Aunt Beth

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I was sitting in the living room watching t.v. when my mother came walked throught the front door. She had gone grocery shopping so I ran outside to help with the groceries. After picking up all the bags I headed inside where my mom was standing by the phone listening to the answering machine. “Hi, Deb? This is Beth. I was calling to let you know we are back in town for a while, and Joey was gettin a little bored and was wondering if Keith could come over and hang out. Sorry for the short notice, Luv ya, see ya soon, Bye.”
It was my Aunt Beth, I loved going to her house because she always made brownies or cookies or something whenever i came over to visit. She also had a hot daughter, my cousin, Rachael. I know it might be wrong to think, but you would have to see her, she is F-I-N-E FINE!
So anyway i continued putting away the groceries for my mom when she turned and asked, “Would you mind going to your Aunt’s house to hang out with Joey?” “I dont mind!” i said, and finished packing up the things she brought home. I headed to my room to throw on my sandals, and get ready to leave. I heard my mom call from the other room, “I’ll meet you down in the car Keith!” “OK!” I shouted, and headed into the bathroom to fix my hair. I finished up, ran outside and hopped in the car and headed to my Aunts summer home.
When we got to my Aunt’s I kissed my mom goodbye and headed in as she drove off. I knocked on the door and waited for a couple seconds until my aunt came and opened the door. “Hey Aunt Beth! How ya doing?” I asked her. “I’m great Keith, How are you?” she replied. I told her I was good as usual, and headed inside. Once inside my 11 year old cousin Joey ran up and gave me a high five and said hello. After greeting everyone in the house, Joey and I ran upstairs to play video games. (kind of funny, a 15 year old playin ninja turtles)
It wasnt long after, that my Aunt brought up a plate of fresh brownies for Joey and me. “Thanks!” I said, and winked at her. She looked at me funny and walked out of the room.
My Aunt Beth had red hair with blonde highlights and had a light tan to her skin. She stood about 5′ 6″, had a sleek yet curvy figure, a nice butt, and I’m guessing about 28 C tits. She was a looker! She usually wore very concealing outfits, but today she was wearing a low cut, thin casino oyna white shirt, and very tight, black jeans, and black high heels.
Later that day after playing video games for an hour or two, we headed down for dinner. My aunt had prepared spaghetti, and it was delicious. During dinner Joey asked if I could spend the night, I said i wasnt sure, but then my aunt became kind of atimate about it. So she called my mom and asked if it was alright, “Sure.” I could hear her say over the phone. After dinner Joey and I headed upstairs to watch t.v. He hopped into bed and I rolled out my sleeping bag, he was asleep within a few minutes, and I headed downstairs to get a glass of water.
After drinking my water, I headed back upstairs, but got an idea. Instead of going back to Joeys room, I headed into my Aunts room. She was just getting ready for bed when I walked in. “Aunt Beth can I talk to you about something?” I asked. “Of course.” she said. I started to tell her about how I thought she was hott, and I had fantasys about her. She said it was ok not to worry, and to head back to bed. I looked her right in the eye and said, “You want me, I know you havent had any sex since Uncle Kevin left you 10 years ago, admit it, I saw the look in your eye when i winked at you!” “thats not true,” she said, but I wouldnt take no for an answer.
I pushed her back on the bed and tore off her clothes one at a time, turns out she had nothing under her tight black jeans. “knock it off” she said, but I wouldnt listen. I slipped of my shirt and boxers, and held her wrists to the bed, she kept telling me to stop but i kept ignoring her. She was struggling a little bit, so i reached my head in and planted a long, deep, hard, passionate kiss on her. I ran my tounge over hers, tickled the roof of her mouth gums, and what started out as struggling, ended up as her kissing me back and a low growling moan. I knew I had her.
After the kiss, I moved my body down and put myself between her legs, now that her mouth was free again she said, “Keith knock it off, this isnt right, please stop!” “You know you want it I replied. She started to say somehting but I drove my cock into her hot, pink, tight, pussy, whatever she was gonna say she didnt because all i heard was a shrill gasp of air and an orgasmic moan. I pulled out to my head, and slot oyna drove in again, another moan. Again and again, I pumped her as fast and hard as I could, and in between grunts, breaths, and moans she managed to say things like “Stop it, OH GOD!, and That feels so damn good!” All of a sudden her pussy clamped down on me and she erupted, cum everywhere flowing out on to the sheets and my legs, and just as she clamped down, I exploded cum into her pussy we both moaned in exctasy, “that was fantastic!” she said, and i replied “I know, and theres even more to come”
“What?” she asked. “You heard me!” i said. She started telling me about how I had already raped her and needed to stop, but I knew she loved it and wanted more, so i kept going. “You and I both know that you loved that so much that you want more,” i said, and she replied ” your my nephew, its just not right!” She got up on her hands and knees like she was ready to leave, but I grabbed her hips, “What are you doing?” she asked but I ignored her and kept on working.
There was already some cum on my dick so I pushed the head of my cock into her ass. She started to say something, but as she did I rammed my cock into her ass as far as it would go, and instead of yelling she grunted. “Your right,” she said, “I dont care if you are my nephew give it to me hard, I need your cock!” and at that she reached back and started to fondle my balls, “Oh God,” I groaned.
After ramming my dick into her ass for a couple minutes she turned and said, “I’m cumming” and I told her I was too. At the same time, we both put our heads back, she squeezed my balls in her hand, moaned loudly and came all over my legs, soon after that I came deep into her ass, but pulled out so a little bit splattered on her extremely tight ass cheeks. “Are you tired yet?” someone asked.
At the same time My Aunt Beth and I turned our heads to the door, where her daughter, my cousin, Rachael was standing. “Are you done yet?” she asked again, and slowly peeled off her clothes and walked over to the bed where her mother and I were. My cousin Rachael looked a lot like my aunt, but she had a younger face, black hair, and bigger boobs. She climbed into bed and asked if she could join us, I was in shock. My aunt smiled and said “Sure honey.”
Rachael layed down on the bed, face up. canlı casino siteleri Her mother crawled over and sat on her face, so she could be eaten out by her daughter. I moved in and picked up my cousins legs, I slowly slid my cock into her ass, she moaned into my aunts pussy, which made my aunt open her mouth and moan. As she opened her mouth to moan, I stuck my toungue in her mouth and kissed her very deeply. As the three of us fucked, I made out with my aunt Beth, it wasnt long until we all came. As my aunt cleaned up a bit in the shower Rachael went to leave, “Hold on!” i said, “there’s one more thing i want to do. “Ok,” she replied and layed down on the bed. I moved up and straddled her stomache with my knees, “Push your tits together” I said, and she did. As I tittyfucked her, she opened her mouth and let my cock slide in. She was blowing me at the same time as I was fucking her tits. I started moving faster and faster and soon I moaned really loud and exploded all over her tits and face. “Thanks for that,” i said, “No, thank you” she replied and got up to leave the room.
My aunt must have seen us because she said “That looked like fun, mind if I try?” “Not at all” I replied. She lay down on the bed and I repeated what I had just done to her daughter, but when she sucked my dick, she started to swirl her toungue around the head, and when I was in her mouth as deep as I could go, she sucked as hard as she could, she was much better than her daughter. I couldn’t have been longer than a minute and a half until I came, she stuck out her toungue to show me the cum she had gathered there, then in one gulp she swallowed it. She sucked on my neck I sucked on hers and then she gave my dick one last kiss, “Hold on” I said, “I’ll be right back.”
I ran into Joeys room naked and grabbed my sleeping bag, I ran back into my aunts room and said slip into this, I hopped in the shower and rinsed myself off. When I came out she was in the sleeping bag naked, I jumped in behind her, and slid my dick into her pussy. With my dick in her pussy I reached up and put my hands on her boobs, we kissed as we spooned like that, and after a while we fell asleep.
The next morning I woke up to something sucking on my dick, I looked down expecting to see my aunt there but instead it was my cousin rachael. “I couldnt think of a better way to thank you for the great time last night” she said. She sucked me off and as I went back to sleep all I could think of was how much I loved staying at my aunt beths.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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