Black Muslim Swingers Association

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Rashid Muhammad whimpered as I thrust my cock up his tight Black ass, much to the delight of Azizah Jones, who cheered me on as I fucked her husband in the ass. The plump young Black woman fingered her moist, hairy pussy as she watched the two of us going at it. Whatever floats her boat, I thought as I gripped Rashid’s hips tightly and filled his ass with my big Latino dick. I honestly count myself lucky to have met these two on the website Fetlife, which is to kinky people what Facebook is to normal people. A sexy Black Muslim couple that not only is into swinging but they’re into hot bisexual threesomes. Am I lucky or what?

In case you’re wondering who this is, my name is Miguel Santiago. I’m a young man of Hispanic descent living in the City of Ottawa, province of Ontario. I stand five feet nine inches tall, slim and fit, with light bronze skin, curly black hair and pale bronze eyes. I moved to the Capital region of Canada from my hometown of Tijuana in the Republic of Mexico. I am an international student at Carleton University, taking up economics. I am also exploring my bisexuality, for Canada is far more tolerant of sexual minorities than Mexico. We’re hardline Christians in Mexico, and we have a macho culture, so openly gay and bisexual men are not something people would tolerate. I’m not saying everyone in Mexico is intolerant and homophobic, but a significant portion of the population doesn’t like maricons, which is the Spanish word for fags, pardon my French.

Anyhow, while hanging out in the university library one afternoon, checking out porn sites, I came across Fetlife. I joined, and while browsing different groups, I came across one for couples into swinging in Ontario. I joined, and in my introductory post, I emphasized that I was a bisexual Hispanic stud with an eight-inch, uncircumcised dick and that I aimed to please, both istanbul travesti women and men. When I logged on the next day, I got a message from this lady. Azizah Jones, a tall and very voluptuous young African-American woman from the City of Atlanta, Georgia, who was studying business administration at my school, of all places.

Azizah moved to the City of Ottawa, Ontario, to be with her husband Rashid Muhammad, a Black man of Somali descent whom she met in the City of Toronto a while ago. Hmm. I was surprised to see an American woman who would leave America for Canada. Doesn’t everyone want to go to the States? Rashid and Azizah are into swinging, and they were looking specifically for a bisexual stud whom they could both enjoy. This looked like a job for me, ladies and gentlemen. I was thrilled to be chatting up with this lady, and she later arranged for a meeting between her, her husband and me. We met for coffee at the Tim Horton’s located on the lower level of the university center, and I effortlessly charmed them both.

I must say they really looked good together. Rashid is around six-foot-one, lean and athletic, with light brown skin, curly black hair and dark brown eyes. He looked like a professional athlete. During conversation I learned that he had a Toronto University law degree and worked for a big firm here in the City of Ottawa. Nice. I’m impressed. His wife Azizah Jones was quite alluring in her own right. Standing five-foot-eight, curvy and dark-skinned, with dreadlocks, big tits and a big bottom. She was decidedly hot. I happen to like curves on a woman. We exchanged numbers and added each other as friends on Fetlife and on Facebook. A week went by and then they invited me over to their house in the suburb of Orleans for some fun. What do you think my answer was?

Rashid, Azizah and I got our freak on. Rashid istanbul travestileri and I got naked, and Azizah got the ball rolling by sucking first her husband’s long and thick ebony dick then my hard Latin prick. Rashid and I kissed and fondled each other while Azizah sucked my dick and fondled his balls. Man, this big Black dude was seriously lucky to have a gorgeous wife like Azizah who’s okay with him being bisexual and all. A lot of bisexual men the world over aren’t so lucky. The only time I’ve told a Mexican chick I was bisexual, she spat on me and called me a maricon. Yeah, homophobia is a big part of Latin American culture, and it’s not going away anytime soon. Welcome to my life, ladies and gentlemen. Anyway, this bisexual Mexican man’s life was not without its pleasures, and the threesome I had with Rashid and Azizah was definitely part of that.

Once Azizah finished sucking our dicks and balls, Rashid and I got down to business. I sucked his cock while he sucked my dick, we got it on in the sixty nine position, one of my all-time favorites. I rolled a condom on my dick and asked Rashid to get on all fours. Time for this big Somali dude to get a taste of my thick Latino dick. Rashid spread his dark ass cheeks wide open, exposing his hairy asshole. I took some lotion which Azizah Jones handed to me and used it to lubricate Rashid’s ass. Then I applied the lubricant all over my condom-covered cock. I was ready to fuck some ass. Azizah helped Rashid and I out once more. Joining the action, Azizah grabbed Rashid’s ass cheeks and held them wide open while I eased my cock into Rashid’s asshole. With all the lubricant, I slid my dick easily, and the big Somali man’s ass gripped my pole tightly. I looked at Azizah and asked her if her husband Rashid here was a virgin. I’d ask him but he was kind of busy screaming at the moment. Azizah laughed travesti istanbul and gave Rashid’s ass a big whack, then she told me that aside from her strap-on dildos and other toys, Rashid had never had a dick up his ass. Hmmm. I haven’t fucked virgin ass in ages. Sounds good to me. Gripping Rashid’s hips tightly, I rammed my dick up his ass. The big Somali dude yelled even louder, and it was music to those ears of mine.

I pumped my cock into Rashid’s ass, to the enthusiastic applause of his wife Azizah, who was obviously turned on by what we were doing. After a while, we changed positions. I fucked Rashid from the side, and he licked Azizah’s pussy as I continued pounding his ass. We had a great time, all three of us. Azizah soon became the center of attention, something a woman seems to do naturally when she’s the only female in the room. Things got really steamy when Azizah got a strap-on dildo and fucked Rashid’s ass with it while he sucked my cock. Azizah and I really made Rashid scream. Next, Azizah got on all fours and Rashid eased his cock into her pussy while I fucked her in the ass. Man, I got to fuck a gorgeous Black woman in the ass the same night I fucked her hunky Black husband. How about that? Rashid and I slammed our cocks into Azizah’s holes, making the big sexy Black lady scream. Yeah, a good time was had by all that night, that’s for damn sure.

Rashid, Azizah and I hit the showers afterwards, and then I parted from their sweet and oh so wonderful company. I wished them the best, as salam alaikum and all that. I’m a proud bisexual Mexican Catholic, I’m not Muslim, but I go with the flow depending on where I happen to be, you know? I definitely wanted to do another hot session with Rashid and Azizah, and they told me to come back next month. We’d keep in touch and find a date that would work for all three of us. You know what? Sounds wonderful to me. I hope that someday I am lucky enough to have a wife who accepts my bisexuality. The fact that Rashid is a happily married Black Muslim man whose Muslim wife supports him astounds me. Some guys have all the luck, that’s for damn sure!

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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