Chance Meeting Ch. 05

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The following day was a busy one for all of them. Between Pete and Mark things were now running smoothly. Pete had Mark take the first flight he could get back home to take care of the finishing plans while he and Sara remained to finish up at the job site.

Pete had called Sara to tell her that it would just be the two of them for dinner that evening and for her to make them reservations in the hotel restaurant. They talked about the job and the progress it was now making and some small chit chat before Sara brought up the subject of her having some personal time to herself.

“Don’t misunderstand me Pete, I love the relationship I have with you and Kate. I would just like some personal time of my own. I was thinking that maybe it would be a good idea if I were to find a place of my own now.”

“Sara I want to ask you a question and I want an honest answer from you, ok?”

“Of course Pete you should know by now that I would never lie to you or to Kate for that matter.”

“Is your wanting to move and have some time alone because of Kate always dominating your every free moment?”

“Pete please understand that I enjoy spending time with Kate just as I do with you as well as being with the both of you together, but your right it has to do with Kate for the most part.”

“Sara I have tried to tell Kate numerous times that if she didn’t give you some breathing room she would run you off. I knew the day when you said you were going shopping and she invited herself that you didn’t want her company that day. If you did move somewhere else Sara would you still work for me and play with us together and alone?”

“Of course Pete, I love the times we spend together as a group and alone. I just would like a little bit of a private life as well. I don’t want you to think that I’m not grateful for all you have done for me and given me Pete. My life has never been this full nor have I ever been this happy and content. I was thinking that maybe we could make up some sort of schedule for when we are together as a group and alone.”

“Sounds fair to me Sara. You decide the when’s, where’s and with who, and how often then Kate and I will abide by it. I do have to tell you that I will miss having a warm willing woman to make love to everynight.”

“Pete I was thinking that on the weekends it would be my free time. You guys have your family over on Sundays anyway.”

Sara knew that Pete was the one who would miss any time he had had with her. Sara would never refuse Pete and she was going to tell him that anytime he wanted her she would find a way to be with him.

He had the tab put on his bill and they headed back up to their room. As soon as they were inside Pete pulled her into his arms and kissed her passionately. He had been planning on them leaving tomorrow but after her announcement he decided they would stay one more day. He was going to make that last day and night together one that was filled with sexual pleasure for the both of them.

He had her blouse undone and her tits free in record time. He lifted one to his mouth for some tender sucking then the other for the same treatment. He could hardly contain himself from entering her. He knew he had all night and one entire day left with her but he was anxious to bury his cock deep within her.

Pete pulled Sara to his room and pushed her down onto the bed, he didn’t even take time to undress her slowly. He pulled her slacks off quickly and was out of his slacks in record time. He entered her fast and wasted no time with slow buildups, he just rammed his cock in hard and fast bringing them both to climax rather quickly.

Pete and Sara only left the suite the following day long enough to eat dinner. They had ordered up room service for lunch and spent the time eating in bed between tender kisses and gentle caresses. Pete made the most of that last day with Sara knowing it would probably be a long time before he could spend that much time with her again.

Pete had called Kate to tell her what time their flight would be arriving and to have the car waiting at the airport for them. Before they left that morning they had talked about Kate and both knew that Kate would want to pick them up when they arrived. They both knew that Kate would want to get her hands on Sara as soon as possible but Sara wanted to go home unpack, shower and just relax for an hour or so before dealing with Kate.

“Tell you what Sara I’m going to call her back and tell her to never mind picking us up. I’ll tell her to meet us at the office instead then after we land I’ll send you home in a cab and that will give you the time you want plus give me time to talk to Kate about our discussion before she demands your time.”

Sara had been home for almost two hours before Kate made her appearance. Sara decided not to bother dressing knowing what Kate would want before they talked about what Pete had told her. Sara was waiting in bed for Kate when she walked into her bedroom.

Sara was already wet waiting for Kate. She had made casino siteleri sure her breasts were uncovered knowing that when Kate saw her no matter how upset she was at the time she would forget everything until she had sated herself of Sara. She had been right, as soon as Kate saw her she was in bed, with her mouth fastened hungrily onto Sara’s, and her hand at her breasts.

Sara wouldn’t deny that she enjoyed the pleasure that Kate gave her. She didn’t want to end that intimate friendship with her only cut down the amount of time she could have with Sara. Sara moaned in pleasure the moment Kate wrapped her lips around her nipple.

Kate had missed Sara terribly, she had felt like she had been without food and water in the week that Sara had been gone. When Pete first told her of Sara’s wishes they had argued. She had accused him of using the week he had with Sara as an excuse to keep her away from her so he could have more time with her. When she finally calmed down she knew he was telling the truth and that Sara really did want some time alone without either of them bothering her.

She had planned on talking with Sara and telling her that she understood her wishes first, but when she saw her waiting for her naked in bed, she could only think of eating her delightful pussy dry.

“Open your legs slut, I’ve been denied the pleasure of your pussy for to long,”she told her as she moved between Sara’s opened thighs. Kate made short work of bringing Sara to her first climax. Kate was relentless in getting Sara off four more times before slowing down a bit. Kate was voracious in devouring Sara’s pussy with her mouth.

Sara had came so much her clit was getting a bit sore from all of Kate’s attention. When Kate slowed down Sara thought she was done with her but she was wrong. Kate got up long enough to remove her clothes and put on her strap on before ordering Sara onto her hands and knees.

Kate loved playing the part of the man with her fake cock. She loved watching it go in and out of Sara’s pussy as she fucked her. She liked watching it when she was fucking Sara from the front but right now she wanted her asshole handy. She slipped her finger into her ass while she fucked her slowly with her fake cock. She moved it around and round in her ass stretching and pulling her hole further apart.

She pulled out of Sara so she could lean down and tongue fuck her hole. She was going to fuck that ass as soon as she had it ready for her fake cock. She tongued her ass and probed it with her fingers until she was sure she was ready for her ass fucking.

She dipped her fingers into Sara’s wet pussy and rubbed her cum over the fake cock, making it slick with her juices. When she had it wet enough she rubbed some of her cum on her hole then slipped the dildo in slowly. She had Sara’s hole ready for full fucking within a minute. She watched as the cock probed Sara’s hole slowly at first then picked up her tempo.

Sara was close to coming and reached for her swollen clit. She rubbed her nub while Kate fucked her ass with her cock. Sara came, then she heard Kate growl knowing that Kate had climaxed as well. Kate made love to her body all morning and into the late afternoon before stopping so they could shower and then talk.

After their talk it was agreed that she and Pete would leave Sara alone on the weekends. Sara would have her personal time starting on Friday till Monday. That night after supper Pete and Kate made love to Sara till the sun came up. Sara excused herself to go to her own place to shower and rest.

It had been three months since they had made their agreement and Sara enjoyed her free time. She even enrolled in a quilt class on Friday nights, she had always wanted to make one but didn’t have the first idea how to go about it. She was almost done with her first nine patch quilt and was quite pleased with it and herself.

She hadn’t been fucked by Pete in six weeks. Shortly after coming back home from the Portland trip his company had finalized their bid for a new building for a software company in Brazil. Mark had been sent there the day after they returned and had been there for two months now drawing and redrawing up designs.

Pete had spent the last six weeks there setting up the contractors, getting all the permits, making sure everything was top quality building materials. Pete prided himself that his company used only the finest quality materials when building.

Pete came home a day early and Mark was to follow in another week. He went straight to the office before calling Kate to let her know he was home. He headed straight for Sara’s office, he had missed her terribly while he was gone. He had someplace he was going to take her before heading home and he couldn’t wait to get her alone.

When Pete walked towards Sara’s office he saw Tim sitting on the edge of her desk talking to Sara. Pete felt a stab of jealousy seeing him sitting there looking down at Sara’s opulent breasts, her clevage showing seductively in her silk blouse.

Tim slot oyna was his right hand man and an very integral part of his company but he was also a womanizer. The only difference between them was that Tim’s wife didn’t know about the other women Tim fucked almost on a daily basis. Pete didn’t want him getting his hands on Sara, that was a no win situation for her if he did. So he was rather curt with both of them when he entered her office.

He sent Tim back to his office to get in touch with Mark over some new changes and then told Sara he needed to clear up a few things in his office and for her to get her coat and be ready in 15 minutes that they had to go check out something for a client.

Sara felt Pete was upset about something and didn’t know if it had to do with business or with her. He was unusually quiet on the drive to wherever they were headed. When she asked how the trip went she got brisk, short answers of fine, yes, no, not sure yet answers to her questions.

He was heading out of town towards the country, a half hour later he was turning down a pine tree covered country road. The road turned out to be a long private drive that lead to this beautiful home facing a huge lake.

Pete helped her from the car and walked her up to the front door where he produced a key unlocking the door and letting them inside.

“Are we meeting someone here Pete?”

“No, I have to check the house over for a client and he wants a woman’s point of view on it as well. We have to look the place over and see what you think about it and whether or not a woman would find this a pleasing place to live as well or would she think it too secluded.”

The living room was huge, two long sofa’s sitting in a L shape were flanked by a huge fireplace where a cozy fire could be made. The placement of the sofa’s not only allowed a nice cozy atmosphere from the fire place but also provided a beautiful view of the lake through the huge glassed walled windows facing the lake.

A huge big screen TV was housed in a entertainment center to the right of the fireplace that looked like a huge wall cabinet. The house was beautiful, only a die hard city woman would not enjoy living here she thought.

She followed Pete up to the second floor and was thrilled at what they found there. There were two huge bedrooms at the far end of the upper floor, each one had it’s own private shower and bath in it. The next room was a huge room that could be used as an office, a den, library or whatever type of room the owner saw it as. Then there was the overly huge Master bedroom that took up the rest of the upper floor.

Sara could live in this room, it was both cozy and intimate at the same time. A huge king size bed was centered on a side wall. Above the bed was a huge skylight that showed a spectacular view of the evening sky.

The ceiling is what Sara found the most appealing about the room. The designer had place small lights throughout the ceiling giving it the feeling of having hundreds of little stars shining in the room. When the main lights were off the room was bathed in very dim soft light given off by the little lights making the room have a very intimate and seductive feeling to it.

The far wall facing the foot of the bed had a wall hung plasma, big screen TV mounted on it. There were two overstuffed chairs facing the TV and in the corner of the room there was also a built in gas fire place. Two huge floor to ceiling windows faced the lake giving another spectacular view of the lake.

Sara loved everything about the house. What Sara had thought was part of the bookshelves had been a hidden small refrigerator. It had two bottles of champagne chilling in it when she opened it.

She turned to tell Pete from her point of view the house was beautiful. She was about to tell him that when she saw the intense look on his face and asked him if something was the matter. “Pete is something wrong, have I done something to make you upset?”

“What the hell was that leach Tim doing sitting on the edge of your desk when I came in this afternoon?”

“He was telling me the story of Mrs. Jones and the offices you had built for her company. Which was a very funny story I will say. Pete what the hell is wrong with you, you sound like a jealous husband,” she told him jokingly.

“I was jealous and I didn’t have a right to be is what is wrong with me. I didn’t want to see you get involved with him, it would get you nowhere and you would end up getting very hurt in the end. I couldn’t stand the thought of him touching you. I wanted to punch him in the fucking face, then take you right there in your office so you knew I wanted you more than he ever would,” he told her through clenched teeth.

Sara walked towards Pete slowly, smiling at him as she did. “What were you going to do Pete, tear my clothes off and fuck me right there in front of the whole office,” she asked him when she stood directly in front of him?

“Don’t laugh Sara, I’m not in the mood.”

Sara canlı casino siteleri could tell he was on a short leash and pressed his button further. “What’s stopping you now Pete? No ones here to see you. Besides your not the type to just rip off a woman’s clothes and take her by force,” she taunted.

Pete snapped, he had done nothing but think of her the entire time he was gone. He had planned on taking her straight to the condo and fuck her silly until he was sated. Seeing Tim putting the moves on her had changed his plans.

Before Sara could move he reached out and grabbed her blouse ripping it apart. He grabbed the front of her bra and pulled so hard it ripped in half as he jerked her towards his waiting mouth.

He slammed his mouth against hers, bruising her lips with the ferocity of his kiss. He forced her mouth open so his tongue could rape her mouth as he kissed her hard with passion.

His hand went to her breast, nothing tender about his caress as he caressed it roughly. He tore his mouth from hers long enough to latch onto her nipple biting it hard enough to cause her to flinch and jerk from the pain. Her hands pressed against his shoulders when he bit her tit trying to push him away.

He grabbed the waistband of her skirt with his free hand and yanked it down. He spun her around and pushed her face down onto the bed. He ripped her skirt from her then tore her pantyhose in the crotch. He held her down with his left hand, shoving his right knee between her legs forcing them apart as he unzipped his pants and took his hard cock out with his free hand.

He kicked his slacks off then climbed between her legs shoving his cock in hard and fast. He grabbed a handful of her hair with his left hand twisting his hand tightly in the long masses of her curls. His left arm was pressed down into her back and shoulder while his right hand grabbed her right arm holding her down as he rammed her pussy with his cock.

Sara felt like she was being fucked with a hard pole with each slam of Pete’s cock into her pussy. She was no longer uncomfortable with his fucking as her pussy was good and wet now.

Pete slid back far enough to pull her hips tight back against him as he rammed her cunt hard with his cock. He knew he was leaving marks on Sara but he didn’t care, his passion was to fierce.

“You like it rough don’t you Sara? See what your teasing gets you.” Pete had grabbed her hair again and pulled her head up when he spoke to her. He reached in front of her with his other hand to grab her tit. He squeezed it, pulling back on it when he lunged forward into her pussy.

He’s like a man possessed Sara was thinking to herself as he pummeled her body with his. All of a sudden he released her hair and her tit. She didn’t have time to think as he pulled out of her and pulled her around flipping her onto her back. He spread her legs quickly and plunged his cock into her. He grabbed her arms twisting them above her head holding her pinned down tightly.

“I’ve waited six fucking weeks to feel your cunt wrapped around my cock again. I didn’t want to see that fucking bastard near you! Any man but him Sara, I couldn’t stand the thought of him touching you.”

Sara didn’t get to say anything in response as Pete leaned down and kissed her roughly. His lips ground into hers and she could taste blood as his teethed raked her lips. His kiss was deep, demanding, and overpowering in his need to dominate her.

He loved seeing her tits bounce around as he fucked her. To him, seeing a woman’s tits bounce and jiggle as she was being fucked turned him on. He slowed down just enough to capture a nipple in his mouth. Sara moaned loudly as he sucked, pulling her nipple out taut with his sucking.

He glanced up at her face, she was watching him intently, her eyes filled with passion as he sucked her nipple. Seeing her passion in her eyes made him calm down. He became gentler, his movements more restrained now as he saw and felt her passion. He transferred his attentions to her left nipple now, she arched her back lifting her tit more fully into his mouth, as he nursed her nipple.

Sara was close to coming, her body was building to that point when you no longer have any control over how it reacts. This intense passion of Pete’s had taken her to the last few steps it would take for her to reach the top of her mountain.

Pete released her arms and sat back on his knees, he pulled her legs up spreading them wide so he could see his cock slide it and out of her pussy. He wanted to release his load but held off until Sara was ready to come with him. “Hold your legs up for me Sara,” he told her. She had done as he asked so now he was able to rub her clit while he fucked her juicy pussy.

Sara felt her orgasm start, her clit throbbed and twitched as he rubbed it. Her pussy muscles began to contract as she felt her climax flow through her body.

He felt her pussy grab his cock, then pressed her legs back into her chest while he rammed his cock in deep, he felt his hot blood filling his veins as his orgasm erupted within him. He shot his jizz in huge spurts into her pussy as she released her cum to mix with his. After the last drop of his seed was inside her he collapsed on top of her.

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