Aunt Ruth’s House Pt. 03

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Wednesday morning I awoke earlier than usual. No particular reason. It was just that my eyes opened naturally earlier than usual. Even though I wasn’t working for the time being, it was nice to have maintained my sleep schedule and stay productive.

At around 6:30 I strolled downstairs to put on an early pot of coffee. Like it did all day yesterday evening, my mind was stuck on my aunt and I’s new massaging session. After our session wrapped yesterday she put on pajamas and made work calls for a few hours while I watched Endgame in the living room, and even then, it never left my mind.

At about a quarter to 7 Aunt Ruth came downstairs in pink panties and an oversized green t-shirt.

“You’re up before me? What is this?”

“I don’t know.” I said. “I just woke up. The coffee beans were compelling me.”

“The always do don’t they?”

She helped herself to a small cup.

“Emmie’s coming today right?” I asked.

“Far as I know. I’m gonna text her later.” She replied.

“What time, do you think?”

“She usually shows up in the afternoon. Around 2 or 3. But like I said, I’ll text her in a bit.”

“I’m looking forward to seeing her. What’s the routine today?”


“Standard? What does that mean?”

“Standard routine. Nothing exuberant. You’ll see.”

15 minutes or so later we both came into the living room. All I had to was take my shirt and boxers off and I was ready to go, flaccid swinging in the warm air. My aunt went upstairs momentarily and came back down bottomless, with a plain black workout top.

Standard meant standard. It was nonspecial routine of push-ups, crunches, squats, occasional dumbbell lefts and a little inclusion of the exercise ball. I managed to restrain and stayed flaccid through our entire session.

I was waiting naked with my towel by the hall for my aunt to finish her shower, when suddenly, from far down the other end of the house, I heard a door opening.

“Mom? Hello?!”

Oh shit. It was Emmie.

In an instant, I wrapped my towel around my waist the best that I could.


Emmie’s voice grew louder, and moments later I saw her to my right, proceeding down the hallway wheeling a small pink bag of luggage behind her. She wore a highly decorated, bright pink and purple high waisted romper with frills along many of the edges. Very girly. Her long, straightened dirty blonde hair was tied back in thin ponytail.

She saw me. “Andrew, hi!!!”

She came running toward me and gave me a hug, and despite my state of undress, her warm fingers folded on the skin of my back.

She had just turned 18 not even a couple months ago, but as far I was concerned, she still maintained all of her young, girlish look. Her frame was thin, she was shorter than myself by quite a bit, but her face was full, and since the last time I saw her a few months ago, her hair had grown down to almost the bottom of her back.

“Sorry about my being in a towel and what not. I’m, uh, waiting for your mom to get out of the shower.” I explained.

She laughed. “Ha ha, I understand. I used to do the same thing.”

In spite of my awkward undressed nature we stood and chatted for several minutes, catching up. She told me of all the colleges she had applied to. I encouraged her to get into all of them, smiling with her.

My aunt came out of the shower wrapped in her towel with an excited yelp. “Hi, sweetie!!!” and they both hugged just as she had me moments ago, except Aunt Ruth was dripping wet. “Uh, give me a minute to get dressed and we’ll go to lunch. Andrew, can you shower quick?”

“Sure!” I obliged.

I guess this meant no massages today.

We went to lunch at the local Five Guys. I personally hate their food — soggy burgers and over-peppered fries — but I was outnumbered. When we got back to the house it was an afternoon of catching up and trading gossip as usual before Aunt Ruth had to start working.

Emmie and I receded to my room to hang out while she worked. She had changed into more casual attire now — pajama bottoms and a purple tank top. It was clearly she wasn’t wearing a bra, but given how ultimately small her tits were, I assumed she probably never wore one. From afar she would look flat-chested, but up close you can see the little handfuls; small, cute little snowballs on a curvy thin frame.

She told me all about how much fun she had at her 18th birthday party, which I was regretful that I wasn’t able to attend, and she talked about a couple weekends ago, when her and her friends went down to her friend’s fathers beach villa for the weekend. She took out her phone to show me some pics.

She scrolled until she came to a group shot of her and all her 5 other friends all in bikinis under the dock. They were all hot, all nice to look at — one of them had breasts larger than my aunt’s — but of course, I was drawn to looking at Emmie. In multiple pics she wore a bright green and white 2-piece, a plain white, very small bottom with a green/white casino siteleri strapless tube top. If she put her finger over the screen she would have looked naked. It was the most I’d ever seen of my little cousin.

“Looks like a great time.” I simply said.

I continued through our conversation semi-aroused. I explained all the stuff her aunt and I had been up to, which of course, included the workouts.

“She’s been killing me with the workouts recently.” I said.

“Oh my god. You’ve been joining her workout sessions? That’s so great, Andrew!” Emmie said back.

“Yeah. I was hesitant at first because I’ve never really been that limber but she’s really gotten me into it over the last week or so.”

“I miss the workouts. She’ll probably tell you she started it but I was the one that got her into it. I used to workout every morning before cheer on the weekends and it just started the whole thing. Even dad got into it sometimes when he was awake enough.”

“And the massages after was you too?”

“Yes!! Aren’t those fantastic?”

“I love them. Helps relieve so much stress after all that movement.”

The conversation, and the night, ran on. Around 11 we all headed to bed, Emmie staying in the room next to mine.


I woke up promptly at a quarter to 7. When I pulled my boxers on and went downstairs for coffee prep, Emmie and Aunt Ruth had already beat me to it. Aunt Ruth stood in women’s boxers and her baggy Metallica shirt, and Emmie appeared to be wearing nothing except a long white t-shirt. When she crouched and jumped to reach the cabinet I saw her tiny black booty shorts underneath, but when she was stationary the bottom of the shirt cut off just below the crotch.

“Are you joining us for today’s workout today, Andrew?” Emmie asked.

“Why, of course.” I answered.

“Emmie gets to chose the music this time she’s the guest.” Aunt Ruth budded in. “Sorry, I don’t make the rules.”

I laughed. “Haha, okay.”

About 20 minutes later my aunt was setting up in the living room. I emerged from the restroom to find her crouched over the stereo, turning it on, in her now-typical workout attire of just a jog bra. She appears to have freshly trimmed her pubic square, as I noticed that I looked more rectangular and upward shaped than just yesterday.

“What’s torturous routine do you have cooked up today?” I asked.

“Oh, stop.” She answered. “Nothing new. You’ve done all my routines already.”

“Hey, where’s…”

Before I could finish my sentence, Emmie came into the room through the hallway, skipping right past me to the stereo to hook up her phone.

I had to blink twice, pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. Emmie, out of nowhere, was completely naked head to toe.

As she turned around towards after setting the music, I saw everything at once. Her little pink nipples sat upon little puffs of skin on her skinny, flat frame. Her pussy, unlike her mother’s, was completely bare. There wasn’t a single hair to be found and the lips were clear as day. Emmie was totally nude, and nonchalant about it, and I couldn’t stop staring. She didn’t even utter a peep about it.

As Aunt Ruth cracked the windows I remembered how hot it would be, and as soon Emmie took position between her mother and I, I slid my boxers down and off.

Emmie and I were completely naked just feet apart. Whenever she did a quick turn, her slowly dampening hair would brush me.

I had developed a throbbing, veiny hard-on. The sudden sight of my younger cousin Emmie’s vaginal lips opening and closing as she did the exercises had turned my timid flapper into a petrified branch. When it came time for her bend over backwards over the exercise ball, she introduced a technique in which she balanced her back on the ball, supported her arms on the floor, and lifted legs in the air and spread them, the goal being to see how far you can stretch. She did the right in front of me as I waited my turn, and my dick remained rock as I watched her vaginal opening quickly spread open and stay that way. At the same time, her tiny tits became horizontal, and almost looked flat against her bony chest.

“Want to me push?” Aunt Ruth offered to her.

“Yes please.” Emmie answered upside down.

Aunt Ruth approached her naked daughter on the big ball and stood at her legs. Suddenly she braced them with her hands and appeared to push downward at her ankles.

“What is that?” I asked.

Aunt Ruth answered. “Force against force. Build up your knee and shin muscles. I push you against you and you try to push me away.”

Aunt Ruth and Emmie continued this exercise for about a minute until it was my aunt’s turn.

She did the regular ball workouts and then got into position and spread her legs in the same way as Emmie.

“Andrew, can you push for me?” she asked, glancing over at me and my erection.

I approached her exposed crotch. “What do I do?”

“Just grab my ankles and push them as far apart as you can and slot oyna I’ll push back against your push.”

“Okay, I think I get it.”

As I got into position and spread my arms to grab my aunt by the ankles, my vein-enveloped log pointed directly at her. If I were to crouch even just a little bit, my nutsack would rub against the bottom of her cunt.

We held this position for about 90 seconds. “Oof, Emmie, your mom might might be getting to old for this exercise.” Aunt Ruth said through a held breath.

Emmie laughed. “Come on, you can do it! Don’t tell me you’ve been slackin’ just ’cause I wasn’t here.”

Aunt Ruth grunted as she got off the ball and stepped to the side, which meant it was my turn. As I looked down at it, I noticed it was covered in a film of a sweat. This was all the more welcoming.

Before I finished the regular routine on the exercise ball, my Aunt asks suddenly “Do you want me to help you spread?”

“I don’t know.” I said. “How do I do it?”

Emmie answered for her. “Put your lower back against the top of the ball and support your weight with your hands.” She came over to me to help me adjust my hands on the floor.

“Now just spread?” I asked as I spread. My feet flew in opposite directions as my dick pointed up and back, and the underside of my ballsack was on display first and foremost. Even my taint and the bottom of my crack had met the air.

“Yes, here. Now push against me like I did to you.” said Aunt Ruth, glistening with sweat.

She took position at my legs and grasps my ankles. When pushed them apart she moved her whole torso down, and in an instant, the head of my head pressed against her breasts. Her breasts were still covered by her workout top, which had become damp from sweat, but nevertheless I was poking into her right tit.

If she noticed, she didn’t care.

“That feels good?” she asked.

“God, that is a stretch! I’m gonna pull my groins out doing this.” I answered.

She laughed. “It’s great. Emmie showed me this and it’s super effective.

We held the hold for about 80 seconds, and the entire, even as my aunt looked at me and silence, the tip of my cock pushed deeply against her tit flesh through her top.

I almost fell off the ball backwards when I slipped out of position. After this, we did a couple more pushup/crunches/jogging routines before we called it a morning.

Aunt Ruth showered first. While she showered, my cousin and I, both sweaty and waiting together, stood naked against the kitchen counter. My was dick was rock hard, and it seemed to bob toward her.

“I’m so glad my mom’s gotten into the you exercise routine. Those used to part of my daily schedule.” Emmie said.

“Yeah, they’ve pretty much become part of mine. I actually really look forward to it now.” I replied. “Who made the discovery that working out in the nude is better for you?”

“It’s not a discovery.” She shrugged. “It’s just a fact. I always worked out in the nude in my room by myself. When mom decided to join me she just went with it. I don’t know know about her but I refuse to work out any other way, no matter where I am.”

Minutes later my aunt exited the shower. On her way out she said, “Hey, I’m gonna go the store after I dressed for some groceries. I’ll pick up some more massage oil!”

Emmie showered next, then I. During my shower my mind was stuck on my little cousin’s naked, hairless body, and about how instantly she presented it to me as a formality. She had also seen my erect dick, pointing and hard as it ever has, pressing up against her mother’s fleshy funbags.

When I emerged from the shower, Aunt Ruth was nowhere in sight, so I assumed she was at the store. I threw on some basketball shorts and a basic sleeveless tee and met Emmie in the kitchen — she wore pink shorts with a matching pink spaghetti strap top as she poured herself a bowl of cereal.

“I don’t know how you’re not keeling over in pain after that.” I said walking in the kitchen. “When Aunt Ruth did that routine last week I almost died. This time it feels like my legs are about to fall off. “

She replied, chewing her breakfast. “The exercise ball can be brutal, for sure. What other routines have you guys been doing?”

“A whole bunch. I can’t even remember all of them. If my memory is correct, tomorrow is Friday, which means it’s yoga day.”

“Same old schedule as always!”

“That’s gonna kill me…I can already tell.”

About a half hour later Aunt Ruth came home from the store with some more massage oil among other groceries, which Emmie and I helped put away.

As we finished up, I asked “With three of us here, who gets massaged first?”

“I’m technically the guest, so I do!” Emmie butted in, with which I couldn’t argue.

Minutes later the 3 of us were entering my aunt’s bedroom. She had put a new cover on her bed, a fluffier one than before.

“Get on the bed, girlie.” Aunt Ruth commanded her daughter as she brought out the rubber massage mat from her closet.

Emmie canlı casino siteleri stripped naked in a matter of seconds. Evidently, she wasn’t wearing any underwear, and taking off her top, followed by her tiny shorts, took her only a breath’s length.

“Have we been doing full service massages or just quick ones?” Emmie asked getting into position on the bed.

“Oh, just quick ones. I haven’t done a full service in so long I don’t remember the techniques.” Aunt Ruth said shaking up the bottle of oil.

“Oh come on, mom, you remember.”

“Honestly, no! I really don’t! You have to show me again.”

Emmie turned toward me. “Alright, you’re going first, Andrew. My mom’s brain is elderly and she has to be reminded of stuff.”

I laughed an “Okay.” and stripped down to nothing. I was flaccid, but as soon as my dick hit the cold air in the room, I felt the beginning of growth.

I switched places with Emmie, laying down naked on the bed, Emmie standing at my feet shaking up the bottle.

“Turn over. We’ll do the back first.” She said.

I did, and within seconds she was rubbing oil on her hands, which then went onto my back and shoulders.

“So what’s the difference between regular massages and full service?” I asked.

My naked cousin sat on her knees between my spread legs as she semi-answered the question. “Full service is a regular massage except you finish at the end. Before I forget, Mom, bring me a paper towel.”


Aunt Ruth quickly waltzed into the bathroom attached to her bedroom and grabbed two folded sheets of paper towels.

“Finish.” Emmie said. “Like you do when you do it to yourself. I’ll explain it more when we get to your front.”

Aunt Ruth patiently stood by the side of the bed and observed her daughter’s massaging techniques. She had used ones Aunt Ruth hadn’t used — she dug her knuckles deep into my spin, pushed down hard on my clavicles from behind, and when it came to my buttocks, she spread the cheeks apart and pushed them down while moving them in circles, something which felt surprisingly relieving. Then she moved down my legs, subsequently to my feet and so forth.

“Turn over.” Emmie commanded me.

I turned over and my cement-hard dick was front and center, not far from her face as she crouched on the bed.

She knew the routine — shoulders, chest, abdomen, arms, and legs. Now, she moved into the groins.

“Cousin, you know those legs stretches killed me in the groins.” I said.

“They’re supposed to! They hurt, but they’re great for you.” She answered as she rubbed lotion into my groin. The side of my shaft bumped up against her wrist. She relieved my groins for several minutes until the warmness of the oil overwhelmed them.

“So finish now, right?” Aunt Ruth asked, quietly observing.

Emmie smiled. “Yes. So, Andrew. Answer this honestly. How many times a day do you orgasm?”

I had to take a moment to process what my little cousin just asked me.

“Uh. Not every day. Maybe once every couple of days.” I answered honestly as she continued circling her thumbs gently in my groins and my inner thighs.

“I don’t know what your philosophy is, but I believe it’s very important for your health to orgasm at least once every day.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Mhmm. It helps you sleep better, you’ll feel more confidence during the day, and it alleviates stress, both mental and physical.”

Aunt Ruth butted in. “So what are the techniques again in this comtext?”

“There are three that I use to get to the finish quickly, but the main one is this…” Emmie said.

Then, as I looked up, without warning, my cousin placed her right hand around my cock and moved her slightly open mouth just below my nuts, right above my ass crack. She was giving me a rim job.

My head tilted backwards in pleasure, and also in disbelief. I closed my eyes, and when I opened them I saw my little cousin Emmie, who I had known since she was in kindergarten, rimming me with passion while jerking me off, and her mother, standing fully clothed amongst the nudity, watching like newly hired trainee, hand placed curiously on her chin.

“Okay, I remember that.” Aunt Ruth said.

“That’s the first. Then the second one is…” Emmie said before sticking her tongue ever so gently at the base of my shaft, moving her tongue in every left and right. With that, she took her pointer and her thumb and quickly jerked me again, but this time just the tip.

“Okay. I remember that one too.” Aunt Ruth said. “And then the third one was the…”

Emmie interrupted. “The third is only for when you need speed things up a little and it’s just a…”

This part was unbelievable. Suddenly, Emmie’s whole mouth enveloped my hard cock — a good old fashioned deep throat — and underneath, her left hand, still soaked with warm oil, massaged my balls.

Quickly, she stopped and looked up at me, grabbing my dick to make it still.
“Andrew, which finishing technique do you like the most?”

“Well, I kinda like the third one but you said it’s only for when…” I started.

“No, the third one is fine if you want it! It’s all about preference. As long we complete the massage to its fullest is all that matters, ya know?” she interjected.

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