Birthday Ch. 1

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Big Tits

It was Friday afternoon and I still had three hours to quitting time. All my work was caught up and I sent my secretary home early (she had a hot date lined up that night) but just before she left for the weekend she came around my desk and sat in my lap.

Now this took me completely by surprise because even though I couldn’t help but notice the graceful curve of her breasts and fine sensual ass we had always kept things friendly but professional at my office. I mean we talked frankly about things and knew a lot about each other but all the personal conversations didn’t lead to any thing else.

She wiggled that gorgeous ass into my lap and before my mind caught up with reality her arms went around my neck and her moist, sensuous lips pressed against mine. I felt her tongue slide between my lips and probe my mouth and tongue like a serpent seeking a haven. I was so caught up in the moment that I responded to the immediate heat growing in my loins and started to return her kiss. When my hand reached and found her left breast the nipple was hard as I gently pinched it, but then they were always hard. Lori never wore a bra, much to my delight, and her protruding nipples had started many fantasies for me over the past two years. It was the most incredible feeling as that nipple elongated and stiffened while I squeezed her tit and tweaked the nipple even more. I placed my other hand on her ass and alternately squeezed and caressed as my hand accessed as much of her as I could get to. Our tongues were entwined in such a duel of passion I didn’t believe was possible to achieve that quickly.

My cock had grown at an alarming rate and there wasn’t a possibility she couldn’t feel it pressing up against her ass.

As quickly as it started it stopped. Lori jumped up and said happy birthday boss. I was turning thirty that day and was wondering why I didn’t feel any older. Ask any teenager and they will tell you, thirty is definitely over the hill. But I digress.

Lori told me that birthday kiss went a little farther than planned but it really set the mood for her date that night. She had told me about this guy before and how bad she wanted to fuck him but he was married and very much in love with his wife. Oh, he noticed her all right. Many were the times she saw him check her out with an admiring, almost lustful look when he didn’t think she noticed. But he remained a gentleman and never hinted to her he had noticed her great body and the way she would give him what she hoped were encouraging looks.

I told Lori that I completely understood. I too was carried away in the heat of the moment but it was such a beautiful birthday present, and probably the best one I had coming, that I wasn’t going to apologize. I would treasure the experience for the thrill and the memory but she had to know it would not be repeated.

Lori agreed and we settled into a almanbahis pleasant conversation while she picked up a stack of files to take out to her desk for the next work day. Lori asked me what I meant about the best present I had coming being her kiss. I explained that when my wife had called earlier that day she told me she was going to a play sponsored by her girls club as she called it. Actually there were three girls she had gone to college with and a couple more who had joined in from the health club we attended. I mentioned that my wife must have forgot my birthday and made the arrangements for the play that night.

Lori told me that was a shame but it would probably be a good weekend anyway because most likely Chris would remember and make it up to me. I halfheartedly agreed as Lori wiggled out to her desk.

She may be on her way to fuck that other guy’s brains out but she wasn’t letting me off the hook. The motion of her hips as she left my office made my nearly relaxed cock start to stiffen again. In my mind I had already removed her pale pink blouse and short clinging skirt and was sucking her ample tits and biting gently at her nipples. I imagined the light pink surrounding the generous nipples which I had so recently been able to enjoy. This being set in the alabaster, slightly freckled skin of the prettiest little redhead you could ever imagine. With one hand I swept everything off my oversized oak desk as I bent her backwards and planted light and numerous kisses on her neck, ear lobes, eyelids and anything else passing within range of my hungry mouth. I kissed and licked my way across her stomach as I slid her a little further back on my desk and laid her down. My lips and tongue continued their quest for the honey pot I knew awaited as I continued my journey. I stopped to dip my tongue ever so quickly into her belly button and run it around before proceeding lower and teasing the finest, softest pussy hair to exist this side of heaven.

I traced a neat pattern through the sparse, aromatic hair just above her pussy then circled her cunt lips with my tongue. The musky aroma had my head spinning but I refrained a moment longer from plunging into the sweetest place on earth. I flicked her clit with my tongue several times and felt it respond to me the way a clit is meant to.

As I centered my tongue on her pussy and started forward to taste her nectar I heard, as if from a great distance, her voice say, Night Boss, see ya Tuesday.

The spell was broken as I watched her sashay out the door and out of the best day dream I had in weeks, or at least since the last time she had leaned over the corner of my desk treating me to the sight of her beautiful tits.

Whoever he is he is a lucky guy tonight. That was the last thought I had before returning to the to the handful of cock I was stroking rapidly under the desk The almanbahis giriş problem soon solved it self as I found myself with the solution in hand.

Lori, my drop dead gorgeous secretary, had only been gone about half an hour and I was all cleaned up from the result of a day dream Lori had both initiated and been the star of. Now what? My wife out with the girls. My two kids were staying at the lake house with their grandmother. And me sitting on my ass feeling sorry for myself because I was turning 30 today and only had an empty house to go home to.

I start my work day two hours later than the others in my building and close one hour later than they do. This way I miss all the morning traffic and since most everyone has left the building before I close getting out of there is never delayed by the evening rush at the elevators and the garage is empty by the time I get there. The girls on my office staff like it because they work one less hour and I pay them for the full day. I locked the door and punched the down button at the elevator. I found myself getting more and more pissed with each second the elevator kept me waiting. It eventually stopped and the doors opened giving me the opportunity to enter the empty car. the decent was painfully slow and to make matters worse three kids, teenagers actually, got on two floors down. I moved to the back and side of the car as the girl pressed the button to go to parking level two.

As the doors closed the girl laughed and looked directly at me and said “going down”. One of the boys looked over at me and smiled a smile which fairly screamed the words “look what I will be enjoying shortly”. I mean he was wearing a shit eating grin from ear to ear.

The car slowly proceeded in it’s downward journey. I was lost in thought for a few moments and then was brought back by what sounded like a sudden and rapid intake of breath from across the car.

I glanced over and my eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. Both boys were standing behind and slightly to the side of this young girl. I would be amazed if even one of them was over eighteen. But what a eighteen. This girl had a body on her like I wished the girls possessed when I was that age and as horny as they obviously were.

Dark blonde hair cut short in a sort of pixie style drew attention to the rather pretty but unremarkable face of this girl. That was not what was commanding my attention however. My eyes continued their examination and discovered this girl had reached behind her and had a cock in each hand. Her head was sort of thrown back and the boy on the right was licking her right ear and her neck. Not to be outdone, the one with the big grin had his hand under her blouse and was literally mauling her left tit.

I took a small step forward to get a better view and I could see her eyes were tightly shut, her lips were parted, almanbahis yeni giriş and her breathing was now coming in gasps. As I watched I saw grinning boy had noticed me step forward and his grin, if possible, got even bigger. Blondie was wearing one of those bare midriff blouses which barely covered her tits anyway. Upon seeing me looking the young man performed what I regarded as a truly humanitarian act. He raised that blouse up and let it lay on the top slope of a very lovely pair of tits.

Her tits were larger than I first had thought. and the nipples were a dark red. The surrounding area was very dark sort of rosy brown and a little puffy looking. The overall picture reminded me of that underage porn star several years back. Traci Lords. A great pair of tits on that one. Did I happen to mention, as if you can’t tell, I am a confirmed breast man. Size doesn’t matter except to the extent that they compliment the total package. Quality not quantity is the watch word here. Too many people, female as well as male, are hung up on size. Education and experience will out perform size any day.

My continued observation noticed the ear licker had raised the far side of Blonde’s black mini skirt and was playing with her pussy. Now, while I could not see her pussy I knew it was sopping wet because the unmistakable aroma of sex, pure sex, was permeating the atmosphere in that elevator car.

Blondie was at this point, experiencing a body shaking orgasm which seemed to go on for ever. One blast after another passed through that young girls very being. It appeared the boys were actually supporting her to keep her from falling to the floor. I could see her legs were parted to allow better access to her pussy and they were bent so as to suggest she could no longer support herself.

A scant few seconds later the elevator was slowing to a stop and the doors opened to the garage. Grinning boy brushed Blondie’s blouse back over her tits and the ear licker was busy sucking and licking his fingers to clean the pussy nectar from them.

They left the elevator and me standing there like a dummy momentarily rooted to the spot. Blondie still seemed a little shaky on her feet but she managed on her own.

A few steps from the door Blondie stopped and turned half around and looked into my eyes. I still had not moved. I saw her glance down to the front of my loose fitting slacks and that caused me to look also. My cock was pushing those slacks straight out and I think was saluting her. I looked back up at Blondie with a rather sheepish grin and shrugged my shoulders.

What happened next almost made me cum in my pants. Blondie gave me a big smile and reached under her mini skirt to stick her fingers right into her pussy. Her hand seemed to be shaking violently for a moment then she withdrew her hand and proceeded to lick her fingers. This blew me away. She laughed right out loud, put her fingers in her mouth and briefly sucked them. It was, to me, like she was saying I wish this was your cock.

She turned and all three walked out of my life forever. But never out of my memory.


To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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