Birthday Gift

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James was excited because today was his 24th birthday. His girlfriend Alex usually went all out and spoiled him, since his parents were the majority of the time absent. Throughout his childhood they were constantly away on business or holidays they claimed were unsuitable for children.

When his girlfriend had found this out when they first started dating 2 years ago, she made it her mission to make all of his birthdays since extra special to make up for all the lost time.

This year was a surprise and as he walked up to her apartment door he could barely contain himself.

He lifted a hand to knock but the door swung open before he could. He had rang the buzzer downstairs to be let in so she knew he was already there, and it was obvious she was just as excited to get on with whatever festivities she had planned for the night.

“Happy birthday!” She shouted, throwing her arms around his shoulders.

She quickly ushered him inside.

“Kneel there for me,” she said, pointing to the middle of her living room. She had rearranged some of the furniture so there was a wide open space in the center.

He did as he was told, and he could already feel his cock trying to harden inside the metal cage it was locked inside of.

He and Alex had started using a chastity cage on him around the time he had admitted to her he wanted to take the more submissive role in their relationship. She had been completely on board, taking it so far as to ask him if he would be okay if she pegged him most of the time since he is bisexual.

He wholeheartedly agreed and thus their relationship elevated to a whole new level of kink.

James watched as his beautiful 5’9 girlfriend stripped out of her clothes, revealing a full body BDSM harness he had gotten her for her birthday a few months prior. She tied up her long silver and black hair, the ends so bleached they shone white. The thick ponytail swung over her shoulder to rest on her back and she came striding up to him, confident in her steps.

“Be a good boy for me and lick,” she commanded.

He dove right in, angling his head so he could lap at her folds while she stood above him. She tasted sweet and he could see she was already beginning to drip down her thighs.

Suddenly the buzzer went off for the door downstairs and he hesitated slightly. She pulled away and walked to the door, hitting the button to allow the person upstairs. Before he could ask who was coming up she walked back to him and grabbed a blindfold from the nearby coffee table.

“Do you trust me?”

“Yes,” he said immediately.

“Okay, remember your safe word?”

“Ohio,” he smirked, “because no one wants to be in Ohio.”

“Right,” almanbahis she smiled. She tied the blindfold carefully over his eyes, brushing his dark curls out of the way so they couldn’t get trapped underneath the fabric. Then he could hear her walking away, presumably back to the front door to open it.

Two sets of footsteps returned and he heard someone come in front of him, and one behind.

“I brought someone to open you up baby. I know I fuck you regularly but I figured its been a while since you had a real hard cock in you.”

He couldn’t hold his soft moan in. The thought of it was too erotic. Some guy was behind him, going to fuck him, all while his beautiful girlfriend watched.

James knew he had an extensive list of things he was into, and he could admit maybe his mommy issues and his lack of praise growing up contributed to some of his kinks. But right now the thought of being fucked in front of his gorgeous girlfriend, dominated by her and another man, while any man on the planet would kill to be in his girlfriend, it hit him in all the right spots.

It was erotic, embarrassing even, completely lewd. He already couldn’t get enough of it.

She took his cage off carefully. “Since its your birthday and you’ve been such a good boy I decided you can cum as much as you want today.” He let out a groan at her words, his cock hardening now that it was free. He was dripping precum from his slit and his cock grew to it’s impressive 8 inches and bobbed a bit.

He was already breathing a bit heavier by the time Alex asked him to lean forward a bit. Knowing what she meant immediately, he got onto all fours, knowing she was going to ask him to present his ass to the man behind him while eating her out.

It was a fantasy they had both been discussing for a while.

Sure enough, as he leaned down he could smell her pussy, open and waiting for him. She gave the command and he dug in just as he felt lubed up fingers beginning to stroke his asshole.

“You know James,” Alex panted as a finger slipped inside him, “I thought for a long time about who I trusted enough to fuck my special boy.” The finger pumped in and out, meeting less and less resistance as he gave in, allowing a second finger to join it.

“In the end I decided it would be best if the person knew you and I,” she moaned. He felt her shift and reach up towards his blindfold. The fingers in his ass were working fast now, pumping and rubbing against his prostate. He could feel that he was open now, used to Alex fucking him at least a few times a week.

As the fingers withdrew and a cockhead replaced them at his rim, Alex pulled off his blindfold.

A almanbahis yeni giriş bit disoriented as the sudden light, his girlfriends soft smile and hazy lust filled green eyes greeted him. He was momentarily distracted by her beauty and her open cunt right beneath him, dripping with her juices and his spit. Then the cock behind him pushed in and his eyes went wide, jaw dropping in a loud and breathy moan.

“Does it make you horny knowing its your friend opening you with his cock?” She asked.

He turned and saw his close friend Peter. They had been friends for 6 years and met at university in Berlin. Peter was gay but was in the sex work industry, catering to high end BDSM clients, so he must have made an exception for Alex knowing it was James’ birthday. He knew that Peter sometimes was hired by Viktor and Dmitri. Viktor was his best friend and Dmitri was his boyfriend. They all knew each other from university, hung out almost every day. How could he look Peter in the eye.

It was both mortifying and impossibly hot.

Peter pushed his cock finally all the way in and James let out a breathy ‘ah’. It sounded a bit feminine but in the heat of the moment he could care less. Turning back to his girlfriend he could see she was rubbing her clit with her fingers. She was looking at him like he and Peter were the hottest thing she had ever seen.

The head of his dick slapped against his toned stomach as Peter pounded into him. Gods he couldn’t believe his friends dick was in his ass.

“You like that Jamsey?” Peter asked. “Want me to fuck you faster or slower?” He asked arrogantly, a smirk tugging at his lips. His blonde hair bouncing around his face, framing him like an angel. His ice blue eyes were alight with mirth. He was enjoying wrecking his friend.

“Ah f-faster P-Pet ah!” He yelped as Peter thrust once particularly hard, seeming to enjoy not allowing James to finish his sentence. “Please ah ah ah!”

“Such a good boy James, letting Peter open and use your boyhole,” Alex said, her rubbing on her clit increasing her pace to match Peter’s thrusting.

“I can-can’t I’m gonna cum!” He shouted.

“Cum for me baby,” she said at the same time as Peter who said “Cum for me be a good boy James.”

He lost it at that, the humiliation with the praise too much as he shot ropes and ropes of cum onto the living room floor, the sound making a splat sound on the hard wood. His mouth was open in a silent moan and his eyes rolled into the back of his head. The pleasure over load was too much.

After spurting 6 times he collapsed, his hips only being held up by Peter and his hard cock still inside his asshole.

“Good almanbahis giriş boy,” he soothed, rubbing up and down his sides, fingers brushing gently over his delicate ribs.

They let him breathe shortly, but then Peter slowly began thrusting again. His prostate was swollen from just having cum, and his dick hung beneath him, spent and limp.

“Ah no no it hurts ahhh!”

“Shhh be good James,” Alex reassured.

She knew he liked to say no sometimes, which is why they had a safeword. If he truly wanted them to stop he knew what to say to achieve that. She knew him saying no was him letting out his over stimulation.

“Cum for me again James,” Peter said softly, leaning over him to bite down a bit on the hard muscle between his shoulder and neck.

Tears rolled down his cheeks from the over stimulation but he was loving every minute. He cried out loudly, sparing no thoughts for the neighbors as a second orgasm shook him. His whole body rattled and his legs spasmed uncontrollably below him. He could faintly hear Alex cumming in front of him too but his ears were ringing so he wasn’t even sure until he felt her squirt hit his face. He was only dimly aware of all of this though as his whole world narrowed down to the cock driving into his ass and his dick swinging beneath him, weakly squirting cum.

They all fell back exhausted and Peter pulled out slowly, giving one last tap tap to his ass cheek when his cock slipped out.

He was still hard since he hadn’t came yet but James figured thats mostly because he had an uninterrupted view of Alex and being gay he couldn’t finish. Being a sex worker however Peter often told them he didn’t like to cum with every client because otherwise he would never have the stamina to get it up with his other clients.

James didn’t take offense to it and was reassured by the strong warm arms carrying him over to the couch. He felt Alex dabbing at his hole with a warm washcloth to get all the sticky lube off, while Peter put a movie on.

He could vaguely recognize he was in a sort of sub space, dazed and mostly unaware of his surroundings, but it all slowly faded in as the movie went on. Someone had dressed him in a shirt and underwear, and they were all cuddling on the couch.

The door buzzing brought him fully out of his daze though and Alex got up to answer it. Peter let him know they ordered take out and that Viktor and Dmitri were on their way to spend the rest of his birthday with him.

He panicked for a moment because Viktor is Alex’s brother and no one had cleaned up but Peter saw the look in his eyes and quickly reassured him they had cleaned up and moved everything back how it was and that everyone was dressed.

He relaxed then, content and happy as the smell of Chinese food wafted over and Alex strode over.

“Well, did you like your surprise?” Alex asked after seeing the more lucid look in his eyes.

“Very much,” he smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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