Catching Up with an Old Friend Ch. 03

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Scott walked over to the door, the butt plug inserted, wearing only his white stockings and opened it wide to let our guest in.

“Wow!” He exclaimed, “You look great!”

Scott replied, “Thanks, come on in.”

The guy we had met on CL walked into the room then saw me, sitting on the bed naked, my cock was about half hard. He introduced himself as Jim. He was wearing a dress shirt, slacks, nice dress shoes. He was about six feet, same as Scott and I. He had said he was 45, but he looked closer to 50 with salt and pepper hair, he was clean shaven and all in all a nice looking guy.

“Welcome Jim, feel free to get undressed,” I said, walking over and shaking his hand. I introduced myself and Scott, adding, “Scott here will be sucking and fucking and doing anything else we want.”

Jim was unbuttoning his shirt as he replied, “That is so hot. I didn’t know what to expect,” he continued, while now slipping off his slacks, “I’m really glad I made it over.”

He was naked in a few seconds, his cock steadily growing harder and thicker, again about like a coke can, only about 5 or so inches long.

“Scott, why don’t you suck our friend’s cock,” I said.

Scott got on his knees and started licking and sucking Jim’s cock. Naturally he moaned and put one hand on Scott’s head. His other hand reached out and wrapped around my cock! I wasn’t expecting this, as Jim had described himself as all top and not interested in anything but getting blown and fucking, but he had a strong grip on my cock and was certainly enjoying it.

“Let’s move to the bed,” I said. We all moved the bed, Scott getting on his hands and knees, spreading his butt cheeks apart to show his butt plug.

“OH! WOW!” Jim yelled, “THAT IS FUCKING HOT!” He reached up and tugged on the butt plug slightly, then pushed it back in. Scott moaned.

I handed Jim a condom and said, “slip this on, then pull the plug out and let’s see how well you can fuck my friend.”

He smiled, grabbed the condom, tore it open and stretched it around his thick cock. It rolled almost all the way to the base, but was stretched tightly around him.

“I have a problem with some condoms, thank goodness my wife is fixed now!” He laughed, adding, “I’ve only fucked two dudes ever, so this is extra hot for me, I hope I can last longer than five minutes!”

“You’ll do fine, it might take you five minutes to get that thick cock in him,” I said.

He smiled and then looked at me and asked, “what are you going to do while I fuck your friend?”

I grinned, “well, probably watch and then move around to his hot mouth so he can suck me off.”

“Well, um, uh, could I suck you off instead?” He asked, blushing a bit.

“Sure, but I didn’t think you wanted to do that,” I replied.

“Honestly, casino siteleri I usually have no interest in that at all, but your cock is amazing,” he said, “and could you put the butt plug in me?”

“Sure,” I replied, grinning.

He eased the butt plug out of Scott’s ass with a ‘plop’. He handed it to me as he slid up behind Scott and lined up the thick head of his cock with Scott’s slightly gaping hole. He then started to push forward and Scott, being the excellent fuck that he is, slid backwards, forcing the thick cock into him.

“OH FUCK!” Scott exclaimed then moaned deeply as the cock slowly spread his cheeks wider and wider as it slid in deeper and deeper. He continued to moan as Jim pushed in.

“Geez! His ass is so fucking tight!” Jim said.

I cleaned off the butt plug, then smeared anal lube on it and got onto the bed behind Jim. I smeared some of the lube onto Jim’s asshole and then slowly inserted the plug.

“Oh man, oh man!” He exclaimed, “that feels amazing.”

With the butt plug fully inserted, I stood up on the bed and noticed that Jim was now fully in Scott. I then pointed my leaking cock towards Jim and said, “here you go Jim, suck my cock.”

He turned his head towards me, his eyes were glassed over as he opened his mouth and leaned over to take me. He only took about three inches in and started sucking and bobbing back and forth. He also started to slowly pull out of Scott’s ass, pulling about half way out before slowly easing back in.


Jim moaned around my cock as he slowly slid his mouth back and forth, taking a little more of my cock with each entry. He continued to pump slowly in and out of Scott’s ass, taking about three inches out before pushing them back in, with each thrust Scott moaned loudly.

Jim took his mouth off of my cock and said, “I’m going to cum, very, very soon.”

Scott simply moaned and pulled his head back to my cock, he quickly sucked it back into his mouth, now taking about five inches, sucking harder and faster. He also picked up the pace of his fucking almost coming all the way out of Scott’s ass before plunging back in.

I felt my own balls tightening and knew my own orgasm wasn’t far away.

Jim began to moan around my cock and his body starting jerking, I knew he was cumming, I held his head on my cock as he moaned more deeply and picked up the pace of sucking me.

Scott was moaning louder now too, as I looked down and realized the condom had broken and Scott’s ass was getting filled with Jim’s load. That was enough to send me over the edge, so I grabbed Jim’s head in both hands and held him steady as I began to unload into his warm mouth.

He was moaning slot oyna until he realized I was cumming in his mouth, he then tried to pull away, but I held him tightly in place and finally felt him swallowing to keep his mouth from overflowing.

The room was full of the sounds of all of us moaning, cumming and groaning.

Once I was emptied into Jim’s mouth, I pulled my cock from his lips and let go of his head. He was breathing hard and had drops of cum on his lips and chin. He smiled and said, “I’ve never done that, never sucked and swallowed a guy’s cum, never…it was amazing!”

I smiled and said, “well, you did a great job of sucking me and I just knew you wanted to eat my cum too.”

Jim looked down and could see the condom had ripped and said, “Scott, man, I’m sorry, but I think most of my cum is in your ass, which is the hottest thing ever!”

Scott eased himself off of the thick cock, which was finally deflating and said, “I don’t mind, I actually love cum in my ass.” As Scott turned around to face us, his own cock was rock hard and dripping precum like crazy.

“Um, you look like you need relief,” Jim said.

“Yes, I do!” Scott replied, “I’m pretty sure I’ll cum the second you touch my dick.”

Jim looked at me, then at Scott and said, “I’ve never been fucked, but I think I want you to fuck me. I mean, the cock, the stockings, I’m so horny still.”

I looked at Jim and said, “get down on all fours.”

He did, I eased the butt plug from his ass as Scott moved into position and using his own precum, he slid his cock up and down the crack of Jim’s ass then placed the head at the entrance of his anus.

“Okay,” Jim said, “I’m ready, but please go slow, I know it will hurt, but, please, go slow.”

Scott replied, “Here it comes,” and with that, he pushed forward and in one long push filled Jim’s ass with all seven inches of his slender cock.

Jim squealed as the cock entered him and tried to move forward, but Scott held onto his hips pulling him backwards onto his cock.

“Shit! It fucking hurts!” Jim yelled.

“Yes, but just think how bad it would have been if my cock was as thick as yours!” Scott retorted.

“Now just relax Jim, let your asshole adjust to the length and width,” I instructed.

After a few minutes his breathing relaxed and his grip on the sheets let up, and I guess Scott felt his ass relax because he began to slowly pull out a few inches, then push back in. Scott went very slow, pulling out a little more with each stroke.

A low moan escaped Jim’s mouth and he said, “Oh, wow, that feels amazing.”

“I knew you would like it Jim, now just relax, I’m going to fuck you harder and faster, but I’ll pull out and shoot off on your butt,” Scott said.

Jim shook canlı casino siteleri his head and looked back over his shoulder, “No, no, I want to feel it cum in my ass.”

Scott picked up the pace of his fucking, starting to pound him harder and harder. I leaned down and whispered to Jim, “You like that don’t you?”

“Yes,” he said.

“What’s in your ass Jim?”

“A big dick, a big beautiful dick,” he replied, breathing harder as Scott increased his thrusts.

“And what is that big, beautiful dick doing?” I asked.

He moaned and breathed deeply, “It’s fucking me, fucking me like me I’m a girl.”

“And you like being fucked don’t you?” I asked.

“Yes, oh yes!” He said, then he looked right at me, “I never knew it would feel this good, never thought I’d love it, but I do, I do love it, just like I loved swallowing your cum.”

Scott announced he was cumming and pumped harder and faster and groaned as his load shot into Jim’s ass.

Jim moaned and groaned too, saying, “Fill me! Fill me full of your cum!”

Scott pumped a few more times, then pulled his cock from Jim’s ass, pushing Jim onto the bed. Scott then spread Jim’s cheeks and began to rim his open hole, sucking and licking at the cum.

Jim moaned loud and almost screamed, “OH MY GOD! OH SHIT! THAT IS FUCKING AMAZING!”

Scott ate Jim’s ass until he was mostly cleaned all of the cum off of him.

Jim rolled over once Scott had stopped eating his ass, he was red faced and still breathing hard.

Scott got up and walked to the bathroom, there was still cum leaking from his ass as he walked and dried cum on both of his stocking tops.

We heard the shower turn on and I said, “We can join him, if you would like,”

Jim shook his head and said, “I’ve got to head home, I know I stink like cum, but I want to get home and tell my wife everything we did. She dares me to live out my fantasies all the time and I never do, she’ll never believe this.”

I reached over and grabbed the butt plug and said, “turn over Jim,” he did and I slowly inserted the butt plug into his ass and said, “A gift from us to back up your story.”

He got up and started getting dressed and thanked me and went into the bathroom and thanked Scott. He then left.

Scott came out of the bathroom, still wearing the stockings, and said, “Well, that fucking hurt. I didn’t think my ass has ever been that stretched.”

He walked over to the bed and laid beside me and began to kiss me. We kissed like that for a long while before I finally broke the kiss and said, “Your stockings are making me hard again.”

“Good, I want a nice mouth full of cum before we go to dinner,” he said then slid down and took my hardening cock into his mouth and brought me to an amazing orgasm as he sucked my full eight inches into his mouth while he fingered my ass. I filled his mouth with a nice load and he slid up to my mouth and we shared my load with another amazing deep kiss.

We drifted off to sleep…

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