Big Bad Sister

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Actually my name is Alison, and I suppose you could call me “Mrs Rashers” – kind of. Since my beloved has already used this site to show off about his incestuous early sex life (“Happy New Year”) I thought I may as well use his account to do the same thing. If he bothers to read this then he’ll learn something about me that I haven’t told him before. And you might see what we’ve got in common.

The thing is, it’s not just young boys who get horny and can’t get laid. I was 21 and a virgin, and definitely not through choice. Like Paul, or “Rashers”, before me, I was desperate and lonely. And there’s no big mystery about why – unlike Paul, no-one except my mum ever called me pretty. The absolute best thing you could say about my face was that it was ordinary. I had bad acne. My hair was mousy and dull. All I had going for me – and excuse the lack of modesty here – was a really great body.

By which I mean very big tits, a flat belly, long slim legs and what these days is called a bubble butt. I’d got used to the fact that boys and grown men (even my own dad and little brother, for God’s sake) would always talk to my tits, not to me. Maybe I should have been offended but usually I was just glad of the attention. I wore tight sweaters and tee shirts, usually without a bra, and tiny skirts or jeans a size too small just to get noticed. I learned what I hoped was a sexy, wiggling walk and kept my fingernails long and painted. None of it helped – my face, combined with a stellar IQ and being nearly six feet tall, meant that the only boys who ever asked me out were the geeks who were too shy to do anything except gawp at my chest.

I was reading maths at university and should have been a star student, but I was struggling because all I could think about was getting fucked. I’d never seen a real cock, never mind touched one, but I imagined plenty. I would sit for hours through whole lectures and seminars wondering what it would feel like to have a massive one rammed into the aching space between my legs, or what one would taste like in my mouth, or what one would look like pumping cum out all over my tits, or whether I would enjoy having all three at the same time.

Things got worse when I went home at night. I shared a tiny flat with Janice, who was studying beauty therapy and who I had a huge crush on. She was blonde and gorgeous and petite and not very clever, and when she practiced making me up or doing my hair I thrilled to her touch. It was the only physical contact I ever had and I would always have to fold my arms tightly across my chest so that Janice wouldn’t see how hard she made my nipples.

She was living exactly the life I wanted to lead. In particular, Janice had one hell of a sex life. She got fucked whenever she wanted by whatever pretty boy took her fancy, and she didn’t care what anyone said about her. Once when she was drunk she told me that she’d even had an affair with a woman, a teacher who had seduced her in the shower after a hockey game. I said something like “How awful for you”, but Janice just looked at me and giggled.

Eventually she found a boy she really liked. I can’t remember his name but I do know he was seriously cute and stayed three or four nights a week. Then I would have to lie in bed listening while, about two feet away on the other side of a very flimsy wall, the delectable Janice had noisy multiple orgasms and begged for more.

And yes, of course I masturbated. Maybe not as much as the young Rashers, but enough. While Janice panted and moaned and the boy talked dirty to her I would keep my longest finger buried inside my pussy, slowly going round and round and in and out. When she finally came for what I guessed would be the last time that night I slid my slippery finger out and brushed it as fast as I could backwards and forwards across my clitoris. I came with my face buried in my pillow, so as not to make too much noise. Afterwards I would bring my hand up to my face so that I could smell myself. Sometimes I would put the wet finger into my mouth to taste myself.

This went on for about a month, then the boy dumped her. Janice was inconsolable – weepy, not eating, the works. I told her that if there was I anything I could do to help I was there for her. In fact I was suffering too – now all I could hear from Janice’s room at night was her crying, which made it impossible for me to masturbate.

I was going up the wall with frustration. Then, one humid June Sunday afternoon when Janice was out, I came out of the shower and didn’t bother to get dressed. Hot, bored and naked, I decided to amuse myself by going through her things.

I toyed with her clothes and make up and looked at some photos she had taken at the beach of the boy in wet swimming trunks. I let one hand slip down between my legs. Then, at the back of a drawer, I found something interesting. It looked like a penis except it was black, plastic, eight inches long and buzzed when you flicked a switch.

I stared at it casino siteleri nervously for a minute, but I knew exactly what I wanted to do. First I put it in my mouth and practiced sucking it while I looked at myself in the mirror and idly played with my nipples, thinking how good I looked.

Then I lost my virginity – to Janice’s vibrator, lying naked on her bed with it switched on and shoved in all the way as I came and came and came for about fifteen minutes. My back arched so much that I pulled a muscle. I think I eventually screamed before it finally became too much and I had to turn the thing off and throw it across the room.

When I tried to stand up I couldn’t even walk properly, but I’d never felt better. And I’d never been so ashamed. My first lover had been a plastic toy. Sobbing, I cleaned myself up, washed the dildo and put it back where I’d found it.

A few more days passed. Janice stayed miserable and celibate, which meant I did too. I’d never known her to go so long without cock. And then it happened – the first of the big, bad sexual encounters I’m going to share with you.

It was the day after the last day of term, and everyone was getting ready to go home for the summer. For some reason or other neither Janice or I were leaving until the next day, so we sat around the flat watching crappy day time TV.

Suddenly Janice turned off the television and said “I know! I can practice my massage technique on you. Take your top off and lie on the floor.”

I should have played a bit harder to get, but five seconds later I was lying face down with a bare back and legs, only my worn old denim mini skirt covering my bum. Janice found her baby oil and trickled some down my spine. I bit my lip and tried not to moan as she rubbed it deep into my skin with surprisingly strong hands.

Actually she was a bit clumsy, but when she asked me how it felt I wasn’t lying when I said “Lovely”. After another minute I felt more oil dripping onto the back of my legs and Janice’s hands running up and down my thighs, only stopping when they pushed up the hem of my skirt, an inch away from my very aroused pussy. I just concentrated on keeping still and quiet.

Suddenly Janice stopped and said in a strange, throaty voice “Shall I do your front now?”

Did she mean it? And if she did, did I want it? I panicked. I just giggled and said “Lesbian!”. Janice giggled too and ran off. I got up, staggered to my room on shaking legs, and made myself come with my fingers in about thirty seconds.

That night Janice went out drinking with the other bimbo beauty therapy students who were still around. She invited me out with them, which was unheard of. I didn’t go because I couldn’t stand her friends but when she asked me she was staring at my tits, like a man would. She’d never done that before either.

I went to bed at about 11.00 p.m. and instead of counting sheep I worried about whether I was a lesbian and how to get a boyfriend. I knew some of my fat and plain friends had learned how to cook to compensate for the fact that they weren’t pretty, but that seemed like far too much effort to me. Instead I decided to be a dirty slut. I would simply do absolutely anything in bed that any man with a functioning cock wanted. I drifted off to sleep dreamily thinking about everything that might mean in practice.

I half woke when I heard Janice come in and make lots of drunken clattering in the kitchen, then slept again. A few minutes later my eyes shot open when I felt someone lift the duvet and get into my bed behind me.

It was Janice. She was nude, like me. I could smell alcohol on her breath. I could feel her pointy little tits and nipples pressing into my bare back. I could feel her crinkly pubic hair against my buttocks. In that first second I gasped with shock and instinctively pushed my bum back into her groin. She pushed back.

I heard her whisper “Please can I do your front now Alison?” and then felt a hand snake round and slide over my tits. It started going round and round over my nipples, but still I didn’t move. I said in a shaky voice “Janice, what are you doing?” or something equally dumb. She said “You promised you’d do anything to help me. I need help really, really badly now”. She stopped talking and I felt her tongue on the back of my neck.

The effects of her attention were instant and dramatic. Whether or not I was a lesbian, just feeling a warm and naked human being next to me in bed was already making me all wet and gooey. The fact that it was a beautiful human being who was making it very obvious that she wanted me – in a way that nobody else ever had – just made me swoon. I wasn’t going to resist.

My nipples had turned big and stiff. Every touch of Janice’s hand thrilled them more. My heart was beating faster than I thought was possible, and I’d started to breathe heavily and quickly. This just encouraged Janice. I could feel her hot breath on my neck. Her free hand pushed at my thighs slot oyna and I parted them to let her in.

I don’t know what I was thinking. I wasn’t thinking at all. Janice’s hand slowly slipped up between my thighs and made ever so slight contact with my sopping wet pussy. Then I think I finally let myself moan with the pleasure and wriggled down the bed to meet her fingers. She slid one, then two, inside me and began to move them in and out, all the time licking my neck and ears.

By now I’d completely surrendered myself to the sensations that this girl was giving me, and I’m sure I would have come anyway in a minute or two. But then Janice pulled her fingers out of me and used one of them – now super-slick and lubricated – to rub in a circular motion against my clitoris, very fast but with the lightest possible touch.

The orgasm was what I’d waited for my whole life. It was almost painful. It took over my whole body, like lovely lightning shooting up and down every nerve from my toes to my fingertips. My brain just shut down, and I lay there twitching and shivering until I could make out Janice begging “… me now, do me now, please Alison please…”

I turned round and pushed her back onto the bed. My big tits rested on her small tits. I knew it was too dark for her to see my plain, spotty face so I acted on impulse and kissed her. Our tongues entwined and I slipped my hand down her belly and through her pubic hair, and then forgot all about being gentle and just shoved in two fingers as hard as I could.

She was so wet that there was no resistance anyway, but I finger-fucked her rhythmically and fast, not even needing to touch her clitoris for the single minute it took her to come with a noise that I thought would wake the neighbours and convulsions that I thought would break the bed. I’d never heard her come so hard with any boy, and I was quite proud of myself.

We lay side by side, Janice and I, panting and wet with sweat. After a few minutes I relaxed and put my arms around her for a hug. Silly me. Janice shot out of bed, said “God, you’re such a pervert Alison” and scampered back to her own room.

I was stunned. I started to cry. Eventually I decided that Janice was right and I really was a pervert. I knew I must be because I was still horny. She had humiliated me but left me wanting more. The tears rolled down my cheeks as my fingers moved down to my clit and furiously rubbed until I got the second, less spectacular but more deeply satisfying, orgasm that I really needed.

I didn’t sleep much. When I got up the next morning I was on my own. Janice had already left for home, and after breakfast I did the same thing. I ran back to my mum and dad and – much more to the point – my younger brother.

So I arrived home for three months still needing to know whether I was officially a lesbian, a bisexual, or just a very nasty girl who took whatever sort of sex was on offer.

The only person I could possibly have talked to was my mum, and she and dad flew off to Majorca the same day I got home. That left me with my little brother David for three weeks. He was eighteen but might as well have been eight. Everyone knew he was terminally useless. He couldn’t take care of himself for three hours, never mind three weeks, and that’s why I had to be there before mum and dad went away.

It didn’t help my mood much that David was very good looking and popular, as well as very stupid. The crueller members of the family said that I’d got the brains and David got the looks, and they weren’t joking. To look at he was like Janice’s ex-boyfriend; to talk to he was like Janice. He’d always been dumb and spoiled and I’d truly always hated him.

After two weeks of cooking his meals and ironing his shirts I went out on the town with some old girlfriends from school. These were the really nerdy ones. They were jealous of my figure and thought I’d sold out because of the clothes I wore and because I admitted to caring about boys. It didn’t help that every man in the pub was staring at my tits. And as usual, I liked the men staring but felt ashamed for liking it. I drank much too much and went home to Dozy David.

When I got in he was watching some late-night soft porn thing on TV. In just three hours he’d turned the house into a total mess, and I was furious with him for leaving bits of pizza and coke cans all over the carpet. I was in a really bad mood anyway because of my geeky girlfriends’ attitude and the men in the pub who wouldn’t look at my face, not to mention the whole Janice business. I was just going to let rip on David when I turned to look at the TV screen.

Actually it wasn’t anything that special. Just a man and a girl kissing with tongues but I had to admit that both were genuinely good looking, not the standard plastic porn stars. The girl even looked a bit like Janice. Dozy David was transfixed, though. The expression on his face was just funny, but then I noticed something else – the big bulge canlı casino siteleri in his trousers that he was too stupid to hide.

I couldn’t stop looking at it. My ten minutes of intensive action with Janice hadn’t stopped me yearning for cock. Quite the opposite, in fact. I looked up at David’s vacant pretty-boy face, then I looked back at his crotch. Why shouldn’t I? He always gawped at my tits. I decided David owed me a favour and then I did exactly the wrong thing. I grabbed his cock though his trousers – just to teach him a lesson, I told myself.

He shot about a foot in the air, and said something like “Jesus Alison! What are you doing you mad bitch?” That’s when I could have stopped it. But I didn’t. To this day I don’t know what came over me – something inside me snapped and I slapped David across the face, hard. Twice.

I don’t know who was more surprised, my brother or me, but he just sat there stunned. I made a big, instant decision and brazened it out. “Shut up David. Dozy David. Just sit still or I’ll tell mum about those magazines and how you wank all over the house and that you steal money from her purse.”

All that was true, but he didn’t know that I knew so he just looked more comically confused than he already was. He even started to cry a bit but despite that, and the slaps, his cock had stayed as big and hard in my hand as Janice’s vibrator had been. I liked that a lot. It made me wet.

So I rubbed my air-head brother’s stiff cock through his clothes while I stared into his eyes, looking for signs of pleasure until he squeezed them shut. “Look at me” I hissed, and David obeyed. For a minute the only sound in the room came from the TV as the porn actors pretended to come.

Then it dawned on me. I actually could do anything I wanted with my dumb little brother and he would be too scared to tell anyone. That made my nipples go hard. “Look at my tits David” I said, and slapped him again when he hesitated and mumbled something. I got wetter, and started to squirm around while I decided what to do next.

I wanted to see as well as touch, so I unzipped my brother’s pants and pulled out his cock. My first touch and sight of a real one. It was uglier than I expected but it still looked big and it still excited me. My throat was dry and I was shaking with the thrill of perversion and the thought of what I was going to do next.

I told David to keep his hands behind his back and his mouth shut. Then I bent down and put his cock into my mouth. Despite my instructions he wriggled and moaned, so I bit down with my teeth until he got the message and froze. I rewarded him with what I thought then was a high class blow job. My brother’s cock didn’t taste good – personal hygiene really wasn’t one of his strong points – but the big, hot, smelly thing just felt right in my mouth and I lost myself totally in what I was doing.

After a minute or two David started writhing again, but I didn’t care. Then he gasped something like “No, no, Alison I’m going to… I can’t stop it, it’s coming out now, oh Jesus…”. If I’d known what he was talking about I might have pulled my head away, but I didn’t. The next thing I knew my brother was whimpering and shivering while his cock jerked and my mouth suddenly filled up with his cum. It didn’t taste bad or good, just funny. I swallowed instinctively just to get rid of the stuff.

I sat up, wiped my mouth with the back of my hand and looked down at my pretty little brother. He was still snivelling and his cheeks, red where I’d slapped them, were wet with his tears. His cock, though, had stayed huge and rigid. My pussy still felt achy and empty. “God, David, that was disgusting” I lied. “Time for you to do something for me.”

Any self-control I had disappeared. At that moment I would have sold my soul to fuck any man, and if that meant my own little brother who I didn’t even like that was fine by me. I tore off my jeans and sopping panties, straddled David and lowered myself until his whole cock was buried deep inside me.

And I absolutely loved it. I knew right there and then that this feeling was what I’d been born for, and that I could never have enough of it. I was an animal, grunting and panting and sweating as I bounced up and down on my brother. I ripped open my blouse and made him suck my stiff nipples so that the sensation shot straight to my clit like an electric shock. I was oblivious to everything else except the delicious way his cock filled the aching void that I’d lived with for years.

Even so, the first orgasm frightened me. I really thought I might die. I couldn’t breathe properly and my pulse got faster and faster until my whole body went into spasm, starting with my vagina. I screamed and dug my nails deep into my poor brother’s flesh before surrendering myself completely to the overwhelming waves of ecstasy throbbing out from my clitoris and up my spine. If I died, it was worth it.

I could just about hear David making his pathetic whimpering noise and feel it as he squirted what cum he had left inside me. That spurred me on. I slapped him again for the hell of it, called him a dirty little boy, then ground myself onto his cock even faster and harder than before.

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