Any Hotel, Anywhere Hot Ch. 01

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How I got persuaded to do a series of presentations in Nevada in July I really don’t know, nor why anyone would want to round up delegates for such an event in high summer, is anybody’s guess, we’re talking 110° F/ 43°C in the daytime. However, on balance, there are good reasons to be happy it took place.

At least the choice of hotels is excellent in Las Vegas (I don’t ever stay with the delegates- though it’s essential to socialise with them sometimes). Some hotel chains have establishments there which have a choice of pool/spa areas, various options on fitness facilities, the works. These would not usually be part of their global brand. So, when my clients go off to party, fill their bellies and blow their hard earned money at the tables, your truly goes back to his own room for quiet time, some physical exercise and who knows, maybe some fun company.

Well, the incident I intended to relate to you is indivisible from the extraordinary heat and anyone who has stepped outside the air-conditioned paradise of a major hotel into a scorching hot dessert environment will put this into context really easily.

Now, I was born prematurely and the story goes that my mother, having been informed that I was too weak to survive, decided to take me home put me by the fire and feed me every 20 minutes. My older sisters complained that through that summer the house was like a furnace. This might explain why, though I come from a temperate, some would say a cold city, I am rarely bothered by the heat. That said, when I’m trying to rest or to sleep, if I’m paying for the luxury of air-con then I expect it to be provided.

My hotel, typical as ever of big chains in it’s uniformity, perhaps a little larger owing to the entertainment levels, palatial dining areas, open 24 hours to serve the inevitable casino and acres of slots. It manages space for guests who need accommodation in an efficiently familiar manner. A modest 18 storeys of accommodation: 16 levels of generously proportioned double rooms, anonymous, identical; one level of suites comprising two doubles with an interconnecting lounge and the penthouse level which the merely mortal among us would never, normally, get to see. Another facility that one would rarely find in hotels of this particular world-wide chain, a rooftop helipad. I was unaware of the mass of steel, glass and concrete surrounding me as I ploughed up and down the pool or as I stretched and challenged my muscles alone in the weights room. A single customer. Pretty meaningless in the machinery of global hotel business. A statistic.

Until, that is,I returned to my room to find the reassuring, almost imperceptible purr of the air-con, replaced by a suddenly obvious silence and a temperature in the room already uncomfortably high for sleep.

My singlet and shorts darkened with perspiration, my muscles glistening in the crystalline clarity of LED down-lighters, I stomped down the corridor to get the stairs down to reception, only 3 floors below. Once I’d taken to the stairs and the fire door had closed behind me, I noticed my error, I was in the service stairwell, not the guest stairs. No carpet, bare walls, echoing of lofty, empty space as my trainers met the treads. Not knowing where this would lead, I turned back. internet casino Tried my room key in the swipe and no response. I had no alternative but to follow the stairway down and hopefully out through an emergency exit.

There was a sudden rush of hot air from below, the sound of a door closing in the distance. I trotted down the 6 flights to a concrete lobby with service panels all down one wall, one of which was open, showing it’s guts of wires and LED indicators and where lay an open tool case and a discarded polo shirt. No business of mine. ‘Let’s be on my way!’ I thought. When it occurred to me that the engineer at work just might be in the process of getting my air-con back online. I decided to go round to reception anyway to ask and approached the emergency exit, large door, clearly marked, on the opposing wall.

As I pushed the bar, releasing the catch and allowing the door to open a crack, I allowed a second rush of heat into the service lobby, I hissed in surprise and heard another sharp intake of breath from the missing service engineer marooned on the other side of the door, who as if drowning, snatched at the edge of the door with strong fingers and pulled.

At this, in complete surprise and in comedy fashion, I was yanked forward and off balance. Flushed, covered in sweat and half naked from the gym, jolted so my face, in the hairy navel with the air-con guy. You couldn’t have written this because no-one would have believed the chain of coincidences. Could have been so much worse!

Mr.Air-con was wearing loose fitting shorts rolled over at the top exposing his belly hair way down into it’s transition to pubic hair. Something difficult to discern on ‘men of hair’, such as those I most admire. This small area of tousled, sweaty, rusty brown curls was now bonded with my sweaty face, my crew cut, and beard. There was a double take of hurried apologies as he stepped back and a brief recognition that perhaps apology wasn’t needed.

He stepped, aside, then inside and deftly closed the door, it was obvious from the way he looked me up and down and from the way that I took into his broad, handsome, bearded face, looked at his bronzed, muscular frame and strong fur covered brown legs that neither of us was disappointed by the surprise encounter. “Well, dang!” He breathed as I straightened up and he could see the full image of my sweaty musculature. The rounded pouch created by the rolling up of his shorts, which cradled his precious baby-making organs, twitched visibly and I knew that nothing more needed to be said.

I pulled up my singlet and discarded it, bringing my powerful, hairy torso into his view, and as he was moistening his lips unconsciously, I shucked down my shorts and jock, standing there naked and erect in just my gym shoes. This provoked a slight dropping of the jaw and then a broad smile, the flexing of dimples in cheeks and chin and the flashing of white teeth and deep amber eyes, which signalled full steam ahead. I stepped across the short void between his overheated body of mine and as I opened my arms to bring him into a deep and breathless kiss my hard cock head challenged his bulging package to a genital dual.

I slipped my hands into the slack band of his shorts and around canlı poker oyna the gorgeous globes of his beautiful bubble butt, kneading the downy flesh with my stout fingers and felt the response from his imprisoned cock, throbbing again my straining organ. I kissed him long and hard and tonged is mouth, I breathed his gasps and panting, quivering surrender. This was only going in one direction.

I spun him round and licked at the back of his powerful neck and shoulders, pulled down his shorts and sank to my knees and to the cool of the smooth concrete floor to take in the musk and moistness of his hot, hairy sanctuary. Rarely have I felt my cock strain so strongly against the limits of my tightened skin, as I pushed my nose into the darkness, parted his cheeks with experience hands and pushed my tongue deep into that magical crevice that is home to the ultimate in male sexual pleasure. My cock head was dribbling sweet beads of super lube. He bent forward, bracing his hands against the row of switchgear housings, thrust his beautiful arse out eagerly to greet my incoming, bristly chops and I began to chow down. I swiped a bead of pre-cum with my right, ring finger and reached up and into the gaping mouth above me, which he devoured hungrily with a whimpering, gargling moan, then I took another which I swirled around his meaty, right nipple. His breath rasped and guttered as he gave himself up to completely to the semi-consciousness of animal lust.

As I rummaged with lips tongue and teeth in the dense forest of his crack, drinking in the man oders, teasing open the pink window to heaven, his thick, thick cock bounced and bobbed in time to the spasming of his delighted portal, the great, rounded mushroom purple head, a real arse breaker this one, soon streamed with that tiny glistening cobweb that stretches from a tear of hot, sticky cock juice. Droplet after droplet fell to the grey cool concrete between his widely spread legs.

I continued to coat his channel with my saliva, stretching back the opening forcing my broad tongue further and further in and provoking more helpless moans and whimpering from his defeated lips.

I spotted the little pool of his syrup between his feet and as I rose for the moment of triumph, I thumbed it up from the floor and pressed it into the welcoming heat of the internal workings of his body, easing it round the doorway, delighting in the tight surrender of his internal muscles and sliding the second of my expert instruments into it’s fully docked position. I could feel the nervous excitement and anticipation inside his body. What bliss? What power?

As I tweaked and pinched his left nipple between strong forefinger and left thumb, I gently, slowly, agonisingly worked that right thumb in and out, helping him to understand, as if more could be needed, what was coming next.

There was never going to be a need for anything but natural man-lube in this encounter and the pearls of slippery goo just kept coming between the lips of my cock head. I pressed the rock hard, shiny, purple globe of my eager glans against his tender pink pucker and with the skill of an experienced artist his flesh door rolled outward, opened and sucked my great, pulsating organ into his welcoming hole. What could poker oyna be more natural or invigorating than that sight. Slowly, smoothly, inexorably, my 9×5 slipped into the furnace of his flesh.

Something in the way his muscles rippled around it’s head, it’s shaft as my dong slid into place and my cojones touched down against his furry butt, told me this was extraordinary but as is the way in these situations, I am so lost in the animal intensity of the experience I am not fit to judge at the time. His body suddenly convulsed and a grip of extreme intensity strangled my hard rod, his cock spat out rope after rope of sweet jizz splattering his tool box, his shirt and leaving long translucent lines across the concrete. He bucked and bucked uncontrollably and then gasped with barely enough air for the words “Fuck me! Give me your load, Man!”

For a moment, when I felt the violence of his orgasm, I thought this was all just going to end with me tossing myself off while he struggled to show his interest in anything further. I could not have been more wrong.

As I slowly rocked back and brought the head of my cock to the tight band of his sphincter his body quaked again and again, jolting nervously with involuntary responses to the movements of my hard organ in his guts, he rolled his hips forward slightly and backed up onto my cock and we started a slow sensual rhythm in and out. I was in heaven. Every nerve in my entire body was awake and on fire, I was one electric erogenous zone, from head to foot.I wrapped my corded arms tight under his fantastic furry torso and gave him the benefit of 30+years of experience in how to delight and be delighted by a long, fat cock. He met each of my thrusts with a grunt or a gasp or a “Yes!” or “Uhuh!”

His genitals continued to swing in time to our copulating, his dick still slapping tight up against his flat, hairy belly with the promise of more to offer to the banquet of lust.

Suddenly it was too much for my old nuts and try as I might, I tumbled off that pinnacle of pleasure and hurtled uncontrollably into orgasm. He could feel the change in my groin, hear the desperate conclusion in my breathing and grunted “Give it to me, punch it in!”

Though I could barely control anything about the loss of my gun, I did my best to pound that butt as hard as I could in order to spit my DNA as deeply into his body as I could possibly manage. I brought my cock right out of his stretched and tender orifice and slammed it right back in, two, three, four and then the royal flush burst from the lips of my dong and his racking, quivering body resumed it’s spasmodic jerking orgasm. With hardly a tough from his right paw, his cock went into sputtering climax a second time and more threads of jizz jetted from his masculinity, further decorating the drab grey floor with their spontaneous passion.

I have often been in sexual situations which arose with sudden imperative immediacy, I guess because I am always open to it, almost always looking for it. Never have I experienced such extreme responses and such intense pleasure with a person who’s name I was yet to learn.

Flynn. Never to be forgotten.

“Leave it right there… please!” He groaned as my body slumped and I tenderly and repeatedly kissed his rippling lats and teased and delighted at the comfort of his back-hair. I’m dribbling copious pre-cum again as I write this on my laptop, at the breakfast table, at home. I can summon up that moment anytime I want.

But there was more…

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