Cassie , Grandad Ch. 9

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“Dinner is nearly ready Grandad,” Cassie called. “Would you please open a the wine, I hope you like a red wine Grandad?” Anything is fine by me Sweetheart,” he said as he took the opener from Cassie and lifted the bottle to his chest. “Mmm, something smells delicious Cassie, what are you cooking? He inquired. “It’s a surprise Grandad, the first of your Valentines presents” Cassie giggled as she playfully hit Grandad with the oven mitt she had in her hand. Putting the bottle on the table Grandad turned and grabbed Cassie by the elbow and swung her into his arms. “I hope you are going to be my Valentines present Cassie” he said as he hugged her tightly. “Yes, of course I am Grandad, but there is a couple of things we need to do first..” Running his hands over her back, he asked, “How long before we eat Cassie?”

” The meat will be ready in half an hour Grandad, I thought we would share a glass of wine before dinner.” Pushing her top up he rubbed her back and replied, “Half an hour aye?”

Before she knew it he had here bra undone and was sucking on one of her nipples. His tongue was rough and it sent quivers of excitement to her pussy. “Grandad, can’t you wait just a while? “No Cassie, you look divine and I want to taste you before dinner.” He carried on nibbling on her nipples as he lifted her top over her head. Her bra fell to the floor and within seconds her panties joined them. Cassie was standing in the middle of the kitchen topless and knickerless . Not that she minded, she had plenty of time to make the sauce for the chicken. Wrapping her arms around her Granddads head she encouraged him to continue his onslaught on her. She could feel her nipples hardening under his tongue and she was sure his cock would be equally as hard. The thought of her granddads hard cock sent shivers through her body and she could feel the wetness starting to flow from her pussy. He was making her horny, and Cassie was sure she was going to enjoy giving Grandad an appetiser before his main. She felt his fingers slipping down her back and over her buttocks, moaning she opened her legs for him to have easy access to her waiting wet hot pussy. His fingers poked at her ass then slipped down and entered her cunt. She was soaking wet and waiting to feel his fingers inside her.

He didn’t disappoint her, not one but two thick fingers entered her and wriggled to find her G spot. As soon as he found what he was looking for he sucked harder on the nipple in his mouth and massaged the core of her womanhood. Cassie’s knees weakened as she quivered on his hands and mouth, building to an orgasm. When he felt her cunts walls contracting her removed his fingers, dropped to his knees and forced her legs apart. Cassie had to grab on to the chair to keep her balance as he replaced his fingers in her wet quivering cunt and his tongue on her clit. Putting pressure on her clit made her scream, “harder Granddad, I want to cum on your face.” Without further prompting her pushed another finger into her cunt and fingered her hard and fast at the same time he kept up the rhythm on her clit with his tongue. Within seconds Cassie was screaming like her had never heard her. “More more more” was all he could make out, then he felt the wetness squirt from her pussy, it hit his chin, quickly he lowered his mouth to drink her juices. The taste was sweet like honey and smelt slightly of fresh urine. He licked the lips of her pussy and ran his tongue around the inside opening of her pussy. By now Cassie was holding as if her life depended on it. Once she stopped spraying her juices from his face he looked up into her face “Cassie, you squirted as you came, and it tasted delightful.” Trying to compose herself Cassie smiled and bend to kiss his wet pussy tasting mouth. She licked his lips and chin and marvelled at the taste of her own pussy on her granddads face.” Rising from his knees Grandad, held Cassie against him and whispered ” that was the second of many surprises I have for you my sweet.”

“I plan to give you a valentines night you will never forget.” Now is dinner nearly ready?

Earlier in the day Cassie had answered the door to a uniformed delivery man who handed her a huge bunch of red roses, and the note read “With love always, G. Happy Valentines Day Sweetheart.” Never before had she seem such a beautiful bouquet. She had thanked the man and ran to the lounge to thank Grandad for them. He was happy that she was so impressed with them. The roses were only the first of the many surprises he had for Cassie.

After lunch Cassie had slipped into town to buy a few things and was away for longer than she had anticipated. When she returned she saw a truck backed up to the front door and men were busy carrying pieces of the new bed up the staircase. Grandad had met her out the front and told her to stay out of the way because he wanted the bed assembled completely before she saw it. She couldn’t wait to see and lie in the new bed. The bed he had brought for them to share. So as to keep her self busy she decided to make Grandad a special Valentines day/ thankyou casino siteleri dinner.

When the truck pulled away she ran up the stairs but was meet at the top. ” I have locked the door Cassie and we will both see it together, later” He smiled and pulled her to him, the finished bed is another of my surprises so please darling no peeping.” OK Granddad, she said a little disappointed.

Cassie was excited about all these surprises but she was more excited about climbing into the new bed with her Granddad tonight.

After dinner Grandad pushed himself out from the table and beckoned for Cassie to come and sit on his lap. She did as she was told and plonked her self on his knee. Gathering her in his arms he lifted her and carried her into the lounge and placed her on the sofa. Reaching behind the sofa he lifted a bag with the five gifts in it from Denver. “I hope you like the rest of you valentines gifts Cassie,” he said as he handed her the bag. Each of the presents was wrapped in a different coloured paper, Cassie chose her favourite colour, Yellow, and slowly unwrapped it. It was a box about ten inches by twenty inches. As she lifted the lid she gasped. Lying in a wrapping of tissue paper was the most beautiful lace covered bra and panties set. As she lifted them out he smiled, “Let me help you out them on Cassie.” He slipped her shirt over her hips and lowered it to the ground and smiled as he saw she hadn’t replaced her panties after his appetizer. Taking the panties from her he slipped them over her feet and pulled them up her legs.. “Granddad, they haven’t got a crotch in them.” she laughed, “All the better to eat you with my dear.” Holding the bra up she noticed the cups had holes for her nipples to stick though. “Wow I love them Granddad.”

“Show me how much” he said, so she slowly unbuttoned his shirt and removed it. He was on his knees in front of her, and she leaned forward and rubbed her exposed nipples against his chest. The roughness of the hairs excited her and she could feel her cunt getting wet again.

Reaching into the bag he pulled out the blue parcel, she could tell it was a book, ripping it open she smiled, The title was Kama Sutra ,Different and exciting ways to please you partner. Oh Granddad, some bed time reading, thankyou.”

“I’m sure we can find lots of things to do from those pages. The red parcel was smaller and contained a small box. Opening it Cassie felt her cunt quiver. She had seem these things advertised in Granddads penthouses. A small battery operated pair of balls. “Cassie these will keep you pussy tight and wet. You wear them and have to grip them with your vaginal muscles. I don’t want to stretch you and spoil you for someone else.” Knowing what he mean’t she agreed it was a wonderful idea. “Besides Cassie I am looking forward to feeling them in there while I have my cock up you tight ass. Apparently it is an amazing feeling.” With that he handed her another strange shaped parcel. It felt like a cylinder of some kind. When she opened it she giggled, “why do I need this Granddad, you are more than enough for me, showing him a six inch dildo.” I’ll show you later honey, now open the last one.” It is the best and the most special present” It was only a small box and Cassie invisaged it as been jewellery. It was and she was astounded to find a fine gold band sitting inside the box ” Tear welled up in Cassie’s eyes and she knew instinctively that it was her late Grandmothers wedding ring. “I will wear this with pride Granddad, thankyou.”

“I loved your Grandmother very much and now I love you, I see it as only fitting you should wear the ring I gave her on our wedding day. He reached to take her hand and took the ring from the box. Removing the ring her slipped it on her finger and pulled her to him, “Cassie I Love you and know you love me, tonight is going to be the beginning of something beautiful.” She kissed his tears and fell into his arms.

He fell backwards with Cassie on top of him and held her tightly. Her body shook as she cried into his chest. Lifting her off him he sat her back on the sofa and gazed lovingly at his Granddaughter. Her nipples were protruding from their peep holes and he could smell the aroma of her wet juice filled pussy. The bra and crotch less panties fitted her perfectly and he couldn’t wait to make love to her with them on.

I also have something special for you for Valentines day Granddad Cassie said, getting up and walking over to the side board. Opening the drawer she pulled out two parcel. One small and the other square and medium sized. He watched her as she returned to the sofa, he body swaying towards him. He could feel his cock rising as she sat next to him on the floor. Handing him the smaller parcel he took it and opened it. He laughed ” a g string, aren’t I too old to wear one of these,” Of course not Cassie scolded, I think they are sexy on men with tight muscular bodies like you.” Handing him the second gift she smiled and said, ‘This is for tonight” He opened it and found a silver box, lifting the lid he found slot oyna it contained a silver hand shaver and a tube of shaving gel. Puzzled he looked at Cassie, “for tonight.”

“Yes Granddad, your valentines present from me is, I want you to shave my pussy” Then you can do whatever you like to me” He swallowed and looked at Cassie, “anything? “Yes Granddad anything.”

His cock strained in his trousers, and he couldn’t wait to get them off. Pulling Cassie to her feet he lifted her into his arms, kissing her lips and moaning, “You have made me the happiest man in the world darling, and now I am going to make you happy.” Carrying Cassie up the staircase toward their bedroom he stopped at the top and put her down. Taking a key from his pocket he said ” From tonight on we will be together, I hope I don’t disappoint you” You could never disappoint me Grandad, I love what we have” she said as she reached to undo his trousers. His cock was straining against his underpants and when Cassie released he signed ” Oh Cassie.” She slowly undressed him at the bedroom door and as he unlocked it he again lifted her into his arms and walked naked into the bedroom. Cassie squeelled in delight, the room was aglow with candles. They were everywhere. He walked toward the bed and placed her on the super king sized bed. It had been draped with a soft cream coloured material. It looked so inviting. Sitting beside her he smiled and said, “Cassie you look so lovely lying there and I’m going to enjoy shaving that beautiful pussy and then exploring it once I have finished.”

“As I said Grandad you can do anything you like, I am your Valentines present.”

Lying back against the many feather pillows Cassie gracefully opened her legs to expose her pussy. “Shouldn’t you take these off before you shave me Granddad?”

“Of course” he replied as he crawled up the bed between her legs. Licking her bare thighs and edging toward her pussy he moaned and dove in between her sweet cunt lips. He couldn’t get enough of her sweet tasting pussy, and now that she had a pair of crotch less panties he hoped she would wear them all the time so as to give him access to her pussy when ever he wanted to kiss and lick her hot cunt.

Reaching up he slipped them down over her ass and off her. Taking the tube of shaving cream he squeezed it onto his fingers and expertly covered her pubic hair. Cassie lay watching him, as he picked up the silver shaver and aimed it at her mound. “Are you sure you want me to do this?”

“Yes Granddad, I saw you looking at the bald pussies in the penthouse, so I want you to see one for real.” Starting at her pubis bone he gently swiped the blade downwards, taking his first strip of hair from her body. As he cleaned the mound she opened her legs and told him to carefully take the hairs from around her vagina. Licking his lips he held her thigh aside and continued to clean off the pubic hairs. “God I love the sight of you shaved pussy Cassie” and putting the shaver aside he bend to lick the hairless skin. Cassie couldn’t believe the sensation, it was more erotic than before and she decided there and than that she would get Granddad to shave her weekly. Poking his tongue inside her pussy lips he moaned and pushed his face deeper into her. Cassie felt an orgasm building but wanted to wait, so she pushed him away. “Wait Granddad, I want to cum with you and we still have lots of playing to do.” Disappointed but knowing exactly what she meant he reluctantly crawled up and lay beside her.

Taking her face in his hands he kissed he and probed her mouth with his tongue. The taste of her pussy on his mouth was intoxicating, and she kissed him with a vengance.

Her nipples were sticking out thru the peep holes and were rubbing against him, and her bald puussy was against his raging hard on, but still she didn’t want him to take her. As hot and horny as she was she wanted to reciprocate his actions. Shifting she slid from his arms and bend to lick his nipples and chest. Then making her way down his stomach to his cock she stopped and reached for the silver shaver and tube of gel. “You don’t mind’ do you?”

“No Cassie I would love you to shave me” and with that she skilfully held his cock between her fingers and proceeded to rub the gel all over in groin area, scrotum and base of his not twitching cock. Cassie had felt his hard cock many times in her hands but at the moment it was harder and seemed thicker than she had ever felt it. The slit in the head of it was open wide and precum was dribbling from it. Noticing it she giggled and licked the head giving him a thrill. As she began to shave him she realised he was very quiet, but his breathing was quicker than usual. “I will be extra careful Granddad, just enjoy it and think what it is going to feel like, your smooth hairless crotch again my wet sift smooth pussy, god I can’t wait!”

” Ohhh Cassie you are making me so hard and horny” and again his cock began leaking. And again Cassie licked it off, occasionally giving it a soft suck.

When Cassie got as far a shaving canlı casino siteleri his balls she said ” hold on to your cock Granddad while I get rid of these straglers.” Taking his cock in his hand he couldn’t help but run his hand up and down his ten inch shaft. That and what Cassie was doing to him was driving him crazy. “Their all finished” and sitting back to survey her handiwork and of course watch her grandfather wanking himself, she leaned toward him and said, “don’t stop,” as she covered the huge mushroom head with her mouth.

It wasn’t long before he felt the familiar stirring in his groin and with Cassie sucking gleefully on his cock he soon spurted cum deep into her throat. Their was more than usual he was sure. The experience of shaving Cassie’s hot pussy and her returning the favour had been to much for him. Before he could say anything Cassie looked at him and smiled. Another present Granddad.

Before his erection had time to subside Cassie crawled up his torso and positioned her now wet bald pussy over his still hard cock. Straddling her granddad she took his cock and rubbed the head of it inside her thighs. Even though he had come in her mouth she still wanted him to fuck her pussy. Slipping it in her hole she slowly rode it until she knew it was not going to soften. “Cassie in the past few weeks I have being hornier and harder than ever before in my life, but by god I have never been this horny, come here” and with that he pulled her on top of him pushing against her so as not to lose his position. His cock was bending forward and Cassie held it tightly in place as he squeezed her against him.

As much as Cassie wanted him to make her orgasm, she still had another surprise for him. Stopping and sitting back up on his cock she told him to watch. “What are you going to do now darling” ‘Sliding her hands down her stomach to her smooth mound she opened her pussy lips and her fingers found her clit. It was enlarged and swollen and Cassie touched it as a jolt surged through her. Having Granddads cock in her cunt she went to work playing with her clit. As she rubbed herself she watched his face. He was smiling and moaning. Occasionally she felt his cock twitch inside her. As she took herself closer and closer to orgasm his cock seemed to get harder and harder, but she refused to let him move under her. “I want you to feel me cum on you for a change” she called as the shocks hit her. Grabbing her hips he could take no more and lifted his buttocks to push himself harder into her. Cassie was shaking uncontrollably as he fucked her as hard as he could.

Once her orgasm subsided he slowed his fucking, much to her regret. Grandad I want you to finish me off, I want to feel you fucking me till you come again.”

“Patience Cassie, but there is still something else I want you to experience before I fuck your sweet cunt again”

“What Grandad? Reaching across the bed he felt for the vibrator he had given Cassie earlier. She had a look of surprise on her face when she feel the strong vibrations it emitted. “It ok Cassie, I think you enjoy what I have in mind, remember you said I could do anything I liked.”

“Yes but Grandad, what are you going to do to me with that.”

“Turn over and get up on you knees and I’ll show you.” Doing as she was told she pointed her ass at him and waited. He couldn’t believe how much the sight of her beautiful ass turned him on, and leaning forward he bend and licked her pussy and ran his tongue alternatively between her wet hot dripping cunt and tight puckered ass. It was nice to feel the smooth swollen vulva under his tongue. “That shaving kit is the best present I have ever been given” he thought as he plunged his face deep into his granddaughters ass. The juice from her cum tasted sweet and had moistened her ass nicely. Once he was sure her pussy was ready for his now enormous cock he gripped her hips and entered her.

Granddad hadn’t fucked her doggy style before and even though she knew what it was like, having his ten inches plunged deep into her in one thrust was more than a bit of a surprise. As he thrust back and forth and gripped her hips she slowly responded and pushed back to take the length of it each time. The thick mushroom head was hitting her G spot and she felt her self tremble with each thump.

As Cassie started to feel her orgasm build Granddad felt it too and slowed as to not bring her too quickly. Cassie was moaning and tried to quicken his pace by pushing her cunt hard back against him. Stopping, he leaned over her back and grabbed her erect nipples in his hands. Rolling them between his fingers he whispered, “Cassie sweetheart, I am going to give you something extra.” Then lifting himself behind her again she felt a new sensation.

Granddad was pushing the vibrator into her ass, the juices and his saliva made it easy to get it in and Cassie apprehension was soon taken over by pure estacy. The feeling was incredible, and pushing back she could feel her grandfather had pushed her Valentines present deep into her ass. Slowly he started to fuck her pussy with the vibrator in her puckered hope, Then he flicked the switch and the vibrator shook fiercly in her. Cassie wasn’t sure what she liked best, the cock in her pussy or the vibration in her ass.

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