Beltane Bonding

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I had rented a cottage on a remote hillside in yorkshire for three weeks while I wans finishing a book I was editing. One evening I decided to take a walk across the hill and watch the sunset over the bay.

As I walked I daydreamed and by the time I had watched the sun sink over the bay and the red streaked clouds darken to purples and violets in the twilight the path back to the cottage was completely obscured in the darkness.

In my haste to enjoy the wondourous show that nature had provided I had neglected to ensure that I had adequate means to light my way home. However Iam an old hand at camping and the sky was clear so although the moon had not yet risen there was plenty of starlight to enable me to start off in the general direction of the cottage.

After walking for about fifteen minutes I realised that I did not have a clue where I was. In the distance I could make out what looked like a church and I thought that I could see lights.

As I hastened towards the church the moon rose full and bright and the scene before me was illuminated.

What I had thought was a church was merely the remaining shell of one. Judging from the ruin the church had probably been bombed during the second world war. The closer I drew the more sounds I could hear carried to me on the warm breeze. A musky scent enveloped me as I drew parallel to the doorway.

As I entered I saw what my mind had guessed at minutes ago. In the centre of the casino oyna room was a large stone altar dressed in a whilte cloth and surrounded with garlands of white flowers.

Standing to the right of the altar stood a man. His age was impossible to tell as I could not see his face obscured as it was with a mask fashioned to resemble a stylized Stag.

His eyes met mine and as if by their own volition my feet moved carrying me towards him.

As I passed through the room the other celebrants, for I had now come to realise that this is what they were, reached out to touch me gently welcoming me and blessing me.

As I reached the altar two women broke away from the crowd and began to remove my clothing. I had not uttered a word yet and I suddenly felt the need to say something. To make some excuse for my body nad myself. As I drew breath to speak the older of the two women smiled reassuringly at me and stilled my thoughts with a gentle kiss to my lips. Shock kept me frozen to the spot with my eyes shut. Taking advantage of this the two women manouvered me onto the altar. Whilst one kissed my face and stroked my hair, the other lowered herself until my pussy was at eye level and then she began to blow ever so gently on my moistening slit.

The sensation caused me to buck and moan and as I settled back down both women reached for a nipple and began to stroke my breasts.

Soon between the ministrations to my breasts and the now furious slot oyna clit licking I was recieving I was ready to cum. As I started to moan low in my throat the women pulled away.

As I opened my eyes in eager anticipation I came face to face with the huge cock that belonged to the Stag.

In a Seductive voice that carried to every corner of the structure the Stag named himself my consort and me the Beltane priestess. As the crowd murmured “Blessed Be” my consort reared up and plunged deep inside me. As his mighty stroke buried him hilt deep in my juicy cunt I found myself drifting to another place. Around me I could see the crowd frantically coming together in one giant celebration of sex and sexuality. Men and women both sought out each other old and young alike. As my partners strokes sped up my attention was brought sharply in to focus on my new lover. His face, what I could see of it was ablaze with joy and his eyes burned with desire.

He fucked me hard and fast all the time crying out a prayer of thanks to his goddess for bringing me to him.

As I felt myself draw near to orgasm he stopped for a split second at the top of his stroke. With a look of pure tenderness he said “And now my Lady I die in your lap” with that he thrust to the very back of my cunt and began to cum. As he spurted his hot semen into me he kissed me deeply for the first time his eyes never leaving me as I came again for the second time.

Without another canlı casino siteleri word he withdrew from me and the older of the two women took his place between my legs. To my left I could see the younger of the women drop to her knees and begin licking his cock and balls clean. My attention was soon diverted by the attention the older woman was showing to my wet pussy. I couldn’t believe that I was hornier than ever. As I came in her mouth I reached down and played with her nipples.

My movement seemed to be some kind of sign for after a few seconds she moved to the side a I saw a man from the crowd approach.

With a reverence and sincerity that left me bathed in humility this man who looked old enough to be my father and then some bowed to me. I realised he was waiting for some sign of approval so I smiled at him and spread my leags slighltly. With a truly heartwarming grim this distinguished gentleman lightly stroked my body from head to toe with a gentle air if finesse that left me shaking. I had never had anyone touch me so sensuously. He had not been repulsed by my size but had made me feel beautiful desirable and sexy in a touch. I wanted this man inside me and with a growl of frustration I pulled him to me and he slid in with ease. I was surprised at his size and he stopped when he hit the base to allow me to appreciate how filled I was. I felt amazing and I started to cum instantly, he started to move and I became like an animal. I was so horny that I wanted to do everything. I wanted to fuck women, I wanted to be fucked in every hole at same time, I wanted to be fucked by a guy in the pussy while he was getting fucked in the ass and while I was eating pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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