An Afternoon of Shopping

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Big Tits

Would like to thank ltlfoxyridr for her assistance in proofreading this story.


I met Kim on a popular photo sharing site and we’d been chatting for well over a year. Her girl next door quality combined with her knack for taking sensual and seductive self-portraits made her profile very popular. She was one of those women that the camera really loved. Though there was a number of years difference in our ages, it didn’t seem to matter, and in a short time we hit it off and began to talk daily.

As we grew to know one another, I became very comfortable opening up to her and sharing fantasies and desires that also seemed to resonate with her. While surfing various porn sites recently, I’d discovered that women in pantyhose had really started to pique my interest. I had been with women that had worn thigh highs during lovemaking but never pantyhose. The added silkiness of hose on a woman’s legs just pushed that little button inside me, and the thought of a woman in pantyhose had begun to really drive a new found desire deep within me.

One evening while chatting with Kim, I shared my newfound fantasy, and it really seemed to turn her on. I think part of the allure may have been the fact that part of my fantasy was to pleasure a woman wearing pantyhose without actually penetrating her. The more detail I went into. the more interested Kim seemed to get … so much so, that a few days later, she snapped off a few photos of herself, with her wrists tied together, hanging from the top of a door and wearing these really sexy black boots and thigh-high fishnets. Her perfectly shaped ass is, without a doubt, one of her best features. The way she arched her back in the photo made those perfect cheeks so desirable, I couldn’t help wanting to spank them. I really appreciated her effort and encouraged her to take even more shots of herself wearing fishnets.

To my delight, a few weeks later, she privately shared even more erotic photos of herself wearing a full set of fishnet pantyhose, in front of the same door, hands up high with her back arched perfectly. Those images kicked my latest fantasy into full gear. I let her know that if I had been there, I’d have had to spring for a new set of stockings, because my desire would have taken over and I would have torn them for sure before having my way with her. I believe the potent image of being taken forcefully actually whet her desire even further.

For several weeks following, our conversations would often start out harmless, but I couldn’t help but bring them back around to how hot she looked in fishnets and how much more irresistible she’d be in pantyhose. While we had many times had conversations that included suggestions of actually meeting up to act out on our desires, I never expected her to actually agree, until one day, she suggested we meet up for lunch.

The idea of us actually getting together for a lunch couldn’t have made me happier. I knew we were just friends, and I honestly didn’t expect anything beyond lunch, until I saw her walk into the restaurant. She wore a tailored jacket over a blouse that really accented her fine breasts, with a skirt and some really fine black tights topped off by those famous black boots. It’s hard to recall what her first words were to me, because all my senses were focused on how hot she looked. As we hugged, I took in her scent, breathed in deep and savored her aroma.

Just like our conversation online, we quickly became very comfortable talking to one another, as if we had been having lunches for years. She kept catching me taking quick peeks at her legs. The first few times, she’d just smiled and kept on talking, but it quickly began to arouse her as well. I’m sure she was starting to replay our online conversations in her head, as I had been doing since we got there. She looked at me with a raised eyebrow, and in a soft voice asked, “Would you like to touch?”

As eager as I was, she didn’t have to ask me twice. I placed my hand on her knee, and she let out a gentle sigh. The tights were just as smooth and silky as I had imagined. As we tried not to draw any attention to ourselves, I learned very quickly to eat my salad with my left hand so my right hand never had to leave her thigh. I would let my fingers gently caress her inner thigh and paint circles up the inside of her leg.

From the way she kept shifting around in the booth, I could see she was having as much fun as I was. Without warning, she placed her hand on top of mine, gently spread her legs, and guided my fingers slowly up her thigh until I found her totally soaked center. I took the hint and cupped my hand and palmed her womanhood as she let out another gentle sigh. With just the pulsation of my hand, the heat and moisture told me she was really getting into our little lunchtime adventure. After a few moments of this playfulness she quickly snapped her legs together and helped guide my hand away. Her rapid breathing let me that bursa escort just a few more moments of my attentions, and she wouldn’t have been able to control herself.

As lunch drew to an end, I dreaded having to part ways and say our goodbyes, but I knew we had created a nice memory for us to enjoy for a long time. Much to my surprise, Kim placed her hand in my crotch and began to innocently stroke my shaft. In no time, my tumescent shaft became quite uncomfortable trapped within my pants, and I didn’t know how much of such exquisite attention I could withstand. As she proceeded to stroke me under the table, she explained that she had an appointment with her ophthalmologist after lunch and wasn’t much in the mood to return to work after that, so she had planned to go shopping afterward instead.

The grin on Kim’s face told me she was wondering how I would respond. Looking at Kim with a big grin, I responded, “I sure wish I would have planned for the afternoon off, I would have enjoyed helping you shop for silky pantyhose and probably even bought you a few pair.”

She grinned and leaned in to whisper into my ear, “I plan on buying a few pair anyway, want me to model them for you?”

I took a hard swallow and replied, “Oh, I’d very much enjoy that.”

She smiled and said, “Good, maybe you can find us a private place to meet up once I’m done with my shopping.”

The waitress brought the check, I paid quickly, and we left the restaurant together so I could walk her to her car. It was bitter cold outside, so I knew we couldn’t linger long, but I had to have a long embrace and a passionate kiss. As we were kissing, I could feel her shifting around and when I looked down she was pulling her hand out from under her skirt. She quickly place two fingers into my mouth and allowed me to savor the sweet taste of her. With another quick kiss she said her goodbye and said in parting, “Now don’t forget to text me later this evening.”

The rest of my work day was spent reviewing our lunch. I couldn’t think about anything else. Then, it dawned on me, I needed to make a plan for later that evening. With some quick internet searches I found the perfect place, close to where I knew she’d be shopping. Before long, the work day was drawing to a close and I couldn’t help but leave a little early, wanting to get an early start on our adventure.

I got checked in and quickly made my way to the room. On the way up the stairs, I text her the location and the room number and waited for a response. Once there, I took the opportunity to freshen up with a shower while I awaited her arrival. As I came out of the bathroom, I heard my phone chime with a new text message. It was a picture along with text. I couldn’t help but stare at the photo. It was her in a dressing room trying on a black lacy bra. Her message asked if she should buy it and I quickly responded “Oh yes, please do.”

“Good I just finished paying for it, I’m on my way.” was Kim’s response.

I made myself a drink to calm my nerves, and before I knew it, there was a knock at the door. I opened the door to find that she had her coat over her arm, and that blouse was showing off the edges of her new black bra just right. Kim walked right up to me, gave me a long kiss, then said “Fix me a drink while I’m in bathroom. Trying on those sexy things at the store made me horny as hell.”

Shortly after I had her drink ready to go, she walked out of the bathroom and, as I handed her the drink. she said, “I couldn’t pass up these sexy high heels either.”

Here stood this beauty before me, her hair down on her shoulders, a somewhat tight blouse that, combined with the new bra, really accented her breasts. But the attention getter was the combination of her sexy new heels and the sheer pantyhose she had changed into. I couldn’t help but stare for a bit while she tasted her drink. She smiled at me, saying as she set her drink down, “I take it you approve?”

“Absolutely!” I replied and she moved toward me, wrapped her arms around my neck, and we embraced in a long passionate kiss.

The passion of her kiss and the fact that the drink had calmed my nerves made me boil with desire for this woman, so I decided to take charge of the moment. I slowly walked her towards the wall behind us, still in a tight embrace. Pressing her against the wall, I whispered in her ear, “Now, as long as you keep your hands on the wall, I’m going to see that we take care of your shopping condition.” She smiled at me as I spun her around and placed her hands on the wall. I began to let my hands roam her body and placed kisses on her exposed neck. She removed her hands from the wall, trying to reach around and touch me and I took a step back. Sensing her frustration, I repeated myself, “Hands on the wall, my dear.”

There is a mirror on the back of the door near us and it’s at just the right angle to take quick glances and see what we’re doing. As I’m kissing and bursa escort bayan caressing, her moans began to fill the air around us, my free hand found the buttons on her blouse and began to unbutton them slowly exposing more skin for my enjoyment. Once again, she lowered her hands and attempted to turn around and I stopped her. “Now Kim, this is not part of the deal.” I explained. She smiled and placed her hands back on the wall.

In short order, I was working on the last button, and I began to tug at it to pull it from the confines of her skirt. As I reached up, gently removing one of her hands from the wall, I explained, “Only I am allowed to do this.” Kim’s response, “Yes sir,” fuels my desire for this woman even more. With one hand by her side, I proceed to let her blouse slip from her should, then quickly returned her hand to the wall and repeat the same process with the other arm. Now I had her blouse off and tossed it into the chair next to us and proceeded to let my large hands caress her back, sides and belly. I make her wait for me to touch her breast through that lacy bra she just purchased, letting her anticipation build her arousal. Her moans grew louder and she lowered her head as she yielded herself to my control.

After kissing, caressing, and nibbling my way around the silky skin of her neck, breasts, and flanks, I dropped to the floor to sit right below her. She looked over her shoulder at me with a grin on her face and commented, “My hands are still on the wall”.

I eagerly went to work, letting both my hands roam up and down the length of her legs, nibbling at the back of her calves and thighs. As my hands moved up and under her skirt and across her ass, I discovered that she hadn’t put any panties on. This discovery made me ever hornier and I wanted her in the worst way. The fact that I was now massaging her ass really seemed to take her breath away, so I thought I would step it up a notch and let my hand slide up between her thighs. She gladly widened her stance for me and gave me full access to her womanhood. She let out a deep moan as I cupped her with one hand and gave a gentle squeeze . Feeling how soaked she was drove me crazy. I wanted to pace myself but it was becoming harder.

I raised her skirt to bare her round globes and took a moment to give her ass a few brisk spanks followed by some well-placed kisses. After repeating that process a few times, I reached around her and finding the button to her skirt, quickly had it undone. With just a few shakes of her ass it fell to the floor and she used her foot to kick it to one side. Like in her photos, she stepped back from the wall slightly, presenting her ass for my delight. I took advantage of the new position and increased the spanks, following them up with soothing gentle nibbles. The whole time, I saw her repeatedly turning her head to look into the mirror to get a good view of what we were doing.

Then, an idea came to me. I stood up, removed my belt, stepped out of my slacks and boxers and used the belt to secure her wrists. I held her wrists up above her head, and repositioned her in front of the mirror, and took the long end of the belt, draped it over the door and pushed it closed, effectively trapping the belt with her wrists held fast. The length of belt gave her just enough room to step back from the door again with her ass out for my pleasure.

Now I increased the spanking and the nibbles became more biting. The increase in sensations had a big impact on her. She was fidgeting around more and her breathing quickened to gasps interspersed with moans. I proceeded to use my finger to pierce a hole in her new pantyhose just at her tight ass hole. With a little bit of adjustment I got the hole the right size then began to push my tongue through the silky pantyhose and penetrate right into her ass. Her moans rapidly became more soft spoken three- and four-letter words.

She panted, “You know you’ve got me aching to be fucked hard.”

With that bit of information, my free hand cupped her womanhood, and began to squeeze as my tongue worker her ass until it began relaxing for me. By this time, she had my hand soaked, her cries were becoming more intense, and when my tongue penetrated her at the same time my fingers found her clit her orgasm totally exploded and she came hard grinding into my hand, pushing against my tongue.

Her body shuddered and she continued to twitch as my tongue wasn’t about to give up on her tight ass. I wrapped one of my arms around her waist for leverage to let me get my tongue in a little deeper, while my free hand was working to make a new hole in her pantyhose below her womanhood. With just the right size hole now available, without having done much damage to her pantyhose, I was able to slide two fingers of my free hand between her thighs and deep into her wetness. She let out a gasp as my tongue went back to work on her ass at about the same time. I pressed up to get as deep escort bursa as I could and she was almost standing on her tip toes, when another more aggressive orgasm ripped through her body. As her body pulsated, I eased the attention with my fingers to allow her to relax some since she’d been tugging on her restraints pretty hard.

As I let her body relax, she whimpered, “I could use a drink.” I stood up, kissing all along her shoulders then her lips and reached for the door to release her from her confines. Once released, she staggered a little bit, but gained control quickly and walked over to pour more water from the bottle into her almost empty glass. As she was taking a drink, I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist. Her breathing had calmed and she proceeded to refill her glass before she offered it to me.

As I stood there sipping the cool liquid, she finished removing my shirt, until I stood before her totally naked. She then reached behind where she stood, pulled up the chair with our clothes draped across the back of it, and in no time flat had my shaft in her mouth. I almost leapt off the floor as, without me noticing, while she’d drunk she had allowed her mouth to fill up with crushed ice, and the sensation was quite shocking.

Now, while ice may be widely known for its help in reducing swelling, but in this case, the icy-hot sensation results in a swollen, hardened member rather rapidly. After a bit, she suddenly stopped and stood up and gave me a real long passionate kiss. Then, she grabbed my shoulders, spun me around and placed me in the chair she’d just vacated, as she explained, “I’ll get back to that later, but for now I need something else.”

I just grinned as I knew exactly what she had in mind. She boldly straddled my lap and reaching down to find the hole I had created, eagerly impaled herself on the hardened shaft she had just had her lips wrapped around. As she sank onto my lap and totally engulfed my shaft, we both let out deep moans. She was crazy wet, smooth as silk, and quite tight. As I moved in to suck at her nipples, she pushed me back, wrapped her arms around my neck, and began to buck her hips with gusto. My hands gripped her amazing ass and I helped as she took long plunges up and down on me, with occasional pauses to grind her hips.

After a few moments of that furious fucking, she leaned in and we started kissing like crazy. I could tell she was close and I was glad because her inherent sexiness combined with the added boost from those damn pantyhose she wore had me rapidly approaching the limits of my control. I couldn’t help it and my body tensed up as I gasped for breath. That was enough to trigger the same reaction from her, and with the next spasm my body came with a huge release of my seed deep within her. Her body trembled and strained and she clamped down on me as if she was attempting to milk every last drop from me. Afterward, we just sat there on that chair for the longest time, totally wrapped up in each other as our bodies slowly began to recover and relax.

I gave her a tender kiss and with a smile, sighed contentedly, as my body responded with a bit of a shiver. Without ever leaving the chair, we were able to reach the glass and share the rest of its contents. I placed my hands softly on her face, kissed her again, and said impudently, “Girl, you’ve made me so hungry.”

I motioned for her stand to allow me out of the chair then, plucked my neck tie off the back of it, and deftly tied it into a blindfold. She just grinned as I covered her eyes.

Holding her hand, I led lead her across the room to the bed. By this time it was totally dark outside, and the curtains were open and conveniently allowed the glow from the streetlamps to light up the bed. I lay down across the bed, never letting go of her hand, and pulled her down on top of me. She covered me like a blanket and we kissed and ground our bodies together for a while. Then, clearly having understood what I had been working up to, she eventually began to reposition herself until she was astride my face with her hands braced against the wall over the headboard.

I believe she enjoyed teasing me like this, because, at first I had to raise my head to get quick licks through her center. She finally yielded to the pleasurable sensations and totally gave me what I wanted. With her hands firmly on the wall and my hands cupping her ass, I was quickly in heaven getting a taste of our juices mixed together. The more aggressive I got, the harder it was for her to keep her hands on the wall. She finally reached down, grabbed the sides of my head and began to buck her hips to meet my licks. This time there was no holding back, she was very vocal and I’m sure our neighbors didn’t have to guess what we were doing. Without warning, she let out a scream of pleasure and fell to my side, shielding her overly sensitive pussy to protect it from my rapacious tongue.

As she lay beside me, breathing hard and heavy, I rolled over to wrap myself around her and held her close as she drifted off to sleep. I lay there just enjoying the scent and feel of her in my arms as I slowly drifted off to sleep myself.

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