Cassie, Jade, , the Boys Ch. 1

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Even at twilight when the air should be cool, I found myself fanning my face with the magazine I had been reading and grasping a glass of ice water between my legs. It felt so relaxing to have the beading of the water run down the smooth glass, onto my thighs pooling on the seat beneath me, occasionally running down into my shorts. My body felt so tired from the constant heat through out the day that it was now burning my thighs, up into my pussy, across my waist, surrounding my breasts and up into my throat. Desire and lethargy were competing with each other for control of my body, desire winning as I remembered the state of dishevelment I had been in the previous night. . .

“Come with me!” Cassie begged me, pulling me up off my bed, ” I promise I’ll make it worth your while”

“And how are you going to do that?”, said with a serious look on my face when I had all ready been planning my outfit for the whole ten minutes of her pleading.

“I’ll treat you shots all night.”

“Check come from our parents?”

Cassie’s parents were paying her college tuition, and also sending her $1000.00 a fortnight in spending money. On first meeting each other I had thought she was the spoilt little rich girl, I assumed wrong. For the most part of her life, Cassie’s parents would ignore her. They would still send her to private schools, put her through ballet classes, horse-riding, to keep up the image of doing the family thing to their social class friends, but other than that, love and affection were given to each other and not to Cassie, she had to get hers from her Nanny. Cassie you see, had been an accident, one that her parents always reminded Cassie of. I don’t think she really minded though. She played her part to get her education and the bonus money, but when not at home she was the most outrageous person I knew.

“Yup… so get up and get dressed, I’ll pay the whole night, everything.”



She wore a tight black leather mini-skirt, with a black crop top, her cleavage pushed to the limits of some bar wench back in the 18th Century. Her hair was three different colours, her eyes were blue not that you could tell since she always wore sunglasses. Her legs were encased in fish net stockings and no matter how many times I told her fish-net’s were long out, she just looked at me and smiled. Cassie was only 5’9″ in height, I towered over her at 5″11″ especially when I had high heels on. Her body was covered in silver glitter, the light catching her skin every time she moved.

She threw skirts, dresses, shirts at me and told me to pick something. I took off my dress, standing in the middle of my room in just black v-cut lace panties and matching strapless bra. My own cleavage which didn’t need any help from a push-up bra matched Cassie’s if not surpassed it. I picked up my knee-high boots that my sister had nicknamed my ‘Fuck-Me Boots’ and zipped them up, and settled on a red top with small straps across the shoulder which covered the top of the black skirt I had chosen to wear.

“That’ll get em panting!” Cassie grinned, referring to the split in the skirt, that went up my right thigh. ” God I wish I had your legs”

“You can have my legs, if I can have your arse. How bloody tight and round is it?”

“Yeah well, that’s what you get from having parents wanting you to look fit and healthy for their social balls and fund-raisers.” Cassie laughed to herself, ” It’s just a shame they found out about me and the personal trainer.”

Cassie enjoyed flaunting her sexuality in front of her parents at home, whether to get a rise from them, or just because she could. The personal trainer came into the picture, when Cassie’s parents thought she was on the round side of the scales. Nothing could be further from the truth. Cassie was beautifully curvaceous, but the parents wanted waif, and waif was what they didn’t get.

One evening, after Cassie had had enough of diets and continuous workouts, she planned a tryst between herself, the trainer and the trainer’s girlfriend on the evening her parents had influential board members of a Shipping Company over for cocktails, that Cassie’s father wanted to acquire. casino siteleri In walked the group, saw what looked to be an enjoyable scene; goodbye personal trainer, goodbye the waif wannabe.

Cassie moved just behind me as I stood in front of the full length mirror, she smiled teasingly as she started to kneel on the ground. She placed her hands on the skin that was above my boots and below my knees, running first up one thigh, brushing her fingertips across the crotch of my panties, running them back down my flesh which reminded me of the way my masseuse would do it with one of his sensual massages.

“What are you doing?” asking, knowing full well where Cassie wanted to go.

“I’m just doing some looking, no harm came from looking.” as she repeated the same movements on my other thigh.

Grinning, ” Yes but your touching as well, harm can come from touching.”

“How about just plain cumming.”

Cassie brought her lips to my flesh, trailing kisses along my inner thigh, escalating her way into my panties, pulling the lace to one side enjoying the sight, smell and soon to be taste of my body. Her kissing made me wet. As she lovingly tasting my juices she murmured into my folds how good I tasted. My tongue ran over my lips, my hands freed my breasts from my bra, rubbing the nipples, lifting and squeezing my breasts together. My breathing quickened, chest heaved . . . almost to the point of . . . nothing!! My eyes fluttered opened to see Cassie grinning at me like a Cheshire cat.

“What.. why did you stop?”

“Just getting you more motivated to come out and have a good time.”

“You really are wicked, you know that?!”

“I know, and I love it.”

We arrived at the night-club around 11:30, the place was starting to get full and you could feel the electricity in the air. It was powerful. The sight, the smell, bodies writhing up against each other on the dance floor, burning into each other descending into a frenzy madness, fuelled by whatever was going. The music turned up so high, that the rhythm of the music was beating against your heart, vibrating deep within your skin, pumping your blood through your body.

“Six tequila shooters thanks.”, Cassie yelled to the barman leaning across the bar to grab the lemon pieces and salt. ” Start licking girl” she held her hand up to me which I lovingly licked, Cassie doing the same to my hand.

And so the mating rituals begun.

It was a well known night-club fact ( in our experience) that the best way to attract guys was to turn them on with a little girl on girl action. At a night-club when your competing against 100 to 300 girls ( depending on the size of the place you were in), you had to be all out or you might as well forget it.

We weren’t there to meet Prince Charming or our one true love, we were there for one reason only, to have as much fun as possible and to get lucky with some Adonis in the process, ( two reasons, … so I cant count.)

One after another we licked the salt of each other, usually on a different body part, the wrist, the elbow, the shoulder, threw back the tequila, and sucked the lemon pieces slamming each shot glass down on the bar. First drinks done, Cassie grabbed my hand and led me out into a sexual frenzy of strangers moving and grinding to the music.

Without thought I pulled Cassie close to me, bent my head and teased her mouth with my tongue. She responded eagerly opening her mouth to mine and mimicked my movements, her hands firmly placed on my rear which she gently squeezed. I raised my head back and laughed, euphoria enveloping my body. I turned moulding my body into hers, her hands on my waist as we danced to the rhythmic sounds.

Cassie had turned my body into that of a wanton woman. I really needed to finish what she started. My eyes scanning the room, looking for my Adonis, searching out the man who all I wanted to do with was fuck, and fuck, and fuck, until it was physically impossible to do so.

In front of me, I could see the contoured ripples through a plain white shirt of some guy’s back that begged to be touched. His arms which he raised to the ceiling with the rest of the club, were hard, slot oyna toned, not overdone, perfect, the veins pulsing on the skin. I felt wet almost immediately for I always had a thing for arms. His hair was dark brown, kept short in back. My eyes drank in all they could, their attention being focused on an arse that clearly needed to be grabbed.

With a mind of their own, my hand which had been running up and down Cassie’s thighs moved to the firmness of this stranger’s behind. He turned slightly, looking up and down at my body, fixing his eyes on mine and gave me the sexiest smile I had ever seen.

Breaking away from Cassie I went to him. His arms pulled me skin to skin, from the corner of my eye Cassie was grinning at me before setting her eyes upon some young thing that could pass as a double for Heath Ledger. Knowing that Cass was entertained I let myself drink in this God.

My hands ran along his arms, feeling his biceps, gently squeezing and wishing that the animal in me would rip off his shirt, undo his pants and fuck him right in the middle of the dance floor.


I didn’t do that. I’m the good one, well at least for the moment.

He ran his tongue along his bottom lip, his right hand cupping my chin, the left firmly placed in the small of my back letting me know that I was in his control. His first kiss was sensual, soft, teasing of the tongue that turned my head, lighting a fire that was not going to go out any time soon.

“I love your boots.” He told me with a devilish smile.

I pulled him closer to me ( which at this stage was not possible since I was practically in his pants as it was) and kissed him back. First soft and sensual, teasing, then harder and more wanting, needing. I needed his lips upon mine, his tongue in my mouth. My head went back as I felt the brush of his lips on my throat, my knees buckling at my weak spot but not falling as he had me firmly in his grasp. The kissing seemed to last an age before Cassie grabbed my hand, twisting it in pain.


“Sorry sweetheart, I needed to grab your attention. Follow, both of you.” she commanded.

Following Cassie and her man, we made our way up a flight of stairs into a private room.

“How the hell did you score this?” I asked surprised for only celebs were allowed the private rooms.

“Meet Will Ashton.” Heath, turned out to be a Will, who shook hands with my man.

“Troy Marlow.” he looked at me.

“Jade and that’s my friend Cassie.”

At the front of the room was a two way mirror, we could see out, but no one could see in. I had often wondered what was up here on previous visits to the club. And now I knew. One fully stocked bar, with a table spread of fresh seafood and other odds and ends, lounge, stereo system, the ability to let the music in from the dance floor or to shut it out completely in shattering silence.

“It’s my uncle’s club and he lets me use the room from time to time.” Will went and fiddled with some switches that softened the lighting and added music to the room. He held out his hand to Cassie, led her into the middle of the room and held her close as they swayed to the music.

Troy led me to one of the lounge’s and immediately resumed where he had left off, asking briefly, ” I hope you don’t mind. It’s just that you . . ., your so…” I didn’t need to let him finish and responded with sucking on his lower lip.

He lent on me, pushing me back against the seat of the lounge, his hand roaming under my top, pulling the bra away from my breasts, fingertips brushing back and forth across my nipples that hardened at his touch. His mouth left kisses from my chin, down my neck and sternum, firmly clasping my right nipple between his teeth, lightly grazing it before deliciously suckling on it. My eyes rolled back in my head with sheer pleasure, trying desperately hard not to explode from the sensation. Grinding his erection into my pelvis, he let me know how much he wanted me. Troy looked at me, searching to see if I would let him continue. I hesitated for a moment, looking over at Cassie.

To my surprise.. well no I lie, I expected to see Cassie in some form of sexual act by this canlı casino siteleri stage and the girl does not disappoint. On her knees in front of Will, she was moving her mouth up and down his shaft, her hand firmly grasping the base of the cock, her tongue swirling on his skin around the tip, licking the pre-cum that glistened against the lights. I had only ever seen Cassie giving head once, and even then I was too caught up in my own moment that I even paid attention to hers.

Now, I was fascinated, as was Troy. We both sat there, my breasts exposed to the air, watching Cassie go down on Will with expertise that made me take notes. She would quicken her movements, bringing him almost to explosion, withdrawing his cock a few moments before her mouth, flicking her tongue at the tip, all the while Will’s eyes are closed, his knees quivering in anticipation of Cassie’s mouth. She begun slowly after this brief interlude, and you could see she was about to deep throat him. I felt a tongue back on my breasts, shivering at the touch and watched Will thrust his cock in and out of Cassie’s mouth. A low growl passed Will’s lips as Cassie sucked every last drop that came from him.

I closed my eyes… adhering to the sensations that ran through my skin. Troy could not get enough of my body. Every part of me was kissed, licked, touched by his hands, lips and tongue. I felt my skirt being pushed up onto my hip bones, my panties being roughly pulled down. Still I did not open my eyes completely letting go of all inhibition, my fantasies were never as good as this man’s talent. I wanted him, he wanted me. It was that simple that any denial of this fact was insanity.

I removed his shirt, bringing him back down to me, his lips to mine, intense hard kisses passing between us. He moved his hand down below my waist, in between my legs, first one then two fingers. My body took control here. Instinctively moving against his fingers. I whimpered in agonising ecstasy, wanting more and more of him. I fumbled in my bliss to get his pants off of him, groaning could be heard across the room from Cassie and Will, my attention being momentarily distracted. Troy took control, quickly removing his pants, opening my body to his, my legs wrapping around his waist as he thrust up into me. I bit my lower lip at the seething intense and beautiful pain that shook my body.

“Did I hurt you?” concerned all over his face.

“Don’t stop!” I begged.

Troy didn’t hesitate a moment longer, moving deeply in and out of my pussy with his hard cock. Every time he went in, my whole body went with him at the force he used and it was heaven. My muscles would tightened when he moved out not wanting to completely let him go which I dont think he wanted either. As we found this natural rhythm we moved faster and faster, rocking against each other, fucking each other. My nails which weren’t very long dug into his back, Troy groaning in pleasure. Our breath was deep with each groan we made, my juices flowed freely from my pussy from the hard, intense fucking it was receiving.

“Oh GOD! YES!” I screamed out, as I felt the turmoil of explosion within me from the depths that Troy had reached.

I felt him cum, his body shuddering with the action, resting on top me his breathing fighting to come under control. I bathed in the calm feeling that washed over me, my eyes closed to everything around me.

“Wow girl, unbelievably hot.” Cassie’s voice broke into my thoughts.

I blushed with embarrassment, my right hand covering my eyes as I remember I had just done that in front of Cassie. Don’t ask why I get embarrassed especially since I had seen her and we had both gone down on each other on one occasion or another. Cassie was also straddling Will, both clearly as naked as what Troy and I were.

“That looked fantastic!”

“It was fantastic Will.” I replied.

“You better believe it was.” Troy smiled at me, kissing my lips that felt bruised from all past kisses yet not minding one bit.

Will kissed Cassie, then looked at all three of us, ” Who wants to have a spa?”

“There’s one here?” Troy asked, everyone but Will looking around.

“No, but there’s one at my loft two streets over. We can be there in less than five minutes.”

Cassie looked at me with the expression that asked if I wanted to get rid of Troy.

I shook my head “no” replying, “Sounds like a plan, lets go.”

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