Bedtime Fairy

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I hear his voice in the wind like a whisper in my ear, and follow it to a modest apartment on the West side. When I arrive outside his window, he was trying to find a comfortable sleeping position. As I pass through the window, he sits up frustrated that he’s been awake for hours.

“Hello,” I stood there in the image of his perfect woman: cocoa smooth skin, 38D-24-38, tone and tight. My sheer gown leaves nothing to his imagination.

He rubs his eyes and shakes his head, not believing I’m there. “Hi.”

“How are you doing, Roland?”

“I’m alright; just can’t sleep.”

“Need some help?”

“I’m dreaming, right?”

I move from the window closer to him, “Do you need some help going to sleep?”

“Yes; can you help me?”

“I’ll try,” I smile. “Lie back down.”

He’s hesitant, but lies back under his covers. My gown falls to the floor, and I climb in his bed behind him to snuggle up tight. Roland is not a small man; my guess is 5’8″ and 220 pounds. He’s wearing a tank top, which I lift the back of to press my nipples into his back.

“How does this feel?”

“I love it; nice and warm.”

I put my leg on top of his, and rub my hand on his arm, “Most men who can’t sleep have pinned up sexual frustration.”

“You’re right about that.”

“How long has it been?” I let him know that it is okay when he doesn’t answer for a while.

“Five months, so snuggling up on me may get you in trouble.”

I kiss his ear, “I don’t know the meaning of the word.” I reach around to put my hand in his boxers, detecting his excitement on my fingers. He shifts a little more to his back, making it easy for me to reach his dick. I put my lips to his ear to whisper, “Relax and go to sleep,” while I caress his dick.”

“You’re kidding, right? That’s waking me up, baby.”

“I can tell.”

Roland sits up, swinging his legs of the other side of his bed, “Come around in front of me.”

“Will doing that help you fall asleep?”

“It might. I want to look at you; touch you; taste you.”

I get a huge smile on my face, and walk around the bed to do as he asked – bare from feet to head.”

“Damn!” his eyes scale my body several times. “You are sexy!”

My body responds with goosebumps to go along with my hard nipples, “Thank you, Roland. I’m glad you find me pleasing.”

“You’re perfect,” his laughs. “Come here.”

I step forward to him.

“Let me suck your tongue,” he says placing his hands on my hips for a kiss.

I put my hands on his shoulders, “I’m your bedtime fairy, so do whatever you want.”

His tongue was heavy in my mouth, and initially moved way to fast. I put my hands to his face, and guide him with my tongue to slow down. He gets the message, and the kiss becomes very enjoyable. “Push your nipples in my mouth.”

I lean back slightly to align my nipple to his lips, “As far as you wish.”

“Push them in until you moan; I want to suck them hard.”

I lean forward until I feel the hot moisture of his mouth, stay there for a second, and then lean forward until a charge goes from my nipple to my clit. I straddle his lap and pull his head even closer on them. His sucking is strong, and my moan grows a little louder the longer he does. He switches from my right nipple to my left, leaving my right one glistening. Missing the attention, and pinch my right nipples, almanbahis sending even more charges to my clit.

“You feel so soft in my hands,” he caresses my back down to my ass.”

“Squeeze my ass, please,”

“Anything you want, fairy.”

“No, anything you want – I already told you that.”

“I’ll squeeze it, and kiss it too,” he guides me to climb off him, and bend my ass over to his face. He rubs it, squeezes it, and kisses it.

Mmmmmmmmmmmm, yes Roland.”

“Reach in my shorts and take out ‘your’ dick.”

I turn around and get on my knees between his legs. I open the flap of his boxers, and pull out his thick dick. It is almost fully hard, and the tip is wet with his pre-cum.

“Stroke it. Make it hard for you.”

I spit in my palm and mix it with his pre-cum to stroke his dick. It gets fully hard in no time.

“Taste it.”

I look up and smile as I lick the head, then take it in my mouth.”

“Shit!” He moans for a few minutes, “Suck your baby’s dick.”

I come off for air, “As you wish.”

“Oh shit, yes, get it wet, fairy.”

I take it out again and ask if I can rub my clit as I suck.

“Hell yes! Get that pussy wet too.”

“It’s been wet from the time you wished for me.”

“So you’re not real.”

“I’m as real as you need me to be, but is that where you really want to go right now?”

He shakes his head, “Nah, I want you to reach up and put your wet fingers in my mouth.”

I make sure I have a lot of my juice on my fingers and raise my hand to his lips, “My offering.”

He sucks my fingers dry, “Tastes sweet, baby. Keep sucking and playing with that clit.”

“I won’t stop until you make me.” I feel him twitch a few times, and back off to not have him release too soon.

“Let me fuck your mouth.”

I lean back on my knees, and put my hands behind my back. He stands from the bed, pulls his boxers off, and takes a hold of my hair in one hand and his dick in the other. He strokes his tip across my lips to get my mouth open, then slides himself inside.

His head falls back, “So hot and wet.” The momentum of his hips increase, dragging his dick back and forth across my rough toungue. “Oh shit, your mouth feels good.”

As I moan, I reach around to rub his ass — feeling his cheeks tense up and relax in a rhythm.

“Let me touch the back of your throat with my dick; let me make that mouth mine.”

“Do it,” I mumble around his dick, open a little wider, and reach down to finger my pussy.

“This is how I’m gonna fuck your pussy!” His tip hits my tonsils, causing me to gag slightly and slobber to roll out the side of my mouth. “Yes! Slob my dick! “It’s ok for you to be nasty with me.”

I alternate between holding my mouth open and closing my lips to hum on his dick.

He starts twitching again, and pulls out to lie back on the bed, “Come straddle my face. Fuck my tongue; show me how nasty you can be.”

I climb on the bed over his face, grab a hold of the headboard, and lower my dripping pussy to his mouth.


My grinding starts off slow and methodical, but very quickly becomes wilder and more intense. I’m soon grinding my pussy all over his face.”

Roland reaches up and smacks my ass while I’m fucking his mouth.


He smacks it again, harder.

“Harder!” A second almanbahis giriş later I feel the hot sting of his hand, several times in a row. The harder he smacks it, the harder I fuck his mouth.”

An incredible orgasm is building, and I have no intentions on getting up. “I hope you want my cum in your mouth.”

He mumbles something, but I have no idea what he is trying to say — and I don’t stop. My grinding turns into bouncing as the orgasm hits. I pull up on the headboard, because the slightest touch is electric for that minute.

“Yesssss, let it go, fairy! Give it all to me! I wanted you to cum in my mouth, you know that?”

The orgasm is still too strong for me to respond.

“You taste sweeter than a mutha fuck!”

“Thank you,” I pant, starting to regain control.

“Now slide down my body and kiss and lick your cum off my mouth while sliding your pussy on my dick.”

“Hell yesssssssssss!”

“Taste your cum off my lips, and fuck me!”

I lean my head over and take a deep breath, “The smell of my cum on your face is driving me crazy.”

“That’s so sexy. Go crazy baby! Get my dick wet!”

I slide my pussy down until I feel the tip of his dick. I work my pussy over his dick, coating it with my cum until he lines it up to my slit and I take it in me.

“Kiss me hard; get that cum off my tongue.”

I slide my pussy up and down his dick as I clean his face, “I won’t leave a drop. You’re dick is feel great inside me.”

“Inside you?”

I look right into his eyes, “In my wet pussy.”

“Yeah,” he smiles. “Sit up so I can suck your titties.”

“Yes sir,” I lean back and put my hands on his thighs for leverage, pushing my titties proudly forward.

He grabs them both and squeezes them to his mouth. I start bouncing down hard because I can’t get him deep enough. “Your pussy feels so good!”

“It’s just 4 you!”

He moans, “Fuck me, fairy! Fuck your daddy with that hot pussy!”

I lean forward to put my arms around his neck, and ride his dick hard — bouncing and grinding, taking his dick as deep as I can get it.

I feel Roland hands reaching around to play with my ass. He spreads it open, and slides his finger in using the juice off my pussy.

“Ummm shit!”

“Fuck my fingers too!” he slides another one in beside the first one.

I rock my hips forward for his dick and backwards for his fingers, until I scream when another orgasm hits. I dig my fingers in his shoulders.

“Fuck yes!”

My moans sound like crying as my body shakes and trembles. Sometime before it is over, he takes his fingers out. When this one subsides, I slowly rock on his dick.

“Get up and suck that cum off my dick.”

My tired body get a jolt of energy at his words, and I jump off his dick to get between his legs. “My only desire is to make you cum right now.”

“Stroke and suck my dick like a bitch in heat. That’s what you are, right?”

“Yes,” I grunt.

“Then be my bitch. Suck it like it’s yours!”

“I am, daddy, it is mine!”

“Make it cum!”

I suck the tip, and stroke the shaft.

“Suck my balls too, baby.”

I look up at him, “If you lay back, I’ll lick your ass.”

“Ohh yess!”

“I knew you’d like that.”

He lays back and opens his legs, “Do it. Lick my ass!”

Right before my tongue flicks his puckered almanbahis yeni giriş hole, I ask, “Am I a nasty bitch?”

“Yes! You are a nasty bitch! I love a nasty bitch! You are driving me crazy,” he says as my tongue dances over his hole. I push my tongue in as I keep pumping his dick, and he almost jumps off the bed.

“You okay, daddy?”

“Get up and bend over,” he says out of breath. “I want to fuck you in that tight ass.”

“As you wish!” I get off the bed, and walk around to bend over the foot of the bed – feet apart, ass open.”

Roland gets behind me, “Get that ass up higher.”

“Yes sir,” I raise to my tip toes. He puts his dick in my pussy for lubrication, then put the tip at my puckered hole. I take a deep breath and brace myself. He grabs my waist and pushes his dick in my ass. “Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh!” His dick passes the rim, and he rocks back and forth going deeper and deeper.

“Tell me to fuck that ass.”

I grit my teeth, “Fuck my ass! Fuck my slut ass!”

“Yes, talk nasty to me!” He grips my shoulders and pushes all of his dick in my ass.

My moan really was a cry this time. His dick felt so painfully good that tears started rolling down my face.

“I’m making you my bitch,” he fucks me harder and harder. “Making it my ass!”

“Fuck yes; fuck your bitch’s ass!”

He smacks my cheek, “Say that shit again!”

“Fuck your bitch’s ass!”

“You are my bitch, aren’t you?”

“YES! Gimme that big dick!”

“It’s so tight on my dick, bitch. Am I your first?”


“I’m making you love it, ain’t I?” he fucks it a little harder, smacking it a few more times.

The tears continued to roll, “Shit yes, I love it!”

“I didn’t hear you,” he pulls my head back by my hair.”


“I know, bitch!” He reaches his other hand down and puts two fingers in my pussy to fuck it while he drills my ass. “Be nasty bitch!”


When his fingers push inside and hit my g-spot, I explode — squirting a puddle of my cum to the floor beneath me.

He yanks my hair harder, “Look what you did!”

There is no way I can respond.

He lets go of my hair and pulls his fingers from my pussy to put both hands on my shoulders, “I’ve never had a woman squirt like that,” he thrust harder and harder. “I want you to belong to me! Gimme that ass! Give it to me!”

I fuck him back as much as my orgasm will allow, but my body is spent.

“Here I cum! I’m about to cum,” his thrusts get short and erratic.

“Where do you want to put it?”

“In your mouth and on your face.”

I pull myself off his dick and spin around to my knees in front of him.

He strokes his dick so hard in my face; his hand is almost a blur, “Open your mouth baby! Here it cums! His grunts get louder and louder — then he stops. There’s three seconds of silence, and then a loud groan as the first wad of cum explodes from his dick onto my neck. The next two make it into my mouth, then he leans over me for the rest to squirt onto my chest.

His knees wobble, but he stays on his feet until his nuts are empty. “Oh I love you. Damn, I love you.”

I get from under him, and help him back to bed. I lay him down, and climb behind him to snuggle to his back again. “Relax; go to sleep.”

He keeps mumbling that he loves me, until his breathing becomes deep and steady. When I hear him snore, I make my way out of his bed and out of his room — leaving my puddle at the foot of the bed so he can know it wasn’t just a dream.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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