An All Girls Weekend

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Jen slammed the phone down. She had had enough. Tom was being a total jerk to her and she needed some space. She needed a getaway! One call to her travel agent and she was on her way to Tampa for the weekend. Little did she know, this was going to be a weekend she’d never forget. You see, Jen had thoughts before Tom, of what it would be like to be with a woman. She was interested but never approached with the opportunity. It was just something that was in the back of her mind that she never gave much thought to lately.

She packed her back for the quick three day weekend trip. She knew Tampa was still fairly warm so she didn’t forget her swimming suit. If all else failed, some alone time in the hot tub would help her out tremendously. Jen threw her bag and purse in the car and was gone in no time at all. She and Tom had been on the outs for a while and this was her last straw. She was so tired of arrogant, pig-headed and insensitive men.

She gets to the airport and stands in line to have her baggage scanned. There was a small group of girls ahead of her that looked like they were heading out for a bachelorette party. “Sucker,” she mutters to herself. She’d never even think about marriage with a man at this point unless they rode up on a white horse. The girls were laughing and having a great time. The bride-to-be was wearing a penis necklace and veil with condoms stuck to them. She had no idea what she was getting into, did she? The girls passed through the metal detector and now it was Jen’s turn. Her bag cleared and she was on her way. The girls ahead had noticed she was along and waited for her. They gave her a necklace that had a penis pacifier at the end and told her they’d love her to join them for the flight.

“What hotel you going to?” asked Andrea, the maid of honor.

“Um, the Holiday Inn on Broadway in Tampa.” Jenn responded.

“No WAY?!?” exclaimed Andrea. “We are too!” she responded. “Do you want to join us for the weekend? güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri It’d be a shame to have to be alone when we have plenty of room for more!”

Jen looked a little unsure. “Well, I’m just ending a long relationship and need a getaway. I don’t think I’d be much fun.”

“Don’t be silly says this isn’t a bachelorette party, it’s a ‘Thank god I wised up and dumped the bastard before it was too late’ party!” responded Holly.

Jen smiled. “I’m in!” The girls boarded the plane and they were off for the adventure of a lifetime!!

The plane landed in Tampa at 5:30pm. Time to eat, the girls were all starving! They went to the hotel, checked in, and went to the rooms and ordered pizza. They didn’t want to deal with supper crowds right now. There were eight girls in all including Jen. The girls got two rooms since two girls can sleep per bed and two beds per room. The rooms were adjoining with a door that would likely stay open the entire weekend. It was time to relax and forget about men.

Amy jumped up from the bed and wanted to catch a quick shower before the food came. She didn’t bother closing the door since it was all girls and no one was about to care if she was taking a shower. She could at least talk to everyone while cleaning up. Jen couldn’t help but notice Amy’s amazing body through the doorway. She was about 5’5 and 130 pounds with about a 36 D chest. She had never seen a woman that beautiful in her life. Amy finished and stepped out of the shower totally naked. Jen could feel the tingles run from her toes all the way up her spine. Amy caught a glimpse of Jen looking on.

Amy walked dripping wet over to Jen and stood directly in front of her smiling. “Can I help you? Amy asked.

“I, I’m so sorry but I couldn’t help how beautiful you were, I’m so sorry,” replied Jen.

“Don’t be sorry, I don’t mind you looking, in fact, I wouldn’t even mind you touching if you’d like.” Without güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri hesitation, Jen lifted her hands to Amy’s gorgeous breasts. She was overcome with the urge to kiss Amy’s stomach and slowly work her way to her breasts. The other girls giggled and some even began grasping each other. This was so amazing! Amy dropped her head back and let out a light sigh as if opening the door for more to join. Soon Andrea came over as well. Both Jen and Andrea were kissing and touching Amy on every inch of her body. Soon the other girls all joined in. Clothes began coming off as if they were fire to the skin. The breathing became heavier with every kiss.

“More” one would say.

“Oh, don’t stop” whispered another.

This was the hottest weekend ever. After the girls were kissing and touching each other, there was a knock at the door. “You’ve got to be kidding!” Amy muttered! The girls had totally forgotten about pizza. Amy opened the door totally naked to the pizza delivery man who stood there, jaw to the floor not saying a word. He was witnessing an all girl, full on orgy. Most men only see this in their dreams!

Amy throws the money at him grabs the pizza and slams the door. She throws the pizza on the table and walks directly back to the bed where the other seven hadn’t skipped a beat.

Amy walked up to Jen once again, but this time both girls were naked. She put her hands on Jen’s shoulders and pushed her to the bed. “My turn,” Amy demanded. She started at ear, nibbling and kissing. Jen was so caught up in the moment she hadn’t even had a second thought about this. It was the most intense moment she’d ever been in and she wasn’t about to stop it. She invited Amy for more with a deep groan. Amy was slowly working her way down Jen’s neck and then onto her chest when Andrea began kissing Jen as well. She and Jen were engaged in a deep long kiss when Jen noticed another pair of hands playing as well. It was güvenilir bahis şirketleri amazing!

The girls were all moaning and letting out whines as the excitement grew. It wasn’t long and Amy had made her way to Jen’s throbbing pussy. Andrea had moved to her breasts and was licking her sweet perky nipples and lightly nibbling on them. Andrea began rolling Jen’s hard nipples around with her tongue. Jen’s body arched yearning for more. Holly, the ex bride to be, was now at Jen’s ears, neck and mouth. There were so many bodies and arms and legs, you couldn’t find which part went to whom. It didn’t matter, as long as skin touched skin, no one cared! Jen’s moans became louder and faster.

Amy was set deep in Jen’s wet pussy. Her fingers sliding in and out while her tongue teased Jen’s clit. With no warning, she shoved her face in as far as she could and began sucking harder and harder on Jen’s clit. Jen could no longer contain herself. The pleasure of all the girls touching her soft skin and kissing her on every inch of her body, she screamed out in pleasure, “FASTER, FASTER” and Amy knew that was her cue, she slide her fingers in and out faster and faster while still sucking on Jen’s swollen clit. Jen couldn’t hold the feeling anymore, “I’m cumming!” She screamed!

She arched off the bed as if she’d never received such pleasure before in her life. “Oh my God!” She screamed! Amy continued to suck her clit until Jen’s body returned to the bed. She licked every ounce of juice from Jen’s sweet hole. The rest of the girls had begun having their orgasms as well. Jen still trying to regain her composure from her mind boggling experience joined in on Amy and gave her the same degree of pleasure she had just received. Amy’s body squirmed and wiggled as she enjoyed the attention as well. The noise in the room was so loud and intense, it’s a wonder the front desk hadn’t called to tell the girls to quiet down from complaints.

The girls all finished one by one. They all lay together on the floor and beds in the same room that they so shortly had just entered enjoy their escape from men. They had accomplished just that! The pizza still sat on the table, cold by now, untouched! The girls had fed their appetite with something a little more satisfying. Each other.

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