Capturing Cari

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Big Tits

Cari unlocked the door to her duplex and slammed it behind her. The first thing she did was step out of her heels and swore not to put them back on until Monday. Her week, well actually her entire month, had been hellish. After changing into her sweats and pouring herself a bourbon she settled onto the couch with her laptop. The first thing to catch her eye was an email from her old fuck buddy Mike that she hadn’t seen in almost a year. The email said that he was in town for the weekend waiting on a client to arrive on Monday and he was hoping they could get together to “catch up.” Cari thought about spending her weekend naked with the gorgeous man in a nice hotel getting properly fucked. She cast a glance at her disregarded heels and raised an eyebrow.

After packing a quick bag consisting of little more than some of Mikes favorite lingerie pieces, Cari was rolling down the highway with her windows down and her music blaring. She couldn’t help but let her mind wander back to one of her most cherished memories with Mike.

It was the end of summer and the air was getting crisp. The leaves were becoming vivid but not yet falling. It was the kind of weather that reminds you of hometown football games and first kisses in your friends’ basements. Carie and Mike had decided to drive into the mountains and get some late afternoon nookie in the great outdoors.

They happened upon a recreation center decorated with balloons and a sign reading “Marks- Harper Wedding Reception- This Way.” The thought of crashing a party for a couple free drinks and a semi-public quickie appealed to them both so Mike turned into the parking lot.

They ducked out of the wedding reception, champagne in hand, to explore the rec center. Dead set on finding a place to fuck, they ran down hallways and ducked into doorways to sneak passionate kisses while Mike’s hard on pressed against her midsection. They found their way downstairs to a room containing two pool tables, some outdated couches, and stacks of folding chairs.

Mike playfully challenged Cari to a game of pool and told her to “rack em” but as she reached across the table he closed in on her from behind and pressed his erection against her. Wrapping his arms tightly around her, he unbuttoned her jeans and slid them just below her ass and she felt his fingers pull almanbahis her damp panties to the side. When he penetrated her he groaned with relief. He ran one hand up her spine to tangle his fingers in her hair and giving it a tug he began to fuck her. He started by drawing his cock all the way out then burying it back into her hot pussy.He kept his pace steady, denying himself the satisfaction of hammering her as hard as he could. When her panting and grunts took on a desperate tone he wrapped his arm around her waist and extended his thick fingers toward her clit. All it took was a couple of light strokes to bring Cari to orgasm, arching her back and moaning loud enough to be heard upstairs, if not for the DJ. Mike turned her around and, cupping her ass, lifted her lightly onto the pool table. He pulled her shirt off over her head and unclasped her front closure bra so that he could admire her beautiful tits.

Cari let her fingers wander between her wet thighs and began to flutter them over her clit. Her head dropped back and she unleashed a sigh. Mike stepped toward her pushing her knees as far apart as they would go. When he slid his cock into her she gasped. Mike couldn’t hold himself back any longer. He loved watching Cari pleasure herself as he slammed her. He looked down so that he could watch the glistening length of his cock being swallowed by her pussy. She could tell he was getting close so she grabbed him under his chin and lifted his eyes to hers. “Do it. I want your cum.” she told him and she immediately felt his cock swelling. As his hot liquid shot into her, she came too. They held onto one another until the waves of pleasure subsided. Mike kissed Cari on the mouth and squeezed her breast while he pulled out of her. She looked down to see the sticky white fluid pooling on the green felt and thought about the next lucky patrons to shoot pool on this table.

Cari felt a nervous anticipation as she pulled into the hotel’s parking lot. She had told Mike in her response email that she had been really stressed out lately. She felt like she was holding the weight of the world and she would really love to put it all in someone else’s hands for awhile. She was hoping he knew what she meant. She used her mirror to check her hair and reapply lip gloss before she headed for the elevator. Standing almanbahis yeni giriş outside of his door for a moment before knocking, she felt her nipples g firming against her lace bra. Mike opened the door looking even better than she remembered. As his eyes slid over her she could feel the wetness forming in her panties. She closed the space between them in two steps and pushed him against the door, kissing him, nibbling his lip and exploring his entire mouth with her tongue. She had begun to unbutton his shirt when he placed his hand on her chest and gently held her at bay. As soon as the door was closed, Mike told her to take off her clothes and lie on the bed. Excited as she was she still managed to slowly remove her sundress, making sure he caught her at every angle. She left her heels on.

She laid across the bed on her side and gave him a come hither gesture. Instead of leaping across the bed like she expected, he swaggered across the room to open his suitcase. From it he pulled out several lengths of rope and proceeded to tie each of her wrists and ankles to a different end of the bed, spreading her out as much as possible.

Cari told her mind to give in. To submit to him. To let him take the lead and handle the responsibility. This was a cathartic experience.

“No talking,” Mike said while running the back of his fingers over her ribcage “or else I’ll have to gag you.”

“Is that right, master?” Cari mocked him.

He shrugged, looking pleased. “Have it your way, then” and he stuffed a gag into her mouth. She watched as he removed what was left of his clothes and stood before her, stroking the length of his hard cock as he looked at her. Just seeing him there produced wetness that she could feel dripping onto the bedspread.

Mike moved to the foot of the bed and began kissing and biting the inside of Cari’s thighs but just barely touching her dripping wet pussy with his lips. He used his fingers to spread her apart and licked the full length of her pussy with excruciating languidness. Cari’s back arched and she tried to utter an order for him to fuck her but it wasn’t received around the gag.

Mike drew her swollen clit into his mouth and gently sucked and nibbled just so Cari could feel the pressure of his teeth while at the same time thrusting two fingers almanbahis giriş in and out of her. He started slowly and got faster and harder, letting the motion of her hips dictate his pace.

Cari could feel herself getting closer to climax and Mike read the familiar signs. His tongue never wavered as he explored her pussy, flicking and sucking her now throbbing clit as her legs began to quiver and her breath grew ragged. Mike reached under her legs and grabbed her thighs burying his face into her and pushing her over the edge. He held on as he felt her exploding orgasm, his cock feeling like it was going to burst through his skin.Her hips rocked as her muffled moans filled the room. When Cari had regained control of her body enough to stop convulsing, Mike began to make his way up her body with slow, wet kisses. He dipped his tongue into her navel, pulled her nipples into his mouth and buried his head in the curve of her neck. When he ran his lips over her earlobe her body erupted with goose bumps. He used his fingers to gently remove the gag before plunging his tongue into her mouth, letting her taste her own juices. As he kissed her she could feel her body responding. She arched her hips, desperately trying to catch his erection but he refused to follow her lead. He slowly pulled himself up, offering Cari a view of the sinewy muscles in his arms. A view that made her body involontarily grind against him as he moved away from her.

Mike straddled her chest and placed the head of his cock at her mouth. He teased her lips and glossed them with his precum. Cari eagerly sucked him into her mouth and when she did his eyes closed at the feeling of the warm and wet seal she created over the head of his dick. “Mmmmmmmm” he moaned and placed both hands on the headboard, propping himself up to start fucking her mouth. Cari let herself release all tension and became submissive to the man who knew her body so perfectly. Her throat opened and allowed the full length of his cock to gag her. It only took a minute before Mike exploded into her, forcing cum to spill out of the corners of her mouth as he thrust in and out of her throat.

Mike laid beside Cari and used his thumb to wipe her mouth and chin. “I’ve really missed that.” He told her as he reached across to release her binds.

“Me too…” Cari said “but I’m not quite done….I need to feel you inside me.”

“Oh really?” Mike asked as a smile played across his lips “I wonder if there’s anything I can do for you…” and even as he said it she could feel his cock stirring against her thigh…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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