Carnival of Delights Pt. 02: Dillon

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It was a beautiful summer day promising a high turn out for the Carnival of Delights. Not that it ever was lacking in guests, but the warm sun and cool breeze would surely push many to spend extra time and hours within the fair. It was to open in four short hours sparking everyone to get the final touch ups done. The rides were given a final safety test, the food stalls equipped with last minute needs and the entertainment ushered to their assigned locations.

Dillon had found no compassion with the men handling him. It was like they had no care in the world his dignity was ripped away and he was to be whored out to eager buyers. He looked around desperately trying to situate where he was. A goddamn fair in the middle of nowhere should have been easy to spot. But if it was this easy to spot that pointed to sinister forces leading the amusement. The idea of trying to go to the cops or FBI had vanished when he realized a place like this could only exist if it was willfully ignored. If he was honest with himself this seemed like the type of twisted pleasure the richest in the world would seek.

The young man was quickly ushered down a path away from the rides, far past the food and closer to the woods surrounding them. Wherever his head turned there seemed to be signs and paths leading to another disturbed destination. The men holding him only began to speak up when they were faced with a sign that read “Carnival’s mystery boxes. Who cares about a face when you have a tight hole.”

“Is this thing set up or another job we have to do?”

“Mostly, all we need to do is strap him in place then put up the barrier.”

“Alright, keep a tight hold on this one. He’ll start bucking the moment we get there.”

Dillon grunted as a hand painfully fisted his hair and a large cane whipped across his back. The men around him either held the same strength or greater, escape was not possible. While escape wasn’t insight he wasn’t quite ready to submit to his torture. With each step his feet began to drag and he could feel his body shutting down. He was now being yanked to what looked like a wooden portable. Against his better judgement he aimed a kick. It was returned by the man to his left and he felt himself buckle as the target was his balls. Now shaking and coughing he was pushed towards the wooden door.

It shamefully took less effort to get him in the building than he was expecting. Once stepping foot inside he seemed to freeze as he was graced with a twisted sight. In the back of the wooden portable was a leather bench and straps. The bench reminded him of something gymnast would use while the placement of the shackles sparked concern. Two were upon the bench while two on the ground beside. It didn’t take long to realize he would be bent over the table like a bitch waiting for her load. Near the table was large wooden slats and what looked like soft padding for a large hole or circular shape in the wood. Again, his body warned him of the danger by seemingly carrying the weight of boulders. He was simply unable to step forward as the men tried to push him to his confinement.

“Please, I can get you money. Whatever it is you want, I can get it for you. I’m begging you, just let me go!” He cried trying to buck out of the men’s grip.

“Funny how they think hollarin’ and beggin’ will get em free.” There was a sharp noise as Dillon received a spank. “Ain’t nothing we need except this sweet little hole right here. Ain’t much to do so lay your head and take it like a good boy. I’m sure by the tenth man it’ll be second nature.”

“SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!” Dillon screamed pulling against the men.

Laughter rang throughout as Dillon was forced to the bench. With three men around it didn’t take much to bend him over. Once his wrists had been cuffed in place they took a minute to watch the young stud struggle and kick. To his shame the laughter turned into whistles as his half naked body twisted and turned trying to escape. Finally there was a painful spank to settle him down.

The cuffs were strong and once they were in place there was nothing to do to get away from them. He now closed his eyes trying to ignore the feel of the metal binds against his skin. The shirt he had did provide some form of protection to the surface he was bent over but it was quickly ripped off. Now he lay shaking in place waiting for the men to have their fun. The hand resting on his ass pulled back and the men moved to grab the large wooden slots. It was impossible to see what was happening, but he had seen enough porn to let his imagination put the pieces together. When those wooden slats were put together they would act as another wall with a hole just big enough to fit his waist. The soft rubber beside them would ensure there was no chaffing on the hard wood as his body was repeatedly thrust into. The rubber was then grabbed and the men moved around him.

He was expecting the rubber to be istanbul travesti cold to the touch but the handling seemed to have warmed it up. There was a heavy clank as the bottom slot was locked into place causing him to jump. He tried his hardest to peek over his shoulder and see what was happening but the only thing he managed to catch was a wicked smile. Now the rubber was being placed at the top half and with a second click he was locked away in his own world.

The tears flowed steadily with no fear the men would see them. In this part of the video a group would get in line waiting for their turn. And without the ability to see his pain none would hold a care. He was after all just a hole waiting for use. No one used these stands because they wanted an intimate connection. No one would attend this fair because they had the base understanding of consent. The hand that was on his ass returned and he let out a shriek as it touched the plug inside of him.

His entire walk he felt uncomfortably full, but he knew it paled in comparison of what pulling it out would feel like. The tremble in his body increased and he tried desperately to escape the bonds around him. Muffled laughter was to be heard followed by a cold comment.

“Scream as loud as you need to, it’ll help the pain.”

It felt like all the air had been knocked out of him. That fat sphere was now pulling on his rim threatening to rip all his insides out. He begged, screamed and wept trying to stop the man. His words held no affect as the man gave a particular hard pull ripping the plug away from his sore hole. He was left gasping for breath trying to sort through the pain and humiliation. He could feel his poor hole spasming trying to regain its shape. It wasn’t long until there was another strange sensation. Without the plug there would have been pain, but this had the thickness of the stem so his ass ate it with ease.

“Trust me boy you’ll want to be lubed up before they get in there.”

Dillon now realized they had a shooter inside applying a generous amount of lubricant. He could feel himself cringe in disgust as a slippery fluid was injected. When it came out a small trickle of slime escaped as well. The issue was quickly rectified with a much smaller plug. A hand gently patted his butt signalling he was prepared.

“Don’t be afraid to enjoy it. I’m sure someone will be able to rub you the right way.”

Dillon’s only reaction was a shriek of rage and rattle of the chains that held him. It seemed the men had now grown bored of him as they quickly walked away. There was a slam of the door and he was all alone. With not much to do he stared forward counting the panels of wood along the wall. He found himself stopping when he wondered how many men he would be counting.


There was no way to tell the time but if he would have guessed he would have said hours. His wrists and ankles were sore from the cuffs while his legs gained a cramp from the unfriendly angle. He found himself occasionally shifting to the left or right but without the ability to stretch the pain never left.

The hours of silence were broken up with heavy footsteps and a loud slam. Dillon’s entire body jumped and eyes widened as somebody took a step into the portable. The heavy feet moving behind him had him wondering if it was a group that entered while the muffled voices confirmed it. It was now had his fear turned into audible panic. He knew in his heart none had cared for his weeping but perhaps there would be one looking for redemption. Perhaps he could strike a chord in one black heart.

“Please, I’m not supposed to be here. I don’t know what happened… they took me and my friends. Please, I just want to be home… I can get you all money.”

The men watched with hungry eyes and drooling mouths at the meal waiting for them. With each fearful word spoken it seemed the ass would clench or twitch in fear. The murmurs and pleas gave hint to a beautiful song waiting for them. Whenever the slut would hear a footstep the legs would pull and the cheeks would try to create a seal keeping any intruder out. The prize waiting for them was surely beautiful. The round form hinted to an athletic pastime while the trickling of hair offered a fresh scent. It was now had a discussion began on who would go first. One had wanted cock size while the other debated the classic first come first serve, in the end it was a worker who came in that helped the dispute. Both ticket value and time of arrival had formed the line.

Dillon shook in his isolated corner wondering when it was going to happen. He thought he would prefer to be locked in solitude as a stranger took him, but the inability to see what was happening was giving an increasing fear he felt would accentuate the pain. He was right in a sense because as a hand touched his bare skin he jumped forward as much as the bonds would allow. Of course this earned a istanbul travestileri chuckle and gentle pat.

“I can’t wait to get inside, haven’t enjoyed a young ass in a long time.”

Dillon’s tears increased and he pulled fiendishly against his chains. His fighting proved useless as hand was able to grasp his waist holding him steady. A finger slowly trailed over his crack until it drummed against the plug. With a sudden jerk and gasp the plug was removed. Now he was completely open and the only barrier rudely discarded upon the floor. Once again Dillon tried to pull free and once again his bonds proved stronger than his will. When something hard and wrapped in rubber pressed up against him his voice was unleashed again.

“I’m begging you! Don’t do this! Please, my god don’t rape me!”

The cock slapped his ass and his eyes closed. No amount of begging was going to save him, nothing could be done. At this present moment he was a mere fleshlight for these men. The only relief he had was the knowledge there was protection. He swallowed a loud gulp as the fat mushroom head poked at him. With a sharp breath and a squeal it pushed inside. Applause followed suit and the party was started.

He found himself somewhat thankful of the oversized plug that was forced inside. Of course the sex was painful but it was not the level of excruciating he was expecting. With the pain dulled to a minimal he could now focus on the sheer humiliation racking throughout. A warm, hairy and sweaty body was consistently being thrust against him. He could feel each inch of cock burying itself inside and with each thrust he was further fucked into his shame. If the wall was removed he was sure he’d hear ragged grunting and groans of pleasure.

Since his body seemed to grow accustomed to the abuse his rapist decided a harsher pace was necessary. The hands on him increased their grip and with each thrust he was scared the wall would break. Pain now seemed to be on his attacker’s mind. His cries echoed around him causing him to blush red. The room seemed to pick up on his sobs because laughter was heard and a gentle pat was felt.

His fight returned with the mocking touch. These men had his body, there was no way he could deal with them playing with his mind. His screams started up again but he deepened his voice trying to sound intimidating. He began bucking hard causing the leather bench to shift with his movement. Unfortunately, the back end wasn’t meeting the same energy. Whenever he would kick his ass was pushed against his rapist. The man on him would either pinch him tightly or increase his thrusting while slapping his ass. He soon realized he had become a twisted display of a bucking bronco.

“Holy shit, I swear he’s trying to squeeze my cock off. I’m about to shoot.”

These were the type of men he had no issues poking fun at, lowly souls who sex skills and stamina were so lacking they had no choice but to pay. Now one was about to cum while raping him. Tears welled up in his eyes and he beat his fists upon the leather. That pace increased and finally there was a slam against him. To his own horror that final slam caused a tingle of excitement to move throughout. His cock twitched and he bit his lip withholding a moan. Another ten seconds and his attacker slowly pulled out. To his horror he felt liquid bubble up and drip out of his freshly used ass. Once the substance had been discarded his sloppy hole snapped shut with a wet squelch.

“Damn, bitch was so tight he ripped the condom right up. Guess we’re filling her up boys!”

There was nothing to be done but to resign. His future lay ahead and it was filled with sweaty cock. He withheld the scream as another quickly slid into place. The plug, cum and cock had warn him down so the second man was quickly mounting him and thrusting.

It was fair to say the second man could extend the fuck. He was currently trying to figure out if this was designed to be pleasurable for the man or draw out as much humiliation from himself. Unlike the quick violent thrusts he received earlier this one would slowly push in before rotating and inching out. When all but the head was out he could feel his wrinkled hole suckling on it wanting to draw it back in. Then the man would insert again and repeat.

Dillon bit his lip and began ripping at the chains again. He had never felt so disgusting in his life before, he had never felt such fear and pain but for some odd reason there was a positive response to it. Enough of the gentle dicking and he started to swell. His breathing no longer came out in screams or sobs, but instead the ragged grunts he was sure the man on him was making. It was now had his body started to memorize this man’s weapon. It was slightly longer than the last but much thicker and held a nice curve that hit the right button. In his shame Dillon had found his body wasn’t just enjoying it but beginning to move travesti istanbul with the fuck. He stopped pulling at his chains and was now arching his back trying to meet the thrusts. Another stroke against his prostate had him crying out for more.

Now that he was happily settled into the new activity the man went hard. With each thrust the wood and chains would rattle accompanied by Dillon’s moans. The man’s growls filled the cabin causing those watching to lick their lips or pine with jealousy. Now that the bitch was open and allowed to be filled a generous line had formed. If Dillon had seen it perhaps the tears and shrieks would start again, because seventeen men and counting was a challenge for even the most seasoned whore.

“That’s it baby,” the man growled. “You’re taking it so well.”

The wall had muted the words causing them to sound like low rumbling but Dillon couldn’t help but respond. His mouth fell open and he finally let himself speak to his rapists, and they were not words of disgust.


The young man’s eyes rolled into his head as sweaty balls smacked him repeatedly. That curved cock was continually rubbing against him teasing him towards a new title-wave of pleasure. It was almost enough to distract him of was happening, but not completely. The hands were gripping tighter and the circular grinding had stopped. The fat mushroom head was no longer rubbing his prostate and would try to get deeper with each thrust. He knew what was coming and tried desperately to prevent it.

“Please, not inside. Please I’ve been good, just not inside.”

His pleas fell on def ears. Another few thrusts and the man was pressing as deep as he could go. This time Dillon reacted. He choked on a sob trying to buck the man off. Unlike the previous attacker he could feel the fat cock twitching inside him along with a sickening warmth. He swore a gallon had just been dumped inside. His rapist continued to thrust through the aftershock and finally pulled out when an ungodly amount had been donated to the pink doughnut. The entire group laughed at the girl like squeal as a fat gob spilled out.

“Alright, think I’ll make him shoot.”

There was no warning. The man pulled out and was quickly replaced with another. Though he was shorter than the first two he was much fatter. Dillon’s breath caught in his throat as the cruel girth tried to wiggle inside.

“Please, no more. I can’t take anymore.”

“I know he’s big. Just take deep breaths and we’ll get him in ya.”

The rattling chains and squeals were accompanied by deep grunts and shaking wood. Dillon’s rapist continuously pressed forward trying to ease in the oversized organ. The entire group watched with wide eyes as a coke can of a cock was continuously pressing into the raw slit. There was a moment of compassion as a hand snaked under Dillon’s legs to grasp his still hard member. The added pleasure seemingly did the trick. With a deep grunt Dillon’s hole swallowed the treat pressing into it. The young man’s reaction was a shrill screech and his eyes to bug out.

He was expecting the man to pull back once he had taken him in but was surprised and horrified the hand remained. Now his breathing escaped in grunts as the hand gently worked his head. The added stimulation had not dulled the pain but allowed his body to breathe with it. A sharp stab or painful stretch had also meant his prostate would be loved and cock rubbed. It had seemed he was no different than the whores he tossed aside. He was in pain, the one fucking him had no care for his dignity but his body relinquished itself to the abuse. He let his mouth fall open and allowed his pleasure to outweigh his shame. It was hard to grasp the severity of his situation when he felt so good.

Being thrown into such carnal bliss can only have one outcome. Dillon had been teased and tormented enough, his body was going to reach its peak. The man on him seemed to understand exactly what was happening and aimed to finish at the same time. He angled his dick to shoot into the young man’s guts while fiddling with the soft pink head.

“That’s it boy, cum for me.”

Dillon was nearly knocked unconscious with the pleasure racking throughout. He had never had such an intense orgasm before. He wasn’t even too sure where he was. He had finally reached the mountain he was climbing and was swimming in the high it gave. Close to fifteen seconds went by before it subsided and he was hanging limply in place. The man then pulled out and he felt the third load trickle down his thigh. His hole didn’t bother to snap to its original form, another cock was already pressing inside. Dillon then closed his eyes choosing to ignore the feel of heavy balls smacking against him. Perhaps he could eventually climb to that ecstasy again.

The line snaking through the trees and towards the portables had disheartened the man with grey hair and a dense build. Damien had arrived at the Carnival not forty minutes ago and was sad to see one of his favorite attractions with one of the longest lines. It was nothing to fuss over though, there was still so much to see. The man grabbed his partner and continued to move through the fair.

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