Brothers , Sisters

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Linda arose from bed about four am on a Saturday morning. She stood before the mirror and examined her figure. She didn’t quite know why she was wide-awake, but still she was awake. She gazed at herself for long minutes in the mirror. Linda stood only a meager five foot two and was a bit of a hefty girl, weighing in at about 175 pounds. Her breasts were small, only b cups, and her large brown nipples stood erect and demanded attention. They were always that way, from her early teen years she had to wear a deeply padded bra to hide them. Her ass was small and very pretty. Her cheeks formed perfect semi circles and were almost totally comprised of muscle.

While her ass was almost nonexistent, her cheeks were still very sexy and very hot. She gazed downward at her shaven bush and remembered the very first time she’d shaved herself and what a feeling of liberation it had given her. She reminisced of old times and smiled at her reflection in the mirror. Linda was in a very good mood today. She always had slept in the nude. Even as a teen. She was very shy of her body. Like any other girl she had slumber parties and sleepovers at her girlfriends houses. She always remained thoughtful to remain covered and decent in her attire.

To Linda looks were everything, especially her hair. She had prodded and primped over her hair for years and now at 29, she finally accepted the fact that it wasn’t going to do a damn thing she wanted so with caution to the wind, she cut her luxurious long brown hair short, and got a curly perm and always wore a hair piece of some sort and let that be that.

While growing up she, due to poverty had been forced to share a room with her younger brother. This had bought the two of them ever so close. They didn’t fight as normal brother, sister combinations. They were always in harmony and always backed the other up in times of need. She had never paid any thought to her body or the exposure of until one day when her mother tenderly told her about the birds and the bees.

With a newfound awakening, she began to notice herself and become ashamed of her natural appearance, as did her younger brother. The two always carefully trod around the right to privacy the other needed, but Linda was always a bit over precautious when it came to showing some skin or wearing any article of clothing that revealed too much as far as she was concerned. Years later, thirteen years to be exact, her mother sadly passed away and with that passing so did a lot of Linda’s morals and beliefs. Although she was never a very religious person, nor was her mother, the basic morals and values set forth in almost every household were still in effect and to Linda that was letting someone else do the thinking for you.

So she underwent a few weeks of soul searching and finally decided that she needn’t be ashamed of what God had given her and with her mother passing at such a young age, she wished to live life for every thing it was worth.

After a few years, she began and ended a relationship with a man she’d met at a party, the two had always had their problems and there was that age difference thing, she was 24, he was 40. During the course of the relationship, she’d allowed Ed to move in with them to help with the bills and this arrangement worked flawlessly for two years and the breakup was not Ed’s fault in anyway. He much like his sister were merely innocent bystanders while he slept around on Linda.

Now less than four days into her new living arrangements, with her boyfriend gone and her brother still there, she hadn’t quite adjusted to all the changes. Her brother had his own room now and she had hers, and everything in the home was shared between the two of them. She had found that living alone in a home with just her brother was nice. He never bothered or upset her. He was always there financially when she needed it and never ever asked for anything in return from her.

She loved him so. He worked the graveyard shift at a local factory and wouldn’t be home till seven am. So Linda saw no purpose in putting on her gown, she was in need of coffee and her morning smoke. She exited her bedroom and walked down the hallway only to find her casino siteleri brother Ed wide awake on the couch looking at her as she stood there nude in all her glory.

Linda inhaled a deep breath. Her heart stopped for a second and she said “Oh my God Ed! What are you doing home so early?” Ed simply said “Didn’t feel well, left work early.” Never taking his eyes off of his older sister. Linda was 29 whereas Ed was only 25. She suddenly remembered being nude and she said, “I’m sorry Ed.” He said “What the hell for? What’d you do?” Linda said “Well duh! For one, being like this.” Ed smiled at her and said “Aw shit sis, I love ya no matter what your wearing.” Linda felt a little easier and said “So I’m just gonna go get my coffee and go back to my room and dress myself ok?” Ed said “Why? Sit out here and talk to me for a little while.”

Linda looked from the kitchen and said, “Well in case you haven’t noticed, I’m naked and you’re my brother. You shouldn’t see me like this.” Ed said “Why?” Linda said “Eddie, ’cause it’s just wrong.” Ed said, “Look sis, I love you and always will. I have to admit it’s nice to see you this way. I mean I’ve spent the better part of a decade wondering what you look like nude and well, now I know. It’s ok Sis I can handle it.” Linda felt warmth in his smile and said “Alright. You win. I wont go get dressed. Ed smiled and said, “Could I get a cup of that coffee?” Linda smiled warmly at her brother and spun around and reach into the cupboard.

While she was turned away, Ed caught a glimpse of his sister’s ass and couldn’t deny the feelings he was having at the moment. His prick was rock solid and here he stood. Linda somehow picked up on his feeling and said, “Alright mister, I’ve decided that if I’ve got to be naked, so do you!” Ed smiled warmly again at her and said “Sis I can’t do that.” Linda said “Why?” Ed replied “Well, to put it bluntly I kind of have a problem.” Linda sipped the first sip of her morning coffee and said, “What is it?” Ed said “Well, let’s just say, I’ll have my coffee here, while I’m leaning forward on the bar and let’s leave it at that ok?” He sheepishly turned his head away. Linda smiled a big wholesome smile and said, “Hard isn’t it?”

His sister knew him only too well. Ed accepted the coffee and said “Yes it is. I hope you don’t mind.” Linda rolled her eyes and said “Ed, I’m grown now, I’ve seen a hard dick before. It’s ok, really. It’s perfectly natural. Eddie felt a bit easier now with her saying that and he said “If your really sure about this sis.” Linda walked beside him and said “Stand up straight for me.” Ed stood upright his boner ran halfway down his leg. The impression through his jeans was an impressive site. Linda’s jaw dropped open and she exclaimed “Damn Eddie!” Ed smirked a bit and said, “I know you’d like to see it for real now wouldn’t you?” Linda said, “Let me sit down first.” She walked past Ed and seated herself on big cozy chair that was called “Aunt Linda’s chair by all her nieces and nephews and neighborhood kids. She said, “Ok, I’m ready.”

Ed walked over in front of the couch, some ten feet away from her. And pulled his shirt up and over his head and lay it aside. Linda interrupted him by saying, “Come over here in front of me would ya? I’d like to get a good look at that thing!” Ed stepped over directly in front of Linda. He said “Sis, if you want you can do the honors for me. Linda said, “Ed, I just want to see it. You know we shouldn’t even be thinking of this stuff between each other!” Ed laughed a bit and unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. Linda’s eyes peered hungrily at her Brothers hidden treasure. Ed first wiggled out of his jeans. Her eyes followed them down to his ankles and back up to reveal that he was a boxer type man. She could see the outline pushing against his boxers. He said, “Ok, here goes sis. Are you really sure?” Linda didn’t’ speak she simply nodded her head yes.

Ed worked the boxers down quickly and stood there sporting a thirteen inch cock that was as hard as diamonds. She didn’t speak at all, just sat there sipping her coffee. Ed looked down at her and said, “Seen enough?” Linda still didn’t’ speak. Ed turned and walked over to the couch slot oyna and sat down. The two sipped their coffees in silence for about ten minutes when Linda broke the silence and said “I’ve never seen one that big before Ed.” She regressed into staring at the wall. Ed replied, “I didn’t think that you had, I’m sorry if I shocked you.” Linda said “Shocked wasn’t quite the word I’d use Ed.” He replied, “What word would you use?”

Linda said, “I know I shouldn’t say this, but I think the word would be excited.” Linda sat there for a moment and softly began to cry. Ed hopped to his feet and was at her side in an instant. Linda said “I’m so sorry for putting you in this position bubby.” She pulled her head to his chest. He felt her tears roll down his body. He apologized for allowing himself to be tempted. She gently touched his chest hairs while weeping on him. He grabbed her hand and pulled her to her feet. She stood and he pulled her into his body and gave her a long hug. He felt her body press into his; likewise she felt his hard cock on her leg pressing for attention.

She said, “What should we do?” As she wiped the tears from her eyes, she walked away from him. He simply said “Take our time and go slow with one another.” Linda stopped and placed her hands on the bar with her back to Ed. She said “Are you suggesting what I think you are?” Ed said “Why not sis? I love you, you love me and we’ve always wound up with each other after everybody else has screwed us over. “Ed, I know!” She replied, “I have the same feelings as you do, but morally its wrong, just plain wrong!” Ed stopped her and said “What if we just acted like brother and sister to everybody else and behind closed doors sis, we could be so much more to one another.”

Linda turned to face her brother who had that sad little puppy face as she called it and instantly her heart melted. She wanted him so badly, but knew it was wrong. He after all had been on a few dates with her best friend and coworker Clarissa. Linda loved her friend, but knew she was a slut. Clarissa would do anybody. She’d even offered to take care of Linda’s needs if she ever felt up to it. Now here she was, she had set Ed up with Clarissa and she knew that the two of them had been fucking like dogs, and yes to herself she could admit it, she was jealous. She loved Dale as much as Ed, and had found herself tempted to take her up on her offers from time to time, but her fear got the best of her. For official types her name was Clarissa Dale Simmons. Everybody that knew her just called her Dale.

She was an attractive woman about 35 years old with 3 almost grown kids. Dale had sexiness about her that Linda couldn’t explain. She was just an ordinary woman with an awesome body. Dale stood 5’7 and weighed about 180 lbs. She had shoulder length blonde hair, a beautiful voluptuous ass and sexy as hell breasts. Linda had only been able to catch a glimpse of cleavage from time to time, but what she saw made her want to take her up on her offers.

Linda snapped back to reality and looked up at her brother and said “What about Dale?” Her brother lowered his head and said “Well, I guess I could break it off with her?” Linda said “No! Don’t do that just yet, see I have a slight problem that you may be able to help me with.”

“What’s that?” Was his immediate reply. Well bubby I have this thing for Dale, see before you say anything, she has came onto me countless times and I’m beginning to warm up to the idea of letting her make love to me, I just want you to help me set it up. See what I’d like to do is for you to invite her over and we’ll all start drinking and one thing will lead to another and you two will play around and You’ll suggest that she include me and we’ll go from there.” Ed smiled a big coy smile and said “Ok, sounds like fun.”

Soon both found themselves busy as bees planning for a big night. The invitation was made by ed and Linda made sure she showered, shaved and brushed her teeth and fixed her hair, a bit of makeup and a touch of perfume in the right places should do the trick. Now the only question was what to wear for the beginning of the evening.

Linda went through every article of clothing that canlı casino siteleri she owned and ultimately decided on a white bathrobe with nothing beneath it. She’s simply put it on, tie it around the waist and let that be that. Ed on the other hand simply wore a pair of boxers around the house with no shirt.

Dale arrived two hours later. Linda greeted her warmly at the door while Ed was finishing up shaving in the bathroom. Dale wore a pair of jean shorts with a low neckline shirt with spagetti straps on the shoulders. She was simply barefooted when she arrived. Linda invited her inside and closed the door behind Dale.

“So, Where’s Eddie?” Dale asked “Oh, he’s in the bathroom finishing shaving and primping. He’ll be out in a minute or two. Can I get you a drink Dale?” Dale thought for a minute or two and said “Watcha got?” Linda thumbed through the refrigerator and cabinets and said, “We’ve got white wine, red wine, Champagne, beer, tea, milk, coffee and water.” Dale smiled and said “Give me a glass of white wine please.” Linda dutifully fixed her and her friend a drink and watched carefully as Dale pulled the straps up on her shoulders and readjusted her sitting position.

Linda handed Dale her drink and said “Honey you’ve got to get comfortable. I know those jeans are killing you sitting like that.” Dale smiled and said “I see your already comfortable.” Linda smiled and replied “Yhea, I just felt like a bathrobe tonight, nothing more.” Dale’s eyes lit up as she spoke “Really?” Linda sipped her drink and lit a smoke and said “Yes, really. Are you surprised?” Dale said “Hell yes girl. I thought you were worried about Eddie seeing something that he shouldn’t.” Linda said “Well, I was, but I figure we have to live together now and sooner or later, well you know how it goes. After all he’s my brother. I know he’d never eyeball me. He’s hot for you.” Linda mock laughed as Dale said, “I dunno girl he talks about you all the time. I bet he’d go for it in a minute.” Linda nervously laughed and said “Do you know something that I don’t?” Dale said “No, but if he weren’t here right now, I’d go into details.”

Just then Ed walked into the living room wearing his boxers. He greeted dale with a warm kiss on the lips as she reach out and stroked his limp cock through his boxers. Soon the kiss turned erotic and soon Linda noticed that her brother’s cock was rock solid. Dale looked at Linda who was watching as she stroked his huge cock.

Dale could tell that Linda was getting interested and decided to have a little fun with it. Dale eased Ed a step or two aside so that Linda would have a side view of what was going on. Ed hadn’t opened his eyes since Dale had latched onto his tool. Dale expertly ran her hand up the leg of his boxers and eased his giant cock out of the leg of his boxers and continued stroking it. Dale could see the hunger in Linda’s eyes and gleefully pulled ed’s shorts down to his ankles leaving him nude before his sister and his lover. Dale made a motion to Linda who sat on the couch watching her.

It was almost like she were waving at Linda sideways with her hand, Linda thought that she wanted her to spread her legs, but didn’t know if that’s what Dale really wanted. Linda was sitting with her legs drawn up to her chest. Her long robe covered everything. Linda gently opened her legs a little, then a little more. She knew she was on the right track as Dale’s smile grew larger and larger. Linda finally untied the sash on her robe and opened it up and took it off and resumed her seating position and opened her legs fully and exposed her hairless pussy for her friend.

Dale made licking motions with her tongue towards Linda’s now exposed pussy. Linda moved her hand down towards her pussy and began smiling at Dale as she spread her tight lips apart. Dale stopped stroking Ed’s cock and lit a cigarette. Before Ed opened his eyes, Linda had replaced her robe and only pulled it shut. Ed didn’t mind, he simply walked away from Dale, cock hard as nails. He stopped in front of Linda, his huge cock pointing right at her. Dale snickered a little and she said “Go ahead girl, see how a real one feels.” Linda involuntary flushed bright red as she extended her hand and rubbed his monster cock. She only made it a stroke or two until she stopped and said, “Ok, that’s enough Eddie. I can’t take it anymore.” Dale and Ed both rolled with laughter.

To Be Continued…

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