Beach Time Fun

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The Beach seems deserted, thank goodness I have Monday off, yesterday this place was a seal colony packed with people. The summer has been a scorcher, brilliant blue skies and almost cloudless. I’ve been waiting ages to get out here, the sand is creamy white and the water matches the sky for colour.

I find myself a patch near the trees, unfurl my towel and start applying my sunscreen. The summer has been good to me, most of my winter padding has melted off, and I’m finally getting that nice golden tan. In quick movements I’m covered and ready to hit the water. Damn the water feels cold after the heat of the sun, but that quickly fades as powerful strokes push me further from shore, 20 minutes later, and I feel I like a new man, as I return to the beach I notice that I’m not alone, someone else has been lucky enough to score this wonderful day off.

As I walk up to my stuff, I glance over and see an attractive lady stretched out on her towel, her peach coloured bikini shows off her body beautifully, she has a natural womanly beauty, thankfully not skin and bone nor chubby, all the right curves in all the right places. Her mass of dark hair obscures her face, that is until she turns to look at me and that’s when I get a flash of green from her eyes, she has an attractive face, which just about devastates me when she smiles up at me. She gives me the same once over that I’ve just given her. Again she smiles, so she must like what she sees. My heart is beating erratically.

I flash a quick smile, before grabbing up my towel to dry off. I try to not look at her, but when I do I catch her watching me. I lie down on my towel and try to calm down, nice deep breaths, cool thoughts, but it’s not working, all I can think about is whether I can get up the nerve to offer to put sunscreen on her back, hmmm long gentle strokes…


One word and I almost have a heart attack as I’m broken from my thoughts. I look up, a little embarrassed. She’s standing over me, the sun at her back, and close up she really has got a nice figure, well proportioned.

“Hi” I say back

“I was wondering if you’d do me a small favour?”

She has a nice sounding voice too, with a soft southern American lilt.

“Sure, almanbahis giriş what can I do?”

“I feel a little silly asking a complete stranger, but I can’t reach my back to apply the sunscreen, could you please do it for me?”

Damn! Has she been reading my mind or what?

“Y-Yeah, sure” I stammer out

We walk over to her towel, and she hands me a bottle of sunscreen, and lie down. I kneel down beside her and squirt a little sunscreen into my hand so that it wont be such a cold shock hitting her back. At the first contact as my fingers touch her back, I feel a shiver run through her, she reaches up and untie and unclip her bikini top. I can feel my pulse quickening again.

“By the way, my name’s Chris since I am here applying sunscreen to your back I guess I should really introduce myself”

She giggles, “Yeah, I suppose I should do the same. I’m Jo”

I go about my job of applying the sunscreen, being a bit of a cheat, and to make the experience last, I start giving her a massage, gently kneading the sunscreen into her shoulders, she starts relaxing under my deft touch, I can tell she’s really enjoying it.

A moan escapes her lips, “Oh yeah that feels so good, please keep going”

Who am I to refuse? He he he

I work my way down her back, releasing all her tension and I find myself approaching her nicely shaped arse, the temptation is almost to great, but I move down to her legs massaging them deeply, she parts her legs a little and through her bikini I can make the soft outline of her pussy, I feel myself getting hard, and obviously so does she. Her hand slides up the inside of my leg, and stops to rub at the growing bulge in my pants. I try to keep my attention on her massage, but it’s not working, things are happening over which I have no control… damn how I like it too… She gets to her knees and turns around to face me, with a wicked grin on her face, she reaches forward to rip my pants off, but I stop her, pushing her slowly back till she’s laying on her back. I give her a quick kiss on her forehead.

“Ladies First…”

My hands run up her body, until I reach her firm breasts, I tenderly grip them feeling their almanbahis fullness, letting my hands envelope them, I lean forward and taking the tip of my tongue I lick her left nipple then begin tracing my tongue around her breast. I suck her nipple into my mouth, and tasting her, I give her nipple a couple of soft nibbles and feel it harden in my mouth, that’s when I start in on her right breast, she’s a little cold and as my hot breath and tongue chase over her breasts I can feel her shiver.

I leave another quick kiss, this time on her soft full lips and then start working my way down her body, planting kisses, feather touches that set her trembling, my beard gently rubbing her as I kiss, tickling, down I go all the way down, past her belly button, finally reaching her bikini bottoms which I slip off, revealing her neatly shaved pussy. I make a quick comment on how pretty it is, like the rest of her before placing a kiss on the top of her bush and then on her labia.

Soft kisses on the inside of her legs, then licking in long strokes slowly building in pressure in and around her now dripping pussy, my nose pressing gently against her clit. She reaches down and takes my hand, putting my middle two fingers into her mouth, she starts sucking… it feels nice too, the thoughts of what she could do to my cock, make it rigid… she places her hands on the back of my head, and starts rubbing her hands through my hair, time passes and I take back now wet fingers sliding in first one finger and then the other… she moans.. exciting me… I love the sounds she’s making… I feel her pussy tighten around my fingers, so I slow the pace down to make it last. Changing the angle of my head to get better access and removing my fingers, I nibble at her labia, then stop, I place the flat of my tongue against her pussy, and let its warmth, works its magic, her juices slowly flood through my beard, then without moving the position of my tongue I flex it, changing the pressure, pushing the tip into her hole, I then start circling around the whole area, and placing warm wet kisses on the inside of her legs before returning to work on her climax, slowly I increase the pressure of my licking, darting my tongue almanbahis giriş around and around, circling, moving my fingers to play with her hard little clit. Her body starts to buck, her legs clench together around me, and a loud gasp escapes, suddenly I feel the warm flood of her juices and she pushes on my head urging me deeper and deeper, “Ohhh yessssss” she cries as the ecstasy takes over.

Long moments pass before she can move again. She gets to her knees and pushes me over, far more forcibly then I did to her, she wants something and she wants it bad, I find my pants ripped down, my rock hard cock springs free, she eyes it with a mischievous look, and glides her body up mine, quickly engulfing my dick in her wonderfully wet pussy. She begins to slide forward and back, clenching on the back stroke, the pleasure is unimaginable, I feel my eyes rolling into the back of my head, she spends long minutes sliding… mmmmm yeah I love it… then gently she spins around and leans back, now she starts rocking and slightly swinging her hips… this… oh yeah… Keep going… she grabs up my hands and places them on her breasts, her hard nipples press into my palms, the sensation just adds to the overall effect, move one of my hands down to her clit and I start rubbing gently on it, her juices are everywhere, she places her hand over mine directing it to the right points, then once she knows I’ve got the handle on she leans all the way back until she’s resting on my chest, a few slow raises and then she’s back upright, she spins again, so that’s shes facing me once more, she leans in and whispers then she wants me to pound it in, so we roll over and I start trusting into her, I look down and she has her eyes closed, enjoying it. I can feel myself building up to shooting my load, I increase the power and depth of my trusts, faster and faster… ohhh… Mmmmm… Yeah this is good… A sudden clench around my cock and I can feel that she’s coming again… this is incredible. I lean in and passionately kiss her, she responds likewise…it’s on me in an instant a liquid blinding flash in my cock and then ecstasy, damn it feels soooooo damnnnn gooooood, my whole body is tingling, the pleasure goes on for ages…

Slowly earthly sensation returns, and I find her curled in my arms… what a perfect end to the day… Or so I think, until she looks up at me with those emerald eyes and says in sexy voice

“Lets go back to my place… We’ll call it dessert…and she giggles.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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