And Then What Happened? Ch. 02

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I decided to add an after to this storyline, but don’t know if I will continue it.

I always wonder what happened afterwards on the one part stories I read on here. So this fills in that gap for you, my dear readers.

* * * * *

And Then What Happened?

Chapter Two

Carla stretched lazily, then winced as she felt how tender her pussy felt. Tim had been all over her for the rest of the day, and long into the night, fucking her again and again. He had carried her from room to room and taken her in positions Carla had never even dreamed of. The only time she had resisted was when he had tried to stick his cock in her ass.

Her favorite had been when he had draped her over the back of the couch and alternated between doing her doggy, then scrambling over to stand on the cushions while he fucked her in the mouth. She’d felt so used by the experience, but she had never felt more wanted, or closer to her son.

Squeezing one eye open, she saw sunlight streaming through the windows at the foot of the bed. She sat up, smiling when she saw the mess they had made of the sheets the night before.

Sliding over to the side of the bed, she got to her feet and staggered into the bathroom. She groaned as she sat on the toilet, her whole body feeling like she’d just run a marathon then back to back mixed martial arts matches. She felt like she had been stretched, twisted and pounded within an inch of her life.

She sighed happily as she peed, then wiped quickly and got off the toilet and stepped over to the shower. She turned it on, then went over and stood in front of the mirror while she waited for the water to get hot.

“Oh god…” She groaned when she saw the hickeys and love bites on her neck and tits, and she gasped when she looked down and saw the bite marks on the insides of her thighs. Spreading her legs wider, she stared in amazement at how puffy and swollen her pussylips were.

Shaking her head, she went over and stepped into the shower. She sighed happily as the hot water pounded on her neck and back, and she just stood under the spray for a few minutes letting the heat soothe her aching muscles.

Turning around, she adjusted the spray so it would cover her upper body as she leaned back against the wall of the stall. Her fingers moved down and spread the lips of her pussy, and she eased one up into her abused pussy hole, groaning as the tight passage spasmed around her probing digit.

When she pulled her finger out, she looked at it, shaking her head when she saw it covered with a thick layer of jism, mixed with a trace of blood.

She grabbed the hand wand and pushed it between her legs, holding her pussylips open with her fingers as she let the warm water shoot in pulsing jets up into her aching cunt.

After a few minutes, the water started to get cooler, so she shut it off and stepped out of the shower, grabbing a towel to dry off with.

‘I can wash my hair later.” She thought as she took her robe from the hook on the back of the door and slipped it on. She went out into her bedroom, and as she opened the door, the aromas of coffee and bacon filled her senses.

“Oh you beautiful little bastard.” She laughed as she walked down the hall, smiling as she went into the kitchen and saw her son standing at the stove wearing only a pair of loose jogging shorts. His back was to her, so she walked up behind him, slipping her arms around his waist and laying her head against his back.

“How you doing this morning honey?” She asked softly.

“I’m good.” Tim laughed, leaning back into her. “How’s my little mommy slut this morning?”

“Sore…and don’t call me slut.” She told him as she let her arms drop and stepped over to the coffee pot.

She poured a cup, then turned and leaned against the counter as she watched him working at the stove.

“So uh…how do you feel about…you know…what happened last night?” She asked timidly.

“I feel great! I mean, I loved every fucking second of it.” Tim laughed as he scooped bacon out of the pan and laid it on a plate covered with paper towels. “Your little pussy was so hot and wet, hungry for a nice fat co…”

“Oh casino siteleri my god Tim…how can you make it sound so nasty?” Carla gasped, staring at him. “Didn’t what happened between us mean anything to you? Was I just another piece of ass to you?”

“Fuck no Mom.” He laughed as he moved the pan off the burner and turned to face her. “You were the piece of ass I’ve wanted for as long as I can remember, and you made my wet dreams come true for me. What happened between us meant everything to me.”

He stepped closer and put his arms around her, hugging her warmly.

“You’re still my Mom, and I’ll always love you that way the most.” He said, looking her in the eyes.

“What if…what if we uh…would it bother you if we never did it again, if we stopped, and were just mother and son like before?”

“Not gonna happen Mom.” Tim said softly. “You enjoyed what we did last night as much as I did, and you needed a good fuck alot more than I did.”

He leaned back, smiling at her, letting his hands rest lightly on her hips.

“But if you say you want to stop, we can stop.” He said. “I can transfer to another school, and neither of us will ever be tempted to…”

“You…you would have to move away from me to keep from wanting to…you know…what we did last night…”

“We fucked Mom.” Tim said, smiling at her. “I stuck my cock in your hot, juicy little pussy and fucked you again and again. You sucked my cock to get me hard again, and I ate your pussy after I shot a load in it, then shared a honey kiss with you after I sucked our juices out of your cunt…”

“And yeah, I would have to move away to keep from wanting you all the time, and I think if you don’t feel the same way right now, you will. You’ll remember how good my mouth and my cock felt in you and on you, how my body felt against you, and you’ll want it again. If you think stopping is best, I can find somewhere else to stay until I can arrange a transfer.”

“Oh fuck Tim…” Carla groaned as a shiver swept over her. She felt her pussy getting wet as she listened to him, and she knew she wouldn’t be able to let him move away, and take his big, beautiful cock away from her. She laid her head against his chest as he held her.

“Tell me you want it as much as I do Mom.” Tim said softly, running his hand gently up and down over her back. “Tell me you want us to keep fucking, making love, however you want to put it. I want to hear you say that you feel the same desire for me that I feel for you, that you want me to be your lover, the man of your life, the most important thing in your world…”

“You are the most important thing in my world.” Carla whispered as she pressed her body against his. She had to stifle a giggle as she felt his stiff cock against her leg.

“And I do want those other things too honey.” She said, looking up at him as she eased away, dropping to her knees in front of him.

“I want you to keep fucking me, and letting me suck your magnificent cock.” She purred as she pulled his shorts down. His cock sprang up, and she wrapped both hands around it, staring at it in wide eyed wonder. “I want you to be my live-in stud, giving me this big beautiful cock whenever I want it.”

Even with both her hands covering the shaft, more than half of his cock stuck out over them. She moved her hands slowly up and down over the long, thick shaft, then lowered her head as she opened her mouth and took the swollen cockknob between her lips.

She moaned as the thick knob filled her mouth, and started moving her mouth up and down slowly, using her hands to work on the shaft. Warm spit drooled from between her lips, coating his cockshaft, easing the passage of her hands as they stroked up and down.

Tim smiled down at her, bring his hands down and wrapping his fingers in her hair.

“Make me cum Mom.” He grunted as he humped his hips forward, forcing more of his cock between her lips. “Make me cum in your hot fucking mouth and show that you want to be my mommy slut.”

“Fuck my face.” Carla grunted, pulling back and letting his cock slip from between her lips. “Use my mouth, and make me your mommy slut. slot oyna Cum in my mouth, and all over my face. If you want me the way you say you do, show me. Mark me…own me…make me yours.”

“Suck it slut.” Tim growled, tightening his fingers in her hair as he forced his cock back into her mouth. He started moving her head up and down as he thrust his hips forward, feeding his cock into her hungrily sucking mouth.

Carla choked as his cockhead drove into her throat. She fought back the gag reflex, breathing through her nose as she moved her hands, bringing them higher on his cock to control how much he could feed her on one stroke.

Her tongue lashed and swept around all over the underside of his cockshaft, and when he pulled back far enough, she would slash it all over the fat, dripping knob, poking it into his piss slit to gather up tangy droplets of pre-cum.

Tim groaned, marveling at how eagerly his mother was sucking his cock. She was working her hands, lips, mouth and tongue in such perfect syncopation that he could already feel his balls swelling as his cum filled them.

“I’m gonna cum soon mommy slut.” He grunted as he started fucking her face harder and faster. “I’m gonna shoot a big load, and I want you to show what a good little mommy slut you’re gonna be. Get ready…it’s almost time…”

“Mmmppphhh…mmmppphhnnn…ooh ittt.” Carla grunted around his throbbing cockshaft as she sucked it as hard as she could. Her cheeks moved in and out like a bellows, puckering in as she sucked.

She looked up at him, her eyes running with tears from the way he was abusing her mouth and throat. Tightening her hands around his cockstalk, she started moving them in time with her mouth up and down over the length of the throbbing shaft.

“Get ready…oh yeah, here…it…cuuuummmmssss!” He shouted as he felt the first fiery slugs of cum surging up his cockshaft. Seconds later, thick, sticky spurts of cum sprayed from his piss slit, filling his mother’s mouth to overflowing.

Carla choked when the first jets of jism splashed onto the roof of her mouth then poured down her throat. She coughed, and thick ribbons of gooey white cum drooled from her tightly clasped lips around his cock.

Tim threw his head back, roaring as his cum spewed in seemingly endless spurts into his mother’s hungrily sucking mouth. His hands jerked her head up and down as he pumped his hips at her face, jamming his cock as deep as he could get it in her mouth again and again.

He pulled back too far on one stroke, and his cock slipped from between her bruised, puffy lips. Carla’s hands didn’t miss a beat as his cock kept spitting ribbons of hot, sticky spunk, letting them rain down on her face, neck, and chest.

As the flow of cum eased to a trickle, then a slow ooze from his winking piss slit, she pressed his cockhead to her cheeks and started to rub the warm, gooey cream into her skin with it.

“Oh fuck…” Tim grunted, dropping to his knees as his legs gave out. Pressing his lips to his mother’s, he kissed her hungrily. His hands moved up and he jerked her robe open, filling his hands with the firm, spongy globes of her tits.

Carla moaned into his mouth, meeting his kiss eagerly as she adjusted her hands on his cock. She had never lost her grip on his throbbing shaft when he fell to his knees in front of her.


“Finish making me breakfast.” Carla said a few minutes later as she pushed him away and got to her feet. She moved over and sat at the kitchen table, idly scraping her son’s cum from her face and licking it off her fingers. “You should eat too, you’re going to need the energy if you’re going to give me the fucking I need and deserve after that blowjob.”

“You think so huh?” He laughed, moving back to the stove and putting the pan back on a burner. He adjusted the heat, then turned to look at her as he waited for the pan to warm up. “We fucked non-stop for more than eight hours last night, and I never ran out of steam. You on the other hand, fell asleep in mid-fuck, with my cock still buried balls deep inside you.”

Carla laughed, smiling warmly at her son.

“I didn’t fall asleep, it canlı casino siteleri just felt so good having your cock inside me, filling me more completely than any cock I’ve ever had inside me, I just wanted to lay there and savor it.”

“Ahhhhh, so that’s what you were doing.” Tim said, nodding sagely. “So I guess you started snoring as what, an expression of pleasure?”

“Okay, okay, so I fell asleep.” Carla laughed, blushing at being caught in such an obvious lie. “You wore me out honey. I’m not used to marathon fuck sessions like last night. I think that’s going to take some getting used to.”

“Oh, so now you expect me to fuck you for eight hours every day huh.” He laughed as he cracked eggs into the pan, stirring them with a spoon.

“Not every day.” Carla laughed, watching him move over and drop slices of bread into the toaster. “I think I could get by on maybe…I don’t know…three or four times a week. You are definitely going to be fucking me everyday, but I can let you slide a little on the marathon sessions.”

“That’s mighty kind of you mommy slut, I’ll try to live up to your expectations.” Tim chuckled as he went over and got cheese out of the fridge. He stirred the eggs, then sprinkled the cheese heavily over them.

“Hey, what’s the point of having a live-in stud if I can’t get my brains fucked out three or four times a week?” Carla asked as she watched him put the eggs on plates then add bacon. When the toast popped up, he buttered it and put slices on each plate, then brought them over to the table.

“I hope I can fuck your brains out every day, not just on the all nighters.” Tim smiled as he sat a plate in front of her and moved around and sat down across from her. “But you’re going to have to help me. You have to tell me what you want, what’s good for you while it’s happening to you, and guide me so I can give you the most pleasure in any given moment.”

“Wow, that sounds like alot of work.” Carla laughed. “You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to think while you’re cumming, much less trying to talk. It’s harder for women, we can have multiple orgasms, or at least I can, and it’s almost impossible to keep a thought in your head with the muscle spasms, the raw sensations surging through you, the fireworks…”

“Fireworks?” Tim asked around a mouthful of eggs. He put bacon on a piece of toast and folded it over, eating it like a sandwich.

“Yeah, you know, fireworks going off behind your eyes when you cum.” Carla giggled. “You can tell when that’s happening to me cuz my toes curl up and my pussy juices up and gets real tight.”

“Ahhhhh, so you had fireworks going off in your head when your pussy clamped down on my cock and juice squirted out around it every time I stroked in?”

“Yeah, I’ve never squirted, but I do get sloppy wet when I’m getting a goo…a fantastic fucking…like you were giving me last night.”

“You must have been cumming pretty often then.” Tim grinned. “Because your cunt felt tighter than your fist most of the time, and you soaked me every time I stroked in. Why do you think I kept pulling out and eating you? I wanted to lick up all that delicious pussy juice before it went to waste.”

“Awwww, and I just thought you did that because you loved me.” Carla laughed. “You kept pulling out after you pounded my poor little pussy with your big hard cock, then kissing it and making it better. I thought that was really sweet.”

“It was pure, self centered greed, I’m sorry to admit.” He said, shaking his head. “Your juices were like ambrosia, or the nectar of the gods. I’ve never tasted anything sweeter in my life. It seemed like I couldn’t get enough.”

“Mmmmmm, I’m glad you like it, cuz you’re really good at eating my pussy baby.” Carla giggled. “I hope you want to do that every day, even if you don’t fuck my brains out.”

“Let’s just see what happens.” Tim told her. “I think you’re going to be smiling alot more from now on if I have my way. But right now, you need to finish eating. I’m gonna want pussy for desert, then I want to just fuck the living shit out of you.”

“Oh my, that sounds like a plan.” She grinned as she piled eggs and bacon on a piece of toast, then took a big bite out if it.

* * * * *

Well, that’s it, the follow-up to Chapter One. I still haven’t decided if these characters will put in another appearance. We’ll have to see what happens.

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