Carla’s Cowboy

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It was a cold, stormy September night on the ranch. 19 year old Carla was just finishing up the dishes and was ready to crawl under the covers on her bed and get the sleep she was craving all day. The ranch was owned by Carla’s aunt, who had gladly taken her in many years ago when Carla’s parents died in a car crash.

“How are those dishes coming Carla?” Asked Carla’s Aunt Peggy from the living room.

“Just about done Aunt Peggy!” Carla called back placing another plate back in the cupboard.

The clock read 10:35 p.m when Carla looked over to check it. Normally the dishes would have been done a lot sooner, but there was trouble with the tap that kept her waiting to do them. She placed the last cup back in the cupboard and took a big stretch and yawned. Time for some much needed beauty sleep! A large crash of thunder caused her to jump and she looked out the window. The rain was coming down pretty hard.

“All finished with the dishes Aunt Peggy!” She called hanging up the towel to dry.

She wasn’t expecting an answer. Her aunt was caught up in some show on the television. Just as Carla was about to climb up the stairs, the doorbell rang! Who could it be this late at night and in this weather? Aunt Peggy had gotten up to answer it and Carla stood and listened.

“Well of course you can spend the night! In this weather I’d be one real witch not to let you!” She heard her Aunt Peggy say. “Just as long as you’re not some serial killer or anything!” Carla heard her aunts howling of laughter and smirked. Her aunt was always such a comedian. Her aunt walked into the kitchen with tonight’s guest and Carla’s jaw dropped. This wasn’t one of the neighbors near by or anything, this was a man! A very attractive man! And by the looks of him, a real cowboy type as well!

“Carla this is Cameron. He’ll be spending the night here due to that miserable Mother Nature causing such a storm!” Aunt Peggy said looking out the window and shaking her head with disgust.

“It’s nice to meet you Cameron!” Carla said shaking his rough, warm, large hand.

“The pleasures mine Mam.'” He responded casually tipping his hat and flashing her a warm smile.

Carla thought she was going to faint right there. What luck God had given her tonight! A attractive, strong cowboy having to spend the night! She could already feel the fire building between her legs!

“And tomorrow if you like, I can help you folks with any chores you need. A thank-you for letting me stay.” Cameron said grinning at the both of them.

Well mannered and attractive. Just what Carla desperately craved in a man!

“Well thank you Cameron, I really appreciate that! Anyways, I’m tired and Lord knows I need my beauty sleep. Cameron you can stay in the guest room. First door on the second floor. It has blue walls you’ll know it when you see it. Goodnight you guys.” Aunt Peggy said as she walked off down the hall to her room.

“I guess I’ll be goin’ to bed also. I’m pretty tired. Have a nice sleep Carla.” Cameron said flashing her another warm smile before he excused himself.

“Oh God give me strength!” Carla mumbled to herself leaning against the fridge placing her hand on her chest. Cameron was just the man she craved! She had to have him. That was for darn sure!

Anyone could forget about getting beauty sleep with the storm that kept raging on and on that night. Carla looked at her clock which read 12:23am. She reached over for her night table to check her phone when she realized it wasn’t there. She had left it in the bathroom. Carla almanbahis got out of bed slowly and walked down the hall. When she approached the bathroom, she heard water running. That was strange, Peggy never takes showers this late. Then she remembered their special guest for tonight. She knocked on the door.

“Yes?” Said the muffled voice of Cameron from the shower.

“It’s Carla. I left my phone in there! Can I run in quickly and get it?”

“Sure thing. Doors unlocked!”

Carla’s head quivered as she slowly turned the doorknob. Steam drifted out of the bathroom as she stepped in. The plan was she was going to grab it quickly and leave! That all failed though the moment she looked up at the closed shower doors and saw Cameron through the glass, washing his hot and muscular body. Her jaw dropped at his large biceps and toned stomach. Her eyes trailed down and she thought for sure she was going to faint! His cock was fully erect and had to be at least 8 inches!

“Is your phone in here? I think i saw it when I came in.” Cameron’s talking smacked her back into reality and focus.

“Yes, it’s in here.” Carla said grabbing the phone quickly and heading for the door. “Have a nice rest.” She added quickly closing the door behind her.

Carla ran back to her room and closed and locked the door! She couldn’t believed what she had just seen! He was a miracle sent from the angels he had to be! Those big strong arms, toned abs, and that cock! That giant 8 inch piece of manhood! Her pussy was on fire! Carla ran to her closet and dug in the back and pulled out her favorite vibrator.

“This will be of great use tonight!” Carla mumbled to herself climbing under the cover preparing to fulfill her sexual needs for the time being.

The sun shining and loud birds woke Carla up the following morning. Her clock read 9:34a.m. Normally she’d be up earlier, but it was nice Peggy let her sleep in today. She got up and put on a pair of jean short shorts and a tank top. She looked in the mirror and brushed out her blond hair before heading down to get something to eat. She was starving. She looked back though and quickly hid the vibrator back in the closet. Now she was ready to head down!

“Well good morning miss sleepy head!” Her aunt joked as she walked into the kitchen. “Have a nice rest?”

After fucking herself senseless she did. “Yes I did Peggy! I feel full of energy!”

She put some eggs and bacon on her plate and got a piece of toast and sat down. It looked delicious! Her aunt sat down and joined her with a cup of coffee.

“Wheres Cameron? Did he already leave?” Carla asked with a mouthful of toast.

“Nope he did not. He got up early and went out to sort and polish some tack for me in the tack room. He’s such a nice man to volunteer to do that. This world needs more men like him!”

Carla nodded and sipped her water. More men like him would be an amazing blessing.

After Carla finished her breakfast, she went to take a peak at Cameron to make sure he was doing ok. She walked into the barn and pet the horses before going into the tack room. Sure enough, there was Cameron polishing a saddle as she walked in.

“Good morning Cameron.” Carla said trying to sound calm even though her loins were on fire just from looking at this hot stud.

“Morning.'” He said with a smile tipping his hat politely.

Carla didn’t know what to do now. He seemed to have the tack taken care of but she didn’t want to leave yet. So she made it look like she was organizing bridles, when almanbahis giriş really she was watching him out of the corner of her eye.

“So did you have a nice sleep last night? That storm went on pretty long!” Carla asked trying to start small talk.

“Yes I did Carla. The storm didn’t bother me one bit I slept soundly.”

Carla turned back to the bridles and kept pretending to organize. She hoped he wasn’t getting suspicious.

“So that phone must be pretty important to you for you to run into the bathroom that late to get it huh?” Cameron asked her with a chuckle, walking up and standing behind her.

“Yes it is. I don’t like to miss messages or calls.” She said trying to sound casual about it.

“So, did you like what you saw?” Cameron said getting closed behind her and placing his big strong hands on her tender breasts and giving them a squeeze.

Carla was shocked. Completely shocked! She didn’t even know what to say right now! She didn’t want him to take his hands off of her though! So she decided to play it cool.

“W-what are you talking about?” She said trying to sound calm even though she was getting excited.

“I knew you were standing in there, watching me take my shower. Have you ever seen a cock that big little girl?”

She turned slightly and gave him a smirk. “Little girl? I am 19 years old, I’m a grown woman thank you very much!”

“Oh yeah? Then lets see you act like one for me right now…” Cameron said sliding his strong rough hand down her shorts and rubbing her wet pussy through her panties.

Carla moaned quietly and turned around to face him. They kissed. There mouths became one as he slid his warm tongue into her small mouth and caressing it all over. His warm hand slid right into her panties and all over her pussy while his other squeezed and rubbed her breasts. This is what she had wanted all along! He spun her back around so her back was facing him and he began kissing all over her neck, and God it felt good! His strong hand was getting more curious as one of its fingers slid into her pussy causing Carla to moan with excitement.

“Oh please Cameron… Please fuck me! Make me yours today…” Carla said closing her eyes, and rubbing the strong arm that was fingering her pussy.

“That’s what you want huh? I think I can help you out with that. I mean you were nice enough to let a cowboy like me spend the night in your beautiful home, and now your offering me tight pussy.” He said into her ear, blowing into it softly.

Carla heard his belt being undone and his zipper being pulled down as he dropped his pants and boxers and kicked them aside. He turned her back to facing him and pulled off her top and she quickly unsnapped her bra and chucked it aside. He instantly started sucking on her firm tits as he pulled down her shorts and black panties. Carla moaned as his mouth sucked on her tits like he wanted milk.

“OK little girl your about to take the best horse ride you’ve ever had!” Cameron said picking her up and thrusting his rock hard cock into her tight pussy.

Carla moaned instantly as his big piece of meat filled her small pussy. He was probably one of the biggest she had ever had! He started bouncing her up and down on his huge cock, grunting with every thrust. Carla grabbed her breasts and played with her nipples as the strong cowboy had his way with her. This was amazing! She had wanted this from the moment she saw him! Now it was actually happening!

“Oh oh yes yes Cameron! Fuck me good! Make it hurt!” Carla almanbahis yeni giriş cried out sounding like she was in heat.

Cameron started slamming his cock up into her hard and faster, his balls clapping against her with every breath taking thrust. Carla leaned into him and they started making out passionately as their bodies became one. His big rough hands explored all over her small body, and she grabbed onto his firm buttocks and gave it a squeeze. She had no idea how long she could keep from a mind blowing orgasm. This guy was an animal!

“Ohhh yeah! This is some good tight pussy you have here little girl!” Cameron said licking his lips as he pounded upward into Carla.

He bounced her deeper and deeper on his big cock until Carla knew all of it was inside of her by now. She loved slamming down on it over and over! This was probably the biggest guy she had ever had fuck her! She reached down and rubbed his massive balls and massaged them in her hand. Even his balls were huge! A few more thrusts and she knew her body was about to give out!

“Ohh ohhh Cameron! I’m about to cum! Make me cum please!” Carla begged burying her face into the cowboys neck.

He instantly cranked the thrusting speed higher, going into her like a jack hammer. She could feel it! Her pussy was tightening up! And then…

“Ohhhhhh ohhhhhhh Cameron!” Carla moaned and quivered as her hot cum went all over his big dick. Cameron grinned and kissed her again on the mouth, sucking on her bottom lip.

“Now we just have to work on making me cum! I’m almost ready!” Cameron said groaning and putting Carla down onto the table by them and getting on top of her in missionary position. He pounded harder and harder into her, his balls clapping loudly! Even though Carla had just had an orgasm,she was getting into it again. She grabbed his buttocks and squeezed him and wrapped her legs around him tight, moaning and whimpering like an injured animal.

Ohh yes Cameron! Fill me with your hot cum! Give it all to me!” Carla moaned kissing all over his neck and sucking on it.

His breathing got deeper, his thrusting quickened! Carla knew he was close! And then…

“Ahhhhh ahhhhhh FUCK!” Cameron shouted out groaning driving his dick deep into her one last night as he filled her with all his hot cum.

They both laid there for a moment, his dick still inside of her. They kissed again and she rubbed his back before he pulled out gently and stood up.

“Well thank you for that little girl!” Cameron said grinning putting on his boxers and reaching for his jeans.

Carla grinned feeling satisfied. “Thank you as well. Your amazing with that gun of yours.” She said playfully with a wink in her eye.

“Anytime I need a place to stay for the night, and a little pussy the next day, I know exactly where to come.” He said zipping up his jeans and giving his crotch a grab.

Carla smiled. “Please come back soon. We can have some more fun!” She said walking up to him and giving him a hug.

“Will do babe.” He leaned down and kissed her on the lips and rubbed her back. “Tell your Aunt Peggy thank you and that all the tack is ready to go.”

Carla nodded and watched him as he began to walk out. “Don’t forget about me now!”

He turned back and grinned. “Don’t worry little girl, I’ll be back.” He said giving his still swollen and puffed out crotch a rub.

Once he left, Carla grabbed her clothes and got dressed quickly. She walked back to the house and told her aunt that Cameron had to leave, but he said thanks for letting him stay.

“Why are you grinning so big Carla? What happened?” Her aunt looked at her curiously.

“Oh not much Aunt Peggy. I Just made a new special friend that’s all.” Carla said with a wink.

A special friend with a big cock and a big heart.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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