Breeding Day

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Avery Jones was going to have a weird day, today. Forces beyond her ken had decreed this. Even now they had chosen their champion, given him their unholy sacraments and sent him on his merry way.

She didn’t know it yet, but this champion had already begun shifting and changing the world under her feet, in ways he made it impossible for her to detect. She had woken up this morning to the same old sunshine through her windows, shucked off her pyjamas for a shower, lazily auto-piloted her way through her daily ablutions in preparation for another day at her internship.

As she sleepily brushed her immaculate teeth, she could not feel the macabre changes being wrought upon her world by an adolescent Übermenschen. She could not comprehend the sinister intent and boundless avarice of the universe’s newest and most adept tool.

She could not comprehend the sheer eldritch might of Ian from Financial Services.

* * * * *

She buzzed in with her keycard and walked into the vast glass and steel reception of the Tapsen Building, the aerospace/tech firm she was interning at. She took a moment to marvel at the jet-fighter suspended by cables from the ceiling, then walked over to the receptionist.

Mary was sat behind her desk at usual, but something seemed a little… off about her. Her usually immaculate hair was a little out of place, and she was sweating even in this air-conditioned room.

“Morning Mary, is there anything to go up yet?”

Mary seemed to snap out of a daze and notice the girl for the first time.

“Oh, Morning Hun! No, nothing to go up yet. No idea where the delivery driver is, to be honest I’ve been go-go-go this morning… I might not have even noticed him.”

Avery frowned confusedly at that. Mary was a lovely lady, but busy was hardly how anyone would describe her… Nevertheless, she was clearly sweating and a little out of breath, and even her clothes were a little askew. Avery could plainly see the lacy edges of the hefty black bra that held Mary’s considerable bust at bay.

However, no part of her mind thought of this as unusual in any sense, so with a little mental adjustment she carried on as normal.

“Oh, are we busier than usual today?”

Mary puffed a wisp of blonde hair out of her eyes and pulled her blouse up a little.

“Believe it, girl. Ms Tapsen has been planning some ‘efficiency changes’ and they go into effect today. Everyone’s in a real tizzy with all the new jobs that need doing… You should check your emails to see whether you interns have any new jobs.”

Avery figured that this was as decent explanation for Mary’s slightly ramshackle attire as any, and bid her goodbye as she went for the elevator. She and the other interns in her program were based on the 14th floor, so she punched that code in and settled into a corner as the obligatory muzak came in through the tinny speaker in the ceiling.

She used the time to check the news on her phone, some part of her brain noting that the stories seemed a little more risqué than usual…

“Syrian Civil War officially ends on conclusion of nationwide orgy.”

“Senator from Nevada officially resigns after accusations of marital fidelity: ‘I swear, I was going to cheat on her eventually!’ he admits under questioning.”

“National Women’s Party demands mandatory insemination for all girls over the age of 18 in radical manifesto pledge.”

Each headline gave her a moment of temporary confusion that seemed to melt into easy acceptance as her brain added in the proof that this was perfectly normal.

With a ding the elevator came to a halt and Avery stuffed her phone back into her handbag, checking her choppy brown hair in the mirror panels before stepping out onto the 14th floor. She was once again confronted with the strange feeling that something was indescribably off about her surroundings, but within a moment it was normalised, and she began walking to her work pod.

She shared a pod with the three other interns her team had taken on this year, and it appeared that she was the last one in. Her desk-mate Emma was currently reading her emails, which were reflected in the chunky lenses of her black-rimmed glasses. Avery noted that unusually she was completely naked but for her eyewear, and her deliciously chubby body was on full display to the rest of the oblivious office.

“Hi A-V, got you a coffee.”

She handed over a to-go cup full of something sweet and then returned to her reading. Avery studied her friend’s body for a little bit longer than she usually would have.

“Thanks, Babe. Why are you…”

She got midway through the thought before she remembered that there were sometimes special uniform days here at the office (fancy dress, casual Fridays, that sort of thing…). casino siteleri She decided to check her own emails to see whether she’d forgotten anything. Avery sat down to see that while Max was still fully dressed in his normal work clothes, Lydia was as naked as Emma was.

While Lydia’s currently white hair was smart and elegant (she dyed it to look more ‘professional’ but shaved one side of her head to maintain her edginess), her nudity exposed the long, ornate and colourful tattoos running down both of her sleeves.

Lydia usually worked hard to keep her goth sensibilities hidden away during work hours. However, considering her clothing at the moment consisted solely of two silver nipple bars, she had precious few options to conceal her true identity for the time being.

Avery’s confusion lasted a moment longer this time, and for a long few seconds she was utterly convinced something was very strange about this whole scenario.

“Ok, something’s off here… Did I forget something was happening today?”

Lydia rolled her eyes and pursed her lips in mild consternation.

“Duh, its that company wellness thing the Boss has been cooking up for weeks. We’re meant to be doing some sort of teambuilding trust-fall bullshit all day. How could you forget about that? They told all of us girls to be prepared to spend the whole day naked last week, remember?”

Avery honestly didn’t remember for a few seconds, until a rash of surprisingly fresh memories bubbled up to fill in those blanks. She had been told that, hadn’t she?

“Oh… right, naturally. Only, weren’t we giving our Project Overview Presentation today? No… I guess that must be tomorrow… Whatever, nobody minds if I just stash this stuff under my desk, right?”

The girls and Max seemed to murmur their agreement and Avery quickly began to shuck off her work clothes. Gone were the white-blouse and pencil-skirt, exposing skin almost as pale as Lydia’s but bereft of any ink. These were swiftly followed by the bra and panties (she was mortified to realise she hadn’t colour co-ordinated them this morning) exposing a fluffy brown bush thankfully kept enough in check to not be distracting.

Now fully exposed to the open air she stuffed her clothes, shoes and sundries into one of the drawers of her desk and hoped that nobody had spotted her in full work-wear. Emma flashed her a sympathetic smile and placed a hand on Avery’s naked shoulder.

“Don’t worry babe, I think half the office forgot this was happening today. I turned up wearing my spanx for God’s sake, so I think I’ve got you beat on the embarrassment front…”

Avery smiled and thanked her, and the atmosphere instantly returned to normal. She checked the email roster and noticed that all of their appointments were cancelled in favour of an all-day meeting on the 12th floor at 10am.

Valentina Tapsen (the CEO herself!) had personally sent out a company-wide email saying that she’d arranged something special for the company today. She framed it as a reward to all the workers who’d made it an especially productive year, allowing them to take on four new multimillion-dollar contracts in the last four consecutive months.

She took a moment to reach out to the female employees of the company, to let them know that if today’s exercises were a success there might be some uniform and schedule changes for the future.

Avery remarked that it would certainly help her cut down on laundry costs, a sentiment which the other girls vehemently agreed with.

However, the most unique feature of this email was the attachment, which was a full HD picture of Valentina herself, naked and posing seductively. Avery took in the gym-honed, almost muscular physique with an impressed look, and Lydia quickly figured out what she was looking at.

“You lookin’ at the picture of Tapsen?” She asked with a smirk.

“Yeah, I have to say… I always thought she was a little… you know, frumpy?”

Emma suddenly became animated, her large breasts jiggling happily as she turned to take part it a bit of good old-fashioned office gossip.

“I know, right? It seems like she lost 20 pounds and had half a dozen surgeries since yesterday afternoon!”

She said it at a low whisper so that only their pod could hear it but looked round conspiratorially as she did so. Avery noticed for the first time all of the naked women bustling to and from their desks. Her brain mentally wallpapered over the strangeness of the image and after a second it felt perfectly natural.

“I know what you mean, she’s pretty fuckin’ tasty, right Max?”

To his credit, Max’s tell-tale stoicism didn’t falter for even a moment. He simply held up one hand, pinched his thumb and forefinger together and whispered:

“Top-tier MILF, Lyds. No question.”

The slot oyna girls had a little giggle at this, and Avery saved the attachment to her hard-drive for reasons she couldn’t quite articulate. They busied themselves with routine tasks until a little before ten, when they saw everyone else start to move towards the elevators and stairwells.

“Shall we walk down?”

Emma immediately held a hand under her pendulous breasts with a pre-emptive wince.

“As long as we’re in no rush, I don’t fancy running down those stairs without a bra on…”

Avery smiled sympathetically, but Lydia just smirked impishly.

“Oh, come on it’s two floors! I’ll hold one and I bet Avery’ll get the other one if you ask nicely.”

Emma gave Lydia the finger but smiled regardless, seeming to relent. They all got up to make their way downstairs and Avery noted with interest that Lydia had completely shaved her pussy, making her the only girl on their pod to do so.

The four of them chatted idly as they went down the stairs with the rest of the floor. A woman’s voice called to them from a few paces back, and they turned around to see their line manager April swanning through the crowd, quite happy to brush past people despite her nudity.

“Hi gang! All ready for the day?”

Avery noticed that once again something seemed different about her. She remembered April being a somewhat spindly woman in her early fifties with a few hard-won wrinkles and unruly curly hair.

Somehow since yesterday she seemed to have tightened up every inch of her body and had one hell of a botox treatment. Her formerly hard-worn features were now sharper and cleaner, and her wispy curls were now sort of… permed?

Avery thought to herself that somehow April reminded her just a little bit of the lead heroine from that famous movie, Xenomorph. The one where the crew of a spaceship get infected by an alien parasite that bursts out of a crewmember’s nostril during breakfast and proceeds to wreak havoc…

“Good effects, very suspenseful…” She thought before snapping back to reality when April slapped a hand companionably on her shoulder.

“She was never taller than me, I’m sure she… Wait, obviously she was. People don’t just grow five inches taller overnight.” Avery’s thoughts were being overwritten almost as soon as she thought them. Realising that April was probably expecting an answer, and that everyone else had at least said hello to her, Avery elected to speak up.

“Hi April. Do you know what exactly today is all about? Like, what are we doing? Only, I should probably let someone know if I’m going to be late tonight, you know?”

April seemed to consider her question as if it was the first time the thought had occurred to her.

“Actually, I’ve got no idea whatsoever… But if we need to get messages out, I’m sure we’ll get lunch breaks and you can make a call home or what have you… I wouldn’t worry too much about it. These teambuilding things are usually pretty hassle-free, even if they aren’t necessarily your thing, you know?”

Avery couldn’t argue with that. She could probably handle a few improv circles or laughing yoga sessions or whatever else middle-management gurus could throw at her. Max spoke up, seeming to echo the sentiment they were all feeling.

“April, did you do something with your hair? It looks very nice today.”

That was Max, polite to a fault. April gave an exaggerated hair toss and playfully slapped his shoulder.

“Flatterer! See, girls? Maxy knows how to angle for a promotion.”

They all laughed as they filed onto the 12th floor, which seemed to have been converted to a large open-plan meeting space, with sofa and benches studded all over.

“Wasn’t this the Financial Services department yesterday?” Emma said confusedly.

“Yeah, I… No, I think this has always been here. Financial Services is on 11.” Avery replied uncertainly.

Avery didn’t seem quite so sure of her answer for a second, but then her memories solidified. This floor had always been a casual meeting and relaxation floor, Finance had been on the 11th floor for years now…

“Right. Obviously… Sorry about that, total brain-fart.” Emma seemed more confident in her answer with each passing word.

“Right, I’ll just check in with the other team-leaders. See you in a bit!” April said before disappearing into the semi-clothed crowd. A microphone flared into life with a burst of static and suddenly the voice of Valentina Tapsen was broadcast to every corner of the room with only minimal reverb.

The interns and everyone else in the company turned to look at a small stage that had been erected. She stood larger than life, a perfect mirror of the picture in her email. Naked as the day she was born with long tresses canlı casino siteleri of blonde hair cascading down her back. She looked like some ancient Nordic Valkyrie coming to drag them all to Valhalla, willing or not.

Some dimly protesting part of Avery’s brain said that this was a far cry from the perpetually tired looking middle-aged woman who dressed in ill-fitting pantsuits and talked about ‘cascading relevant information’ in her monthly email-blasts. That part of her brain got progressively quieter each time it was shushed, and it was practically whispering now.

“Welcome everyone! Thank you all for joining me, and first of all: Congratulations to each and every one of you for a fantastic fiscal year so far!”

This elicited a round of claps and the occasional ‘whoop’ from an over-enthusiastic manager looking to move up the ladder.

“Yes, it’s thanks to all of you that Tapsen Aerospace has secured new and lucrative contracts and pushed to innovate technologically across all areas of the industry with drive and vision for the future.”

A slightly larger round of applause this time, as that certainly did sound impressive…

“I would like to report that thanks to the sterling work of our Final Frontier team under the command of Dr Stellen Halbsson, we have recently secured two major satellite delivery contracts to be completed by April of next year! Make yourselves known, guys!”

The cheesily-named ‘Final Frontier’ team were tasked with selling satellites and other space stuff to companies and governments, so it was considered a pretty damn flashy team to work for. They soaked up a generous round of applause as Valentina egged on the crowd.

“One day…” Avery thought despondently to herself, knowing that her fellow interns were probably thinking the same thing.

“Now, I’ve been talking with our new head of Morale and he agrees with me that your hard work ought to be properly rewarded, don’t you agree?”

A few more ‘whoops’ were heard this time, some carrying genuine feeling from those parts of the company who thought that they really did deserve a bit of a reward for their work.

“I know, I know. I hear you, and I’m going to make sure you’re all rewarded! But first: I’d like to talk about an issue very dear to my heart, and I’m sure equally dear to yours.”

A minor ripple of uncomfortable feeling seemed to pass through the crowd, who were probably hoping that their ‘reward’ wasn’t some bullshit donation to a topical charity in their name or something…

“Now, as I’m sure you’ve all been reading in the news: Birthrates are down. Way down. We here at Tapsen have always taken our civil responsibilities seriously, and we believe in doing our part! So, I’d like to welcome you to our first annual Insemination Day! Today every employee will be encouraged to ‘do their part’ for the cause!”

That uncomfortable ripple once again passed through the entire crowd, as if a thousand people simultaneously sensed that something was terribly wrong and were suddenly silenced by some comfortable re-shifting of their memories.

“Ladies! This means you’ll be spending most of your day working to get good and knocked up! As an added incentive beyond doing your civic duty, I am hereby promising that ANY conception made today will unlock a supplementary income equal to that year’s salary, paid every year until the child’s 18th birthday!”

There was a very appreciative murmur among the ladies in the room, who seemed to have forgotten entirely any reservations they had about being reduced to human livestock in this exchange.

“And as for you boys! You’ll get a full 12-hour day where you get to give us girls as much as we can take!”

A roar of approval seemed to bubble up from the male side of the room, who were starting to disrobe in places to prepare themselves.

“And to show you that I’m a woman who sticks to her principles on this matter, I am inviting each and every one of you boys to pay me a personal visit!”

There was no question as to the authenticity of the applause now, as several ‘whoops’ were accompanied by jubilant fist-pumps from excited male employees. The intern girls all crowded round each other for a temporary pow-wow, while Max continued to watch the CEO, his interest quite firmly piqued.

Avery was the first to speak, her mind racing with the possibilities.

“Guys, I could move out of my parents’ house with that money! I mean… almost…”

Emma hopped excitedly in place, which had a surprisingly hypnotic effect not only on Avery and Lydia, but damn near everyone around them too.

“No, listen! What if we, like, moved in together? We keep working here for a few months, keep our incomes identical to what they are now. In a few months we’ll have enough to get a deposit together for a decent house in a good neighbourhood! We could get onto the property ladder, you guys!”

Lydia pursed her thin lips as she considered her options, but it seemed she was just as excited by the possibilities.

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