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I just slept with my 9th girl. I met her online and she was looking to be dominated. Well, I thought I’d do my best. It took some art work to get her over here. I had to put up with being canceled on at the last minute last night. And then once she got here, I was ackward and almost lost her. She wanted some second-hand pot smoke but I started coughing before I could give it to her. But I gave it to her a few other times. But she didn’t want to actually get high, which was kind of part of my plan.

Nah, you’ve got to be smooth with girls. I fumbled a couple of times but as so often happens with me, the girl stays with me. I think it might be my looks. Also, I screw up but I keep my cool. When I get stoned, I don’t talk as much but that seems to go all-right. Girls, like most people, tend to under-estimate me. They see how quiet and sometimes lethargic I am but they don’t see the inner strength and saavy. I keep up my momentum. I recover from disasters very well. I can operate under stress and trouble most people would implode under. This has all brought me closer to the awesome forces underlying the universe. Things that to many people are mere “intellectual ideas” are to me volcanic realities.

Anyway, to get to the point, I was ready for this girl. I bought a pair of toy hand-cuffs and made sure I had condoms and lube. This girl was almost smitten and she gave in easy. I let the Matrix play for about fifteen minutes, just for decorum’s sake, and then I started kissing her. She was a decent kisser with a long tongue. So I got her shirt and her bra off and got on top of her. Man, she had this slutty beauty about her. Her tits almanbahis giriş were huge with rings in her nipples. She had this facial expression of liberated, child-like sexual fun. She was fucking thrilled.

I should mention this chick’s a college freshman. She has red hair, nice eyes and crooked teeth. She’s a theatre major and she has a twinkle in her eye. She’s obviously a little loose but there’s something almost lady-like about her; She’s a quality slut. She seems decently smart, probably stays up on her homework all right. She’s a little over-weight but nothing too bad. Above all, she has something I can’t explain. “Charisma” is as close as I come. Our auras fit.

Anyway, so I get to licking on sucking on her pierced nipples. I take the rings in my lips and I tug on her nipples, a little hard maybe. And I lick her nipples, kissing her now and then. I’m trying to keep in mind to be as masculine as possible.

So then I tug her trendy purple-plaid off, along with her white panties. Her pussy’s shaved. It’s perhaps the most remarkable cunt I’ve seen. Her lips were huge and fleshy, her clit fairly large. She was really into it when I started to lick her. She was into it so I got into it, really licking her went cunt. And she was moaning and kind of purring like chicks do. She had a clit piercing, a bar with a red gem on it. So I took that in my mouth and tugged on it a bit. No sense being too gentle with girls.

Then I told her to roll over, she did and I start licking her ass-hole but not going inside because I have a short tongue. But she liked that and then I started working my index finger into her butt-hole. almanbahis She had this big, white ass and it was well shaped. She started moaning louder so I really started working her. I could just barely feel shit as deep as my finger went.

So I worked my other finger into her cunt and started to hand-fuck with one finger in each hole, sometimes stroking her pierced clit with my left hand. She liked that and I could feel she was horny and submissive. I’m not sure but she might have taken it up the ass if I’d asked her. But it doesn’t sound like that much fun with a condom and so I didn’t bother. I once fucked a black girl up the booty bare-back. I didn’t use a lot of lube so that was a lot of fun.

I met this girl on a site for people with kinky sexuality so I put a condom on. And then I pushed myself into her. She was decently tight and she wrapped her legs around me. She really liked being ridden and I didn’t last that long, seeing as I haven’t gotten laid in a couple months. And when I did, it was with a lesbian woman to get her pregnant and her butch was with her. It worked and they’re both rad people.

Anyway, this girl was a pretty slut with her red hair and her huge tits so I came. But I kept fucking her cause she was all fired-up and I got hard again and managed to give her a B-grade fuck. But she was satisfied so I smoked some more pot out of my bong, got a Dr. Pepper and we put on The Matrix. It reminded me of old times and that made me happy. The movie itself sucks, though. It’s such a poser movie. Man, give me a budget and I would make a real rebel movie and a classy one at that.

But, about almanbahis giriş half-way through that, when that hoary villain dude’s eating The Matrix filet mignon, I started kissing her again. I asked her to go down on me and she did. She did a good job, too. And then we really fucked. After I’ve come once, I last longer and can really a girl some spearing. And she spurred me on with all her animal moaning and pushing up to meet me. After about five minutes I came. I could tell that she wanted me to stay in so I did. We smiled at each other and then I kissed her. After a minute, I pulled out and watched the rest of the movie.

She’d make comments about the movie that were intelligent and pretty socially oriented. She dug that computer kid. I love how they have that vorticist, hip edge. But it’s pretty cheesy, really: the whole fucking thing is. It’s a mainstream movie. It needs more funkiness, more music and better dialogue.

Overall, this chick was much better than the movie. I was stupid high but I felt pretty thrilled. If I can say I’m thrilled; I know it’s a good thing. I wish I could fuck this girl without a condom; that’s where it’s at. It’s like three times better. I’ve done it lots of times and you can just feel the girl’s quim, all wet and submissive. Girl’s bodies are submissive by their very nature, waiting to be ruled by a strong and gentle man. But I’d better not. I can’t be catching an STD. I want to donate sperm and create more offspring.

Then, when I’m a legend, people will uplift my children. After all that work, I’ll be burnt out and maybe impotent. No, I need to sire children now, when I’m young and virile. Well, Ja will steer.

Anyway, I hope I get to fuck this chick again. I like her. She’s hot, smart, and hip. Ah hell, she seems pretty smitten. I’ll get laid at least one more time. Maybe I’ll lance her wild-side this time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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