Bedtime Thoughts Ch. 01

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Ava Sparxxx

The bright green light of the clock read 2:35 as she laid in bed. Kate rolled over shutting her eyes tightly, frustrated with her insomnia. Her mind always wandered and raced about anything and everything, mostly replaying what happened throughout the day. Her boyfriend, Peter’s face appeared in her head. As she opened her eyes, she smiled remembering her experience with him earlier that night. They had dinner together at his place. Peter is a horrible cook while Kate makes a living off of it. They cooked together, teasing each other as they went along. Kate dazzled Peter with her skills in the kitchen, flashing him a smile and a wink every now and then. He returned the smile. Once in a while he would kiss her quickly on the neck, just where she liked it the most, right under her ear.

“If you keep doing that I’m not going to be able to finish cooking,” Kate said, looking down at the stove.

“Then I guess dinner will have to wait,” Peter said with a mischievous grin on his face. His hands wrapped around her waist while his chin sat on her shoulder. Peter had to bend his knees slightly since he is much taller than her. He thought to himself how much he found her height appealing. Proportioned beautifully, her body was just the right size, not skinny, but balanced. The thing he loved most was her neck. To him it was sensual; the nice curves were perfect for his mouth to suck on. His love of her neck was not nearly as much as her love of his mouth and tongue on it. To her, it was more exciting than anything he could do.

“No no,” she said in her quiet voice. “We need to finish what we started.” She turned to face him with a smile on her face.

“Does that mean we get to finish what I started by kissing your neck?” Peter asked, almost with a sarcastic, yet hopeful tone. Kate just kissed him quickly on the lips and smiled. She came loose from his grip and walked over to the counter to work on the next part of dinner.

They ate together on the floor of the living room with a few candles lit around them. Some soft music was playing in the background as they drank wine and sat comfortably on the blanket. When Pete finished, he groaned and laid on his side, facing Kate. Her legs were bent, shifting her weight on her left arm that was holding her up. Peter noticed the way her breasts looked in that position. She was wearing a light purple v-neck t-shirt, a color which always looked so good on her. As a matter of fact her whole body looked wonderful, Pete thought to himself. Kate lightly chuckled as she saw him staring at her cleavage.

“I believe you’re staring at my chest,” she said playfully. Kate always said what was on her mind, but never just blurting anything out. She thought carefully before she spoke, something Pete loved about her.

“Can you blame me?” he responded. She didn’t answer. Her face just glowed and her lips suggested a hint of a smile. They stared into each other’s eyes for what seemed to be hours, basking in their love. Finally she leaned in and placed a gentle kiss on his lips. Peter’s lips were uniquely soft. The first time they kissed all that went through her mind was how soft his lips were. She began to crave the feel of his mouth as time went on. He responded to her kiss by sighing softly. She started to pull away when his hand reached around and grasped her head. She almost jumped, not expecting him to react that way. He stroked the side of her face with his thumb. She turned her head a little so his thumb would be near her mouth. As she took his thumb between her lips she stared into his eyes. Her mouth felt hot on his skin. Her teeth encircled his thumb and very gently bit down. She released casino siteleri it from her mouth as his hand brought her lips to his. They opened their mouths as they kissed, gradually getting deeper and harder. The feeling of her mouth caused his excitement to grow more and more. He felt his pants getting tighter as his cock expanded. She groaned softly into his mouth, her own excitement overpowering her.

His hand shifted from the side of her face to her neck, stroking gently. She moaned again into his mouth, loving the warmth of his hand on her sensitive spot. Not wanting to stop, he kept his hand there, gently rubbing the back of her neck under her long hair. They broke away from the kiss and Kate smiled as she stood up. He watched her every move. She began by lifting her shirt over her head, revealing a black lace bra. Her fingers slowly unbuttoned her jeans. He loved the show, but he wanted to undress her himself. He loved the pleasure of removing her clothing.

“Wait,” he said. She stopped and looked at him, not really surprised.

“Let me take them off of you,” he said seductively as he brought himself to his knees. He finished unzipping her pants as he stared into her brown eyes, then pulled them slowly to her feet. He gently lifted one of her legs, his hands placed softly on her calf. She stepped out of the rough denim fabric, his hands traveling up to her thighs. Her matching panties teased him. They were a little see-through, showing her soft shaven mound. He kissed her stomach right above her panties. She leaned her head back and closed her eyes, her hands on the back of his head.

His mouth left a trail of kisses from the top of her leg to the bottom, sucking and licking his way down. He started with her thigh, barely kissing, almost grazing his lips on her skin. As he got to her knee he ran his tongue tip in a circle, then kissed it. He moved further down, just below her knee, taking her skin in his mouth and releasing it. She then felt his teeth nibble her flesh so softly it made her moan.

“Please,” she said, breathing hard. She couldn’t stand the teasing already. He loved when she got this excited. He moved away from her leg and took her hand. He pulled her down to him and she reached for his shirt and yanked it over his head. She immediately began working on his pants. She found Peter touching her hands, slowing her down.

“Go slow for me,” he said. She half nodded and looked down. He could tell it was hard for her to control herself, which only excited him even more. She slowly unbuttoned his jeans and unzipped them, just as he did to her. He ran his fingers through her hair and brought her lips to his once again. She moved her body closer to him and pulled his pants down a little. His hardness poked through his boxers, touching her leg. She felt the head of his cock, wet against her thigh. She pressed into it firmly and felt it throb. He groaned softly while they kissed passionately. He wanted to rip off her panties and take her right there and he knew she wanted the same. He could sense her excitement, hot and anticipating release. He reached behind her and unclipped her bra. His fingers slowly slid the straps down her arms. The feeling of the fabric almost tickled her.

Her breasts felt soft yet firm as both of his hands grasped them. She softly moaned as he ran her engorged nipples between his fingers. Her eyes rolled back and closed. Her mouth remained open and she started to breathe harder again. He took this opportunity to do what she loves the most. He pressed his lips against her neck, right at the bottom and she gasped. He knew this would drive her over the edge. She started to moan slot oyna more frequently as his mouth traveled slowly up her neck. The tip of his tongue ran up and down, tasting her skin. He gently sucked sensually. She breathed harder and bit her bottom lip.

He pulled away from her neck and laid her on her back. He removed his pants completely and got between her legs. She moaned as she felt his rock hard cock press against her hot, wet pussy through her panties. She moved against him, hearing and feeling him moan into her mouth. He moved slowly with her; he wanted to get her as hot as possible. She loved the feeling of his hardness pressed against her, feeling it throb against her clit. She continued to moan and move her body with him. He moved away from her lips and back to her neck.

“I need to cum,” she whispered, almost moaning. He knew how badly she wanted it. His cock was aching and throbbing against her panties, but still he wanted her to the point of begging. His mouth continued to explore her neck with slow and passionate movements.

“Please. I want to cum all over your cock. I need it, please,” she moaned loudly. It was almost as if he didn’t hear her request. He shifted down to her chest, kissing and sucking her skin. She then felt his mouth encircling her left nipple. He pulled it and released it from his lips. She pressed even harder against his cock. Her shaky breaths became harder and her eyes shut slowly. His warm tongue ran over her nipple in circles, then up and down. The flicking motion was slow at first, then quickened in pace. Her hand pushed his head to her other breast. His mouth did the same to that nipple, only slower. She grunted and sighed, frustrated yet extremely excited. Peter always found satisfaction in teasing her only because the outcome was so explosive. Part of him didn’t like putting her through such torture, but he found how pleasurable it was for both of them in the end.

“You feel so good,” Peter said as he lifted himself and placed his mouth to her ear. His breath tickled her ear as he said this, her skin forming goose bumps. He felt her shake and moan, her legs tightening around his waist. Finally, she felt him slowly kiss down her stomach, paying close attention to the area just above her panties. She knew what was coming. His moves became almost predictable after the year they have been together. His fingers pulled her panties down her legs slowly. His eyes lit up when he saw the wet spot on her panties as he tossed them over her head. She spread her legs wide, expecting him to start rubbing her clit. He pressed his lips against hers once again, tasting her sweetness. Her swollen clit throbbed as he touched it gently. She twitched and gasped at his touch. Her eyes remained closed as his fingers slowly moved to her slippery pussy. It felt so warm and wet to him that he moaned softly in her ear. His fingers moved in a circular motion at the opening of her pussy while the palm of his hand rested against her clit. She moved her pelvis forward, trying to feel friction against her clit and his finger to slide inside her pussy. His finger stayed put, continuing the movements. Her body moved over and over against his hand, her pussy sopping wet.

She constantly moaned, fully enjoying the feeling of his hand on her aching pussy. Her nipples seemed to harden even more at the gentle touch of his hand. Her breathing stopped as his finger slid ever so slowly inside her wetness. Her pussy immediately tightened around his finger. She thrusted her hips forward and back, her teeth clenched together. He felt her tensing up, getting close. All of a sudden she stopped and looked into his eyes.

“I want canlı casino siteleri to cum on your cock,” she said. Slowly he pulled his finger out of her. She placed her hands on his chest and moved him onto his back. Her hands grabbed his boxers and pulled them off. She held his cock in her hand as she straddled his body. She was delighted to finally be in control. Her mouth opened as the head of his cock spread her pussy lips. She moaned loudly as he pushed his hips up to meet her thrust. His cock slid completely in her then.

“Oh yes,” she whimpered. They began to move together slowly, savoring the sensations running through their bodies. He moved his hips up as she descended on his cock, moaning with every stroke. He stared at her, watching her facial expressions. His hands that were once on her hips slowly trailed up to her breasts where he squeezed and rubbed her stiff nipples. The candle light glowed off of her skin. He noticed how beautiful and sultry she looked moving against him.

He watched her. She leaned forward a little, placing her hands on his chest. As she began to move faster, Peter knew she was getting more and more into it but he didn’t want her close to orgasm yet. He took her hands that were on his chest and pushed her onto her back. Her legs immediately gripped him around his waist. She gasped as his cock barely touched the opening of her wetness. His lips once again found their way to her neck, kissing and sucking slowly. He wanted to slide deep inside her when he felt her pushing her opening against the head of his cock. The friction that he felt on his sensitive area was unreal. She moved her body again like before when he was between her legs.

“Please Pete … make me cum right now,” she begged.

“Is this what you want to feel?” he asked as he slowly slid his entire length into her sopping wet pussy.

“Oh God … yes, fuck me,” she whimpered, her voice shaking. The sensation of him entering her made her want to cum and release her juices all over his rigid cock. She thrusted her hips forward while he kept a steady slow pace.

“Faster … please, I need to cum,” she said, looking deep into his eyes and tightening her grip on his waist even more. Her fingernails dug into his back as she felt his movements quicken a little. He felt her pussy contract, letting him know she was close to orgasm. The tightening motion of her pussy caused the cum to build up in his cock. He felt it building, getting stronger and stronger every time he felt her tighten and heard her moan.

“Do you want my cum?” he asked, almost out of breath.

“Yes,” she moaned loudly, “cum with me.” Her hands left his back and grabbed his ass, pushing him deeper as her legs pulled his waist in faster. He fucked her hard and fast then, driving her over the edge. Their breathing became harder, his cock ready to explode inside her.

“Cum with me now,” she said, almost screaming then letting out loud moans, feeling her orgasm build and travel through her body. He released his load then, driving his cock in and out of her, shooting his warm cum deep within her. He moaned with every shot of his cum. It was explosive. They moaned together, their areas throbbing uncontrollably. As Peter slowed down, Kate loosened her grip, slowly sliding her legs down. They opened their eyes and kissed gently.

Kate opened her eyes in bed. Her legs were spread wide, her fingers deep in her pussy. She had brought herself to orgasm, moaning and breathing as she was with Peter. She released her fingers from her soaking pussy and sucked them clean, tasting her own juices. Fully rested now, she thought to herself how much she couldn’t wait to see Peter tomorrow with a little surprise. She had been planning it for a few weeks just knowing he will love it. With a smile on her face she fell into a deep sleep, relaxed and ready for the next day.

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