Amy’s Return Ch. 02

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Warning: This story contains intense degradation activities, events and plots, that are capable of offending your sensibilities, if you are not into humiliation and degradation of male submissives.

Read, only if you are comfortable with this theme. Thanks.


I was so excited having Amy back after such a long time. We are best friends and do not like spending so much time apart, but then, it’s normal for life to bring up tasks and events that stress us a bit. I didn’t realise how so much I had missed her until we got home, jumped out of the car and made our way into my apartment already before we remembered we left my slave in the car. In just that short time he was out of sight, we got lost in our chatter so much that we totally forgot about him. It was when Amy wanted to fart that we remembered we have a slave that should either eat that or sniff that into his lungs.

I rushed back out and Amy did the same after me. The poor boy knew we had gotten home but thought we intended to leave him there. He had accepted his faith and wasn’t struggling at all or trying to call for help. When I opened the trunk, he was coiled up in the fetal position and was very peaceful. It didn’t look like he was looking to escape.

He raised his head and looked at us, but didn’t make any attempt to get up. He was waiting for my instruction.

That was so cute. That was very cute. My pussy throbbed. I felt my juice illegal bahis flowing. Even Amy got wet just looking at him in that position, conquered, defeated, obedient.

“Stand up, come out,” I said to him as sweet as I could. I was so proud of him at that moment. I mean, how else can a slave show loyalty and obedience? He demonstrated that he has no choice than to accept however I treat him.

He didn’t rush out of the trunk. He carefully uncoiled, stepped out, went on his knees, bowed his head and said: “Thank you, Mistress!”

My pussy more oozed more juice. Amy clinched to me, rested her chin on my shoulder and had her other hand on her pussy. We were both wet as we stared at him on his knees.

“Go on, crawl in, sweetie,” I said to him.

On all fours like a dog, he crawled into the house. We rubbed our pussies all the way into the living room as we walked after him.

Amy couldn’t help it anymore, she pulled off her sneakers, pulled off her tight jeans trouser and spread her thighs as she fell onto the sofa, we didn’t even make into the bedroom.

She beckoned for Dan to worship her pussy.

My dog never disappoints. From where he was, just as I trained him, he stuck out his tongue first, saliva was drooling on it just like a dog, then he crawled forward and plunged his face into Amy’s crotch.

Her pussy juice smeared on his face. I heard him sniffing her juices. I always made it compulsory for him illegal bahis siteleri to do that on me, so, he has already gotten used to the ritual.

She was having the time of her life. Like a spoilt brat, Dan’s tongue had barely made its way into her pussy and she started moaning already. Her moans turned me on so much I continued touching myself. I had to because it didn’t look like she would be releasing my slave any time soon. She wanted to get all the fun she had missed for over a year in just one day. Crazy, that was.

For the next several minutes, moans flew in every direction, from Amy’s lips and mine. I monitored her while I fingered myself and tried to touch myself harder so that I would orgasm when she does. It didn’t work. She cummed and left me behind.

That wasn’t any problem. I simply opened my thighs too and snapped at Dan. He shoved his face into my crouch and started showing me his pussy eating talent.

I was high already. His tongue shot me even higher. He started with me and got me moaning louder than I was before.

With both hands, I held his head in place and my juices flowed into his eager mouth. I cummed.

Afterwards, Amy was hungry and I had to make some food in the kitchen. I returned to find Dan prostrating on the floor and holding her feet in his mouth. He washed her feet clean with his tongue and further treated her to some luxury feet massage.

The way she was demanding canlı bahis siteleri to be served, you would turn her enemy if you tried to pull Dan away from her. I smiled watching her rapidly devouring submission like a favourite meal she hadn’t eaten in a while. Well, the same kind of blood flows in both our veins, so, I can understand.

She asked me to show her my toy store. I led her to my well-stocked bedroom which now mostly also doubles as my playroom.

“Haha, you did a complete makeover!”

I smiled. Yes, I did. My bedroom was not like this the last time she was here.

Amy walked to the wall on the east and took off a red collar and leash from the row of hanging toys. She fixed the collar around Dan’s neck and playfully pulled on the leash.

She was a bit tired from the trip and the food now also made her feel heavy. She needed some rest.

She lay on the bed resting on her side with her knees tucked towards her chest. With the pull of the leash, she made Dan lay behind her on the lower half of the bed. The idea was to make him stick his face into her bare ass. She parted her ass cheeks.

“Lick my ass!”

Dan got his face in there and began to lick her butthole. She closed her eyes with a beautiful smile in reaction to his tongue working her butthole.

A few minutes passed and I saw her hand gentle opening and losing the hold on the leash. That was the moment she fell asleep.

I wanted to pick up something from the kitchen. I was on my way out of the room when I heard four sounds rapidly succeeding each other.

Frr Frr Frr Frrrummmppp!!

I looked back and gasped. Amy was fast asleep, and she just farted in my slave’s mouth.

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