Bathtime Fun

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Disclaimer: All characters are over the age of 18. This is intended for mature audiences only. The following is a fictitious story based on the Characters created by The Author, and is not meant to be taken as Canon within the context of his regular work.

Warning: Do not try this at home without consulting a physician first. This is a really fucking hot story that should not be ready by anyone easily offend by two people making love in the privacy of their own house. If you are easily offended by natural love making between two consenting heterosexual adults, go fuck yourself and read something else. Do not read this story if you have a heart condition or you doctor says you are unable to have sex. If you have an erection lasting more then four hours after reading this story, please contact a physician, or take a cold shower. It is really fucking hot.

To Angela, whom I plan on cleaning a lot of showers with.


I was tired and sore from a long day. All I wanted to do was to rest for a little bit. I stepped on the cold linoleum floor, peeling off my funky smelling, sweat stained shirt. I turned on the water, test the temperature against my sun-soaked arms. The thundering sound of the water drowned out all other noise, but it was soothing. The simple white bra I wore clung to my breasts in the summer heat, soaked with sweat and begging to be taken off, in more ways then one. Slowly, I peeled off my jeans, silently admonishing my dumb ass for wearing them in this muggy heat of Minnesota. I inched them tenderly past my sore thighs and bruised calves. Finally, they slipped off. I let them joined the pile of clothes that was gathering in the corner. Sitting down on the toilet, I reached over to turn on to bath water. The roaring sound of the bath drowned out my contend sigh as I reached around my back to thumb off my bra. My breasts bounced of my ribs as they were release from their waterlogged cage. But it was a relief to get the damn thing off. Generally, I only wear one when I am in public or my mother insist (which was always). Otherwise, I just let them bounce and sway in the wind. Besides, letting the girls out means they can entertain themselves underneath my shirt if I walk the right way. I stood up from the toilet, groaning as I stretched my legs and thumbed my blue and pink panties off my body.

Just regular panties, guys. Enough to cover my ass and my pussy. The design I got to distinguish them from others. It’s mainly from my older sister, who tends to raid my closet and for some God-forsaken reason, my panties drawer. (The slut already has about twenty different lace little ass-flossers, much to my mother’s dismay. Why does she need my regular panties?).But, recently, it had come in handy for picking up my panties out of John’s house, and not picking up his little sister’s by accident.

And no…don’t ask where we were having sex where my panties were mixing with hers…it’s a long story. But no, she wasn’t home at the time of the act.

Anyways, the bathtub was filling with warm water. I stopped the flow when it was filled enough, and threw in a dash of bath salts for good measure. I eased my aching body into the inviting water. A sigh of relief left my lips as my body settled into the warm water. It wasn’t that deep, being as it was 90 some degrees outside with a near seventy percent humidity. I could stretched my five and a half foot frame out, and my buoyant B-cup breasts were still floating on the water. However, it was damn comfortable to be in that warm water.

Especially after the long day of working in the yard and hanging out with the youth group.

I leaned back into the water, messaging my aching neck. My free left hand wandered up and splashed water over my breasts. The warm water evaporated off my skin, pulling heat out of my body and slowly steaming up the room. My nipples rose up in interest, but I ignored them for now. Soap hadn’t even came out yet; I just relaxed and let the warm water relax tense muscles for a few minutes. A knock came on the bathroom door. “Can I come in?” Said a familiar male voice.

I smiled and rolled over in the tub to cover breasts. Not that modesty was needed between us. It was just courteous to not flash ones breasts in front of your boyfriend unless you wanted them played with. “Sure.” The door opened and John, just as tired and sweaty as I was from the long day, walked in. He was still in his clothes though, as he actually dressed for the weather. “Still tired from the bike trip, dear?” John said smugly.

“Shut up, ass hole.” I splashed some water up towards him. “You’re not the one who took that huge fall off your bike”

“No.” He pulled a towel off the rack and sat down on it, next to me…the latter whom was still very naked and in the bathtub, “I actually stayed on the trial, and not tried racing the kids today.” I dunked my head underneath the water and groaned. “My butt still hurt from that.” I said, looking over to my round ass sitting just underneath bahis firmaları the the water.

John’s eyes did a once over on my body. I felt a bit like a mermaid sunbathing on the rocks, brushing my hair and tempting sailors with my half exposed form. Yes, the butt is still an erogenous zone. And I know that John loves to play with it. But it was safer then him staring at her breasts or her pussy. The butt was…less interesting to guys for some reason.

What a shame too…

John scooted down to my butt, turning around to still face me. My butt flexed worriedly. “Well, then, Maybe I can help with that.” He rolled up his sleeves to his shoulders and placed his hands in the water. He slowly whirled them in the water to get them at mean temperature. I bit my lip and squirmed underneath him. Water sloshed around in the tub.

“John, I’m really not in the mood to play.”, I said tauntly, almost ready to throw him off me. But the way John placed his hands on the small of my back seemed more therapeutic. There was more of a tender care in the way he held his hands there, not in a possessive ‘want-a-piece-of-that-ass’ type of hold guys had in foreplay.

“I’m not playing…” he said in a low voice, that permeated with confidence. At first, he just kept them there, gauging her reaction to this erotic measure. When she gave him a slight nod, he folded his hand over her spine and squeezed it out A part of me…a small part, felt exhilarated. This was…kinky, hot, and so wrong. But I didn’t let him know about that naughty part. Instead, I let out a content sigh, ignoring the way my nipples curled up in response to his rough hands. I just relaxed under the message as John warm hands worked out the kinks in my back. “This feels really good…” I understated….alot.

“Well I would hope so.” John said, still gently kneading my back in his very skilled hands, “You did a good job today.” He said in an offhanded way. “It was nice how you dealt with Ginny today.”

“Well, I had to do something…” I grumbled a bit at the thought. “Those jerks were giving her a hard time because she couldn’t stay on her bike.”

“And you had to go flying over your handle bars to prove it?” John quipped back.

I rolled over and splashed some water on him. He stood there looking stunned at his soaked shirt as I quickly tucked my breasts underneath my arms. “OK…” he said simply, holding his arms out like a waterlogged bird, “I deserve that.” He then simply stripped the shirt off, revealing his well sculpted abs. I bit my lip and shifted lower into the water as he wrung his shirt off back into my bath, and hung it over the back of the toilet. I kept eying him over as he wiped the excess water from his chest. He looked up and smiled dumbly for me before flexing, unnecessarily. I rolled my eyes, “OK, mister, put those muscles to work and massage my back, please.” I said, settling into the tub and resting my head on top of my hands. Slowly, his hands went back to work, tugging and pushing my flesh back and forth into my body, pulling all of the tense knots out. His hands respectfully stayed firmly on my back, not crossing lower onto my butt proper. However, his fingers did briefly touched the skin of it, somehow sending erotic shivers down my spine…I kinda wanted more…

“Is this good?” He asked, still working his hands underneath the water.

“Lower…” I said carefully, resisting the urge to lift my ass to his face to tempt him some more. Ok, I know it was bad. But it was bad enough of a position to be in with my boyfriend in the bathroom with me. Him shirtless, and me naked. If we were going to do this, might as well have fun with it.

His hands slid about two inches lower down my back, but nowhere close to where they needed to be. “Lower…” I said again, and he slid his hands right to the crease of my butt to my back. I took a steadying breath. “No, Lower…” I said, turning towards him, winking some.

He looked taken aback. “You sure, Sair?” He asked, always the gentleman.

I huffed, “Do I need to spell it out to you, boy?” I asked in exasperation, “An attractive, captive, and very naked young woman just asked you to massage her ass, and you are questioning it?”

He smiled weakly and carefully placed his hands on my butt. “What happened to you not being in the mood?” He asked as his hands went to work. Slowly his hands turned over my butt cheeks. A slightly stronger shiver went up my spine this time.

“I’m not in the mood, but my butt still needs some attention.” I said cheekily, as his skillful hands worked over my entire cheek, from thigh to back. “Just don’t be going to the front, you hear…” I reminded him.

So, dutifully, his hands went to work on my butt, and only my butt. I relaxed into it as his hands worked over it. Small twinges of pleasure relaxed my body, as I struggled to stay afloat on my breasts. At first, I didn’t notice anything, except that my breathing had quickened slightly. John’s hands slowly worked kaçak iddaa their way into the butt crack itself; perhaps to test his limits, or perhaps to rub the muscle in a new way. My butt involuntarily tensed up, not used to the attention, but loving it. His hands inched back for a bit, but then sneaked back, one massaging a cheek slowly, the other sneaking towards my asshole. I bit my lip, as his fingers danced up and down my crack, each one daring to find my asshole.

Suddenly, his middle finger finally dared to go low enough and stepped right into the nerve bundle. A gasped as the sensation shot straight into my clit. John stayed there, keeping steady pressure on my hole. My vagina swelled up on the other side, getting as wet inside as it was on the outside. I panted for a minute, getting use to the sensations coursing though my body.

“Are you ok?” John said in his low sexy voice.

“Fuck, yeah I am…” I whimpered, trying to hump the bottom of the tub with my excited pussy. “Just be careful.”

“With what?” He said, as he began to swirl his finger around my sensitive asshole. I let a screech out as waves of pleasure vibrated across my body. I could feel my clit starting to peek out from the folds of my pussy, jealous of what my asshole was getting.

A moan echoed out of my open mouth.

“Ohmygod….John…don’t stop…” I panted as my body convulsed underneath me. Water splashed as my legs tried to extended farther out to let him in deeper. “Finger me…”

“What was that, my love?” He leaned over and breathed into my ear.

“Finger my asshole…” I begged, feeling the rush of absolute forbidden badness of the situation crash over me. I didn’t care anymore. My boyfriend was in my parents bathroom and he is going to finger-fuck my ass.

“Like this…” He pushed in with just the tip, sending shock waves across my body. But then he pulled out and simply circled on top of the button. I groaned in disappointment and finally brought my knees underneath me, and I shoved my ass into his hand.

My asshole parted, slipping int two fat fingers into rectum. I cried out at the sudden… ‘fullness’ of my body. In hindsight, it wasn’t all that different a feeling from just having to take a crap. But the visceral feeling of having my boyfriend where he doesn’t belong, with the stunning sensations teasing the backside of my clit, I could not help but love it.

Slowly, he wiggled his two fingers inside of my ass. Slowly at first, just to get my ass use to the feeling of two fingers inside it. The pressure, the rush inside me was over whelming. My clit extended out full length, begging for attention. I caved in and tucked a hand underneath my thrashing body and began to rub the area just around my clit. John continued to diddle my ass, making my moan as my fingers worked my sopping wet pussy into a fiery fury. Water sloshed all around the tub, splashing up to John’s hand. The hand that was knuckles deep in my ass.

I felt the orgasm in my lungs first, as they burned to scream out his name. Then my legs cramped up in anticipation. My butt cheeks, so unused to being violated like this, actually tried to suck his hand in further into my hole. Suddenly, lightning, and a fingernail struck my clit and I was gone. I was lost in a world of screaming and passion as the orgasm swept me up and carried me down the rabbit hole.

I finally came to, still laying in the bath tub, with John’s arms wrapped around me to keep my writhing body from drowning. His strong hands so close to my aching pussy. I weakly rolled over in the tub, the water noticeably lower than it was before. A smile crossed my face as I tucked some wet bangs behind my ear. My breasts hung before me, water trickling around my erect nipples, teasing them harder then before. John stared at them, licking his lips slightly. I reached up and tucked a hand behind his neck, and he fell into my bosom. His eager mouth lapped around my nipple for a tense minute, causing me to groan in frustration. Finally, he clamped onto my right nipple. I gasped and slipped into the tub as my body lost control of itself. John struggled to keep his lips, and TEETH on my nipple without falling into the tub himself. I held him there as he teased my breast with love bites and his savage tongue across my nipple. Finally, he tapped out on my arm, and I, reluctantly let him up for air.

“Still not in the mood?” he asked, wiping his wet hair out of his face. I must have accidentally dragged him underwater there for a second.

“Shut the fuck up and kiss me.” I reached up again and pulled him into a deep, long kiss. Our souls mingled with saliva. His hand reached up and longingly held my wet breast in his hand. His fingertips rolling over the skin, moving the water around on the surface. I moaned into his mouth as pleasure rippled across my body. He pulled away, just far enough as that his face filled my entire vision. He leaned over me, sitting on the edge of the tub, as he reached his hands into the kaçak bahis water. His fingers swam so close to my clit, I could feel their movement through it. I peered down, watching his fingers dance in between my open legs, so damn close to my swollen clit. I scooted closer to his fingers, but he moved them. I whimpered loudly. as the waves teased my clit, sending sparks straight into me. A moan build up inside me, but it was caught behind me begging whimpers that my clit was demanding I do.

Finally, his fingers swam up and cupped my trimmed pussy. I started to hump his hand, wanting so badly just to get off, to cum on his hand, to fill this bathroom with the smell of my fucking sex. His two middle fingers popped up and into my vagina, vibrating in short quick burst against my tender g-spot. I curled forward and screamed. My arms propped up behind me as I started to hump the heel of his hand with vigor, smacking my clitty against it. Against all consideration that this was my parents bathroom, I started to yelp rhythmically with each thrust. John laughed and popped a third finger into me, making more the size of a proper cock, mainly his. I whimpered and began to thrash faster into a bathtub, the water cresting over my breast now, adding a new sensation to my impending orgasm.

“Are you going to cum?” John asked in his sexy voice.

“Uh huh…” I managed to squeezed out in between panicked thrust. Squeezed in, because during them I was so close to cumming as it was that I nearly blacked out.

“Why?” He asked, pulling his fingers out a bit.

“You’re fingering me…” I said, pouting expertly as my face tried to convulse into my “O” face.

“And you like it…” He smiled, and began to twiddle my clit with his thumb.

All I could get out was a muttered grunt, as my body tensed up.

“Is Sarah gonna cum in her parents bath tub?” He asked in a sickly sweet voice, edging me on. “Is she gonna cum and scream and shout and orgasm right here right no-“

I cut him off with my blood curdling roar as the orgasm washed over me. I screamed and thrust my quivering body deeper into his hand. I felt his hand reach up and cup the back of my neck. He held me there, one hand in my pulsating pussy, the other holding my head so that I don’t give myself a concussion during my ‘little death’.

I came too, with him leaning over me, holding me tenderly in his arms, keeping me safe from myself. His right hand was away from my poor violated pussy, and instead was holding my side to keep me from sliding into the water.

I blinked and smiled at my hero, my man. I slowly sat up in the water, supporting myself on trembling limbs. My breaths came in shallow gasps as I tried to chock out a word of appreciation to John. But all that manage to come out was a breathed sigh and a glazed look in my eyes. He reached over to kiss me, on the forehead, knowing that I was still struggling to surface from my post orgasmic wake. The water splashed around me, lapping up the sides of my breasts, still floating of my chest. After a few minutes, I was fully back, smiling weakly at John and splashing water onto myself to keep me warm. Although, if you looked at my nipples at the time, you would have thought that I was sitting in ice.

“Did you like that?” John said softly, swirling his hand in the water, that was now contaminated with my love juices. The sickly sweet smell of my cum was amplified by the hot water, chocking the air with the smell of my sex. I breathed in deeply, both relaxed and excited by the scent of myself.

“Y-y-y-y” I stuttered at first, before clearing my throat. “Yeah, I did.” I smiled at him, before looking down at my clit, which was slowly retreating back into my folds. I reached down coyly and stuffed two of my own fingers in, swirling them around a bit. I almost had a second orgasm…or third, orgasm off that, but I held it back and drew my girl-cummed finger out of me. I sucked the tangy sauce off, critiquing it.

“Hmmm…” I said, playfully swirling the girl-cum in my mouth. “Our sex soup is missing something…” I drummed my free hand on my chin as I licked my other one clean. Was I actually thinking about this? “I know.” I proclaimed triumphantly, still wondering how sexy and how dumb this idea was. “John, take off your pants.”

“Excuse me?” He asked, taken aback by such a forward comment…from the cute, wet, and very naked girl he just fingered.

I dunked my head into said soup, and swept my hair out of my face.”Take them off.” I pointed casually to his pants. “We need to add something to this sex soup.”

“Like what?” He said, begrudgingly standing up.

“It has my cum in it, but that’s just masturbation soup. In order to make it sex soup, we need your cum in here as well.” I said as innocently as if we were actually cooking something. “Don’t you wanna cum?” I drew a line on my face, past the side of my mouth and let it drip down my cleavage.

John’s eyes grew about ten inches wide as he finally got a hold of what I was suggesting.

“Come on, love.” I got up and kneel in the water. I was just about level with his crotch, which was looking uncomfortably tight. “I need something from you…”

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