Break Time

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Kat didn’t know what it was about paperwork. After 30 minutes or an hour of tuning out the outside world to make sure little marks on pieces of paper were all lined up correctly, she would suddenly realize her mind had turned to other subjects. She didn’t know how she could get into full blown fantasizing without even realizing it, and that her mind was now much too distracted to work correctly.

Time to freshen up, she thought, as she picked up her purse and walked away from the desk. Time to go and drink a nice fresh glass of water, maybe eat an apple, walk around outside, and clear her mind of all these distracting thoughts. She nodded to her secretary as she left her office, letting him know she would be back soon. It didn’t matter terribly, she didn’t have any appointments the rest of the day. Just more paperwork to get through.

She stopped at the nearest water cooler and took a nice big cup of water. That should get her mind off of her brains little thoughts. After a second, she realized it wasn’t working. Time to go for a walk. For some reason, walking around the building, looking at the scenery outside, her mind often returned to the ins and outs of business. Just as when her mind was supposed to be on business, it returned to other things.

She ducked into a washroom to check on something. She entered a stall and hiked up her skirt with her left hand, while using her right hand to snake under her pantyhose and check to see if they needed almanbahis adres to be changed yet. She wasn’t yet, but after thirty seconds of running her fingers along the silk covering her slit, she realized that she soon would be. She noticed that without thinking, her left hand had moved up to her breast, and she gave a soft moan as she touched her slit and rubbed her nipples at the same time.

Kat hadn’t planned to use her afternoon like this, but she realized that today she did want to schedule in a short appointment. Using most of her remaining self control, as well as the promise of what was to come, she removed her hand from herself and straightened her clothing out. Moving more quickly now, she left the washroom, her heels tapping out a fast rhythm on the floor.

She walked down a few flights of stairs, and past one office, hoping that her intended recipient would be there to receive the message. After she had walked past one door and travelled on another fifty feet, she heard footsteps behind her to let her know that her message had indeed been received. At the thought, her face flushed even redder, her breathing picked up, and her knees became so wobbly she was afraid she wasn’t going to be able to make it up the stairs.

Prodded on by her lust, she did manage to make it up the stairs, with the footsteps following close behind. She came to a large black walnut door, and quickly unlocked it and left it open just a bit. She closed almanbahis adresi her eyes and tried to relax, focusing on the delicious sensations running through her body. Very suddenly she felt hands on her breasts, caressing them roughly. Before she could cry out, a mouth had found hers and she was being kissed roughly. His tongue invaded her mouth, claiming it for his own with a series of hard thrusts. At other times, Kat might find this a bit hasty, but right now she was ready to be taken and her only complaint was that her lover wasn’t moving fast enough. She spread her hips far apart, and reached her hands around his butt, and tried to draw him into her. It seemed he wanted to make her wait, as he continued to kiss her fiercely and run his hands up and down her body. Before long, she threw her head back and begin to involuntarily whimper. He took this opportunity to attack her neck with a series of harsh kisses and light bites, and at this point, she became so excited her legs gave out, and she crashed to the floor, her legs askew and her skirt hiked up. If there was light in the room, it would be apparent that her panties were now thoroughly soaked.

Without missing a beat, her lover had his hands around the back of her head, running them through her hair. The zipper of his jeans was only a few inches from her face, and with some practiced skill, she undid it, releasing his hard penis. She took it eagerly into her mouth, and now it was almanbahis adresi his turn to moan. She could taste the salty drops of precum already on the tip, and she knew that despite all his teasing, he was just as eager as she was. The thought excited her even further, and she took him in as deeply as she could, and started applying more suction. She moved her tongue over the ridges of his penis, and each time she did something that particularly pleased him, he would tug at her hair. After only a few minutes, he tapped her on the head, telling her he was soon to come. Kat liked the prospect very much, but knew that she still had the rest of the day at work to get though, and wanted something to remember this encounter by. She undid the top buttons of her blouse, and yanked it down. With some effort, she undid the clasp of her bra and welcomed the cold air on her hard swollen nipples. She did it just in time, because with a sudden jerk, his cock started spurting fluid. She took the first bit in her mouth, but quickly pulled him out so the rest could land on her exposed breasts. He let out a great groan, and she hoped no one was passing in the hall.

After about a minute, when she had regained her feet, she stood up and kissed him

“Thank you, honey,” she said.

“No, thank you, dear,” he replied.

She put her bra back on, knowing that for the rest of the day, she could relish the discomfort of his semen drying on her breasts.

He casually walked out of the room, but she spent another second to catch her breath. The risk had been well worth it, although she was always afraid of being discovered at times like this. Of course, even if she was discovered, she could hardly be fired since she owned the company.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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