Another Game

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“So what game do you want to play?” she asked, a shiver of anticipation modulated her voice control.

He smiled wickedly, his humor was handsome as sin, “Trivia. You in?”

She nodded okay, her eyes flashing with the challenge.

A deck of cards was produced, and she raised an eyebrow as he asked his first question, “What were you wearing when I first noticed you?”

“What kind of trivia is this?” she wondered taken aback.

He reached for her blouse. “Wrong answer,” he announced tugging the cloth free from her waist, and opening its clasps. “The correct answer is a t-shirt with a dragon on it, purple, and jeans.”

She gasped, “Oh my God!” realizing what exactly he was up to.

He pulled out the next question card with the flair of a master of ceremonies. “Where was our first kiss?”

“Next park!” she blurted, pulling nervously at her bra straps where one had slid off her shoulder.

He traced his fingers down from her lips, along her neck, and over her clavicle knocking the strap back off. “Wrong again.” His other hand joined the maddening dance as he circled her breast with his fingers, sliding them from below across the side, to her back where he released the clasp.

“What?” she exclaimed as she passively let him remove her bra. “It WAS in the bahis firmaları park!”

Grazing his fingers across her freed breasts, he answered with a low rumble of satisfaction, “No, it was in my dream the night before.”

“Are you shitting me? I’m supposed to give the wrong answer because you don’t have your facts straight?”

He laughed. “Next question, beautiful. When did you trigger my first erection?”

She opened and closed her mouth several times before finally answering, “Probably during that damn dream of yours…”

“Nope!” he interrupted, grasping her hips and tugging her up onto her knees. Running his fingers along the seam of her pants, he leaned over her back murmuring, “I read your diary.”

When she swung her head to look at him in surprise, he kissed her. During the kiss, his hands eased her pants over her derriere and down her thighs, where they caught under her knees.

With one hand, he teased the nipples of her breasts, alternately pinching and caressing. His other hand slipped between her legs, lightly rubbing her swelling labia. “When did you first make me cum?”

“You didn’t grab a card,” she protested, shifting in aroused discomfort and breathing heavily.

Kissing her neck, he laughed, “Wrong answer again.” And he paused in his teasing to pull her kaçak iddaa panties down. He slid his fingers over her exposed vulva. She was covering his fingers in lubrication, her fertile body was so excited.

He lightly bit her neck. “It was after reading your diary.” Undoing his pants, he prompted her, “Since you insist on reading the cards, I get a free play and you read the next card.”

Glancing at his revealed erection, she licked her lips, “Still not fair,” she muttered reaching for the next card.

“Wrong answer again,” he whispered in her ear. Aligning the tip of his cock to her labia, he eased it between. Within, he probed for her channel, found it and pressed. His heart rate jumped as pleasure cascaded down his spine. Once the mushroom head penetrated her, he stopped, panting.

She likewise panted, the card temporarily forgotten. “I’m ovulating,” she groaned.

He pressed, sliding deeper, “You didn’t ask a question. Wrong answer again, my love.” He didn’t stop pushing, sliding into her, until his pelvis pressed against hers. The muscles of her channel fluttered around his erection, squeezing it in the best way. Leaning forward he resumed rubbing his fingers over her vulva, skimming them lightly over her clitoris.

Panting, she flipped the card over, “What kind of question is this?” kaçak bahis It read ‘Wrong answer again.’

Pulling back and thrusting forward, he grunted, “Last chance. Game over, gorgeous.” Then he pulled back and thrust again, pulled back and thrust again, pulled back and thrust again. She was squeezing him tighter and tighter as he swelled, ready to erupt.

“I demand a rematch,” she moaned bracing against his progressively harder thrusts.

He rubbed her clitoris, teasing, tugging, and rubbing as he dove into her channel again and again. He slid easily through the tightening pressure with every thrust, encased in sweet, wet pleasure. Her muscles around him were squeezing in time with his fingers. Then she dropped her head and groaned long, breathy, and with a soft keen on the end. Her vaginal muscles locked on his cock. As he pulled back, they released, locked harder, and triggered his eruption. Fire shot through his spine, his balls, and as it reached his erection, he pulled her tight, flush against his pelvis and released. Sweet pulses of intense orgasmic pleasure jetted from him into her ready womb.

Leaning over her, he pressed her shoulders down, keeping her hips uplifted where she was pinned to him. “Rematch tomorrow,” he murmured into her ear.

“I am so screwed,” she puffed on a tired laugh.

Her muscles tightened on him briefly in a soft acquiescence. A twitch surged through his groin, releasing a last burst of semen into her cum-filled body. “Thoroughly,” he groaned happily.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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