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1. Billie — The Virgin Co-Ed – The proposition

2. Kelli Gets Involved — A deal is struck

3. Innocence Lost

4. She loves it!

5. Christmas Break — The trip home – Bill, Jr. and Bill, Sr.

6. More Frat Boys

7. Her Professor

8. Her Boss

9. Men, Men, and MORE Men

10. Plans after graduation

Chapter 1 — The Virgin Co-Ed

Billie looked adorable … and she knew it. Her petite 20-year-old frame swung from the hips as she glided across campus in her practiced, modified model’s walk that she had been practicing since she was a teen, one foot directly in front of the other. Her cute little bubble-butt under her green plaid pleated tartan skirt worked in an opposite rhythm from her long auburn pony-tail that hung down almost to her waist, as the pony-tail swung left, her skirt-tail moved right, and back and forth.

Billie knew the effect she had on men, and she enjoyed it. Her 5′-0″ height and 100 lb body was a trim 34B-18-32, coupled with an elfin face, lips that would have looked pouty from their sensuous fullness, if they weren’t almost always shaped in a smile, hazel eyes that changed colors according to her mood, from green, as they were today, to grey when sad, to brown when peaceful and satisfied. Except for her more pronounced curves, she was the same size she was at 15…but what a difference the curves made! Her B-cup boobs, usually unencumbered by a bra, since they stood straight out in front of her, jiggled lightly under her soft, fuzzy green sweater. In the words of the old Bob Segar song “Night Moves” — “She had points of her own, sittin’ way up firm and high.”

Combined with her cute little bubble-butt, Billie’s boobs gave the impression that she came at you tits first, and left butt last.

Today, walking across campus, she turned a lot of heads, and noticed most of them, and gave each a smile and pleasant “Hi!”, or “Hello!” or “Good Afternoon!” which it was on the small campus at Central State. Billie is a senior, and having spent 3 ½ yrs at Central, knew most of the professors and students she met. Being on a small campus down south was something Billie was grateful for. Back home in Illinois, December was cold, icy, and unpleasant, especially in the small frame two-bedroom shack she had to share with her mom, dad, and younger brother when she was home. She had gotten a small scholarship, and enrolled in a work-study program that helped pay her tuition, books, room and board, and even gotten a part-time job at a Boutique for spending money, most of which she spent on clothes.

She was on her way to the Sigma Epsilon Chi fraternity house on the edge of campus, to ask for their help and endorsement for the Miss Central State contest to be held in the spring, as it was every year. Billie wanted the honor more than anything she could remember. “Just think of it,” she’d enthused just last night to her roommate Kelli, “to be crowned Miss Central State, and have your picture in the yearbook, and a coronation, and a ball in your honor!”

Kelli had agreed, adding, “It doesn’t look too shabby on a resume, either.”

Sigma Epsilon Chi was the first — and only — fraternity on campus in the fledgling Greek system that they had begun only 3 years ago. There were also two sororities on campus, both of which would certainly be nominating their own candidates for Miss Central State, and vying for the help of the fraternity to get elected. As the only fraternity on a commuter campus (most of the students drove back and forth to the city) Billie knew the Sig Eps were the key to winning the contest, especially for a girl who lived in the college dormitory. Kelli, acting as her campaign manager, already had the support of the dorm girls, but that wasn’t going to be enough to win.

She just had to get the Sig Eps to help, she just had to!

With the sororities votes split for two candidates, Billie had the dorm girl’s votes, and most of the dorm boys, who would vote for a dorm girl over a snotty, stuck-up sorority sister. All she had to do was smile, be friendly, and flirt a little, which was her natural personality anyway. She and Kelli figured the frat boys vote would wrap up the contest, unless they supported one or the other sororities entries. Most of the commuters didn’t bother to get involved, or to even vote in campus elections.

So her heart was soaring as she floated across campus on her tiny size 4 white Nikes.

As she entered the sidewalk up to the Sigma Epsilon Chi house, Billie stopped a moment and turned her head to the side to line up the vertical walls of the frat house, which everyone called the “Tiltin’ Hilton”, because of a decided tilt the house had to the northwest corner.

Patrick Reed, the frat president, who had been following Billie across campus, and enjoying the view, caught up to her standing there and quipped, “Hi Billie, admiring the architecture?”

“Oh, hi, Pat,” she breathed, “yes, it looks a little casino oyna out of line, doesn’t it?”

“Not when you come stumbling in at 3:00 am, wasted.” He replied.

They both laughed, Billie a little nervously, knowing the reputation the Sig Eps had for their all-night beer parties. Billie didn’t drink, mostly because her father and brother, both of whom worked in the oil field, had enough bad habits to remind her she didn’t want that kind of life.

“Come on in, the rest of the brothers should already be here,” Pat said, “I understand you want to talk to the fraternity officers?”

“Yes,” said Billie, and hurried along behind him up the rickety steps to the old 3-story house.

Pat ushered her into a room with a half-dozen fraternity boys lounging around a surprisingly clean and well-furnished den, with oak paneling, bookshelves, and a huge fireplace. Their eyes lit up upon seeing Billie, and they crowded around, introducing themselves, though Billie knew them all, and generally trying to get her attention.

After the usual amenities, she was offered a drink, or a beer, and took a soft drink instead, and sat sipping it nervously, wondering what their response to her request would be.

After some small talk, Pat announced the meeting would come to order, the doors to the other rooms were closed, and, after attending to some minor fraternity business, asked Billie to take the floor on an order of new business and state her request. She spoke softly, but confidently, stated her honest intentions, and asked for their help to get elected Miss Central State. She made eye contact and smiled at each boy present, and noticed they were all staring at her throughout her presentation, which made her a little nervous. “My God, have I got my hair all in a mess, or my panties around my knees?” she thought. But that wasn’t the kind of interest she was generating in the boys. They were attentive only to her bobbing boobs and swirling skirt when she’d turn back and forth from boy to boy.

There was a long silence after she finished talking, and Billie glanced around nervously at each of the boys, waiting for a response.

She sat down on the edge of the overstuffed leather couch, between two of the boys, and perched on the front of the cushion, her skirt riding up her shapely thighs, with just the toes of her tiny feet reaching the floor.

The boys stared at her, intently, some faces flushed, noticing her tender slender thighs, and her face flushed, as she realized their interest was sexual. “So,” she thought, “why not take advantage of it?” Billie loved flirting with good-looking boys like these. So she leaned back, putting her hands behind her on the soft couch, arching her back a little, to let her now pointy-nippled breasts push out her soft sweater.

“What’s in it for us?” One of the boys asked abruptly, staring at her breasts. Billie was taken by surprise, as she’d not considered that the boys would want anything more than a little sweet-talk and flirting to be willing to support her.

“What …what do you mean?” she finally managed to stammer.

“What’s in it for us?” the boy repeated, “What are you willing to do for our support?”

“I — I don’t know,” said Billie, “wha — what do you want?”

The boy to her left said, “Well, you see, it’s kind of been a tradition with Sigma Epsilon Chi that we live up to our Greek name………”.he trailed off.

Pat then spoke — “It’s like this, Billie, as you know — to win any election on campus has always taken our support, and to get our support, we expect something in return. If we support someone other than our Greek sisters, in one of the sororities, they’re going to be seriously unhappy with us; and, since most of us are dating sorority girls, that could cause a lot of friction in our “personal relationships”. He paused…

“So, we should expect to get something for our support, just as we have always gotten from the sorority sisters. Like, you, know, favors… in your case, a date with each member of the fraternity seems about right.”

“A date?” Billie questioned, “with each member? That’s all? Well, it’s a couple of months to the election, and I’d be flattered to date any member of Sigma Epsilon Chi………..

“And I’d like to get to know each and every one of you,” she added.

Pat looked at her, knowing she wasn’t understanding his meaning. “Now, you’ve got to understand what we mean by “date”, Billie,” he sighed, “we don’t mean a coke at the Student Union, or a movie.”

The boy to her left, a large kid by the name of Phil, said “This is what we mean.” As he slid his right arm behind her back, his left under her knees, and effortlessly scooped her onto his lap. At the same time, he slid his right hand around her small frame and cupped her right breast, slid his large left hand up her thigh, raising her skirt to her waist, and clamped his mouth over her trembling full lips.

Billie gasped, opening her full lips, and Phil’s tongue plunged inside, slot oyna twisting hers, and feeling around inside her mouth, as his hands felt around her body. Billie moaned, it was so surprising, but so exciting, too, and she briefly relaxed, enjoying the kiss.

Then she realized what a sight she must make to the other half-dozen boys, who she could feel crowding around, with her skirt up, her breast being squeezed, and her responding to the boy’s salacious french-kiss.

She pushed her tiny hands against Phil’s chest, jerking her mouth away from his, and said, in a rising tone of voice, “no –nnnooo — NO!” and with that, she jumped from his lap and fled the room.

She could hear the chuckles from the boys as she struggled with the big, heavy door, and heard one of them say, in a nasty tone, “I told you….she’s nothing but a tease.”

Billie jerked the door open, slammed it behind her, and fled, running, across campus to the safety of her dorm room.

Chapter 2 — Kelli Gets Involved

Kelli, who was Billie’s junior roommate at the dorm, looked up from her computer screen as Billie broke into the room, slammed the door, then leaned against it, red-faced and wild-eyed.

“Jeez, big sister,” Kelli said, “You act like you’re running from the devil, himself, I take it your meeting with the Sig Eps didn’t go too well?”

Kelli took delight in calling Billie her “big sister”, since Kelli was a year younger, and a grade behind Billie. However, nothing could have been further from the truth. Kelli was not only larger in size that Billie, but much more worldly-wise, also.

Kelli was the sort of girl most people would look at and murmur “Bimbo”, behind her back. She was taller than Billie, but only a few inches, at 5′ 3″, and her short, brassy-blonde hair was always perfectly coffuired, her make-up perfect, her dress just a little tacky and careless-looking, which tended to low necklines to show off her large, firm boobs, and short-skirted enough to show her perfectly-formed slender thighs to a good advantage.

“No,” gasped Billie, “I guess you could say it didn’t go well.”

She went on to explain the proposition she’d received from the fraternity, as Kelli looked on, getting more and more wide-eyed. As Billie finished, feeling a little foolish, Kelli said, “WOW!” what a set-up.” You mean they expect you to put-out to every member of the fraternity to get their support?”

“Yes, I think that’s what they meant,” muttered Billie, “they said “date”, but they meant more than just a friendly evening.”

Kelli considered the situation for a moment, then stated, “Well, I’m not sure but what I’d like to date an entire fraternity, especially the Sig Eps, they’re a bunch of foxes.”

Billie stared, “You — you mean …?”

“Yep,” Kelli quipped, I haven’t been getting my share of lovin’ lately, what with studying so hard for mid-terms and getting this damn term paper done.” She glared at the computer screen.

“But-but-but-,” said Billie.

“No buts “big” sister, you sound like a motor-boat, – but..but..but, – yes, I’d like a little playing around as soon as tests are over, and since I’d like to be Campus Queen next year, it wouldn’t hurt to get an early start at it.”

Billie stared at her blonde roomie. “You know I’ve never….” She started, but Kelli cut her off again.

“Yeah, I know, you’ve managed to keep your precious cherry all this time, but isn’t’ it about time you gave it up?”

“Maybe so,” Billie whispered, “but to all the members of a fraternity?” “No, I don’t think so.”

“You want to be Campus Queen, don’t you,” Kelli wheedled, “and this is the only way to get the help you need?” And, besides, I’d be willing to lend a helping hand, out of the goodness of my heart ….. and from the depths of my horny little pussy.”

Billie flushed even deeper red.

“It’s not like you’ve never had a date,” Kelli continued, “or didn’t know how to handle boys. Goodness gracious, some of the stories you’ve told me about hand-jobs and blow-jobs …..”

Billie protested, “Yes, but I’ve never gone all the way with a boy, much less thirty or forty of them.”

“Well,” said Kelli, “that is a bit much, even for a half-dozen of me.” But, maybe it’s open to negotiation. “Maybe you wouldn’t have to date every member, maybe just their officers.”

But even at that, that’s a half-dozen,” protested Billie, “I can’t do that.”

“I told you I’d help,” continued Kelli, “just let me go talk to them, there’s no harm in that.”

“No, I suppose not,” Billie sighed, “there’s no harm in talking, I sure do need their help. I REALLY want this, I’ve dreamed of being Campus Queen for four years, ever since I started school here. Maybe they’ll settle for something else, support from the dorm for one of their candidates for Student Council President, or something.”

“That’s the girl,” said Kelli, “I’ll go with you, and we’ll negotiate a better deal.”

“Ok,” sighed Billie, “but I don’t know if I can face canlı casino siteleri them again after this afternoon.”

“No time like the present,” Kelli persisted, “let’s go back over there right now. Once you fall off a horse, you’ve got to get right back on.”

Billie saw the logic in that, and was also worried that her hasty exit had already ruined any chance of the fraternity’s support. She was a little ashamed that she’d been so panicked, and must have looked so inexperienced to the fraternity brothers. She hadn’t handled it well, and already saw she could have done a smoother job — while still not giving in to their crude demands.

3. Innocence Lost

After “fixing her face”, Billie calmed down while Kelli changed into fresh clothes, a little sexier-looking than she’d been wearing studying, with an off-the-shoulder neckline sweater (with no bra supporting her prominent breasts), a short skirt, anklets and a pair of high heels, and Kelli called the fraternity house, where the meeting was still going on, and asked if she and Billie could come back and talk to them. Pat agreed to hold the officers there for awhile, to give them time to return. He sounded intrigued by Kelli’s call.

When they arrived at the fraternity house, Pat met them at the door and ushered them into the same room and closed the door. They didn’t hear him lock it behind them.

The same faces she’d fled a half-hour before in embarrassment greeted their entrance, but the mood in the room had changed. The officers had all been drinking since her hasty exit, and discussing her …everything about her, her face, body, attitude, personality, and, since the phone call, the same about her room-mate, Kelli. The smell of testosterone was in the air.

They all stared with unabashed interest at the two girls standing in the middle of the room, with huge smiles on their faces. The girls smiled back, somewhat nervously.

Kelli took the lead, and, talking to Pat, said she understood there had been a little “misunderstanding”, that she hoped they could overcome, and that they were there to request their support, again, with “different terms” than Billie had understood, and offered to help Billie “any way she could” not only to get their support for Billie for this year’s Campus Queen Contest, but that she hoped they would consider giving her the same support in her bid for the honor the following year.

There was a long silence following her speech, and the girls eyed the boys nervously, awaiting a response.

“Where are our manners?” Pat said, and offered the girls seats on the couches, one on each couch, between two boys. “Let’s have some refreshments, and talk about your request.”

Glasses with coke were pressed into each girl’s hand, and the boys all refreshed their drinks, carrying on small talk. Both girls were thirsty, due to nervousness, and eagerly accepted the ice-cold drinks, and took a long pull. They both noticed they weren’t drinking straight coke, but the taste was still refreshing.

Several of the boys spoke, one-at-a-time, telling the girls their own personal interests in the proposition. Several had girl friends in one sorority or the other, and were expected to support their girl-friends sororities’ candidate, or, as Jack put it, be “cut-off”. Everyone understood what that meant, even Billie. Others indicated that they just didn’t know either Billie or Kelli as well as they did the sorority girls, and would “feel funny” about supporting an almost-stranger instead of a “close friend”.

By this time, both girls had finished their “cokes”, and they’d been refilled. In actuality, their cokes had been spiked with 180-proof everclear grain alcohol, which had very little taste, but a lot of bite, especially to the inexperienced non-drinkers, who didn’t recognize the changed flavor. By half-way through the second glass, both girls were getting a warm glow, and starting to relax, which was not unnoticed by the boys.

A combination of the alcohol and all the hot stares from the men had affected both girls, and they were responding, in their naturally-flirty ways. Both coeds had relaxed back onto the backs of their couches, and crossed and re-crossed their legs until their skirts had inched, unheeded by them, but under the rapt attention of the men, to show most of their nubile thighs.

Kelli could feel their eyes on her breasts, which now sported noticeably hard nipples pushing against her sweater, and, once Billie noticed that, hers did the same, with her even-larger nipples embarrassingly on display. She shifted uncomfortably, again, and felt a warmth creeping both down from her belly and up from her now-moistening pussy. She took another long drink from the coke, to cool her spreading warmth, and, again, it was refilled and handed back to her. Kelli, too, was on her third glass, the temperature in the room being warm, and getting warmer.

Pat again took the floor. “As you can see, ladies,” he began, “we all have something at stake if we support you for Campus Queen.” He paused, and both girls nodded. “So, we still have to get something out of it, to give our support.”

Billie began, “I think we can get you the dorm vote for your candidates….” Only to be cut short by one of the men.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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