Avery Hot Vacation 04 – Boat Trip

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Amateur Allure

Ten days had passed since Avery got her massage. Tasha had joined us three times since, and Jason and his buddies had been over every night just as they said they would. They had gangbanged my wife and made me watch every night, and every night Avery had made me eat up all their cum when they had left.

Tomorrow would be the last day of Jason’s vacation, meaning him, his buddies, and Tasha would all be leaving in the morning. Avery had experienced things she never thought she would over the past few days. Last night, for example, Jason and one of his friends both fucked her pussy at the same time while Tasha rimmed her asshole, she had never felt so stretched in her life. She had even gotten so used to getting fucked by them all that she didn’t even need to warm up anymore before she took a big cock in her asshole, and it didn’t hurt like it used to.

As today was her last chance to enjoy her new found company, she had gone about booking a day trip for the eight of us. We were to spend the day touring the local islands on a private boat, captained by a small crew of 4.

We took a minibus down to the marina, myself and Tasha sat up front with the driver, Avery and the guys sat in the back. It was only a four mile drive to the boat, but that didn’t stop Jason and his friends helping themselves to my wife, making her cum in the back of the minibus. I had noticed the driver had in-car CCTV when we first got in, but I figured I would keep that to myself, not that Avery would mind anyway. It was no surprise when we got to the harbour that the driver refused to charge us, simply shaking his head with a huge grin and muttering on in his native language when we tried to pay.


We boarded the boat, greeted by the crew, four young athletic looking men, they spoke limited English but enough to see them through. We all headed toward the bow of the boat, us men stripping down to our shorts and lying out to soak up the rays as we headed out of port. Avery and Tasha however, stripped off totally, sunbathing nude where we could all watch them.

Around 40 minutes passed before we came to a stop and anchored down in a small cove. It was at this point that Avery and Tasha began to rub sun lotion onto each others casino siteleri bodies. Starting with their backs and arms, they massaged lotion into each others breasts, all over their legs, before making sure to rub plenty into each others pretty little pussies, slipping their fingers into each others tight slits, kissing passionately as we all egged them on.

Once they had had a little fun with each other and gotten all hot and bothered they both stood and walked toward us as we led out in a row across the boat and watched. I was led next to Jason in the middle, with his four friends either side of us. Avery walked to my far left, and Tasha to my far right. They both began to rub lotion into the chests of Marv and Nathan, Jason’s most well endowed friends. Once they had finished on their chests they pulled off their shorts and began to massage their huge cocks until they were rock hard. They moved in one, this time wasting no time they almost ripped the shorts from Mike and Harry, immediately covering their cocks in lotion and stroking them to full attention too. By the time Avery reached Jason, and I was greeted by Tasha, we were both already rock hard, but they still made sure to rub lotion all over us and stroke our throbbing cocks, the whole time kissing each other.

We all stood up one by one as Tasha knelt in the middle of us, she began to take each of us deep in her throat one by one, while Avery pranced off to the cabin, returning five minutes later with the four crew, also naked, also rock hard.

They joined the circle after letting Avery into the middle. Dropping to her knees Avery began to stroke and suck the crew while Tasha continued servicing the rest of us. They both stroked their pussies as they pleasured us.

The two girls broke away from us and began to kiss, running their hands all over each others bodies. Tasha pushed Avery to the ground and drove two fingers into her wet pussy, fucking her as she sucked her tits and licked her clit, bringing her slowly to the edge of orgasm. Avery loved being led there in the middle of us all while Tasha finger fucked her and we all stood around stroking our cocks for them both. She let out a satisfied moan as Tasha removed her fingers and stuffed slot oyna them into her asshole instead, working her like a puppet until she reached climax.

Avery got up and grabbed Tasha’s hand, sucking her fingers clean and tasting her own asshole. She had Tasha bend over so she could lick her pussy and asshole from behind. While she did this Jason and Mike approached them, Mike stuffed his cock deep in Tasha’s mouth, and Jason rammed his huge dick into my wife’s asshole. Harry approached Avery and grabbed her hair, dragging her away from between Tasha’s legs and forcing her to suck his throbbing cock, two of the crew saw this as an opportunity and so approached to have their cocks stroked. I took the opportunity to then shove my cock in Tasha’s asshole and fuck her hard.

I fucked Tasha hard in her asshole as she sucked Mike’s huge cock, my wife receiving the same treatment from Jason and Harry. Both the girls made sure to have a cock in each hand at all times as we took turns between their tight holes, using them like the sluts they desired to be.

Once everybody had taken a turn in each of the fuckholes on offer the girls both got up. Avery grabbed Harry, and Tasha grabbed mike, pushing them down and straddling their big black cocks in their wet pussies. My wife beckoned me over and took my cock in her mouth, while Tasha insisted Jason come and throat fuck her. Each of the girls took two cabin crew each in their hands and began to stroke them fast and hard as Marv stuffed his huge cock in my wife’s asshole, and Nathan filled Tasha’s back entrance. The girls took our cocks with ease, loving every second as they took five hard cocks each all at once. They sucked, stroked, fucked and rode our cocks for the next hour, allowing us each a turn in all of their holes, until it became almost impossible for us not to cum.

As we each slowly started to withdraw our cocks Tasha knelt down for us, begging for cum, while Avery got onto her hands and knees and begged for more cock in her ass.

The crew went first, each one fucked Avery hard in her asshole until they were ready to cum, they pulled out and shot their huge loads over Tasha’s willing face, then made her suck them clean, tasting Avery’s ass as she sucked. canlı casino siteleri All four of them did this, covering Tasha’s face making her grin ear to ear.

Next up were Mike and Harry, who fucked Avery’s asshole hard and deep, then proceeded to shoot their huge loads all over Tasha’s face and tits, this time she willingly sucked them clean, begging to taste that asshole.

Then the two biggest cocks on the boat took turns to rape my wife’s tight little asshole, stretching her wide and leaving her gaping open as they withdrew to cum all over Tasha.

This left only Jason and myself. As Jason fucked my beautiful wife in her ass he looked at me and suggested I get closer.

“I bet this slut can take us both in her ass, what do you think?” he asked me as he rammed his cock in and out of her asshole with relentless force.

“Hey I’m not sure, that would take a total fucking dirtbag to do that.” I responded, knowing exactly how Avery would respond.

“Do it! Shove it in my ass Hank! I want to feel both of you deep in my dirty little asshole! Fuck my shit hole like the dirtbag fucking whore that I am!”

Ha. I knew it. I mounted my wife and forced my cock into her asshole alongside Jason’s and we fucked her hard and fast, making her scream and beg.

“Oh my fucking GOD! Fuck my whore asshole! Make me a slut! Fuck!”

We fucked her until we couldn’t hold back. Jason threw her to her knees and she took both of us in her mouth, sucking our cocks with desperation.

“Mmmhm fuck! I love the taste of my dirty little whore asshole on your big cocks, give me that cum boys!”

We both spurted all over her face simultaneously, rope after rope of thick hot cum covered her face as she stroked our cocks hard.

We stepped back and watched as Avery and Tasha pounced for each other, lapping up the cum from each others faces and tits, slurping up every drop and making out, letting it run back out of their mouths all over each other, only to rub it all over themselves and lick it all up again, eventually swallowing every drop of the ten huge loads they had just taken from us.

Jason grabbed something from his bag and handed it to Avery, it was the video tape from the first time they all gang fucked her nearly two weeks ago. She smirked at me as she handed it back to him.

“Keep it, and don’t you lose my phone number either”.


There’s no way any of us were likely to forget this holiday.

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