Camp Mackall Ch. 02

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I woke up a little after 0800 the next morning. I had dreamt about Chrissy’s young, sexy body all night, and now I had a tented bed sheet. I uncovered myself and looked in amazement at the massive erection I had. What has this girl done to me? I suddenly remembered the way she had squatted down next to me and casually traced the outline of my rigid cock through my dress pants. Who does that? Why would anyone be so bold as to do that in the parking lot of their work? I was so lost in thought that I hadn’t even noticed that I was stroking myself until I realized I was about to cum. I was already past the point of no return, too late to grab a tissue. My explosion coursed through the air and landed in my hair, on my chin, across my nose, and in my eye. The goo slid down my chin and puddled on my neck, while the stuff on my eye and nose ran down into my ear. It was a weird sensation.

After I cleaned up and shaved, I dressed in my ACUs and headed into my office on Broad Avenue. It was not quite 1000 and the General had told me not to report before noon; but I couldn’t see any point of not working since I was already up. As I approached the Shell station, I automatically looked for Chrissy’s Camaro. Not seeing it, I remembered her telling me she had the day off. Would she really come and visit me? What would I tell the recruiters that I shared the station with?

I walked in and headed to the back room that served as my temporary office. SGT Dempsey called out, “It must be nice to sleep in in the middle of the week!”

“Hey, I got it in really late last night…”

“I know Cutlass, I’m just busting your chops.”

“Thanks buddy. Oh, and seriously, thanks for the use of your G-ride for my trip to D.C. Now I need to get started on the changes the SpecOps brass want made to my curriculum.

“Glad to help. Like I said, it must be nice.”

I just shook my head and walked into my office. I don’t even know what Dempsey was suggesting by that last remark. I settled down in my chair, inserted my CAC (I.D. card) into my keyboard, typed my password, and opened my email to see what I had missed while I was away.

After about 30 minutes or so of replying to emails, finding information that was requested, and forwarding messages to those who were affected by them, I was ready to finally pull out my notes and start making the changes that were ordered. Just then I heard my door close.

I looked up to see Chrissy walking towards me. Before I could even get up to greet her, she had me pushed back in my chair, her arms around my neck and we were kissing. She was a forceful kisser; I usually preferred a gentler touch when I was in control, but what Chrissy was doing made me feel desire like I hadn’t felt in a while. The way she immediately pushed her tongue into almanbahis adresi my mouth and found mine. She expertly controlled and maneuvered me so that she was sucking on my tongue in a very erotic manner. I had never had anyone do that before, but it felt amazing.

Suddenly she stopped. I was afraid that I had done something wrong, but then she was pulling me to my feet and undoing the Velcro and zipper that held my top closed. What was I doing? I can’t be doing this in my office.

“Wait, Chrissy. We can’t do this.”

“What’s wrong, Sarge? Do I scare you?”

“No! Well yes, a little, but I like it. What I mean is that we can’t do this here.”

“Come-on, my brother’s a Marine. I know that you’re a Staff Sergeant and you out-rank all of those recruiters in the main office. He told me that Staff Sergeants only answer to the gunny.”

“That’s sort of true, at least in the Marine Corps. but I’m a guest in this station, and I want to remain a welcome one.”

“Come-on Sarge. Who’s gonna know?” As she said this, she continued taking my top off and was now undoing my belt.

“I need to make sure my door is locked.”

“I already locked it.” She had my pants open and was starting to pull my tan t-shirt over my head. It was snug across my chest and shoulders so I helped her remove it the rest of the way. While I did so, she reached out and stroked my chest and abs, sending tingles across my body and making my cock even harder.

“Oh my gawd you have a nice body!” she gasped. I couldn’t even think to respond. I pushed my in-basket, phone, and pen holder out of the way and helped her to sit down on the newly cleared space on my desk. Now it was my turn to undress her.

I leaned in and kissed her passionately, like she had kissed me earlier. I steadied myself with my right hand while my left hand reached behind and undid her bra clasp through her shirt. I did that so that I could remover shirt and bra in one move, which I immediately did.

Her round, full B-cup breasts were even more beautiful than I imagined. I took her right nipple in my mouth and gently sucked and kissed it while we mutually finished removing the other’s pants. The tattoo I had glimpsed the night before turned out to be an Asian dragon guarding the entrance to her womanhood. It was colorful in reds, oranges, and yellows with green and blue linework. The flames curling from its mouth mingled with the curls of Chrissy’s light brown pubic hair, trimmed very neatly above her labia. I’ve seen many tattoos in my life, but this one was so erotic in a way that I could not have imagined before.

We were now locked in a full embrace and she had her legs wrapped around me, pulling me closer to her. I leaned her back a little farther so that I could lift her ass up enough almanbahis adres to guide my cock into her waiting sex. She was so wet, and I was so hard, but I wasn’t making any progress towards getting more than the tip in. Chrissy reached down to help, but gasped when she realized how big I was.

“Sarge, I have never had anyone that big inside me before. I don’t… I…”

“Relax. It’s fine. We don’t need to go any further than this.” I tried to sound understanding, but Chrissy had another idea.

She gently pushed me up and away, then guided me to office chair where she sat down and began licking the full length of my cock. She smiled and looked up at me, “You like that, I can tell.”

She took the head and first 4 or 5 inches of my nine-incher in her mouth with ease. It is very rare that I am satisfied by a blow-job, but Chrissy was determined to be the exception.

I watched more and more of my dick disappear into her mouth with each pass. Her tongue, lips, and even her throat all worked to bring me closer to the brink, but not close enough.

“Chrissy, I need to be inside you.” I moaned

She stood up, then knelt on my chair so that I could enter her from behind. I slid the head and first 4 inches in carefully, then eased back out.

“Ooooh gawwwd that feels so good.” She whimpered.

As I entered her again, I also pulled her hair to her right so I could see her pretty face and gorgeous body. This time I managed a little further and held in place. I could feel her warm, wet womanhood clamped around me, getting used to this invasion.

She began to move, enjoying the pleasure and gradually allowing more of me inside. I didn’t back off. She began to buck, and move; she was now fucking me. My hands had a hold of her hips, while she was looking back at me. Her moaning never stopped and was getting loud enough that I had to caution her that the recruiters might hear us.

“Ohhh, but it feels so good.” She half-whispered, half-cried. Then I was fully inside her, she was bucking so rapidly that I was afraid she would fall off of the chair. I decided to pull her over to my desk again.

I laid back so she could be on top. She straddled me on her knees, then lowered herself down, taking me in as she did. This was a much better position as it allowed me to see not only her pretty face, but those cute little tits. Her hair hung down on both sides of her face and tickled mine, I was in heaven.

She had her hands on my shoulders, keeping me pinned down while she rode me like a stallion. I could see the ecstasy in her face as she took full control of the situation. Back and forth she grinded, my cock was pushed up against the limit of her body, with the head bent against her cervix, it was simultaneously glorious and painful. almanbahis adresi I knew I would explode soon so I concentrated on the pain of my telephone cord underneath my shoulder blade.

She was reaching her climax and her voice quivered with delight. I could feel her body clamp down tighter on me, her movements became jolted, as if by electricity moving between the two of us. She threw her head back and was lost in total euphoria. “I need to feel you cum inside me!”

She opened her eyes and looked directly at me, still grinding against my pubic bone. Her eyes were the biggest, most beautiful blue I had ever seen. It was like her eyes were begging for me to release my orgasm inside her. I couldn’t hold back anymore if I tried.

I could feel it first in my balls, then shooting like electricity from my toes to my ears. Even my hair tingled when I exploded deep inside her. I grabbed her by her hips and tried to hold her down, but she was reaching her second climax and continued to ride me like her favorite toy.

“Oh my gawd!, Oh my gawd! Big Sarge! Oh, Oh gawwwd!”

She leaned down and kissed me passionately. I was in sensory overload. Her lips were so soft, her tongue so amazing, her hair smelled of strawberry. As we kissed, I could feel she was building to another orgasm. She pushed herself upright and began riding me again. I had been going soft, but now her excitement had made me hard again. She rode me hard for only few seconds while she came again, but those few seconds had me almost to the brink.

“I gotta stop, I can’t take anymore.” She said as she leaned forward to kiss me again. I wanted to tell her I was close to cumming again myself, but I held back.

She slid off of me and sat back in my chair, noticing my fully erect cock. “You’re still hard! How can that be?”

“You do that to me.” I chuckled.

“Oh, well you are on your own then.” She laughed back. “I told you this wouldn’t be so boring.”

“I am still surprised you came in today. I never dreamed I would ever be here with you, like this.” I blushed as I sat at the edge of my desk. “You are not like any girl I have ever been with before.”

“You’re pretty amazing yourself.” She began putting on her bra. I opened my bottom, right-hand desk drawer and pulled out the towel I keep for showering after PT.

“Here you go, you might need this.” I said, handing her the towel.

“Thanks.” She replied, spinning my chair around, presumably so she could clean-up without me watching. Because of my combat boots, my pants were still around my ankles, so I simply pulled them up, then found my t-shirt and pulled it on over my head.

“So where do we go from here?” I asked when she spun my chair around so she was facing me again. I noticed she was completely dressed again.

“I don’t know… but as long as we can keep doing that, then I don’t care.” She stood up and kissed me quickly, then walked towards my door. “I took one of your business cards, I’ll call you later.” And like that, she was gone.

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