongue slid all over his cock, and even down over his balls. He tried to put his hands on her head but she restrained him. His hips began almanbahis yeni giriş bucking slightly as he tried to make love to her mouth once she took him completely inside her mouth. She tightened her lips around his shaft and stroked him with her tongue in long slow strokes.

His groaning was getting louder and Samantha knew he was close to an orgasm. She released his cock and stood up, then pulled Shawn to his feet. He was a bit wobbly at first as she pulled him over to the sofa. She swiftly undressed then embraced Shawn in a hug that pressed her bare breasts with her hard nipples tight against his chest. She felt his erection pressing against the “V” of her legs and moaned softly, almost like a tigress’ purr.

“I want to bury myself in you, Samantha, ” Shawn whispered huskily in her ear as he tipped his head to kiss her neck.

“Do it Shawn, I want to feel you inside me, pulsing and throbbing. Feel my pussy Shawn, it’s all wet and swollen just for you.” she said to him as she guided his hand to her wet slit.

He lifted her up and laid her gently on the sofa then moved between her spread legs, his cock pressing against her inner thigh as he fingered and teased her pussy and clit. His ministrations were making her moan and pant, and she was leaking her love honey out onto the soft leather of the couch. Shawn could not resist taking a nice long lick of her, from anus to clit and back down again several times, licking her sweet juices eagerly. He slid two fingers deep into her and found her g-spot and began rubbing it in a circular motion as he continued licking. Within seconds, he felt her muscles tighten around his fingers as she climaxed. He licked her juices that seeped out and them moved up over her, thrusting his hard cock deep into her wet pussy. She gasped as he filled her completely with his shaft, and he left it in there for a moment for her to get used to his size. She felt it swell more as he started moving within her in a slow steady rhythm.

She felt another orgasm approach as his speed and strength increased, his thrusts growing more rapid as he plunged in and out of her body. He tipped his head down and captured one of her nipples in his mouth and sucked hungrily as his thrusting grew feverish and more rapid. Within moments, they were both screaming out as their orgasms hit hard, her vaginal muscles clenching him tightly as he shot his hot cum deep into her body. He collapsed on top of her and kissed her deeply as they both struggled to regain their breaths and slow their hearts frantic beating.


Samantha had not experienced such an orgasm in a long time. Part of the reason she got into the erotic photography business was to quench her sexual desires. The sex with perfect strangers was new and exciting in the beginning. Pretty soon, they were going for much younger women.

Now that she found someone interested in her, Samantha thought about all the possibilities that might open. She looked at Shawn’s chest still breathing heavily. Samantha leaned over and kissed him softly but with equal passion as earlier. Shawn’s cock started to grow from the kiss getting more sensual.

She turned on the DVD player. Shawn woke up and watched on the TV how a woman was being eaten out by a delivery driver. Samantha surprised Shawn by lowering her pussy onto his face. She moved it along his probing tongue. Even though she had just orgasmed, a part of her wanted


Rocking her hips, Samantha watched the action on the TV. Slowly, she moved her hips around Shawn’s face. Her sweet nectar covered his entire mouth. Shawn drove his tongue deeper into her tasty womanhood. He pushed it deeper inside Samantha. She looked down to see his cock regain life.

One of her hands touched his manhood lightly. Shawn’s tongue reacted by plunging deeper into Samantha. The actress on TV had her back arched from the sensations. Samantha knew that the actress was about to tighten her hips around the guys face. Samantha did likewise.

In and out Shawn’s tongue probed all along her pussy and clit. He bit down on the swollen clit on accident. Samantha released out a load moan. Her body drowned Shawn’s face and neck. She slowly slid off him. He was covered in her sweetness. She licked it off his face and resumed kissing him. The scene ended with the couple nuzzling close. Samantha propped up Shawn’s head to watch the next scene. She had a feeling he would enjoy it. She sat in front of his cock and had her own version of a porno, one she knew he would remember.


The scene on the TV opened with a black haired woman lounging on a chair by a swimming pool. Her redheaded friend was in the pool swimming leisurely. The gardener, a dark haired Latino man, was pruning the rose bushes nearby, occasionally swinging his gaze over the scantily clad ladies. The gal in the pool emerged up the pool steps, water sluicing off her lightly bronzed skin. She took a seat in another chair by the dark haired woman. They both removed their swim suits and applied sun screen to each other, their hands lingering on each other’s breasts. The gardener had his gaze glued to the erotic scene before him, and he felt the blood rush to his groin, especially when he saw the ladies lean closer to each other and kiss passionately.

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