Burning Up My World

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Catching my man cheating on me tore me up. I am not a jealous woman. Still, it festered in me, I tried and tried to let go. It bubbled up into every segment of my being.

She is half my age. Her breasts are larger, and still firm from lack of time. There are no wrinkles, no gray to struggle against.

In my bed.

Anyplace on the planet but in my bed. That affected me even more.

I had it all removed, the bed, the carpets, the vanity, everything.

That didn’t work.

I dressed as close to naked as I could dress in public, Jon came to me, his eyes showed interest, his eyes showed heat.

He didn’t come home to me that night, I ended up with the driver. That was fine, Nathan is a huge African Man, sweet as pie, I like him.

I wanted Jon.

Jon finally came home, very late. We almost didn’t speak, his lips brushed mine the next morning, then he was gone. All of the things at his job running the casino.

Alone again. It is hard for me to be alone.

I got up and dressed, I decided to go for a drive.

I put on a nice soft blouse, a pair of matching slacks, grabbed my purse. I hit the button to open the garage, the red z06 Corvette sat there waiting.

I hit the button on the keypad, nothing. Confused, I hit it again. Nothing. I used the key to open the door, the seat didn’t respond, the car was dead.

I was frustrated, not knowing what to do. I finally called a shop that advertised that they worked on Corvettes.

It was two hours before a serviceman arrived. I looked at him, he seemed to be about 12 years old..

“God”, I thought. The young man looked me up and down and smiled, I knew he could see my nipples through the soft material.

“Battery is dead, Ma’m”, he said.

I thought about that, less than 6000 miles on that car. I questioned that.

“Lots of electronics, and a Gel type battery.” He said.

“Oh”, I responded, pretending to know what the hell he was talking about.

“Can you fix that?”

“Yes, just a recharge, then be sure to start and run it every few days”.

I went back inside the house. It wasn’t 15 minutes before I heard the Corvette start.

$90 later, he left, I climbed in. No idea why or where, just going.

I drove out to the freeway, past the airport, on out into the desert. Traffic got lighter, I rolled down the windows in the spring heat, let the wind whip me as I picked up the speed.

I have no idea how fast I was driving, my mind was in a whirl. It was too fast apparently, I saw the lights behind me.

I pulled over to the side, and was digging in my purse when the Officer came up to the window.

“Good Day, Miss.” He said with a smile. I looked up, it was Tom, the same man who had stopped Jon and I a few weeks before.

“Hello. Was I going too fast?” I asked as I finally found my license.

“Any faster and I would have had to call for a chopper…Lee.”, hesitating as he read my name on the license.

“Please wait right here.” He went back to the cruiser. I sighed, disgusted with myself.

Tom was back in just a few minutes, he handed me some papers.

“Sorry but I have to cite you, Lee. I made it less but you just have to be more…careful.” His almanbahis adresi voice trailed off oddly.

It hit me that from his vantage point he could see inside my blouse. He stood there for a moment as I actually blushed, then walked back to his car.

I looked at the citation, 88 mph. I knew I was more likely well over 100. I reached for the key to start the car just as the big cruiser pulled out and headed down the highway.


I tried several times, nothing. I reached for my purse, realizing as I did that my cell phone was sitting on the counter at home.

I tripped the huge hood, and stepped out, the blast of the spring desert heat like a furnace.

I saw nothing wrong, everything looked brand new. The car would heat up fast in the desert sun, so I glanced up and down the road, no one.

I had seen no one for several minutes, and I wasn’t even sure of where I was. I had driven for nearly an hour, and fast. The memory of slowing for a collection of buildings a few miles back came to me, I decided to head that way. I had no idea at all what was ahead.

A car went by, fast, about a mile down the road. Waving, trying to flag it down, it didn’t stop. I realized I was thirsty, then remembered the bottle of water sitting on the seat back at the car.

“Not doing well.” I thought to myself. I thought of going back, just then a car was coming.

It went past, the brake lights came on. It backed up. Two men were in the front seat of the older Chevy.

“Trouble, Lady?” The driver asked.

“Yes, my car stopped.”

“Well, hop in, we will drive you to the gas station.”

I went around, the man on the passenger side opened the back door for me. I got in, the floorboards of the car were covered in trash.

The driver took off, the man on the passenger side turned and leered at me. I was suddenly nervous.

“Can we just go jumpstart my car?” I asked.

“No, let’s go this way.”

I sat quiet, nervous.

“Nice outfit, lady.” The man on the passenger side said.

I didn’t answer.

“Yea, see through!” the driver laughed.

“Yea, pull them little things out, bitch!” the other man snarled. I knew I was in real trouble now.

I felt some bumps from a rough road, realized we had turned off the highway. I looked around for something I could use as a weapon, nothing but trash.

The car came to a stop. I opened the door and ran, I didn’t get very far before I felt hands grabbing at me. I struggled, too strong.

I smelled the breath, stale alcohol, he had me in a bear hug, the stink of his breath right in my face.

Then I was down in the dirt, they were on top of me. I was trying to fight, to no avail. I felt my blouse tearing, hands on me. I heard a voice screaming, realized it was mine.

Then the weight was off me, and a voice was yelling. It was Tom, pistol in hand. One of the men was unconscious, the other with his hands up. He handcuffed both men, put them in the back of the cruiser as I sat there and sobbed.

Tom placed a blanket over my torn garments, got some cool water and washed my face. He was on his radio, soon a van arrived and took the men away.

“I saw your car with the almanbahis adresi hood up when I came back by.”

“How did you find me?” I stammered.

“I knew you had to be this direction, since I only saw one car. I leaned on it and saw the dust where they pulled off.”

Tom drove me back to the Corvette, jump started it. “Are you all right to drive?”


“I will follow you home.”

We pulled into my yard about 45 minutes later, I parked the Corvette in the garage.

“Can you come in, Tom?”

“Yes, I am off duty now.”

Tom followed me into the house. “There is some cold juice in the fridge, help yourself.”

I was holding the remains of my blouse together. I went into the bathroom and quickly washed up, slipping on a fresh blouse and some slacks.

Tom was sitting at the counter when I came out. I reached for the glass of punch he had poured for me.

“Thank you, Tom.”

“Just my job. Oh give me that ticket.”

I handed it to him, he wrote something on it, then wrote some more in his notebook.

“All handled.” he said with a grin.

Feeling much better now, Tom and I talked for a long time. He explained that I would need to testify against the two men. I told him that I would. They had found drugs, guns in the trunk. He asked me for the blouse I had been wearing, I retrieved it and he put it in a plastic bag.

He asked me if I would be all right, I told him I was fine. Then he excused himself and left. I sat for a long time thinking. Tom is a fine looking man, younger than me but not much.

Jon came home early that evening, apparently Tom had called and explained. He was concerned of course. He made no effort to touch me, make love to me.

I explained about the car, he told me he would have someone take care of it.

My life returned to normal.

It was at least a week before I saw Tom again, he was at the station as some lawyers asked me questions, I answered as best I could.

Then they had me look at some men in a lineup, they all looked the same to me. No matter, they were caught cold, they said.

They both pled guilty so I didn’t have to testify. I was upset when I saw the one charge was assault, not attempted rape.

“The system.” Tom told me. “The drugs and weapons charges give them a long time to think about it.”

Then he surprised me. “Lunch?”

“Sure!” I answered, delighted.

Tom was easy to talk to, we visited for hours talking about everything under the sun. I basked a bit realizing he looked at me with interest.

His eyes seemed to take me in, leaving me with a nice warm glow.

The conversation finally became more intimate.

“When I saw you in the car you looked so good!” He said. “At first I thought you were doing it deliberately to get out of a ticket.”

“Then I saw that it was just the way you are.”

“You mean when I was sitting there with my little titties hanging out?” I said with a giggle.

Tom gulped at that, I gave him my best wicked expression. We sat and looked at each other for several seconds.

“Would you like to drive me home?” I asked.

“I would like nothing better.”

“Let’s go, then.”

We almanbahis adresi were in the car headed for my house, Tom was driving a little fast.

“Go slower, Tom, I like things slow.”

I swear, he turned pink. We pulled up to the front of my house, went inside.

I turned as he walked through the door, slipped into his arms.

“Strip me!” I told him. His hands began to trip the buttons on my blouse, then pressed the material aside. He cupped my bare breasts, leaned forwards and nuzzled me.

Little tingles poured through me, wonderful. I reached down and let my hand press against his crotch. Nice, not huge, already hard. I tripped his belt, feeling them shift to one side from the weight of his firearm.

He caught it before it hit the floor, stepped out of his trousers. I stood naked to the waist, waiting. The bulge in the front of the briefs he wore was obvious.

I took his hand, started towards the couch, changed my mind. I turned and led him into my bedroom.

“Strip me!” I said again. We lay back, his hands slid first one side, then the other down my hips. I wore nothing underneath. I smiled as he leaned out to look at me, his eyes locked on the wisp of pubic hair between my legs.

He slid my leg out of the slacks, first one, then the other, never taking his eyes off my glistening pussy. I slowly opened my legs to let him look, he obviously enjoyed that. I enjoyed that.

Then he stood, slid his briefs down. I watched as the tip of his cock, rigid, caught in the waistband, then sprang free. Tom wasn’t huge, about 7″, just right. I reached out and grasped him with my hands, letting my fingers stroke all the way from his testicles to the circumcised tip.

I felt him actually throb, and jerk in my hands. I leaned forward, slowly, let my lips slide over him. His eyes closed, mouth came open.

I worked him for a few moments, then leaned back. “Taste me!” I told him. Tom looked at me oddly, then leaned in, pressing his lips against me.

I noticed quickly that he had no experience in this, so I began to direct. I commanded him to lick, tease, brush me. He got the hang of it, I felt my body begin to peak.

Then I rolled to where I could reach him, we lay kissing and nuzzling in a 69 position for several minutes. I felt him begin to throb, he came in my mouth. That set me off, my legs clamped around his head as my body lurched.

We lay like that for a few minutes. Then we turned, Tom cradled me in his arms. “I never…” his voice trailed off.

“I know.”

We cuddled and laughed. I reached down for him, hoping. In just a few carresses I was rewarded.

Tom lay me back, pressing my knees apart as he slid up into position. I felt the fingers of his right hand reach down, find my opening. He spread me with his fingers, placed his cock against me, and pushed.

He slid in all the way with ease, I felt the muscles of my body contract to grip his size. I used my muscles to clamp down firmly, he groaned at that.

Then we were fucking, oh how I wanted to fuck this man! I lifted him off the bed with each thrust, struggling to meet him. In seconds I had orgasmed, I simply built to another, then another.

I felt him strain, then he was filling me. I let the final waves of pleasure roll over me, then his weight was pressing me as he collapsed against my breasts.

We lay like that, then I heard something. I pressed Tom back, he heard it too.

Jon’s voice called out, “Lee, are you here?”



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