California Dreaming

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Jane was bored, lonely in her marriage, and at times over whelmed with the responsibilities of her life. Her husband Steve was a decent enough fellow but not as adventurous as she needed. She yearned for some excitement, sexual excitement would be best, but really anything to break the monotony of her life would due. She managed the busy household, got the girls off to school, ran errands and took classes at the university. Steve liked to fuck her a few times a week, usually in the missionary position. His cock was enormous and filled her completely when they had intercourse. The problem was that he did not enjoy variety, preferring instead to cum as quickly as possible and in her mind, be done with her.

She was often left aching for a fuller sexual experience but realized that while Steve loved her very much, he was not a very sexual person and had many hang ups regarding sex and love. He was able to fuck her silly and raw during their courtship, but once they married and had children, he seemed to feel awkward doing sexual things with the mother of his children. She often thought of having an affair, but quickly realized that she was not that kind of girl.

She started taking classes at the local university a few years ago, and was acutely aware of how the students and professors looked at her. At 37 years of age, she was clearly the oldest student in the class, but maintained a youthful body with a combination of yoga and daily jogging. She especially enjoyed teasing the older married professors. She was blond, petite, and had sparkling green eyes. She wished her breasts were bigger. She did take pride, however, in the responsiveness of her nipples when she wore sun dresses and a tank top. Her breasts were small enough and perky enough that she rarely wore a bra. When in class, she typically sat in the front row. She was very feminine and enjoyed lifting her skirt a bit while she crossed her legs, revealing a distracting amount of her well toned upper thigh. She was well aware of the rush she got when the professor stumbled over his words or was otherwise distracted by her sexuality.

She usually came home from class aroused by the teasing and flirting and ultimately hoped that her husband would return from work and want to canlı bahis şirketleri have his way with her. She tried hard to be a good wife for him. She always had his meals ready when he came home. She also made it a point to be showered, and scented so as to arouse his desires. If it were not for his big cock and his hefty salary, she might have left a long time ago. Trouble was that she enjoyed the nice lifestyle he offered her, and despite the lack of variety in their physical relationship, she never experienced a cock as large and thick as his.

On rare occasions, he permitted her to perform oral sex on him. He was weird about oral sex, feeling that it was dirty and something only whores did for money. She could not tell him how much she craved to cup his balls while trying to take him inside of her mouth. She often fantasized about the feeling of his semi erect cock in her hand. Few things thrilled her more than feeling his cock grow in her hand while she gently stroked him to a full erection.

It had been a long time since she was a “bad girl”. The kids were off with Steve for a fun day at the zoo. He liked to have special time with the girls, and at the same time give his lovely wife the gift of time to herself. Today she felt like sitting on her deck to enjoy a glorious hot, sunny, breezy California afternoon. She enjoyed listening to the sounds of summer. She wore her favorite sun dress, sipped a chilled glass of Pinot Grigio and parted her legs ever so slightly so she could feel the breeze brush along her inner thighs and pubic hairs. She never wore panties on her afternoons to herself. As the wine began to take effect, she could feel herself getting aroused and found herself daydreaming about the last time she was “bad”. She became extremely relaxed and drifted off to sleep. She had the following dream.

She dreamt that Steve was away on a business trip and left his black 2006 sporty Saab for her to enjoy. Her mother volunteered to watch her girls so that she could have time to herself. She dropped the girls off, and on the way home, she began to feel the intense rush that came with driving the Saab. Throwing caution to the wind, she decided to drive to Venice Beach. She loved it by the ocean and loved to watch canlı kaçak iddaa and daydream about the variety of free spirits that roamed the beach and boardwalk. She fantasized about a lesbian experience with one of the many very beautiful women that roamed the beach.

She also fantasized about the men, but it made her feel guilty and ashamed. On the way to Venice Beach, she could feel the vibrations of the car getting her excited. The Saab was very powerful, impeccably tuned and extremely responsive. Her husband once told her that when he test drove the car, it felt like the perfect “tight little pussy”. She never forgot that image, and was frustrated that she apparently was not alluring enough to be his perfect little genital.

By the time she arrived at the beach, she was flush and panting with desire. As she drove down the freeway, her mind drifted to thoughts of how much she wanted to be taken by her husband. She longed for the days when she excited him and he was not hung up on her new role as mother to his children. She wanted to be penetrated in the worse way, but was not about to pick up some muscle head on the beach. Her guilt, pride and self respect did not allow for that kind of behavior. She sat in the parking lot overlooking the beach and watched the sun set.

She could not believe the intensity of her desire. By the time the sun dropped below the horizon, she was simply out of control from the heat emanating from her genitals. As she lifted her dress to see what was going on down there, she was shocked to see that her labia had become swollen to an insane proportion and her clitoris was fully erect, throbbing and looked to her like a miniature version of Steve’s cock. She worried that her nectar was going to stain his precious leather seats.

With no one around except for the occasional inline skater gliding by, she decided to take matters into her own hands. She began rubbing her smallish breasts, pinching her nipples while squeezing her legs together. She wanted to recline the seat, put her legs up on the dash, and fist herself silly, but was afraid that such activity in the car would leave her too exposed and vulnerable to people passing by.

She never told her husband about how much she enjoyed canlı kaçak bahis putting large objects in her vagina and anus. Typically, it was her own hand, which she could take past her knuckles. At times, it was wine bottles, her husbands golf club, various fruits and vegetables, and on one occasion, she went to class with a butt plug she received as a gag gift from the girls in her class. While in class, she felt the waves of pleasure as she squeezed her sphincter and rocked in her seat.

She decided that there was only one thing that would work in the Saab tonight. She left one leg on the drivers side, and lifted her other leg so that it rested on the passenger side. She was now straddling the stick shift and began rubbing it along her now slippery pussy. Her engorged lips enveloped the handle and seemed to suction it inside of her. She thought about how many times his hands were on that gear shift and how she wished that it was his hand or penis penetrating her. Although bored with sexual activity with her husband, she nonetheless imagined being on her back, grabbing her ankles to spread her legs, and having her husband pound the shit out of her. Although the experience was usually way too brief for her desires, it was nonetheless intense while it lasted. She never talked dirty to her husband, but while imagining him ravaging her pussy with big cock, and actually sliding the gear shift around her wet pussy, she whispered, “Oh Steve, fuck me like the dirty whore that I am!”.

With that, she lost all control, took a deep breath, and slid down to take the entire gear shift into her. She winced in pain, but refused to lift herself off the gearshift. While grinding her pelvis she rubbed her erect little jewel to orgasm.

Suddenly, she heard the car door slam, and the squeals of her girls filled with excitement from their day with Steve shook her back to reality. She shook the cobwebs from her head, and was embarrassed to find that she had fallen asleep with her hand between her legs. She adjusted her sundress and was excited to welcome the girls back. At the same time, she refused to rinse her fingers. She surmised that as she daydreamed and was half conscious, she must have been masturbating until she drifted off.

She kissed Steve on the lips and dared not let him touch her right hand. She claimed to have to go to the bathroom to tinkle and while there, she ached so bad that she lubricated her ass with lotion, squatted over the plunger and fucked herself until she climaxed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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