Beloved of Ashura: War and Love

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This is a short followup to my first Beloved of Ashura story. Like others, I wanted to see if I could do a complete story in 750 words. It was slightly easier using established characters. I hope you enjoy it!


The air was heavy with smoke as the sound of battle faded. Dove looked around for another foe, but Rayven was the only person close. She sighed with relief as none of the blood that covered her lover appeared to be hers. Although she had absolute confidence in Rayven’s abilities, Dove knew that age was the one foe even the avatar of a warrior goddess couldn’t defeat in the end.

“Just not yet,” she silently prayed, “don’t take her from me yet, Ashura.”

When Rayven swayed and seemed ready to fall, her fears surged back. Dropping her sword, she rushed over to put an arm around her.

“Dove, I’m fine. Just exhausted,” Rayven said, before chiding her. “Is that how you treat your sword?”

“No, Mistress,” Dove whispered, the terror still strong, but years of training reasserted themselves. Letting go, she picked it up and cleaned it. Sheathing it, she again put a supporting arm around Rayven. The feeling güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri of disappointing her faded with a gentle kiss to her forehead.

“Did we win?”

“Yes, Ashura was with us today,” Rayven replied.

Together they made their way back to the baggage train to collect their things and set up camp on the edge of the army with the other mercenaries. For once, Rayven let Dove do most of the work; sitting and watching, still covered in blood. When done, Dove walked over to her, holding out her hand.

“Come, Mistress. Let me help you.”

With a deep sigh, Rayven half stood and half pulled herself up. Every muscle in her body seemed to groan. Even with support, the short walk to their tent was a challenge. Sitting helped with the weariness but her muscles stiffened up.

With expert hands, Dove stripped off Rayven’s armor and then her clothes. She would clean them after she saw to her Mistress. Once seated, she picked up a rag from the bowl of hot water. She’d already cleaned herself.

Even as a bloody mess, Rayven make her heart beat faster. Despite their difference in güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri age, no one else ever affected her. “She is my everything,” she thought. She dabbed at her face, slowly removing the dried blood to reveal the richer bronze skin below. Checking for unnoticed cuts as she went, her love showed in the gentle cleansing. Blood had dripped down Rayven’s neck, and under her armor and undergarments.

While there was still caked blood, Dove was efficient, but as that disappeared efficiency gave way to lingering touches along the naked body. Without discouragement, she couldn’t help herself. And when the dirty water began to reapply blood, she replaced it with her lips despite the lingering taste and smell of iron. The lust was a familiar after effect of battle, life renewal after a brush with death.

Kissing her way down Rayven’s sinewy neck, she could hear her little gasps.

“She needs this as much as I do.”

From there she went farther down to worship Rayven’s breasts. As she flicked her tongue, she marveled at how full they truly were when freed from the constraining armor. Sucking güvenilir bahis şirketleri a nipple in, her tongue played with it.

“Yessssss,” hissed Rayven, but that wasn’t enough. She pushed on Dove’s head, urging it lower. Her young lover obliged her, lips making a trail of kisses. Rayven sank back against the pile of bedding, spreading her legs. Dove shifted to wiggle between them, walking backward on hands and knees, then lowering her face. Pausing, she inhaled deeply, taking in Rayven’s strong scent. A deep growl came from her throat before her tongue flicked out, dragging it along the wet pussylips. Gathering the juices, she savored the taste. The gasp Rayven made was music to her ears.

Now she dug in, pressing her mouth against Rayven’s mound. Her tongue snaked out and began to push in as deep as she could. The gasps turned to moans and Rayven’s fingers tangled in her hair. She pulled Dove against her and ground her hips, covering her face with juice. Her excitement was quickly peaking, the need overcoming her normal discipline.

“Oh Goddess yes,” she moaned as she felt the hungry tongue picking up the pace. Suddenly her orgasm was upon her. Her body spasmed in ecstasy as Dove brought her to the peak and took her over. She rode it until it died away.

Even before then, Dove crawled up to embrace her. “I love you, Mistress. Don’t ever leave.”

“Not willingly, not until the Goddess drags me away,” she promised.

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