Carrie and the Portrait Pt. 03

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The following day Carrie phoned Tom about getting together tonight after work. She reminded him that her husband was coming home on Friday night.

“Would love to go out but I am hosting my monthly poker party at my place and I can’t change it now. You’re welcome to come over and be our hostess. Very informal so wear what you like, the sexier the better,” Tom said.

“Just how daring do you want me to be?” Carrie said in a sexy voice.

“Wear shorts and a top which shows a little cleavage,” Tom laughed.

“Think about what can be done?” Carrie answered.

“Tell you what. Come over after work and you can help get the drinks set-up, go to the store and get some snacks and sodas for mixing and help clean-up a little bit,” Tom dictated.

“Will be there around 5 pm,” Carrie said, will leave work an hour early and go home and change my clothes. What is the address?”

Tom gave her the address and basic directions on how to get there hung up the phone and went back to work. He did some darkroom work, black and white 4×5 printing, and some film developing. He stopped around 3 pm and went home to clean the chemical smell off him and change into his casual shorts, t-shirt, and thongs. He prepared the shopping list for Carrie and set it on the table with his credit card.

Carrie arrived early, dressed in a v-neck top, shorts, and sandals looking stunning with the cleavage of her breasts on display. The cleavage display made Tom want to fuck her right now but there was no time for that. Maybe later he thought.

Carrie came back in less than an hour with everything necessary for the card game; chips, snacks, booze, and mixers consisting of Coke, Sprite, and soda water. She also had a problem.

“My bra broke,” Carrie said, “Bought a 40D size and it was too small for me. It was good because it pushed up my cleavage but need a little help with it now. Don’t dare go braless or your buddies will see too much of my breasts.”

Carrie pulled the top over her head and revealed a bunch upped bra with it only covering maybe ½ of her breasts. The strap on the left side was broken revealing part of her beautiful breast.

Carrie said, “Need a safety pin?”

“Got one,” said Tom, “Will go and get it for you.”

Tom went into the bathroom, took a safety pin off an elastic wrap and came back with it. He was tempted to do it himself but decided not to distract himself. Better let her do it. He’d have the bra off, his mouth on her breasts and pretty soon his cock would be between her cantaloupe size titties.

Carrie did the repair on the strap, put her top back on, and adjusted the shirt. The bra pushed her breasts up showing lots of flesh and covering not a lot of her boobs. Very hot looking.

“This will get me through the night,” Carrie said. “Quite a show for your buddies. Good friends?”

“The best. We share and share alike,” Tom said with authority

The next hour was spent getting everything together for the card game. Brian, Jim, and Mike all arrived within 10 minutes of each other and all on time. Each one of them looked Carrie over closely wondering where she came from, what was Tom holding back on them, and if she was going to be a hostess how much fun was this going to be.

Tom pulled out the kitchen table so Brian had room to get in. Mike, Tom, and Jim took their places and began to play while Carrie took the orders for the drinks and they began to play poker. Carrie brought the drinks from the kitchen and as she set the drinks down made sure that everyone got a free show of her gorgeous breasts. Her well-shaped ass looked pretty darn good too.

A little while went by and everyone was ready for the second round of drinks. Carrie got up from the couch and went into the kitchen to make more drinks. As she headed there she motioned for Tom to follow her.

“Did you mean to share and share alike?” Carrie asked.

“We’re all good buddies,” Tom said. “We share everything.”

Carrie went about fixing the drinks for everyone including another drink for herself while Tom went back to the card casino oyna game. Carrie decided that the small bra was too confining and decided to go without a bra. Her breasts would jiggle and show when she bent over but she didn’t care, let them have a free show. She wasn’t going to be married anymore and the drinks had loosened up her inhibitions. She brought the drinks out and made sure to bend over and show the guys what she had.

“Nice tits,” said Mike.

“Good rack,” commented Brian.

“I know how nice they are,” said Tom, “Right Carrie?”

Carrie shook her tits and jiggled them for the guys, getting another reaction from the guys.

“Show us more Carrie,” said Jim.

Carrie lifted her top and rested it on the top of her breasts giving all a free look. She felt naughty and slutty. Her breasts were beautiful. Cantaloupe size, cranberry-colored areolas, firm, shapely, and alabaster white. Her blue veins were prominent in the white flesh. They had a little sag but what 36DDD’s didn’t. On a scale of 1-10, they were a 10, in a word, perfect. Carrie put her top-down and went back to the kitchen. Tom followed her.

“I wanted to show off to your friends,” Carrie replied sexily. “You said share and share alike.”

Carrie took her top off and shook her breasts so they touched each other.

“Want to bite me?” Carrie purred.

Tom leaned over, cupped her right breast and bit down hard on the nipple which became harder and more erect, pencil eraser size. He squeezed and kneaded the flesh making Carrie moan. Tom did the same thing to the other breast and in moments the nipple was just as big as the right titty. Tom’s fingers made marks on the breast flesh he was pressing them so hard. He pushed them together making the cleavage tight and the nipples close together so the licking of them went quickly.

“Fuck my titties, fuck em,” Carrie said with urgency.

Carrie got on her knees and pulled his shorts and briefs off. At the same time, Jim came into the kitchen to see what Tom was doing.

“What are you two doing?” Jim asked.

“A titty fuck,” Carrie purred sexily. “Want to watch?”

“Brian and Mike come in here. Carrie is titty fucking Tom.”

Both of them came in and circled Carrie and Tom while Carrie held her breasts and slid them up and down on his cock. Tom was above average in size 7 inches. She made the lube by spitting on his erect cock. As the cock exited her breasts she sucked on the head licking off the precum. As it disappeared into her flesh she squeezed her titties harder making the cleavage even tighter. Carrie was moaning at the attention she was getting and moved up and down quicker making Tom groans with ecstasy. It felt so good.

While Jim, Brian, and Mike were sipping drinks and watching the free show Tom and Carrie were oblivious to anything going on except the hot titty fucking they were doing. Carrie was really into it giving as much pleasure as possible. Tom was trying to hold cumming as long as he could but the silky erotic feeling was heavenly.

Tom’s balls were fast filling up and were ready to shoot ropes of cum onto her breasts and nipples. Tom couldn’t hold back anymore and pulled his throbbing cock out and aimed at her nipples covering them in cum.

Carrie got up and as the cum was dripping off her nipples let it drop into the guy’s drinks. The white semen floated around in the drink, finally dropping to the bottom of the glass.

“Anybody else wants a titty fuck?” Carrie asked like she knew the answer to the question.

Tom was a bit shocked at Carrie’s behavior but said nothing about it to her. He was shocked at how free she was sexual. Carrie left the cum on her nipples and breasts and Brian wanted to be next. He had already stripped his clothes off and slipped his cock into her tight cleavage, heaven for him,

Carrie titty fucked him much slower, lying down on the couch to give him the freedom to feel her breasts and nipples and titty fuck her at the same time. This was much more erotic than sitting on the floor and holding her tits. With slot oyna Brian in charge, he pushed back and forth at a much slower pace to prolong the pleasure. With her perfect breasts being able to fuck your cock in the beautiful flesh and bury your hands in the white flesh and feeling the hard erect nipples was the best of both worlds.

Brian took his cock out of her cleavage and rubbed his cockhead on her nipples, making them more erect and pleasuring his cockhead at the same time. His cock was of average size and length 6 inches. Brian slowly rubbed the erect rod tip over the nipple trying to fit the nipple in the cock hole without success; the nipple was just too big! The feeling of the hard rock rod was affecting her wanting to orgasm. Her hand was in her pussy playing with her clitoris making herself come to orgasm.

Brian returned his love rod to her tight cleavage and pushed her cleavage tighter together which brought the nipples and areolas closer together. Brian came very close in being able to get both nipples in his mouth at the same time but fell a little short of what he wanted to do. Her breasts were so firm there wasn’t enough give in them. However, he was able to quickly switch back and forth between them to give the effect he was looking for. Carrie enjoyed the effect it was having on her already erect nipples.

The titty fucking continued back and forth with Brian fondling the lush mounds of silky breast flesh, squeezing firmly, enjoying every minute of it. Carrie’s fingering of her clit was beginning to make her so wet she was beginning to have a climax between the titty attention and her playing with herself. Besides, she was licking the cockhead when Brian reached the top of his thrust.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” Carrie screamed. “It feels so good. Fuck my breasts more and more.”

Brian grunted and brought the cockhead up even higher touching the bottom of her chin leaving a small amount of cum. The head was becoming more and more sensitive to the titty fucking. The vein in his cock was swollen and raised. It was as erect as it could be and Brian was close to spurting his cum all over her big melons.

Carrie spits on the cockhead again as it came to the tops of her breasts, making it slippery. She felt an urge to climax once again she was still that horny from the excitement of what was going on with her. Mike and Jim were standing by waiting in anticipation for their turn to fuck her breasts.

Brian could hold out no longer and let his cum go in her cleavage covering the sides of her breasts with gobs and ropes of white semen. He came several times leaving even more cum than Tom did making a huge mess on her beautiful breasts. The last of the cum she sucked out of him hungrily making sure to get every drop.

“You’re next Jim. Come and fuck my cum coated tits.”

“You don’t have to tell me twice,” said Jim.

Jim had an extra-long but thin cock 8 inches. It barely fit without sticking out of her boobs. Jim was horny already, having watched Tom and Brian fuck Carrie’s breasts and looking at the cum already on her magnificent mounds of pleasure. Jim rubbed his long cock on her nipples and it got a groan from Carrie as the nipples began to harden with pleasure. The nipples began to look like cranberries in size and color as the stroking continued between the two nipples.

Jim continued to play with her breasts with his cock making sure he covered both of the boobs from top to bottom. It was only after he finished covering both breasts that he put his cock in her cleavage and began to slide up and down the lush titty fucking cleavage. It was because of the size of his cock as he slid up he hit her chin hard, causing his rod to bend a little bit. Carrie only was interested in another titty fuck cum on her breasts. It made her horny that so many men wanted her.

Carrie pushed her breasts a little tighter to make the cleavage even tighter making it a little harder for Jim to push in and out of her valley of pleasure. Jim pushing on her breasts and nipples made Carrie sigh for even more pleasure canlı casino siteleri as her nipples became more erect. She liked her nipples to be abused and Jim pushing down on her breasts excited her.

Jim was in heaven at the hot feeling he was getting from titty fucking her. Carrie was once again playing with her pussy/clit to excite her even more. Jim was looking at the cum from previous card players, which was beginning to dry. She looked so hot covered in cum which added to her sexy body.

Carrie began to suck on the head of Jim’s cock as it exited her boobs from the top of her breasts. She tasted his cum and her saliva from the head, slurping and licking the love rod. Jim speeded up his motion perhaps to get more of the sucking from Carrie as well as more friction on her boobs. Jim’s cock was as enlarged as it could get, very sensitive and ready to cum on Carrie’s breasts.

“Cum on my titties, make me wet with your semen,” Carrie yelled.

“I’m going to cum on your fucking titties. I’m going to cum,” Jim cried in pleasure.

Jim grunted and moaned and held back a little while, pulling his cock out of her cleavage and aiming directly at her breasts and nipples. Not able to hold back anymore he let go with strong ropes of semen onto her boobs and nipples. Some of the cum hit other cum that was already on her tits. It was a large amount, probably due to the fact he had not had sex in a while. Jim and Carrie watched the cum drip off of her big knockers onto her body.

“The cum was so much, hot, and creamy. I liked it a lot,” Carrie said, looking at the mess on her chest.

Jim gave way to Mike who had his 6″ cock out and ready to get started. He had already been stroking it.

“Cum and fuck my titties Mike,” Carrie said. “Make me wet with your man juice.”

Looking on with surprise Tom looked at Mike mounting Carrie and began his fucking of the marvelous melons. She was surely different than he thought. She was showing a slutty naughty side.

Mike in the meantime had settled into his task at hand which was getting great pleasure from a wonderful set of jugs that were perfect for titty fucking which the previous 3 guys can testify to. They were so firm that they easily held his hard cock in place. Probably his hands weren’t necessary to hold it in but Mike was enjoying the breast flesh and nipples he was pressing against his palms.

Carrie had her eyes rolled back with pleasure and was fingering her pussy making her wet pussy even drenching with juices. She was enjoying the attention her big rack was getting. Her pussy was crying out for her pussy to climax. Her body was shaking.

Mike continued his assault on her breasts, pushing them as hard as he could and pushing in her cleavage to get the maximum friction from her titties. After all of the fucking, her mounds were pink on the inside and her cleavage showing the effect of the rubbing. Her nipples were swollen like cranberries, aching for more attention. She loved the attention they were getting but now they were resting in the palms of Mike’s hands.

“Bite my nipples. Bite them hard please,” Carrie cried out.

Mike moved his hands to the sides of her breasts, squeezed them and bit down on her nipples hard. The result was spontaneous as Carrie immediately began to shake herself to orgasm. The nipple play seemed to get her all the time. Mike didn’t stop biting but continued his abuse of her nipples, which she seemed to enjoy. Carrie was still playing with her clit which further added to her orgasm. Mike was finally ready to cum and right before he did he pulled his cock out of her cleavage and shot more cum on her breasts further coating them with even more cum. Parts of them now had a glaze-like frosted cake icing and the rest of his semen took its place with the others.

“Anyone want seconds?” Carrie sexily said.

The crew of 4 men had enough for now and all of them went back to the table to play cards, all satisfied with the treatment they received from Carrie, who got up and went into the kitchen to make more drinks for everyone including herself.

When Mike, Jim, and Brian left Carrie and Tom went to bed and slept well, Carrie leaving the dried cum on her breasts. Tom took her once more making sure she was okay as well as himself. Tomorrow would be an interesting day…

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