Burning Desires

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I want to sit you on the bed and slowly undress you, savouring each part of your naked body. Kissing you softly on your neck, teasing your ear with my moist tongue. Moving gently down your chest, leaving long lingering kisses all the way down to your navel, your body tingling with anticipation. I softly stroke your inner thighs, my hair running along your chest, I tell you how much I want you…. how much I want to feel you inside me. You cant wait any longer.

You begin to undress me, undoing each button frantically to reveal my lacy black bra. You kiss my neck and I can feel how much you desire me. You have undone my bra to reveal my soft naked breasts and you reach your hands round to cup them softly, my nipples feel hard beneath your fingertips and you squeeze my breasts firmly. You whisper in my ear how much you want me…

You slowly peel off my skirt, and feel the softness of my thong between your fingers, I am getting so hot and moist, I tell you I want you to taste me. You lie back slowly on the bed and I sit astride you stroking your chest and feeling your hard cock throbbing between my legs, I want you so so much. I give you a long lingering kiss before I begin to explore your body with my lips, leaving each part of you sizzling with each kiss…

I move towards your navel, gently brushing your naked body with my heaving breasts, I get lower with each kiss until I can feel the hardness of your cock pushing against my chest. I slip you between them and slowly start to lick casino siteleri the end of your cock, savouring the taste of you…. Now I have the end of your cock in my mouth, you can feel it so hot and moist and I begin to suck, slowly moving my tongue in rhythm as you push my head further down, making me take all of you in my mouth… You reach down and squeeze my breasts, enveloping your throbbing cock between them telling me how much you want to make love to me. I now begin to tease your balls with my fingers, your whole body is writhing in ecstasy as I slide my tongue up and down your hard cock. I can feel your body tightening as you begin to cum, I put your cock in my mouth and suck you, feeling it pulsate as you orgasm, I can taste you as you explode in my mouth, your moaning really turns me on… I love how you taste and I swallow all of your cum, some of it running onto my breasts, and you watch as I rub it over my nipples..

You then lay me on the bed and begin to kiss my breasts, I can feel your tongue licking my nipples and I moan in pleasure as your hot breath covers them… Your gentle hands explore my body making me tremble with excitement. You move your hand down my stomach, stopping when your reach my thong, I long to feel you touching me, feeling me inside. You slowly take off my thong and gaze longingly as I lie naked before you, desiring you. You reach between my thighs feeling how hot I am, your fingers brush over my clitoris and I moan in pleasure as you caress the lips of my slot oyna pussy. I can feel your fingers sliding over them, I want to feel them inside me. I am so wet now and my whole body aches for your touch. I feel one of your fingers slipping inside me, I arch my back with pleasure as I move in rhythm with you, you slide another finger deep inside my hot wet pussy. I can feel the orgasm building in my body, you move your fingers faster and deeper inside me, the pleasure in my eyes telling you that I am going to cum. You can feel my pussy tightening as I begin to orgasm, I moan out loud as this tremendous wave of pleasure takes over my body… Slowly you remove your fingers from inside me, you put them to your mouth and taste me on them, telling me how good I taste, you move down on the bed until your head is between my thighs, I can feel you breathing heavily. You move your hands and place them below my hips, pulling me up until I feel your lips on my clitoris, your tongue gently licking me. You move one hand over my stomach, reaching my breasts and squeezing my nipples, I know I am going to come again. Your tongue is moving faster over my clitoris and the pleasure begins to fill my body again, I come more quickly this time and you can feel my juices running down your tongue…

You move your body until you are on top of me, you kiss me so passionately and I can still taste myself on your lips. I can feel your cock throbbing again between my thighs, I want so much to feel you inside me. You slide your canlı casino siteleri cock over my clitoris and between my lips, I raise myself up and suddenly you thrust inside me, I moan in surprise as I feel your cock so deep inside my pussy, you are telling me how good it feels and how you have longed for this moment… Our bodies are finally intertwined in an extreme flow of passion. You thrust gently at first, moaning with each movement as my tight pussy envelopes your throbbing cock… You roll over on your back, and I sit astride you, your cock still inside me, your hands reach up and caress my breasts as I start to ride you. I can feel you pushing yourself deeper inside me as we move together bringing our bodies closer. I start to move faster now, sliding up and down on your hard cock, I reach my hands down and from behind I tease your balls, feeling them so full, I want you to explode inside me. Your moaning really turns me on, I can feel the pressure building inside me again. Your hands reach round to my hips and you push me down further, forcing your cock deeper inside me, I move my hand to my breasts and caress my hard nipples. I want to come now and I want to feel you coming inside me. Our bodies move faster together, your cock sliding in and out of my pussy, we both begin to orgasm together, I can feel your hot cum inside me as my juices flow down your cock, you are pushing so deep inside me, we both moan in ecstasy as we orgasm, I have never felt anything so intense, so passionate…

I lie beside you now, still feeling your cock inside me, and hot and breathless we fall asleep in each others arms…

I wake up with the soft motion of you making love to me, gazing in my eyes you smile and my heart melts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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