Ariel’s Needs

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~ Eternal thanks to sexstringwizard…. and for my friend Brettj.~

Ariel loved to visit her local town book store, several times a week, in fact. She loved the people, the smell of fresh baked goods and coffee at the little coffee shop. But mostly, she loved the books. She used them as a means to escape. She was small and cute, and was 5′ tall with a petite “Size 6”-frame. She had strawberry blonde hair and green eyes that leapt out in contrast to her ivory skin. Ariel was curvy where a woman should be, and had a seemingly-ample bosom for her small frame. She had an essence of strawberries on her skin and the ache for a man in her loins.

Her ex-boyfriend cheated on her a year previous and they had a horribly painful breakup. Ever since that day she had locked herself away emotionally and sexually from men.

Ariel had been relying on masturbation a great deal lately, using her toy until she feared she may break one or die trying. Five times a day or more, she closed her door, as if someone may catch her, and fingered her pussy until she was wet and frenzied. She pulled one of her toys out and touched her clit and melted. She rubbed on her clit, hitting the spot that made her jump and then inserting it into her wet, wanting pussy.

Back and forth she continued this, changing the settings to tease herself until she was panting. On all fours was her favorite way, it reminded her of amazing fuck sessions with her ex. Her legs got weak so perfectly when she was in that position. Finally she wanted to have it all. She grabbed her purple rabbit. It had a clit tickler and a 7″ cock. She inserted the cock as her clit was stimulated. It was a relief to her pent up frustrations.

She mixed the settings up until she was so hot and horny. She then switched to her favorite setting where the constant vibration of the tickler resonated through her clit and into her pussy. She wanted to buck the sensation out of pure instinct, but she fought that instinct forcefully because she knew the payoff would be amazing.

She held it on her swollen clit with the dildo stuck in her. She pulled it out and pushed it back in so the tickler hit the clit as the fake cock fucked her. With each penetration and each hit her clit took, she jumped. She continued to torture herself moaning softly as though she may disturb someone in the empty room that abutted hers.

Finally she pressed the purple cock deep inside her as the tickler pressed just right on the clit. Now she felt the urge deep inside her to hold on, so she did. She held on as her back arched. Her legs grew weak and wobbly and her pussy was gearing up for an incredible release.

“Oh!” escaped her full lips and her head dropped in pure pleasure. She grinded her hips toward the source of her pleasure, and rotated continually. “OH!” she screamed as the most pleasant vibrations rocked her insides. Then she felt it, the fireworks, the tingling, and the ache that had built up as she fucked herself.

She yelled out, “OH YES,” as her pussy pulsated around this long, hard, bead-filled, fake cock. Her juices gushed in a hot stream of pleasure, dripping out and down her leg and her toy. The juices dripped down her hand and onto the throw rug in her bathroom. She did not care about the damned carpet; the pleasure was too amazing for her to be bothered with such things.

She casino siteleri felt the pleasure and thought, “I have cum, now I should stop,” but did not listen to that voice. Instead, she held on for three more body-racking orgasms until she felt she had no fluids left in her body. She collapsed panting on the floor holding her dildo still vibrating in her hand, dripping her juices. It was in those moments of pleasure, that she realized she needed a real man in her very soon.

On this particular day, she walked into the bookstore, feeling quite sexy. She felt she was living on the edge, because she was wearing no panties under her cutest ruffled denim skirt that sat high on the thigh. So high that as she walked, it swung dangerously close to showing her ass cheeks. If she bent slightly for a periodical, all the people behind her would know she had not bothered putting on her panties. Her tight knit top was clinging to her breasts and the “V” exposed some of her ample cleavage. As she heaved her breath in and out, in her excitement at her secret, she felt her empowerment over her prey.

Ariel moved to a section of the bookstore that she had seen him in before. He usually came into the bookstore on this day of the week, around this time. She wanted to saunter past him, making her skirt flip to see if he glanced at her.

She saw him a few aisles down from the entrance and she smiled as she moved towards him. She did not know his name, or if he was taken, but she knew that he seemed to love to read. Intelligence was such a turn on for Ariel. His seemingly voracious appetite for books and his confident strides made her ache to have him. Today she knew she would have him. He was a delicious dark-haired specimen, with golden-brown eyes. He seemed about 5’11, with a tanned appearance, and always smelled of soft, spicy cologne and fresh soap. After seeing him in the book store in the past she would go home and spend time relieving the ache he caused. She swore she could almost smell him then, and imagined how he must taste.

It was Saturday morning and sometimes on Saturday’s he was at the store with a scruffy beard, as though he rolled out of his bed and ignored the razor. Today his face appeared freshly shaved. He was handsome in his polo shirt and pressed khakis. She wondered what his beard would be like hitting her thighs and pussy as he ate her. She tipped her head back imagining his beard tickling her as his tongue laps at her lips; she shivered in reaction at the mere thought of him doing so. Perhaps one day she might find out, but today she was on a mission.

After seeing him her need was too great. Ariel decided flipping her skirt for his attention, may take too long to get what she wanted. Instead, she lifted her up head high and mustered up her courage. She walked up to the stranger. He seemed to sense her approach, and turned and smiled at her, as she descended on him. She reached her hands up to the sides of his face, and pulled him into a deep, passionate kiss. He seemed taken aback, but molded into her as she felt him kiss her in return. Ariel was pleased that her prey had given up so easily.

She wrapped her tongue around his, and got wet from the sensation of this man’s warm tongue dancing in her mouth. Ariel pulled out of the kiss and grabbed his hand. She walked him to a door at slot oyna the rear of the store next to the bathrooms, she tried the handle and it turned. With each step her excitement continued to build, as she felt juices starting to drip down her thigh. She ushered this stranger in to the utility closet and closed the door. She flipped the light switch on but only one light was working so the room was dimly lit. She could still see him but the dim light was a great effect she hadn’t planned. He turned with a curious smile and began to speak, “My name is….,” she stopped him with a finger to his lips, and a soft sultry, “Shhhhh…”

Ariel pulled him into a kiss, and he obliged her with equaled passion. She began to paw at his chest. She pulled his shirt out from his khakis. Her hands ran up his smooth rippled chest. His nipples were stiff, and she ran her palms over them and felt him shiver. She moved to his belt buckle and unbuckled it with smooth, quick movements. His pants were undone and dropped in 5 seconds, and he stood there in just his shirt and boxers. She looked down to see his engorged cock now pointing out of the slit in his boxers, toward her with anticipation.

She was heady with excitement and wondered if he could smell her arousal. She tilted her head back as he ran his hands under her knit top and cupped her breasts, kneading and fondling. She moaned at the human touch to her perky breasts. In reaction, she grabbed his cock and stroked it. It was so hard, so smooth and so warm. She was having a hard time not pushing him down and fucking him, until she exploded. But she did not want to stop the natural exploration of his hands. He must have sensed her urgency, because he moved his hands down under her skirt. He jumped slightly. She believed he jumped as he realized that she had no panties on and was dripping wet from him. She smiled a wicked smile as he penetrated her with his fingers, bringing more of her juices out.

Ariel had fingered herself so much lately that she did not want to wait too long for his dick to slide into her. She decided to forego the natural progression notion and pushed him toward a chair that was in the back corner that has one broken arm on it. She yanked down his boxers, and noted the surprised look in his sparkling eyes. He did not stop her so she continued her assault on him. She gently forced him to sit, as she straddled him and situated his cock on her dripping, hot center. As she slid him slowly into her, the presence of this real, warm and hard cock sent her into an immediate orgasm. She whimpered in delight, and filled his lap with her sweet juices.

His hands grabbed her hips and moved her up and down, vigorously. His arousal was increased, it seems, by the sweet nectar she gushed onto his legs. He seemed determined to push his length as deep into her as she could take. He surpassed her amply-endowed dildo, and she felt she could ride him all day. She fucked her stranger with wild abandonment, and without thought of consequences. She had imagined this moment for so long that nothing mattered but the feeling of him pushing through her, pleasuring her. Up and down. She felt him hit her cervix and she was lost in ecstasy now.

Her movements became erratic, as she fucked him with all the need of a woman who had not ridden a cock for a year. She clenched her pussy to caress canlı casino siteleri his cock inside her. He groaned and gasped and his noises drove her crazy. She could sense he was close to climax, as she rode a wave of her own pleasure. Now she felt it, her strong ache was building and the numbing sensation in her legs was increasing. She yelled as it hit her! Her orgasm was monstrous! Her juices were pouring out all over this man she had pinned, in a broken chair, in a utility room, at a bookstore. He groaned loudly and she grinded into him, as his hips thrusted into her to penetrate her fully. He shot his cum into her pussy and held her on him. She felt the pulsations of his cum shooting from him and squeezed her pussy to coax every last precious drop of his seed from inside him.

Ariel collapsed into his chest, panting. She was satisfied, as it was exactly how she fantasized it would be. She felt so triumphant in her conquest. She stepped off of his cock, reached between her legs dipping her finger into their mixed juices. She saw him watch her curiously, as she licked their cocktail from off her finger. She straightened her clothes and he jumped to his feet saying, “Wait! I don’t even know your name,” she opened and closed the door, and was gone.

She almost ran to her car, worried he would chase her down. Speeding off, she reran the event through her head, smiling in deep and glowing satisfaction.

For two weeks she avoided her favorite book store, but knew her connection to it was too great to keep her away forever. She decided to go in to the store early in the evening on a Friday. She had never seen her stranger in the book store on a Friday, so she felt certain she would not bump into him. She hoped that he had forgiven her for using him. Ariel was always the one being used, this time she was the user. She wanted something, and had to have it, and did.

She bought a book that was just released that interested her and sat down with a fresh blueberry muffin and a hot, Mocha Latte. She breathed in deeply the aromas of her favorite place. With her back to the door she climbed into her book. She hoped to escape into a book for a few hours before having to run some errands.

Today she had her hair pulled up revealing her smooth neck. She was reading for a while, alternating between her book and her steamy cup of coffee. Ariel then felt someone walk up to her, and kiss her on the nape of her neck. She jumped and turned at the same time by this intimate act, to see her stranger smiling gently down onto her. In her surprise her response leapt forth out of her nervously, “I am sorry to just leave like that. I just needed you in that moment.”

“No apologies necessary,” he replied, “I thought as much. I have been watching you for months in here. I came into this bookstore one day and saw you reading and twirling you hair. I only kept coming back to the store in hopes of working up the courage to say hello to you and ask you out.”

She caught her breath when she realized, he had been studying her as she had been studying him.

“Hello. My name is Richard and I would love to take you out some time,” he said holding his hand out to shake hers. His smile was exquisite, as he stared into her eyes. She saw the lights dancing in the flecks of gold in his eyes.

Ariel giggled at the gentlemanly tone of his voice, as if she hadn’t fucked him in the utility closet. She extended her hand softly into his and gazed into his amazing eyes, “Hello Richard, my name is Ariel and I would love to go out with you.”

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