Caught Alone after Yard Work

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I’ve been sitting in the living room for a few minutes scrolling through the pictures we have sent each other over the past few years trying to cool down after doing yard work on this summer’s day. I reach a particularly sexy string of pictures that make me a little flustered. Seeing pictures of you in different amounts of clothing, lingerie, and nude have me thinking of all the fun times we have had together. There is one in particular that I can’t stop looking at, it’s the one where you are laying on the bed in black lingerie, breast pushed up as high as they will go and a sexually confident smirk because you know how hot you are. You know the picture; the one we had printed and I have stashed in my underwear drawer.

Looking at the curves of your body reminds me of how your skin feels, the softness of your touch, and the sexiness in your eyes. The way you look at me with those amazing brown eyes makes my heart race.

All of these erotic thoughts are having an effect on me. My cock is starting to grow with the thoughts of your boobs in my face as you ride me or the time you fingered me when I was about to cum.

I wouldn’t mind a quick release before you wake up from your nap. So I start to stroke myself through my shorts. I like to see myself grow down leg. My cock almanbahis is starting to make a nice bulge in my khaki shorts. I can see a faint outline of the head of my cock begin to show. Stroke after stroke with thoughts of the time I had you from behind in the closet or the first time I made you squirt while we were having sex.

I unbutton my shorts to pull myself out. I don’t think I have been this hard by myself in a long time. Ah, the firm grasp I have feels good.

My eyes are closed as the thoughts of slapping your ass and pulling your hair is like watching a movie as I start to stroke myself in my own little world. Everything is so vivid, I can feel the way your pussy clamps onto me to milk all of my cum out.

I’m startled by the graze of your hand on my knee. As I look up quickly and see you staring at my fist stuffed with my hard on. You are only wearing your black cotton short shorts, you know the ones where the bottom of your butt peeks out and a sports bra.

“Ah, I’m sorry, I was just trying…” I stammer as I try to put myself back into my pants.

“Well,” you say with a grin, “since you have already started I should help you finish up.”

You slide your hand up my thigh as you take a knee between my legs and tell me to lift my butt up so almanbahis giriş you can take my pants off. My semi-hard penis flaps on my leg and you take it in your hand to give it some motivation to get back to where you found it.

You lean in to flick the head of my cock with your tongue while your big eyes are looking up at me. Your hand still stroking me as you start to engulf the head with your lips. I can feel you start to suck on me; the squeak that your lips make sends vibrations down my cock.

The saliva is lubricating your hand as it makes its way up and down my shaft; without skipping a beat I feel you lick and suck on one of my testicle at a time. I love the way you pull them into your mouth. The suction power you have is incredible.

The only thing I can concentrate on is what your doing. I want this moment to last forever.

You start to kiss further down and I feel your tongue brush against my ass with your hand still pumping me. Each swipe across my ass sends a jolt of electricity through the head of my cock.

“This feels incredible,” I mumble.

You move back up and take my whole member in your mouth and put a finger in my lubricated ass. I pull back your hair so I can see where all of the slurping sounds are coming from. Oh how almanbahis yeni giriş your lips look when they are around me.

The bobbing of your head is in time with your finger going in and out of me. You are alternating between long strokes taking me all the way in and short strokes focusing on my head. Licking the sensitive underside edging me closer to my sweet release.

You lean back while in between my legs to grab and massage both of your breasts. I am in awe of how sexual you are. You pull the sports bra over your head to expose your beautiful body. You start to pinch and pull on your nipples. I can see you turning yourself on.

My dick is still wet from your saliva as you place it between your big full breasts. You start working up and down my shaft; I can see the head pop out the top of your tits.

Both of your hands are rolling your nipples as you squeeze the breasts around my cock creating the an intense pleasure for me. We have created rhythm between my hip thrusts and you bouncing up and down.

I can see my head engorging as it peeks out. I know I can’t hold on much longer.

“Ah, I going to cum”

“Cum for me baby; cum all over my tits.”

“Ahh, ahhh, oh god,” I moan as stream after stream is ejaculated from me covering your chest. The cum is oozing down your breasts.

“I’m going to clean up real quick. When I come out I expect you to be hard again and ready to get me off,” you say are you lick some of the cum off your fingers on your way to the restroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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