Brian , Jenny

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Brian pushed the door to Jenny’s bedroom open and stood, just watching, as the light from the window played across his daughter’s face. The light sheet had slid down from her breasts and he could see the dusky pink circle surrounding the base of her nipple. Slowly, her eyes still closed, Jenny stretched, pushing the sheets further down and gradually revealing more of her creamy skin. Brian could feel the breath catch in his chest, as the sheet slid over her hips and he could glimpse the fringe of golden curls that covered the mound of her pussy.

Silently, barely daring to breathe, Brian stepped forward and gently rested the carefully wrapped box on her pillow. The label had taken almost as long to write as it had taken him to wrap the gift. Eventually, he had settled on the simplest of messages. “To Jen, Happy 21st birthday. All my love, Dad.” Inside, were the keys to her new car.

The box touched her pillow with the tiniest of rattles and Jenny’s eyes flipped open. The smile that had bowed her lips, as she slept, broadened.

“Did you like that, Daddy?” Jenny asked

“Like what sweetheart?” he responded

“Looking at me with no clothes on.”

Brian just looked downwards and Jenny followed the direction of his gaze with her eyes. He had not meant to draw her attention to his swollen cock, where it pressed against the material of his pants, but he had not been able to look his daughter in her beautiful eyes and admit that he had been filled with a lust to possess her. Jenny looked and breathed deeply, almost sighing as she reached out to place her cool fingers against the bulge.

“Oh Daddy, you did like what you saw.”

“I’m sorry honey, I should have waited until you got up, but I wanted you to find your present as soon as you woke up. Then you were so beautiful, I just couldn’t help it.”

“Daddy, that’s all right. I knew you were looking at me. I wanted you to.”

Jenny sat up and flung her arms around Brian kissing him on his lips. Brian opened his mouth to protest, to tell her to stop, or was it just to groan? He would never know because she thrust her tongue deep into his mouth and pulled him more tightly against her. He could feel the heat flare in his cock and balls and the burning in his belly as her kiss sparked his need for her. He imagined her pretty mouth embracing his cock and he groaned again.

“Daddy, do you think I’m pretty?” Jenny asked in a quiet whisper at his ear.

“Darling you are beautiful, you’ve always been beautiful.” Brian replied as quietly as she asked.

“But as a girl, a woman, not your daughter.”

“As a woman, you are beautiful, not only as my daughter.”

“Daddy would you do something for me?”

“Anything you want.”

“Daddy, I want you to fuck me.”

“But Jen, I’m your Daddy, I can’t do that.”

“You said anything. You said I was beautiful.” Her hand stroked the bulge of his cock, “You want to.”

Brian swallowed and nodded, his face a turmoil of need and shame. Jenny reached up and began to unfasten the buttons on his shirt, kissing him deeply as her hands slid over his bare skin. Her fingertips brushed against the hard points of his nipples and she giggled into his mouth. She pressed herself against him as she tugged the shirt out of the waist of his pants, her taut breasts firm against him and the nipples prickled by the hair on his chest. She rested her fingers on the buttons casino siteleri holding his trousers closed and then began to work them undone. His white cotton briefs were tented by his hard erection and he could not help groaning in pleasure as she eased his pants down. His briefs went next, Jenny easing the soft cotton over the head of his cock, and leaving him as naked as she was.

“Daddy, ” She whispered, as her hands slid back and forth over the heat of his cock, “What should I do next?”

“What do you mean?”

“I’ve never been this far before daddy.”

“You need to be wet ad my cock needs to be slippery.”

Brian pressed her back onto the bed and began to kiss the smooth skin of her breasts, his mouth edging closer and closer to her nipple. His fingers traced slow, lazy circles on the inside of her thighs, reaching higher and higher, until he could run the tips of his fingers along the tender lips of her pussy. Jenny trembled as his fingers slowly opened her pussy and slipped inside her. She could feel him gently stretching her pussy and moving his fingers higher, until they circled the base of her hardening clit. Slowly his fingers slid along the tiny shaft, stroking her sensitive nub. Jenny could feel a growing tingle between her thighs, deep in her belly. Suddenly she felt her entire body arch, and she thrust herself against Brian’s fingers, her pussy gushing over his hand.

“Now you’re nice and wet, darling” Brian told her, “You need to wet my cock so it will slide into you easily.”

Brian’s hand rested on her head and he pushed Jenny lower on his body, until her mouth was almost touching the end of his cock, glistening with a pearly drop of his pre-cum. Jenny opened her mouth and tentatively licked at the swollen head, tasting the musky saltiness of his juices. Brian’s hand was still on the back of her head and he pressed her closer to him, so that she had to open her mouth wider and slide his cock over her tongue into her warm mouth. Instinctively, she closed her lips and swirled her tongue over the heat of his shaft, as he filled her mouth. Jenny bobbed her head back and forth along his the length of his cock, sliding him to the back of her throat. She had not told him, but she had watched his videos and imagined copying the actresses with her Daddy’s cock in her mouth.

Brian released his hold on her head and Jenny slowly drew back, letting the head of his cock slip out of her mouth with a soft ‘plop’. Brian pushed her gently onto her back and eased his knee between her thighs, spreading them slowly. Jenny looked up at him, her eyes holding a mixture of longing and trust. She gasped as she felt the head of his cock brush against the damp lips of her pussy and then moaned as he took hold of the base of his cock and guided the tip so that it nuzzled inside her opening. Slowly he leaned forward, sliding the head of his cock past the lips of Jenny’s pussy. Jenny caught her breath in her chest as she felt his cock stretching her tight pussy.

“Are you ok sweetie?” Brian asked her

“Yes Daddy, it’s just that you’re so big. ” Jenny whispered into his ear

“Do you want me to stop?”

“No Daddy, I want you to carry on until you’re fucking me. I want you to fuck me properly.”

Brian pressed deeper and felt the resistance of her maidenhead. He eased his hips back a little and kissed Jenny’s lips. As her mouth opened and she sucked his tongue eagerly slot oyna inside, Brian slid his hands down onto the cheeks of her bottom, gripping her tightly as he thrust hard, tearing her and pinning her to the bed.

“Aaah. ” Jenny whimpered, as she felt his cock tearing her open.

Brian stayed perfectly still inside her, letting the burning of her pussy be cooled by the thin trickle of blood from her ruptured hymen. Then he slowly began to move inside her, long slow strokes that stretched her gently as he pushed deeper into her pussy. she could feel a hot trickle of liquid seeping between the cheeks of her ass as Brian lifted her thighs, pushing them further back and apart, so that he could drive his cock deep into her. The rhythm and power of his thrusts built until he was pounding his cock into her tight wetness, filling her and making her whole body respond to his loving.

Jenny arched as her muscles locked, gripping his cock with her pussy. Brian could feel her gripping his cock, the ripple in her muscles milking him gently. He leaned forward and kissed her mouth, forcing his tongue between her teeth and pressing the root of his cock into her dripping pussy. He moved his mouth lower, until he could close his lips around the hard point of her nipple and suck on her sweet breasts.

“Daddy, I can feel your cock in my cunt.” Jenny gasped as she felt his deepest thrust, “Is this how you fuck Mommy?”

“I can feel your tight little cunt, darling.” Brian answered, “And this is one way I fuck Mommy.”

“How else do you fuck her Daddy?”

“In her mouth, sometimes she sucks my cock until I shoot down her throat and over her face and sometimes in her ass.”

“In her ass? Do you mean right in her poop hole?”

“Yes right inside her back door.”

“Oh Daddy, would you like to fuck my back door too?”

“I don’t think you’re ready for that yet darling.”

“Please Daddy, Please.”

“It will hurt because your ass is so tight and tiny.”

“I don’t care Daddy, I want to do you just like Mommy.”

Brian leaned back and slowly slid his cock out of Jenny’s pussy. the shaft glistened with their juices and was smeared with bright red blood where he had broken her hymen. Jenny looked down as his cock came into view between her thighs and giggled as she saw the bright crimson streaks on his shaft and felt the gush of blood and pussy juice as she stained the sheets beneath her ass. Brian turned her gently onto her belly, sliding a pillow beneath her hips. Then he reached into the drawer of her bedside table and picked out a bottle of body moisturiser. Flipping the top open, he poured a thin stream of creamy liquid along the cleft of her tightly rounded ass. Slowly he smoothed the lotion into her skin, pausing to circle his fingertip around her asshole. Jenny groaned softly and wriggled , lifting herself so that Brian could caress her more easily. The lotion around her asshole became pink where the blood that had trickled out of her pussy mingled with the slippery fluid. Brian paused with his fingertip resting in the centre of Jenny’s asshole and then pushed slowly, easing his finger into the dark opening.

“Oooh Daddy, ” Jenny moaned, “I feel so dirty with your finger in my ass.”

Brian smiled to himself and concentrated on working his finger in and out of his daughter’s virgin asshole. Gradually he dipped his finger deeper and deeper into the tight opening, stretching canlı casino siteleri the tight ring until his finger was sliding easily in and out. Jenny was pushing back against his finger as Brian slowly pushed it as deep as he could, twisting it as he did so. He pulled his hand back until only the very tip of his finger was keeping her asshole open and then pressed forward, with two fingers this time. Jenny grunted and her eyes widened into startled ‘os’ as she felt Brian’s fingers stretching her. The muscles in her anus squeezed tightly against his fingers as he forced them into her, opening her against the resistance of her body.

Jenny hissed as the friction of Brian’s fingers made her ass burn but she did not ask him to stop, or even be gentle. He had warned her that it would hurt and she was prepared for the discomfort but that did not stop her eyes watering as Brian worked his finger inside her ass, opening her up and making sure that she was ready for his cock.

Brian took the bottle of lotion and poured a generous dollop onto the head of his cock, smoothing it over the skin until it was slick and slippery.

“Put your hands on your ass and pull your cheeks apart.” Brian ordered her

Jenny reached back and dug her long slim fingers into the flesh of her cheeks, pulling them apart and displaying her tender asshole. Brian nudged the tip of his cock against the opening and listened as Jenny groaned softly. Slowly he pressed harder, watching the bulbous head of his cock stretching her asshole as it slid inside. Jenny could feel his cock invading her back passage, stretching her painfully. She tried to push his cock out but bearing down just opened her ring and allowed the head of his cock to press deeper into her ass. The ridge of his cock was almost inside her now and she was panting and grunting like a bitch on heat . Brian jerked his hips forward, ramming his cock head past the tight ring of her anus. Jenny screamed softly into the pillow as her Daddy’s cock entered her back passage, feeling as though he was about to tear her open.

Brian pressed slowly but relentlessly, forcing his thick cock into her ass. It seemed to take forever, but at last his heavy balls were pressed into her ass cheeks and her ass was filled with his cock. Jenny sniffled loudly and wiped the tears of pain from her cheeks. Then Brian began to rock her back and forth, moving her along the hard shaft of his cock. Jenny whimpered as the movement started a fresh burning in her ass and then moaned softly as the burning became a deep warmth, filling her. Brian reached around her and teased her pussy open so that he could caress her clit. A single touch on the hard button and she shrieked as her pussy flooded and she lunged back onto his cock.

Jenny’s whole body shuddered as though she had been electrified. She felt faint as the waves of her orgasm ripped through her and she sobbed uncontrollably. Having his daughter cumming as he speared her ass with his cock pushed Brian over the edge and he began to spurt thick ropes of cum into her tight ass. The force of his cock pushed the thick goo out of her ass to splash on her thighs and drip down onto the pillow and sheets, adding to the stains that she had already left there.

Brian slowly eased back and lay beside Jenny, taking her into his arms and kissing her tear-stained cheeks.

“Th-th-thank you Daddy, “Jenny whispered, “I’ve always wanted you, ever since I was a teenager. “

“You were always my beautiful little girl.”

“Daddy, can I be your little slut as well?”

“Of course you can. “Brian reassured her as he gathered her into his arms.

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