Becoming Bree Ch. 04

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Chapter 4: Interlude

The drive to her Aunt Tera’s home was mostly in silence, as if Sabrina thought she’d burst or explode with all the emotions running through her. She continued to be overwhelmed by her mother, everything that the beautiful woman did astonished her, surprised her and made her horny as hell.

The ride was smooth inside her mom’s sporty little convertible. The two pretty women let their hair blow in the wind, enjoying the beauty of the day.

Sabrina had already begun to liberate herself, sexually. She wore no bra under her sheer spring dress and the panties were barely-there as well. If her mother hadn’t been with her, she’d have fingered her pussy all the way to her aunt’s home.

The drive was long, but Sabrina didn’t mind. She was lost in her thoughts, losing herself in her newfound sexuality. All of her thoughts seemed to center around sex, about fucking, about being licked and nibbled, about being a total sex-toy.

Cock. She thought about it all the time now. She loved the primal sound of the word. Cock. She couldn’t wait to feel one fucking deep into her pussy. To have one in her mouth, pulsating and throbbing with lust. Her pussy was aching now, she wanted to fuck. Ohhh Mom, hurry up and get to Aunt Tera’s, I wanna play with my pussy, she thought inwardly.

Caroline glanced over at her daughter, noting her obvious distress. She thought it was wonderful that Bree’s long-suppressed desires were coming to the surface and she hoped her horny little daughter would yield wonderful, loving passions.

This was the kind of day that inspired Caroline’s lusts. She and Tera would often go on picnics, either wearing frilly spring frocks with little underneath. Once at their destination, they’d find some secluded spot, strip each other slowly and make wild, passionate, lesbian love. On occasion, they’d bring a 3rd partner, like Tera’s sensual mom, but usually it was the two of them.

Caroline couldn’t wait to see her lover again and, throwing caution to the wind, put her foot to the floor and accelerated the car.


At the same time Caroline was winding her way down the road to Tera’s home, Tera was exceptionally illegal bahis busy.

She smacked, hard and quickly, at the rounded buttocks that were in front of her. The sweet cheeks glowed red and the woman face-down on the bed moaned with intense passion.

“You’ve been a miserable, fucking bitch, haven’t you?” Tera said as she slapped the ass again.

“Yesssss!” Michelle hissed in passionate response.

A few months into their lesbian / incestuous affair some years back, Michelle had confessed to her daughter – while eating cunt with love and affection for Tera, the daughter who’d released her inner kink – that she liked to be spanked when having sex.

“Daddy won’t do it for me anymore hunnycunt!” Michelle said between lavish slurps at the font of her daughter’s pussy. “He says we’re getting too old for those kinds of games – hmmphh, I am only in my 30’s – so we should just fuck and get it over with!”

Tera ran her fingers through her mother’s thick hair, which still shone brightly, despite a few flecks of grey. “Do you still have that Tortoise-Shell brush mother?” Tera asked.

Michelle’s eyes grew bright and round, and she ran from the room, returning a few seconds later with the brush. “This one, you mean?” she purred suggestively.

“Yessss, you nasty fucking bitch!” Tera squealed with delight. She grabbed the brush from her horny mother and swatted her on the ass with it. “You nasty slut, eating your own daughter’s pussy!”

The depravity of her daughter spanking her rounded ass and fingering her pussy at the same time made Michelle’s cunt flow like a river. She orgasmed within minutes.

Since then, Tera had always administered spankings to her mother. Michelle really got off on them. Sometimes, she’d practically beg her sexy offspring to spank her. She bought Tera a naughty black riding crop for her birthday, which Tera used on her unmercifully, swatting her mother’s round ass until it glowed red, even striking her engorged clit a few times, which caused Michelle to practically pass out from orgasm.

Michelle loved to tease her daughter now. She made every one of their sessons special for Tera. She’d buy the nicest clothes, designer illegal bahis siteleri stuff – over her husband’s objections – and wear them for her daughter / lover.

Michelle had come to their lovemaking session today dressed-to-kill. She wore the “Power Suit” that Tera adored, her mother looked trim and stylish in it. And what was underneath always made Tera’s pussy drip with desire.

Today she’d worn the pinstripe blackish / grey suit that was Tera’s favorite. Her heels were stilettos, one of Tera’s turn-ons, and now Michelle’s. She’d mastered the art of walking in them, adding a gentle sway to her walk that ignited a heat in her lover / daughter.

She had stood in front of Tera, undressing slowly, teasingly, one button at a time, until Tera was almost mad with desire to rip the outfit from her mother’s lush, mature body.

But she didn’t. And the end result was always worth it.

Today, Michelle had worn an outfit underneath to entice. The bra she wore held her round, gorgeous tits, but just barely. As she removed her top, she wiggled out of the pants next. The shimmy she used was overtly sexual.

Once she was out of the top and pants, she stood before her lusty offspring clad in a bra, sheer lace panties, black stockings and garter. Her daughter reached for her, but Michelle pulled away, just out of her reach.

“Uh, uh, uh baby – be patient!” she giggled at Tera. Patient, Tera thought, Fuck!, I am dying to lick that hot pussy of hers! But she knew her mother well enough to know that Michelle would make it worth the wait.

Michelle walked around the bedroom, pirouetting in front of Tera, cupping her large tits and playing with her nipples, running her fingers over the stockings, sliding a finger into her wet, soft pussy and fingering herself. She offered one pussy-slicked finger to her daughter, who sucked at it eagerly.

She slid onto the bed and was amazed, yet delighted, when Tera’s hand smacked at her gorgeous, rounded ass. “Bad Mommy!” Tera yelled at her. “You made me wait to get at that luscious cunt of yours! Bad Mommy!” Tera swatted at her mother / lover unmercifully, making her ass cheeks glow a delicious red.

She used canlı bahis siteleri the riding crop too, and Michelle was on the verge of pain – yet it was still pleasurable. Tera knew this, and buried her face in her mother’s pussy, licking at it, slurping up all the juices as she now gently caressed her mother’s buttocks.

They were in a “69” now, mother licking daughter, daughter licking mother, soft moans coming from both women.

They wiggled on the bed, their bodies similar in height, so the lovemaking was fierce, passionate and skilled. In the years they had been lovers, Michelle’s lesbian skills had developed to the point she was nearly as good as her daughter.

She drilled her tongue into Tera’s cunt, swirling it around, up and down, licking at the clit and stroking her soft thighs.

They adjusted positions, Michelle lying on top of her daughter, their breasts squashed together, rubbing pussies together, the wetness from both women lubricating their heated fucking.

Michelle’s brain drifted back to how all of this had started, her daughter and Caroline seducing her into this new, deviant – yet happy – lifestyle – and she smiled as she continued to dry-hump her horny daughter. Her husband didn’t spend a lot of time with her in bed nowadays, but she didn’t care – she had Tera and in the years since, had found a few other female playmates. She didn’t crave cock much anymore, but the gentle caress of a woman’s hand, her soft lips, her gentle touch, the subtle aroma of pussy and perfume – those made her ache with lust now.

Tera’s fingers pumped in and out of her mother’s cunt now, bringing her to mini-orgasm after mini-orgasm, Michelle was nearly out of her mind with lust and passion. Over and over she came, her juices slicking her daughter’s fingers, until she couldn’t stand it anymore, and came, an explosion that nearly knocked her off the bed.

She snuggled with Tera, toying with her daughter’s nipples, cradled in her arms. “When are you expecting the girls?” she asked.

“In a few hours, so you need to get your shapely ass home to Daddy!” Tera giggled, swatting her mother’s ass as she got up from the bed.

Michelle pouted a bit, as if wanting to stay. She did want to see Caroline again – and she wondered if her daughter would be as wild as the mother. But those were thoughts for another day. She dressed and left, blowing a kiss to her daughter, knowing there would be more pleasures yet to come.

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