Better Than Coffee In The Morning

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I woke up to the smell of fresh brewing coffee and an empty bed. I got up and put my favorite silk robe on before heading out to the kitchen to find out where my significant other was hiding this early in the morning. I walked into the kitchen and find John sitting at the computer on the dining room table engrossed in his work. I go grab a cup from the cupboard and get some coffee. The best part about living with a coffee addict is that there’s always a pot brewing making the house smell so good.

I put my cup down next to his and lean over him to kiss him good morning. I finally got his attention.

“I missed you in bed this morning. Guess you got an early start?”

“I couldn’t sleep so I came out here to work. I had an idea for an article that I wanted to get down before I forgot it.” Said John.

I let my robe slip open and expose one of my breasts while John put his arms around my waist to kiss it. His tongue on my nipple felt fantastic and I let out a little sigh. His tongue flicking my nipple as his fingers found my waiting clit. John got up and picked me up by my waist to put me on the kitchen counter.

“Don’t forget to hit save before you get started dear.” I said. I didn’t want to be responsible for him loosing all his work for a quickie in the kitchen.

The robe slipped off and slid into a liquid pool of oriental almanbahis silk on the counter under me as John spread my legs. His tongue lapping at my slit was driving me into ecstasy. He grabbed me by the ass and shoved his tongue deep into my hole. I beg him to fuck me and he brings me to a screaming orgasm. I go limp from the effects of my orgasm and John picks me up and carries me to the hot tub in the back yard.

I giggled as he stripped naked and joined me in the tub. The hot water had no effect on his raging hard on. He picked me up and faced me towards the wall of the tub and one of the jets. The force of the jets against my clit and my hole felt amazing as he held my pussy lips open against the force of the water and raised and lowered my ass so the jet was rubbing me into a frenzy.

Soon I was begging for him again and he was still teasing me. I was starting to get mad at him but it felt good so I didn’t get too mad at him. As long as I came, it was all-good. I begged him more to fuck he and let me down from the jet’s fury. He laid me in the lounge chair of the tub and got on top of me. He parted my legs and slowly entered me. Once he was in all the way, he held still to feel my trembling pussy grasp his rock hard tools as it quivered from the last orgasm. I squeezed down on him tightly and he began to thrust in and out of me slowly almanbahis giriş at first, driving me insane.

“If you’re gonna do me, don’t be so slow about it. You’re driving me nuts.” I said. He laughed and went a little faster. I could feel the build up again as he built up a rhythm of fucking. His balls slapped against my ass in a rhythmic pace as we both came closer to finishing. The water in the tub was splashing out over the sides as we finished our love making as quietly as we could without waking the neighbors.

We laid in the tub with the water rushing all around us in the after glow as we kissed and held each other. John looked at me and asked me if I wanted to go another round. We picked up John’s clothes and ran into the house naked and giggling. I grabbed my robe from the kitchen counter as we went into the bedroom for some more.

John laid on the bed naked and proving me he wanted to play again. I got onto our king sized waterbed between his legs and began to stroke him and place tender little kisses all over his head. John handed me the motion lotion from his nightstand and I began to rub the warm lotion all over him. He moaned as I rubbed it in and began to lick it off. I took most of him in my mouth and he was laying back in the bed with his eyes closed and the most peaceful look on his face. I could see his almanbahis yeni giriş eyes rolling in the back of his head as I sucked on him harder and harder.

The faster I went the happier he was. His balls were my play toys and I rolled them around in my hand. He moaned as I placed each ball in my soft warm mouth and rolled them around with my tongue. I stroked him in rhythm with each suck of his ball. I could feel his ball harden in my mouth as I played with it and I knew he was going to cum soon. I slid my soaking wet pussy on top of his rock hard, ready to explode cock and slowly slid up and down. I barely left any of it in when I slid down a little faster and tightened down on it with my muscles.

“God you’re so tight. Don’t stop what you’re going. Please.” He begged me to continue.

I continued to thrust myself onto him. Up and down. Faster and faster. I could feel my own pleasure build up inside and I wanted to get off just as much as he did. As I rode him, he started playing with my ass and soon I couldn’t take anymore. I had to cum NOW. He wanted release as much as I did and he started to thrust his hips to meet my teasing pussy. I began to release as I felt his white hot cum explode in me. I screamed for God and him as I came and he moaned my name and I love you over and over again. When he finished, he grabbed me by the waist and rolled over so we were both now lying on our sides yet still connected. He kissed the back of my neck and pulled me closer into his arms and held me there as we both fell asleep. We woke up a few hours later starving to death and really ready to start our day for real.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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