Brothel Lover

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It had been a long dusty summer and every day another group of hopefuls came into town for one last good meal before heading out to the mines. I could read the looks on their faces as they dismounted and strutted into the saloon. Some were hunched over in desperation for a drink and some couldn’t resist flashing the sack of gold they got lucky on. Either way, they all had a glint of lust in their eyes. I knew every day would bring the hopeful or the woeful and this would only bring more business to my girls.

It was easy to spot which girl I needed to send to a particular man. The younger men who were fresh off the saddle were always mystified by a woman who carried herself with the confidence and the blasé attitude to seduce. I enjoyed watching her saunter up to him and give him the “young man, you look like you could use a lesson in love” speech and then grab his head and press it into her bosom and shake it around as the onlookers gave their approval by hooting and hollering. He of course would be pressured not only by his fellow bar mates but by his own lust growing in the crotch of his pants. He had no choice but to let her take him upstairs and make a man out of him.

Then there were the men with more experience, the ones who had been out in the mines for too long or on the open planes with nothing to think about but screwing one of my girls until he was drained senseless and couldn’t pump out anything more but a few lousy dollars to pay for her services. Those men always got the younger girls. The ladies who were fresh faced and still had the look of innocence. Some of them were even first times and I made sure to step in on the negotiations because virgins always brought in the big bucks. You could always find their kind of man with a scotch in one hand and a full house in the other. The card table was a good place for proposition as she could casually stroll by several men and they would ogle over her making a scene. Her walk was normally followed by harassment, all of them vying for her attention, some even swatting playfully at her tush. Several fights were started this way but it always ended the same. One gruff man would pay me for the pleasure of her time.

Sometimes I would stand in the hallways or at the bottom of the stairs at my place, listening to the sounds of money being made. It thrilled and excited me, not just because I was getting richer, but it was the raw sound of sex. The high pitched yelps and playful screams of the girls against the deep low grunting of the men getting off invoked thoughts in my own mind and I was always turned on by it. I never imagined that when I left the ranch behind I would end up the owner of what was then the restaurant and hotel. After a few minor changes, I was the proud owner of the most classy and successful saloon and bordello this side of the Kings River. Being a Madame opened up a side of me that I didn’t know existed. I now found that pleasure, even self pleasure, was so erotic and fulfilling. The world was a cruel place and in times like this, you had to find a way to make enough money to survive.

I got my usual few hours of sleep after a typical busy night and awoke to grumblings amongst the local folk that my man’s posse would be riding into town today. This was call for a special treatment and preparation as it had been three long months since I had my legs wrapped around him. Ethan Jones was the leader of the most feared gang of men in town. His boys would follow him into the gates of hell if he asked them to. Yes, when it came down to it, you could say they were bandits. I know deep down that Ethan’s motives are to simply rectify the wrong that has been done but not everyone sees it that way. The robbery was to retrieve what was his in the first place. The fifty heads of cattle he took was simply payment for a bet that some drunk didn’t remember making. The burned land, well, it was time for fresh crop anyway and as for the women that were raped, well, hell I don’t have an excuse for that but he can’t be responsible for all of his men’s actions. He was known as a force to be reckoned with but only I knew how to deal with him and keep him tame.

Seated in the hard chair that I kept at the second story window of the bordello, almanbahis adres I kept my eyes directed toward the horizon and imagined what I wanted to do to Ethan. I found my hands moving over my breasts, massaging them while thinking it was Ethan that was touching me. I trailed one hand lower, over my thin dressing gown and found my way to my pleasure spot. Slowly I spread my legs apart and gently rubbed the palm of my hand over my mound. I moved my fingers over my sensitive lips and spread them apart. I slowly moved my fingers in circles around my clit, knowing that I would pleasure myself in the way only I knew how. Round and round, easy pressure then firm pressure, I could feel my breath become heavy and watched my breasts rise and fall with each inhale and exhale. I slid one finger inside the warmth of my pussy and could feel my muscles grip onto it. The pressure on my clit became harder and I circled it more feverishly now. I dipped in and out of the moisture and continued to swirl around my clit. I could feel myself reaching an orgasm and my legs tensed up, stiff and firm. A gasp escaped my lips and a soft moan came out just as I peaked. As my breathing returned to normal I figured it best to get started on a home cooked meal for Ethan. A smile spread across my face.

I dressed quickly. Knee length bloomers (expected for a lady but certainly not a Madame) covered by an ankle length skirt. I wore Ethan’s favorite daisy printed, high collared, ruffled shirt and the hook and eye boots that he purchased for me at Buster Brown’s. In the kitchen I began working on a stew that I knew needed a few hours to reach its full flavor. At the same time I pulled the ingredients for an apple pie, he was a sucker for my pie. My girls were piling in the kitchen, hungry to refuel after a night of work. The chatter was sometimes annoying but I found the laughter reassuring that they were having fun. As I cooked, I listened to them tell stories about the previous nights events. Apparently one of the Mcleary brothers enjoyed his hour with Katie and Julia so much that he already made arrangements for another rendezvous tonight. Jimmy Walker got a little to risqué for Danielle that she had to swat him on the ass as a punishment and apparently he liked it so much that he paid extra for her to spank him a few times more. The girls were in fits of giggles and I had to turn to them and remind them that we had a good night and no one got hurt.

“Ms. Dixie, you know we are always careful and I do have protection should I need it.” Katie said as she pulled the derringer from out of her garter belt.

“Come hell or high water, I hope you don’t ever have to use that thing, Katie, or else we will have a mess on our hands with Sheriff Taylor. You know the law doesn’t take kindly to prostitutes.” I wasn’t sure why some of the girls laughed under the breath at my mention of Sheriff Taylor.

Katie huffed, “I know, Ms. Dixie, but after getting smacked upside the head I aim to use this before having to turn black and blue again.”

A deep voice surprised us all. “That wont happen while I am here, little Katie.”

All the girls shrieked and went crazy as they turned and looked at Ethan. He was greeted with hugs and kisses but there was only one woman that he wanted to lay his lips on.

“When did you get back, Mr. Jones?” Mabel asked cheerfully. “We are so happy to see you again, did Steven come back with you? If he did, can I see him again? Are you going to be staying a while this time?” Mabel was an incessant rambler. There were often complaints from the men that she didn’t shut up but when it came down to it, she was vocal enough when the time was right.

“Ladies, please, you are making me look soft here. I have a reputation to uphold.” Ethan said.

Enough was enough, I had to interrupt or Ethan would continue to be bombarded.

“Mable, that’s enough questions. Ladies, please disperse to your civic duties. The physician’s office needs a good cleaning and so does Mr. Jones here. Shoo!” I placed emphasis on my command to leave and the girls quickly grabbed the last of their breakfast dishes, popped them in the sink and scrambled out of the house.

I was in the midst almanbahis adres of drying my hands in the linen towel when he walked in and I continued to dry them as I waked over to him. “Welcome home, Ethan”

“Ms. Dixie, coming home to you is like finding a little piece of heaven in this place called hell.”

“Hmmmm, I like the sound of that. I have a nice meal cooking up for you now, but how about we start by cleaning you up a bit?” Before I could finish my sentence, he pressed his body against mine and delved deep into my mouth with a kiss that I would sell my soul to the devil for.

“A bath sounds nice, Ms. Dixie, lead the way.” I took him by the hand and led him to the bath house. I knew that he was going to need cleaning up so I was prepared. “I hope you don’t mind, but I took the liberty of warming the water ahead of time because I knew you were going to be filthy.”

He laughed, it was a deep, soulful laugh that frightened others but gave me gooseflesh.

I stood on the tips of my toes and reached up to take off his chocolate brown Stetson. I ran my hands over his stubbly head. It was unusual for a man today to keep a shaved head. I started unbuttoning his shirt; his chest had just a sprinkling of hair and his arms were strong and defined. For a moment, I just stood there looking at him. Yet, I couldn’t resist touching him.

“Ms. Dixie…” he spoke my name quietly and I could not only hear the lust in his voice I could feel it between our bodies. I knew he wanted me to touch him, but I just had to undress him. That was my ritual, what made it erotic for me. His shirt fell to the floor and I circled around him, running my hand from his chest and around his sides then up and down his back. From behind him, I kissed his back. It was salty from his sweat and I found myself biting into his flesh playfully. My hands circled around to the front of his pants and I unbuckled his dusty chaps. The made a dull thud sound as they hit the ground.

“Sit down, Ethan. I need to take your boots off,” I said as I guided him to the stool beside the copper tub. He stretched his long legs out and I straddled them backwards. I leaned forward to grip the sides of his boots and I knew he was staring at my tush.

I felt the sides of my dress being pulled up and his long fingers were trying to get under the lacy bloomers I had on. “Ms. Dixie, I do believe you are wearing the undergarments of a lady, now why would you wear something you know damn well is going to come off?”

“Not yet, Ethan, just wait.” I said

His boots came off and he quickly stood up. I felt myself being pushed against the wall, his manhood hard against me. His kissed my lips, trailed to my jaw line and then he tried getting to my neck. “These damn ruffles are in the way.” I felt his hands reach up to my chest and suddenly the cool air was against my skin. He had ripped off another one of my good shirts. Damn him!

Before I knew it Ethan had my hair loose from its neat bun atop my head and had his hand tangled in the long brown locks. “Well, Ms. Dixie, what a surprise. I do believe these tits belong to me and I don’t want them restrained in this corset for another minute.” I felt the blade of his knife against my flesh. He trailed the sharp edge from my neck down between my bosoms. The cold metal combined with the thrill of danger turned me on, I could already feel wetness seeping between my legs and I knew I could trust him. The movement was quick, his blade cut straight through the strings holding the bodice together. My breasts were now fully exposed from the release. Ethan grabbed at me like an animal. He was hungry for me and it showed. His mouth was upon my nipple and I longed for him to bite me. When he did I breathed deeply and took it all in. Fuck, he was a turn on.

When he pulled away I smacked him across the face. “What the hell was that for?” he asked.

“That’s for ruining another one of my outfits. You better replace it, Ethan Jones.”

“You know I will, Dixie.” He smiled. Underneath the stubble of days without a clean shave and the long handlebar moustache, it was there, that handsome smile.

I reached down and slowly took his pants off. As almanbahis adresi I positioned myself on my knees to help him step out of his pants, his hard cock was already in my face. How could I resist? I wrapped my hands around him and stroked him. I could see in his eyes that he wanted me to suck him but I wouldn’t.

I pushed him towards the tub and he got in. I took my place on the stool and found the sponge that I needed to wash him down with. I started with his chest and rubbed vigorously. He leaned forward and I had to stand up to get to his back. Before I walked around to the backside, he grabbed my tits and I felt his mouth close down on one of them. He suckled at my breast just long enough to make me think about putting an end to the bath. There I was, in my skirt and boots, sponge in hand, I had to keep focused on the task and not the lust that was pushing me to the edge. When I finished washing him from head to toe I took extra care in using the straight blade against his scalp. He trusted me and I knew he enjoyed this ritual. He stood naked before me and I blushed.

“Dixie, now’s not the time to get shy with me.”

“I know, Ethan, it’s just been a while and I missed you so.”

“Take off your boots, Dixie.” His command was firm and I placed my foot up on the edge of the tub and undid the hooks. Ethan sat on the stool before me and slipped off my skirt. I stood in my stockings and bloomers, all white lacy and he just shook his head.

“Dixie, you fill my thoughts every night when I lay beneath the stars and think about being home.” His hands slid off the rest of my clothing and I was totally naked, just as he was.

He guided me down to him and I hovered just over him. He could feel the heat and moisture against his flesh. He was already stiff and ready to enter me; I gently slid over him and felt his big cock fill my pussy.

“Oh yes, that feels so good.” Ethan moaned. I couldn’t speak, he felt huge and I knew that I was very tight. I might be the Madame of the Bordello but I did not work the rooms like some would expect. My body was for one man and one many only, Ethan. His hips rocked back and forth as I rode him. Dozens of kisses were placed on my neck and he laid his head between my breasts as his arms were wrapped tightly around my body, helping me not to fall. He felt so close, and we felt like one. I could feel myself climaxing as this position rubbed right against my clit. I knew he would let me come first and that made it very sweet. My body tensed up again, my muscles gripping his cock hard and I was lost in his eyes as I crested. He just sat there for a moment, not moving. “Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yes, of course Ethan. Are you ready?” I asked

“Hmm, sure, what do you have in mind?”

I stood up and turned my back to him. I bent over at the hips, reaching for the wall as support. I knew he wanted to take me from behind and he loved fucking me while standing up. I felt his cock move over my ass and straight into my pussy. I gasped as he felt even deeper in this position. He groaned at the same time. His movements were quick and fast. He wanted it hard and furious.

“Ethan, baby, you fuck so good.” I said as I felt my nails digging into the wood boards of the walls.

“Oh yes, Dixie, I love fucking you, your pussy feels so tight and I am going to come so hard for you.”

Hearing him say that made me want to explode. His groaning was getting loud and it turned me on so much. I could feel my own yelps getting more frequent. Then I felt the palm of his hand on my lower back and his thumb slowly pressing into my ass. A scream escaped my lips as the pressure was so deliciously good. I felt him slide his finger into my ass even more and I was quick to orgasm again.

“Ah, yes baby, that’s it. Grip my cock with your pussy. Make me come like that.” I milked him with my muscles and I could feel him shudder and release into me. His finishing groans came out slowly; he was lying lifelessly on my back, heavy like a sack of grain.

“Ethan, don’t go out on the range for that long anymore.” I whispered.

“Nah, I think I will stay home for a while now, if that’s okay with you?”

“Yes, of course. Now get off me so I can get your dinner served proper.” I tried not to show my emotions, I was elated inside but couldn’t show that.

“Yes, Ms. Dixie, I am hungry. You really shouldn’t walk around naked; people will think this is a whore house or something.” He laughed and so did I.

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