Becky Gets Even

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Jesse was bone tried, he had work the last 12 hours putting the fire out on the west side of his land. And to top that off he came home to find his niece sucking a man he just hired last week. He yelled and scream and told the man to leave, he was fired. Then he turn to her.

“Don’t even brother saying anything Uncle Jesse, I’m 20 years old and I can suck, or fuck any one I want to.” she said, and walk away.

The next morning he waited for her to come downstairs.

“Becky I’m sorry I yell at you yesterday. You have the right to do what you want and with whom you want to, but could you not get the men I hire, please.” he said.

“I’ll try, but I can’t promise anything.” she said. He went out to work. She sat there thinking how she was going to get even with him. [ the phone rings]

“Hello yes, no I’m sorry he left for work. No he can’t meet you tonight Mrs. Brown, your a married lady and you shouldn’t be fucking him, go find your husband, better yet I’ll tell him you want him home your horny.” she told the lady then hung up on her.

Smiling to herself, Becky went back to cleaning the kitchen. She was just sitting lunch on the table when Jesse walk in the door.

“You had no business telling her that Becky.” he said.

“If I can’t have any man that works for you, then you can’t have any of the lady’s.’ she said.

“Bite me.” she said. He grab her and pull her to him, looking into her eyes he felt bad for what he was about to do, but not that bad. He kiss her roughly. When he soften the kiss, and cupped her ass, grinding his cock into her. He broke the kiss and told her to leave his lady friends alone. She watch him leave the house.

Becky didn’t see or hear from him for three days. By the fourth day she was getting concern. She went looking for him. It was close to dark, and she had look everywhere. She decided to go to by the lake. That’s where she saw his horse. She got off hers and walk up to his horse. Then she spotted him laying on the big flat rock at the waters edge. She watch him for awhile,look like he was sleeping. Leaving the horse she walk over to him. She saw that he had no clothes on, and looking around she didn’t see any sign of where they could be. The closer she got, she noticed that he had an unusually large cock. She seen a lot of cocks, and her Uncle’s was more like a horse’s.

“Uncle Jesse.” she said. He didn’t even move. She reach up and touch him. He turn to look at her.

“What do you want Becky?” he ask.

“YOU, I WANT YOU.” she shock herself when she said it. He look at her.

“Can you take all of me inside you? I’ve yet to find one who can, Mrs. Brown was the only one who could get over half inside her.” he said.

“Yes I can.” she said.

“Then get up here and fuck me Becky.” he said. She climb up on the rock and stood over him. She pull off her T-shirt, then took off her shorts. Standing above him, she rub her tits, moving her hand down and rubbing her pussy. He was stroking his cock watching her undress.

“You look wonderful standing there, but when are you coming down here to fuck me.” he said. She smile as she sat down on his illegal bahis hard cock. He grab her hip holding her, as she ease her pussy on his cock.

“OH GOD BECKY YOUR PUSSY FUCKING HOT.” he groan. She close her eyes, just letting the feeling of him being inside her. She let her body go and she drop onto his cock.


“Oh god Becky are you alright Baby, please tell me your okay?” he ask.

“Oh Uncle Jesse your so big, I feel so full, Oooooo, yes I can feel every move your cock makes.” she said finely.

“Oh sweet Baby I thought I had hurt, because I’m so big.” he said. She move her hips, slowly twisting, and up and down.

” Oh baby feels so good being inside you, but I wont last long, it’s been to long for me.” he said.

“Can we get off the rock?” she ask.

“We can try, but I don’t want to take my cock out now that I’m inside you.” he told her. He had her wrap her arms and legs around him as he move his ass forward, pushing deeper and deeper inside her.

“Oh God Jesse Your getting deeper with every move you make. Oh God!!!” she said. At the edge of the rock, getting ready to drop to the ground. Jesse puts his arms around her, holding her ass in his hands. He pushes off the rock, landing on his feet, turning her back to the rock he plunges his cock over and over. Increasing his speed and tempo with every thrust.

“OH GOD UNCLE JESSE, I’M CUMMING!!!!!” she screams.


He sat her down on the ground and went to his horse.

” We can’t do this again Becky, it isn’t right.” he said. She couldn’t believe what he was saying. That was the best fuck she had ever had and she wasn’t giving that up for any reason, not even incest. Running over to him, pulling him to her.

“No please Uncle Jesse don’t stop, we’re so good together, Didn’t you like being inside me? Don’t I turn you on?” she ask. Closing his eyes, and taking a deep breath, he turns to her, looking into her eyes.

“If it was just you and me on this place I would fuck you till you couldn’t walk, I’d keep you in bed till you satisfy me in every way, And Honey i want you so badly that you would never leave my bed, you’d be i it forever.” he said, grabbing her and pulling her to him. He layed her on the ground and push her legs apart and plunge his cock into her. He fuck her quickly, both of their cum’s mixing together. Pulling out of her he told her to go home he would be home sometime tonight.

Becky went into her bedroom closing the door. She took a shower, dress in her robe. She sat there staring off into space. About an hour later she went down stairs to fix herself something to eat. She turned the oven on and put the casserole in. Sitting at the table, she saw the Bananas, grabbing one she peel it, As she looked at it, wondering if she could suck Jesse’s cock. She push the banana down her throat, pretending it was his cock she bobbed her head up and down. Jesse looked thru the door window, watching her sucking the banana like it was a cock. It made him hard watching her work that banana like illegal bahis siteleri a cock. The bell went off pulling her out of her little world, she toss the thing in the trash can and pull out the food.

“Something smell great, what’s for dinner Becky?” Jesse ask. He sat down at the table. They sat and ate with out talking to each other. Becky wasn’t into the food she ate a little then just push the rest around on her plate. Jesse ate everything on his plate. He looked at her.

“Becky we need to talk please go up to my room and wait for me.” he told her.

Becky didn’t really want to talk about anything, but she did as she was ask. Leaving his light off, she fell asleep waiting for him to come up. Jesse check in with his foreman, and his workings, then he clean out the tack room, hoping that his energy was gone he went up to the bathroom to shower. Wrapping the towel around his hips he walk into his darken room. He saw her laying there on his bed, he felt his cock stirring to life. He turn off the light again and went over to the bed, looking at her he knew he had to have her again.

Getting into bed with her he ease her leg over his hip, he push his cock into her pussy, easing in a little at a time. Between each push he would kiss her and whisper things in her ear. Opening her eyes, she saw Jesse looking at her.

“Hi I see your finely awake.” he said, pushing his cock in more.

“Oooooooo,I thought you didn’t want me anymore.” she said breathing hard.

“Oh Becky I’ve wanted you sense you turn 17, and I noticed that you had grown up a lot, I still want you, but it’s wrong.” he said. She pushes back on him, meeting him each time.

“Oh God Baby, you make me feel so fucking good.” he groan. Jesse couldn’t hold back any longer, he pull her under him, lifting her legs to his shoulders, he plunges deeply into her. Moving quick and fast till he felt her climax, he move her legs to around his hips. He waited for her to breath again.

“Oh Baby I’m going to fuck you now as I’ve wanted to for a long time.” he told her And he did to, he took her to heaven over and over again. She had so many orgasms, before he had his one.

Over the next few months he tried very hard to stay away from her body. Plans were made for a big barbecue for the last weekend of the month. He’d made it once for almost three weeks, before he took her from behind while she was taking a shower, and about a week later he found her out by the lake swimming nude, she suck his cock, and he fucked her ass. He found a reason to be with her every Sunday night, and he’d take her over his desk in his study, and on Wednesday she would suck his cock for him. That’s what went on for the last month.

The party was in full swing. Jesse was talking to his men and Becky was playing with the kids, and talking to some of the lady’s. Jesse looked up when he heard a car stop. He saw that it was his mother and father coming to the party. Looking for Becky, he didn’t see her.

“Hello mom, dad, What brings you out here?” he ask.

“Hello Grandpa, grandma.” Becky said as she came out the door. Becky gave grandpa a hug.

“Don’t canlı bahis siteleri touch me you whore!” she said, as Becky was going to give her a hug.

“Why is she still here Jesse, Why is that whore’s daughter still living here?” she ask. Becky was so upset she ran into the house crying.


“She is not our family, she’s not Jack’s. Jan was pregnant when Jack married her, I want that girl out of my house.” she said. Jesse look at his father.

“This is my house, not yours. Dad is what she said true? Becky is not my niece?” Jesse ask.

“It’s true son, Jack wanted a kid, but he couldn’t have any. But when he meet Jan he fell in love with her and married her, your mother never like her because Jan was a stripper when Jack and her met.” he told Jesse.

“If that’s the case Jesse, you don’t have to fight your feelings anymore.” Brad said. Jesse nodded his head in agreement.

“I’m not telling Becky to leave my home, I love her, I’ve been fighting feelings for her for a long time, and now I’m not fighting them any more. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to find Becky and try to fix this mess you made mother.” Jesse said.

“You can’t that’s incest, you fool, I wont have that, that thing in our family.” she yell after to him.

“Come on Frank were going home.” she said.

“NO, I’m not leaving, this is my son too, and I wont be a part of you jealous over a dead lady’s child.” he said. Everyone at the party watch her get in the car and leave.

“Well I don’t know what to tell you guys.” he said to everyone.

“Tell Jesse and Becky we will plan this party for next weekend.” Brad said.

“Yes please do, and tell Becky we love her.” someone said.

” Oh Becky What are you doing, your not leaving me honey. No way am I going to let that happen.” Jesse said. as he walk into her room. Grabbing her and pulling her onto his lap. Wrap in his arms she put her arms around him, hugging him. Jesse reach up to caress her face, pulling her to him, kissing her. She reach for his belt, unbuckle, unzip his pants. She pull out his hard cock. Jesse reaches under her dress, ripping her panties off, he lifted her to straddle his lap. He pulls her down onto his cock. They don’t talk just kissing and fucking each other till they both cum.

Still breathing heavy and fast Jesse pulls her to lays down on the bed. That’s how Jesse’s dad found them when he walk into the room, closing the door behind him.

“Jesse, Becky we need to talk.” he said.

“What is it dad, I’m not giving her up.” Jesse said.

“I know son, this is about the past. After Jack married Jan, and Becky was born and about 2 years old. Jack came to me and told me everything. He wanted anther kid, so he ask me if I would sleep with Jan and get her pregnant. I told him I’d love to, I always thought your mother was a sexy hot lady. We plan a weekend when we knew your mother would be out of town visiting her parents Jesse. She left and I came out here. Jack, Jan, and I spend the weekend enjoying ourselves. She could suck my cock better than your mother ever could. And she had the tightest pussy, and ass. Well on Sunday afternoon, while Jan was on top of me fucking me and me telling her she had the best fucking tight pussy I’ve ever had. Your mother busted in the room Jesse.” he told them.

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