Breaking the Family Ch. 01

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After my seduction of Nicole, my wife’s younger sister, I thought my conquests were over. I had successfully fucked each of my wife’s bridesmaids. While promises were made to continue to have threesomes with each of the girls, I wasn’t holding my breath. So what happened a couple months later was a complete rewrite of my plans.

Our first Thanksgiving as a married couple found Amanda and I at her grandparents’ house. This was the first time we had seen Nicole since I nailed her in our living room, so there was bound to be some awkwardness.

Amanda’s father’s family was all there, which was not a rarity. Other than Amanda and I, they all lived fairly close by.

The house was full of people, but there was a sense of pall over the event. Amanda’s uncle Edward had passed away suddenly earlier in the year, and this was the first time the family had been together since the event.

Amanda’s father seemed to be hit hard by his brother-in-law’s death. Her parents had not even attended the wedding where I primed Nicole. Although it was his wife’s relative getting married, I think that any family gathering was too much for him at that point.

Amanda and my wedding seemed to be the bright spot for everyone, and we were asked many times how we were settling in, etc. Amanda was the oldest grandchild, so she and I were trailblazers for her generation on getting hitched.

After we stuffed ourselves on turkey and fixings, I settled onto one of the couches to vegetate, digest, and watch football. I didn’t settle long though, as Amanda’s father asked if he could speak to me for a minute.

Amanda’s father was an old-school, silent type. I realized quickly when she and I started dating that his coolness towards me wasn’t personal, it was just how he was. We maintained a basic relationship on common sports interests, but that was about it. So his request for me to follow him was out of the ordinary.

I followed him across the house to a room that I assume was his father’s office or study. Amanda’s grandfather was already there, seated at his desk. One of Amanda’s uncles, Marcus, was already seated at the other chair in front of the desk. The other surviving uncle, Don, was over by the windows but turned as we came in.

Amanda’s dad, who’s name was Anthony, stood to the side of the desk and motioned me to the other chair.

As I sat, Amanda’s grandfather rose out of his seat and offered me a glass of Scotch. Though my pants were nearly bursting from the food, I knew not to refuse, so I took the glass. A quick sip told me this was the expensive stuff, and I made a good choice. Her grandfather must have seen my reaction, because he chuckled.

“Yeah Charlie, that whiskey is almost as old as you. Glad to see you recognize good alcohol.”

He sat back in his chair now, and sipped from his own glass.

“I am sure you have no idea why Anthony called you in here, so I will get right down to it. I am here to make you an offer to join my business. But there is a catch, and no matter which way you decide, I need to be sure what I am about to tell you is absolutely confidential.”

I nodded, completely shocked. Let me back up and tell you why.

Amanda’s grandfather was the biggest and I assume most successful car dealer in the small city where she grew up. I don’t think he had a franchise for every brand of vehicle, but when you drove around the area, their last name was stickered on a significant portion of the cars you saw.

The house we were in reflected that status. It was huge. The office we were in was bigger than my college apartment, and the furnishings in this room alone were probably worth as much as Amanda and my house. Definitely more if you included the Scotch.

The business was so big and profitable that all four of his children were part of it, and doing well themselves. Anthony was the oldest, and ran the back-office and finance. He hadn’t inherited his father’s gift for salesmanship, but I knew that he was great with numbers and part of why they were able to expand to so many dealerships.

Marcus and Don were each responsible for one cluster of franchises, which were spread across the city.

Even Amanda’s Aunt Erica, the only daughter, was involved. She had taken over for her father as the ‘face’ of the dealerships, and spent time handling advertising, including filming commercials. Her husband Edward was a manager as well, before he passed.

Even Amanda had been involved. Before we started dating, she had appeared in some print ads, and then billboards. The first time I went to her house, I was greeted by her 30′ tall face on the highway into town. Even though she had warned me, it was still jarring to see your girlfriend advertising low prices on Hondas.

As these thoughts raced through my head, Amanda’s grandfather, whose name was James but went by Jack, continued.

“So son, I need to demand your absolute silence on what I tell you. You can tell no one, even the other people in this house.”

I nodded, wondering what was so secret escort izmir that even the wives couldn’t know.

“Twenty years ago, while up at my hunting cabin, our family suffered a horrible tragedy. We had gone up there for a weekend, me, Tony, Marcus, and Donny.”

Grandpa Jack was the only one who called them Tony and Donny. They were Anthony and Don to everyone else.

“Eddy and Erica had just gotten married, and she was really ornery about letting him go. I think they were trying to get pregnant, and she thought it was her time. Anyhow, he was the only one who wasn’t there.”

He paused and took a sip of scotch.

“Never figured out who brought it, but a day or two in, all of us came down with mumps. Real virulent strain too. Amanda’s grandmother ended up having to drive up and get us all and deliver us to the hospital it was so bad.”

I had never heard this story, which was surprising. But then again, I never knew Jack as a hunter or that he had a hunting cabin.

“Being up in the woods, we had all waited too long to get treated. Obviously, we all survived, but this particular strain of mumps had one permanent effect. All of us were sterile.”

He paused now, and stared at me, as if to see if I understood. I took a sip of my scotch, and realized what that meant.

If Amanda’s father and uncles were sterile, who had fathered their kids? Jack had said 20 years, and the oldest cousins after Nicole were only 19.

My eyes must have given me away, because Jack continued.

“You are probably wondering who the fathers are. That’s the secret you have now sworn to keep. Even the kids themselves don’t know.”


“Every one of those kids younger than Nicole is fathered by Eddy. The deal is, each of the women know their husband is sterile, but not the others. Grandma knows all, and the grandkids all know nothing.”

This, this was heavy.

“It was the only way we could think of to keep the family going. And now, well, if it were to get out, we would be ruined.”

I nodded dumbly, but even in my surprised state I knew that if the public got wind that Jack’s son-in-law had fathered his wife’s brothers’ kids, people were ‘small-town’ enough to shop elsewhere for their vehicles.

“Now, you may be asking why I would tell you all this, when the ink is barely dry on your marriage license. Well, here’s the situation…”

“I’m the reason” I heard from behind me, and turned to see there was one other person in the room.

“Aunt” Daniella was the wife of Don, the youngest of Amanda’s uncles. I said “Aunt” in quotes, because she was closer in age to Amanda and I than her husband. He was a little over 40, and I knew she had just turned 30 herself.

She had been around the family only a little longer than me, and we had bonded about being the ‘new kids’ a couple years earlier.

Daniella was very different looking than the rest of the family. While they were all very WASP looking, she was very Meditteranean. Not sure if it was Spanish, Italian, Turkish, or Greek heritage, but her black hair and olive complexion contrasted with everyone else.

Daniella was also a fitness freak, and the only ounces of fat on her were probably on her chest. She and Amanda shared workout tips, and I had seen many pictures of her in yoga or running outfits that made me know Don was a lucky man.

Not to say she was all looks. Daniella was a doctor, and I knew Don loved the fact she was independent and didn’t suck up to Jack the way a lot of women would.

“I’m the reason Jack’s bringing you into his little circle of trust.”

Daniella strutted over now, her heels clicking on the wooden floor as she sat on the side of the desk closest to me.

“After Don and I tried to get pregnant for a year, I told him I was sending him to get his swimmers checked, and the truth started to come out.”

She sipped her own glass of whiskey now.

“Unfortunately, this all came out after Edward passed. So I gave it some time, gave it some thought, and decided we need to inject some new sperm into the gene pool.”

She smiled at me the way a cat smiled at a mouse.

“Luckily for me there is a new young man in the family who seems very virile.”

The whiskey hadn’t hit me hard enough yet that I didn’t understand what she meant.

“You want me to father your child?” I could hear myself sound like a scared teenager as I said it.

Daniella and Jack both nodded. The elder salesman took over now.

“Son, this situation has been a problem for us for twenty years. While some may question our solution, it has worked well, and my grandchildren are all smart, good-looking, decent kids, and Eddy is partially to thank for that. You seem like a fine young man yourself, so why not have you take over his role.”

Daniella and I continued to stare at each other. My brain had started to think of what she would look like as I pounded away at her. It was not the first time I had that fantasy.

“How would this work?” I asked.

Daniella smiled now, izmir escort bayan still maintaining eye contact. “They all say that Eddy used to do it the old fashioned way.”

Knowing what that meant, I resisted my urge to bend my ‘aunt’ over the table now and give her what she wanted.

Instead, I nodded, taking another sip to think.

“And no responsibilities after?”

Jack interjected. “No son. My lawyer has an ironclad agreement drawn up. You will be compensated, even if you and Amanda don’t work out, but your involvement is limited to procreation. Other than the people in this room and my lawyer, no one will know.”

I took a breath, and the weirdness of the situation finally hit me. I thought back to how I felt finding those pictures, and realized this would be a lot worse if Amanda found out.

“Jack, Daniella, I appreciate the offer. But I don’t think I could not accept this without Amanda knowing. If she found out I… impregnated someone, a family member, how would she feel?”

I saw everyone tense up at this, especially Anthony, Amanda’s dad. Before they could respond, I continued.

“Listen, give me an hour to talk to Amanda. I agree that this will not get out and will swear her to the same. However, if the talk does go south, Anthony, I am calling you in to calm her down.”

Amanda’s father nodded to me, understanding.

The rest of them looked around and nodded back to me. I took one more sip of Scotch, and set the half-empty glass down.

“I will be back for this”, I said, drawing a couple chuckles. I exited the room first, watching the rest of them turn back towards each other as I left.

When I closed the door and walked down the hallway, the first person I bumped into was Aunt Melanie, Marcus’s wife. She was in her mid-forties, a tall skinny blonde who carried herself like a Southern belle.

“Charlie, have you seen Daniella? I wanted to ask her about this new workout routine I heard about.”

Melanie was a decade older than Daniella, but kept in just as good shape. And right now all I could picture was the fact that she let Uncle Eddy knock her up. Several times, in fact.

I shook my head “no”, clearing my thoughts as I walked back into the common areas. As I entered, I saw Nicole on a couch talking with two of her cousins.

Everyone called Allison and Rebecca “the twins”, even though they were cousins.

Wait, no they weren’t. They were half-sisters. Anyhow, they were both 19, born a couple months apart 19 years ago. Both were fun-sized blondes that had absolutely worshipped Amanda growing up, though that had faded now that they were in college.

When I first met the family, the two of them both fawned over me, as teenage girls will do. Allison was Melanie’s daughter. She was the more reserved of the two. Rebecca was Erica’s daughter, and therefore Eddy’s legitimate kid. She was more bubbly, and daring. Right now, her hair had a streak of pink in it.

Anyhow, the three of them were deep in conversation. I scanned the room, finding Amanda with her Aunt Erica near the kitchen.

The recently widowed Erica had taken her husband’s death hard, so it was good to see her laughing with my wife. I was sorry to break it up as I motioned to Amanda that I needed to see her.

The house was so big that I didn’t know the full layout. I told Amanda we needed somewhere private to talk, so she took me around a corner and up a set of stairs.

She opened the first door on the left, and I found myself in a young girl’s bedroom. A pink nightmare with two twin beds and more dolls than a toy store.

She saw my look of confusion, and laughed.

“This was Nicole and my bedroom when we would stay here. They never redecorated.” I motioned to a suitcase on one bed.

“Yes, Nicky is still sleeping in here.”

I nodded, still confused, since our bedroom was at least one floor and two wings away.

“We got upgraded to a real guest room. You should feel embraced. I thought those rooms were reserved for royalty. Now, I want to feel embraced.”

As my wife pressed against me, pushing up on her tiptoes to kiss me, I could taste the wine on her breath. Though it wasn’t my intention, finding ourselves in what was kind of her childhood bedroom gave me naughty thoughts.

Amanda must have had them too, because the kiss turned into a full on makeout, broken only when she was unable to lower my zipper while pressed against me.

Breaking our liplock, Amanda dropped to her knees to finish on my zipper and fish me out.

We had been so quick to engage that my soldier was not fully at attention yet, and he easily slipped through my fly. His tardiness was not long; however, as my wife quickly swallowed him whole, an action which quickly engorged my little general.

Once she was convinced of his rigidness, my beautiful bride rose back up to her full height of 5’6″, plus a couple inches for the strappy heels she wore. Kissing me again, she pulled me over to one of the beds. She broke our kiss again, turned around, izmir escortlar bent over straight-legged, and flipped up the back of the dress she was wearing.

This exposed the tiny thong that she wore. She lowered the undergarment, kicking it out of the way with one foot, and then put her hands on the bed, presenting her perfect ass to me, her pussy lips peeking through underneath.

I did not require further direction, and I stepped up behind my gorgeous girl, lined up, and entered her. I found her pussy ready and willing, so I proceeded to fuck her.

The angle of the bed and the cut of her dress gave me no access to Amanda’s upper half, so I contented myself by grabbing fistfuls of her toned butt as I sawed away.

Amanda must have been needing this much more than me, because it was only a few minutes of rhythmic pounding before she groaned out an orgasm. I wasn’t far behind, so I held her waist in place as I buried myself in my wife’s wet snatch, flooding her snatch with my seed.

I will admit, I was helped along with the thought that the next member of the family I went balls-deep in could be Daniella.

I pulled out and Amanda collapsed to the floor. The room had an en-suite bathroom, so she ducked in there to clean up, panties in hand.

When she came out, she cleaned off my cock with a wet washcloth. Ducking back in, I saw her make sure she was presentable.

“Well, now that’s out of the way, let’s head back down to my family.”

“Wait, that wasn’t why I came up here.”

“It wasn’t?” My wife sounded surprised. I guess our forays into sex in strange places and strange women had her tilted that way.

“No, but don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it.”

I took Amanda’s hands now.

“I just had a talk with your grandfather.”

After I swore her to secrecy, I proceeded to lay out the entire story, from Scotch to the lawyer and compensation. By the time I brought up Daniella, Amanda was seated on her old bed, jaw wide.

I concluded with “So even though this isn’t necessarily sexual, I didn’t want to keep it from you. I swore to them that we would keep it a secret, no matter what we decide.”

I was careful to say ‘we’.

Amanda recovered from her shock slowly.

“So Allison and all of them are really Eddy’s kids?”

I nodded. “Unless this is some fucked-up initiation to the family, that’s the case.”

“Wow.” I could see my wife was still processing.

She followed up with a couple more questions around the edges, before moving back to the crux of the matter.

“So Daniella wants you to fuck her and father her child?”

“Yes, that’s why they brought me in there. How do you feel about it?”

“Honestly, my first reaction is to bend over this bed and beat her to it.”

My wife’s blunt words surprised me, and I blurted out “You want a kid?”

“Yeah, I mean, we never decided when, but here’s the thing. If we say ‘yes’, they are going to want us to move back here. And Grandpa is not cheap. He will keep us well paid. I mean, a lot more than either of us makes now. There is a lot of money moving through the dealerships that you could help handle. I could help Aunt Erica, and we would definitely be financially ready for a kid. If that’s the case, why wait?”

My mind was blown again. Now I had two women wanting me to father their child.

“So, you want me to knock you up first, then her?” I stuttered, not sure what Amanda was thinking.

She was still seated, and took a deep breath before replying.

“I like where we live now, but after some of the stuff we have done this past year, I guess this doesn’t gross me out or anything.”

“I always knew something was up. Uncle Eddy seemed to dote on Allison and the other younger cousins, but never Nicole and I. This kind of makes sense.”

“As for Daniella, I mean, I have already shared you. I wonder if she would let me watch… or participate?”

“What about your uncle?” I responded.

“I don’t think Grandma Rose is going to let anyone in the family play together, even though it sounds like Uncle Don is shooting blanks.”

My wife was being fairly logical about this whole situation, which surprised me. I guess after seducing her bridesmaids and sister, one more aunt didn’t faze her.

“So, are you in then?”

“Yes. You put a baby in me, and then you can put one in her. Maybe they will end up twins, like Allison and Rebecca.”

“Ok, but it sounds like this isn’t a one-time thing. If Daniella wants more kids, or maybe Erica..”

“Aunt Erica isn’t going to dishonor Eddy that way. Although she seems like she’d be fun in the sack too.”

Amanda was really surprising me now, but she got me thinking. If I had access to Daniella…

After Amanda and I ironed out some details, we headed back downstairs. I texted her dad that we were ready, and he told me to come right in.

I entered, holding Amanda’s hand as we entered the room.

There was still only one chair, and as I sat in it, I pulled Amanda onto my lap. We had never made such a brazen PDA in front of her grandfather, but on our walk back down, the cool, calculating side of me, the side that turned my wife’s infidelities into a harem of women, had realized how much the scales were tipped in my favor.

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