An Old Friend Ch. 02

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Chapter 2 – The Next Day

The next morning, Joe left early for work and I didn’t have an appointment until late in the day. So, I lounged around, looking at his DVD collection. In a small box, I found his porn stash. It was a nice selection of compilation DVD’s. About twenty in all, most were straight cum shot movies, but there were four bi movies. All were the four hour variety and featured two guys and one girl. Under these four were two gay movies, both the twink type, that were also the four hour variety. This made me feel a lot better about the night before. I was concerned this morning that perhaps he really hadn’t wanted what happened the night before to happen, but now I was much more sure that he had. Now the question was, how much further could I go.

After browsing through the movies, I picked one of the bi DVD’s and put it in his big screen. Then I went to his desktop at the back of the living room and decided to search a few of my favorite sites. Of course, I checked his favorites folder and found that he had folder marked ‘mine’, so I opened it up and found dozens of porn sites. Like the movies, most were straight, but there were a number of gay and bi sites. He also had Literotica saved, on of my favorites too. I read a few letters, while trying to keep up with the video, then moved on to another of his sites. I decided to right click on something and save it, just to see where his saved files went. I lucked out and the image was preparing to be saved to a specific folder under his ‘my documents’. Instead of saving the pictures, I went to the folder and opened it up. There were numerous subfolders, all with a letter for a name. The ‘G’ folder held what I had assumed, more than 500 gay images. Some were solo, some were couples, a few gangbangs and a few bondage. The folder marked ‘T’ was full of Trannies and cross-dressers. He also had a number of stories downloaded in the ‘S’ file, almost all were gay, tranny and cross-dressers, except for about a dozen that had cum eating in the title.

Of course, at this point I was extremely horny. I was sitting naked at his desk, looking at porn on the PC screen, watching two young guys in a sixty nine with a very hot redhead banging the guy on top with a strapon, so I couldn’t help but begin to stroke my cock. Precum was already leaking out and running down onto his leather desk chair. As I stroked with one hand, I clicked with the other. Opening the ‘P’ folder and expecting to find pussy pictures, I was shocked to see that it actually contained ‘personal’ pictures. Most of which were of Joe in various stages of undress and with various stages of an erection. Then there were a number of him cumming, his body coated in his juices. These were followed by a number of pictures of him eating his own cum from his hands. Then, I found a number of him in various styles thongs, jocks, see-through underwear and to my surprise, a number of him in pantyhose and stockings. He was various poses, in most, his cock was extremely hard and shiny on the tip. All in all, he had more than two hundred pictures of himself. I counted forty pictures with him in hose or stockings. I had never pictured him to be the cross-dressing type. Then again, I have a huge hose fetish myself.

These pictures, along with the movie and my steady stroking brought me to a very explosive orgasm, my cum shooting out of my cock and hitting me mid chest and running back down my stomach to my emptying balls. I scooped up my cum and drank it all down, something that I rarely do, but the images of Joe eating his cum had inspired me.

After I recovered, I shut down the computer and the movie and headed to the shower. After my shower, I called Joe to see if we could get together for lunch, but he wasn’t in the area I needed to be in.

I then asked, “So, we okay about last night?”

After a brief silence, he replied, “Sure, what did you think?”

“I just wanted to make sure that you were not going to be weird about it later. I mean, you do want to play some more tonight don’t you?”

Again, silence, then, “Well, I’m not sure, maybe we can do what we did last night again, but I don’t know about the other.”

I knew he was eluding to the ‘my fucking him’ comment from the night before. I waited güvenilir bahis a second, then said, “No problem, anything you want to do will be fine, I don’t want to rush you into something that you don’t want to do.”

“Cool, then I should be in around six,” he concluded.

After I hung up, I found his stash of stockings under his underwear. I made note of the size and decided I might have the upper hand here and could play on his weakness. I then dressed and headed out for my meeting.

Once my meeting was done, around three, I drove over to the adult area of Dallas, found an adult bookstore and went in for a few items that might ‘loosen’ him up some. I bought a three pack of assorted butt-plugs, a dozen condoms, anal lube and a six inch vibrating cock. As I thought about his hose fetish, I decided that maybe a new pair or two might turn him on, so I then stopped by a department store and bought three pairs of pantyhose, one that was silver and very shiny, one that was hot pink and one that was bright blue.

I arrived back at his house around five, took a second shower, shaving my cock and balls so that they were completely smooth. After drying off, I decided to stay naked, up the stakes a bit I thought. I then took the medium butt plug, slicked it up with a little body oil and slid it into my ass. The plug was a perfect size, only about four inches long, one and half inches wide at the base, before slimming down to the stem, which was almost two inches long, then the wide flat bottom. The other two were similar in shape, the small one being only about three quarters of an inch around at the base, the larger two and one half inches. I liked the feel of the plug as I walked around his house and the long stem insured that it would stay in place.

Just after six, Joe called to say he was on his way and would be there in just a few minutes. I decided it was time to test him out. “Hey, if you want to play, once you pull in the garage, strip naked and walk in with nothing on,” I suggested.

There was that silence again, “well, what will you be wearing?” he asked.

I grinned to myself, “I’m already naked and will be either way, so if you come in naked we’ll match.”

“I’ll think about it,” he said, “I’m pulling up now.”

I heard the garage door open, then the truck pull in. Then the door closed. There was a long delay before I heard the door to the kitchen open, I guess he was trying to decide what to do.

I yelled over the back of the couch, “bring me another beer on your way in.”

“Okay,” he replied.

I was sitting on the couch, naked, the plug snuggly in my ass, drinking a beer and watching another of his bi DVD’s. As he walked into the living room, he had a look of shock on his face, though his cock was rock hard and bouncing in front of his naked body.

“Oh, I found your movies, hope you don’t mind,” I said, reaching for one of the beers he was carrying. I took the beer and took a big swig. Joe came and sat down on the couch next to me.

“I see that you decided to get naked, glad you did, I’d hate to have to walk around naked all night by myself,” I said, slowly stroking my cock up and down.

He took the hint and started stroking his cock too, “Yea, that would have been bad,” he smiled.

He then noticed the two butt plugs sitting on the coffee table. At first he just stared at them, then he finally asked, “what are those for?”

I smiled, “I thought we’d play with each others butts,” I said as a matter of fact. “Besides, I know that you are interested in it, especially with all the pictures I found on your PC, not to mention these bi and gay movies.”

His eyes went wide, a complete look of shock. Finally he said, “I can’t believe you found all that stuff. I guess you really found ‘all’ that stuff?” in an upset tone.

I nodded, “Yea, the pictures of you in the hose and stockings were pretty hot actually. I too have a huge hose fetish, so nothing to be ashamed off.” I then added, “as a matter of fact, I bought you a couple of new pair for you to model later.” I then smiled. “Well, I do love wearing them and every time I see a girl in hose I get an instant erection.” He said, then he added, “and you’re right, I do want to know what it feels türkçe bahis like to have a cock in my ass, I’m just not sure that I’m ready to go that far.”

“Well, you’ll never know if we don’t try a few things,” I said reaching for the small butt plug. “Why don’t you walk around behind the couch and bend over the back of it, I promise, this won’t hurt a bit.” I then got up and walked around to the back of the couch, holding the small plug, making sure that Joe couldn’t see my own butt plug.

He got up and walked around the couch, then he leaned over the couch as I had instructed. I put a little of the lube on the tip of the butt plug then used it to smear it around his tight pink hole. He tensed up every time the tip crossed over his hole. I finally said, “relax! This is no bigger than your pinkie and I’m betting that you’ve at least fingered yourself!”

He took a deep breath and let it out, as he did, I eased the tip inside him. A light groan escaped from him. I continued to push the plug in moving it out slightly then in deeper, out slightly and then deeper in, until it was completely buried in and his tight hole clamped down on around the stem. I thumped the base a couple of times, sending little shockwaves through his ass.

“See, that’s not bad is it?” I asked.

“No, actually, it feels pretty good, not painful at all.” He replied.

I then told him to have a seat on the couch. Once he was seated, I walked around and stepped up on the couch, my legs on either side of him, and I squatted down just a bit, placing my cock in front of his mouth. He took my cock inside his warm mouth and began to move his mouth slowly forwards and backwards, increasing the suction as he did.

I reached down and grabbed his hair, pulling his head closer to me, pushing my cock deeper inside his mouth. He gagged slightly, but kept bobbing back and forth on my cock, moving faster and faster. With each inward thrust, he would gag slightly and soon had a tremendous amount of slobber running out of his mouth around my cock. The slobber and spit was gushing out of his mouth soon and the site of the mixture was turning me on even more.

I knew I would last long with the plug in my ass rubbing my prostate and the slobbery suction Joe was putting on my cock.

I warned him that I was getting close. He increased his speed and sucked even harder and within just a few seconds, I began to unload my wad down his throat. Shot after shot sprayed inside his mouth, mixing with the slimy mixture that was dripping from his mouth. He swallowed a great amount of the cum and slobber, but a large amount escaped his mouth. When I withdrew my cock, he was gasping for air and forcing more of the slobber from his mouth. I reached behind me and pulled the butt plug from my aching ass, leaving my hole slightly open and my ass empty.

I took a large amount of the cum and slobber mixture and covered Joe’s cock, then I coated my ass. Slowly, I lowered myself onto his hard cock, his smaller cock slipping easily into the place that the butt plug had been embedded for more than two hours.

He had that look of complete shock on his face again, as he asked, “what are you doing?”

“I wouldn’t expect you to let me fuck you if you couldn’t fuck me!” I exclaimed, breathing hard as I worked my hips up and down the length of his cock. He then got the idea and began to thrust upwards to meet my ass coming down. Soon we had a good rhythm going. I adjusted myself so that I was now kneeling on either side of his body, his cock working in and out of my ass.

After only about two minutes, he said, “Oh man! I’m gonna cum! I can’t stop it!!”

As he said that, I pulled my knees up so that my ass was now flush against his crotch and I rocked hard, grinding my ass against his crotch. I leaned forward and whispered in his ear, “Go ahead, cum in my ass, fill it full.”

His hands were squeezing my ass cheeks, helping me grind against his cock, which was causing this cock head to stroke against my prostate. I moaned and leaned closer to him.

He groaned as I spoke again, my lips brushing against his ear, “go on, shoot your hot cum in my ass, do it, do it right now,” and with that, he began to shoot his cum into my ass! I could feel güvenilir bahis siteleri his warm cum shot by shot. I buried his cock completely in my ass and began to squeeze my ass muscles, milking him as best as I could. Normally, I would only allow someone to do this with a condom on, but I knew he was perfectly clean.

After four or five shots and several minutes of squeezing him, I could feel his cock shrinking. I raised my ass off of him, allowing his gooey cum to drip from my ass onto his crotch. I then reached for the plug and reinserted the butt plug into my ass. I was still sitting on his lap, I leaned forward and kissed him lightly on the lips. He then opened his mouth and I buried my tongue inside his mouth, our chests we sticking together from the slobber and cum mixture as we kissed deeply.

I broke the kiss and got up, both of us covered in sweat, cum and slobber. I pulled him from the couch, turned him around and slowly worked the butt plug past his tight ass ring and slowly fucked him with it. He moaned and wiggled his ass as I fucked the toy in and out. After a few minutes, I pulled it from his ass and saw that his tiny hole stayed open, meaning it was fully relaxed.

I reached for the larger plug and covered it in my own spit. I stuck the wider tip in his ass and with a twisting motion begin to insert it. As his butt hole widened to accept it, I would tease him by fucking in and out of his tight hole.

He was moaning more and more as I continued to move the wide plug deeper into his ass. He reached behind him and spread his ass cheeks wide apart and in a half whisper said, “shove it in, shove it all the way in!”

With his encouragement, I pushed the plug the remainder of the way in and watch as his hole closed around the thin stem. I continued to push until the wide base was flush with his ass. As before, I thumped it watching as his body jerked with each thump. I then had a wild idea and spanked each of his ass cheeks with a couple of hard swats, making sure that each swat made contact with the plug base.

He moaned loudly and said, “Oh yes! Oh yes! Spank me! Spank me!”

With that encouragement, I pulled back and really began to spank his reddening ass. With each swat his butt became a brighter red, and soon both cheeks were crimson red from the center outward. You could see my hand prints perfectly on his white butt, outlined in red.

I slowed the spanking and began to rub and squeeze his burning butt. I stood him up and turned him around and he immediately shoved his tongue in my mouth, kissing me in an almost violent way, shoving his tongue as far as he could in my mouth. He was grabbing and stroking my cock, squeezing my dick as hard as he could as he stroked me.

He pulled back and said, “I loved that! I’ve always wanted to be spanked!!! My old girl friend and I spanked each other almost nightly!” he then rammed his tongue back into my mouth.

I realized that his cock was semi hard again. Probably caused by the large plug in constant contact with his prostate, as well as the spanking he had just received. I reached down and grabbed his cock and started to squeeze and stroke it too. We were both jerking each other off as our tongues played with each other, our lips not parting.

After several minutes, Joe broke the kiss and groaned, “I’m gonna cum again!” and his cock began to jerk him my hand, with a small amount of cum shooting at my crotch and down my thigh.

Of course, this caused me to begin shooting too, my load was also very light, but was thick and landed squarely above his crotch. We kissed again, continuing to stroke each other lightly.

“Okay, time to shower, so let’s go,” I said, breaking the kiss and walking towards the bedroom.

“Hey,” he said as he followed, “what about this thing in my ass?”

I looked back and grinned, “It’s staying in there until my cock replaces it. Is that okay with you?”

He grinned, “Yea, I think it is.”

With that we hit the shower, taking turns washing and rinsing each other. As I washed is still red ass, I made sure to push and twist the base of the plug. Each time I touched it he groaned and his cock jerked. As he washed my ass, the same thing occurred with me. After a twenty minute hot shower, we got out, helped each other dry off and I suggested that we go to dinner.

Each of use slid on only a pair of shorts, a pullover and deck shoes. We then left for dinner, each of us with a butt plug snuggled deep in our asses.

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