All for Science Pt. 03

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This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance between the characters and real individuals is coincidence. All characters are over age eighteen.

A mad mature scientist continues her experiments…


The following Wednesday, Professor Allenton texted:

“How do u feel about having my lab assistant come over 2. I think she could add a whole new dimension to our next exp.”

“So I won’t have you to myself. 🙁 You may have to force it on me.”

“Consider it done.”

When Professor Allenton let me in the door that evening, she held me and kissed me for several moments. We wanted each other right there, but, “Sienna will arrive any time, so we’ll have to hold off a while.”

“So what is Sienna’s role in tonight’s experiment?”

“Well, Sienna is just as committed as I am to promoting healthier sex lives for all. It’s our way of making the world a better place. Oh, and by the way, we don’t see anything wrong with enjoying our work along the way. I guess some people feel that science should be boring and unenjoyable. We feel it should be exciting. Sienna’s role is to help out in any way she can. And…” Professor Allenton gently grabbed me by the elbows, “she’s pretty hot and an active participant in the research.”

I gulped and smiled.

Professor Allenton was right about Sienna. She was at least five foot ten, statuesque, about thirty I guessed, and had long dusty hair and an athletic build. She smiled at me right away. There was an awkward moment when I went to shake her hand and she came in for a hug. “I’m so happy to meet you,” Sienna said, “and I’m thankful you’re helping Professor Allenton to continue her research.”

“Oh, no need to thank me. The pleasure is all mine.”

She laughed with a twinkle in her eye as she stroked my forearm and squeezed my hand.

“On that note,” Professor Allenton said, “Let’s get started.”

While Professor Allenton set up the equipment, Sienna seemed eager to help me undress. When my already hardening cock popped out of my underwear, she said, “Looks like we’re ready for some science.” A moment later, she rolled a contraption, covered with a black cloth, to a position in front of me. She looked at me and saw the terror in my eyes. “Oh, no need to worry,” she said beaming into my eyes. “Believe me, it won’t hurt.”

When everything was ready, Professor Allenton said, “We can’t tell you how this experiment works. It might bias the results. But I can tell you it features…drumroll…Sienna and I.” Professor Allenton looked down at my cock. “Well, no need to ask if you’re ready.”

Professor Allenton and Sienna then stood in front of each other at the foot of the bed. Sienna was young and tall; the professor was older and stacked. Both were gorgeous. I had expected them to strip in front of me, but no, they kissed! Then they smiled at each other and kissed again. “We haven’t…um…worked together like this in a while,” the professor explained.

“Too long,” Sienna said, pulling the professor close. A second later and they were kissing passionately and holding each other. Their breathing rate gradually increased and brought soft moans with it.

Then they parted a little, and Sienna began to take off her black leather jacket. Professor Allenton helped Sienna pull the heavy garment off as she looked up through her eyelids and smiled broadly. Sienna was smiling too and threw her hair around to expose her neck and amber earing in my direction. Sienna then ran her fingers through Professor Allenton’s hair, kissed her, then reached for the top button of the professor’s blouse.

All this time, my cock remained erect but now I felt the yearning sensation and the powerlessness of being tied down. It was the only part of me that could actually respond, except of course for my increased heartbeat and breathing.

Sienna stood with one ass cheek pointed out toward me. I don’t think that was by accident. Sienna knew she was beautiful and knew too that I’d love seeing her exposed neck and her fine butt cheek. She helped Professor Allenton remove her white blouse to reveal a cream colored bra that stood out against her tan skin.

Professor Allenton then grasped the bottom of Sienna’s sweater and pulled it over her head, careful to not snag her earing. As Sienna raised her arms to free herself from the sweater, the professor seized the opportunity to kiss almanbahis adresi one of Sienna’s breasts. Sienna moaned softly, then grabbed Professor Allenton as they both knelt on the bed and then fell on it, entangled in each other’s arms, kissing and nibbling. Moments later, Sienna pulled down Professor Allenton’s bra and was sucking her nipples. “Aahhhh,” Professor Allenton cried. “Mmmmmm…oooh, let me…”

Professor Allenton worked on Sienna’s bra while Sienna went for the zipper holding the professor’s skirt in place. These two beautiful women were grabbing and touching each other excitedly. Clothing came off only when it got in the way of fingers and hands and tongues and lips.

After an intense few minutes, they both rose from the bed. While Professor Allenton went to the table to do something on the laptop, Sienna came toward me and pulled the cloth from the mysterious contraption that stood about waist level. It had an arm on it with a rubbery tube at the end, a piston, and wires running here and there.

I stared, unsure what to make of it.

Professor Allenton connected the wires to the laptop while Sienna grabbed a bottle of lube and squirted it all over my dick and more into the tube.

“Oh, what…?” I said.

“It’s a mechanical stroker,” Professor Allenton said, as she attached some electrodes to her own body, all of which were connected to a smartwatch device on her wrist. “These wires on me will transmit signals to the watch, from there to the laptop, which controls the stroker.”

“Oh,” I replied, pretending I understood.

Just then, Sienna looked at me right in the eye and pushed the tube until my cock slid all the way through it. “Oooooh, mmmmm, Oh!” I cried.

“Do you like that?” Sienna asked me.

I could only moan again.

Professor Allenton and Sienna then returned to the bed. While the professor was on her back, Sienna remained on her knees and reached for Professor Allenton’s cream colored panties. I could hear Sienna breathing hard with anticipation as the panties slid down the professor’s legs to reveal her shaven slit. “Ooooooh,” she purred, “Oh, mmmm.”

“Ooooh,” I said, as my heart beat faster, wishing I could go there and get involved. Sienna’s skin was absolutely flawless, like an airbrushed photo. Her tight ass was pointed right at me as she bent down to begin kissing the professor’s legs. I could see her pussy lips between her tight thighs. They were so beautiful! She looked back at me and smiled knowingly.

“Oh, oh!” Professor Allenton said, as Sienna kissed and nibbled her way up her legs. “Ooooooh, Ah!” Professor Allenton moaned when Sienna kissed around her pussy, then gently parted her labia and began licking her slit. “Oh!, Oh!, Mmmmm, Nnnnn, Nnnn, Ooooh!”

Just then, the piston on the stroker activated, pushing the thing up and down my stiff penis. Surprised, I cried, “Mmmmmm, oooooh. Oh, shit!”

“It’s working,” Sienna said to Professor Allenton.”

“Mmmm, goood, OooOh! Right there!” Sienna continued licking the professor’s wet vagina while rubbing her clitoral hood with her thumb. “Oh! Oooooh! Aaah, Mmmmmmm,” Professor Allenton cried.

While Professor Allenton moaned and cried under Sienna’s tongue, the machine stroking my cock started working harder. “Nnnnnn, ooooh, wow!” I called as I watched it work. “Oooooh, yeah, ooooh, Oh!”

Looking up, I noticed Sienna was moving her hand between Professor Allenton’s legs. I couldn’t see but I guessed what was about to happen. Professor Allenton suddenly yelped, “Oh! Ah! Aaaahaaa! Mmmmmm, Oooooh!” As Professor Allenton cried out, the stroker started moving faster, keeping pace with Professor Allenton’s rising breath and lusty sounds. Then I realized that because the electrodes attached to Professor Allenton were controlling the stroking machine, it was almost as if Sienna was licking…me!

Just then, Sienna looked back at me, smiling. What she saw, I’m sure, was my face contorted, mouth open, eyes droopy, chest heaving, sweat running down my cheek.

“Oooooh!” Professor Allenton screamed. “Oh, OoooOooooh! OH! Ah!, Nnnnn, Hmmmm, Oooooh!” Professor Allenton’s legs were shaking now and the machine was banging my cock in time with Sienna’s arm. In and out, in and out.

The difference between Sienna’s arm and the arm of the machine blurred and I cried out, “OooooHooooo, Nnnnn, Ah! almanbahis adres Ooooh! Ooooh! Ah! Yeah, yeah, ooooh!”

I was barely aware now of anything but Sienna making love to me, banging and licking. Seeing and hearing Professor Allenton moan and cry made it almost seem as if I was watching myself being licked and fingered. Everything blurred together; the three of us were caught in a trap, and loved it.

In a few more strokes, Professor Allenton’s lovely mature body began to quake as Sienna’s long fingers and hot wet tongue worked both the professor’s soaking tunnel and my throbbing cock. The rack began to shake as I struggled to contain myself.

My cries and Professor Allenton’s mingled together. “Mmmmm, ooooh, Sienna! OooooAhhh! Ooooh!”

“Right there, Sienna!” I called. “Ooooh, right there! Mmm, OH! OH! Oh!, GnnnnnMmmmm.” The rack began to shake violently as a powerful surge shook my body.

“Oooooh, yes! Yes!” cried Professor Allenton. “Oooooohooooo, Ah! Ah! AH! AH! Yeahhh, Mmmmm.” Professor Allenton’s pelvis bolted up and the rack I was in nearly came apart as we both screamed in pleasure. Cum shot through my loins and splashed inside the stroking device on my cock. It felt like cumming into avagina. I gushed again, “Un!” and then again. “Unh! Unh! Oh!, Oooooohhhh. Mmmmmm.”

Then things went dark.

“Hey, you okay?”

“Mmmm, huh?”

“You okay, sweetie,” Professor Allenton asked.”

“Ooooh, wow! Yeah, oh, I’m okay alright. How long was I out?”

“A few seconds,” Sienna said. They detached me from the machine, the electrodes, the rack, and helped me over to the bed, where I slept for a while.

Some time later, Sienna woke me, said, “We made dinner.” I woke up to see this beautiful lady looking at me and smiling. “Hungry?”

“That was incredible,” I said after the first bite of pasta. “It was like Sienna was making love to me and like I was Professor Allenton. Surreal.”

“We weren’t sure it would work,” Professor Allenton said, smiling at me. “But maybe it worked too well. We may have to rethink it a little.”

I paused for a minute. “Or,” I said, looking at Sienna. “Seems to me we should make sure with another experiment.” Professor Allenton and Sienna just looked at me. “I think that since Sienna brought both of us off, Professor Allenton and I should do the same for her.”

Sienna blushed a little while Professor Allenton was deep in thought. After a moment, Professor Allenton smiled broadly and said, “I have another experiment in mind.”

Professor Allenton and I strapped a reluctant Sienna into the rack, and turned it so her pussy was more accessible. “Don’t worry, Sienna. We’ll do something unnatural to you.” I snickered.

She knew I was teasing, but she wasn’t reassured. “Ooooh, it feels so…vulnerable.”

“Yes it does,” I said.

“Mmm, hmm,” Professor Allenton echoed.

I widened Sienna’s legs out while Professor Allenton removed the stroking tube from the machine’s piston and replaced it with a dildo. “Oh, wow!” Sienna said. “Ooooh, my… Ooooh.”

Professor Allenton continued rigging things up as I looked at Sienna. I came up to her and hugged her, then stroked her hair. Then I kissed her, and looked her in the eye. She seemed to like it, and as I became hard, couldn’t help myself. I kissed her passionately on the mouth as I rubbed her thighs and sides while Professor Allenton lubed up the dildo and inserted its tip between Sienna’s moist pussy lips. She moaned softly and smiled. “Better?” I asked.

“Mmmm, yeah.”

“Okay, I’m ready,” the professor said. In another few moments, both Professor Allenton and I looked like robots with wires coming out in strange places. Professor Allenton went to the side of the bed and said, “Now, my young man, come and stand here.” I stood right in front of her, giving Sienna a view of the two of us from the side.

Professor Allenton kissed me and I responded. We kissed and while Professor Allenton nibbled my neck she whispered to me, “Just do as I ask. Undress me.” I began removing Professor Allenton’s clothing while she began removing mine. She was old enough to be my mother, yet so beautiful! And Sienna too! She was only a few years older and unbelievably gorgeous. And to know that in another few minutes I’d be making love to one and at the same time the other, sort of, made my cock pop out as Professor almanbahis adresi Allenton pulled off my underwear.

Professor Allenton then sat on the bed. As I was about to sit beside her, she put her hand out to stop me. “Stand there.” My mind raced as she looked up smiling at me and glancing down at my stiff cock pointing right at her face. “Put your left leg up here.”

I put me left leg up on the bed and Professor Allenton pulled me closer. She kissed the tip of my dick and I moaned, “Mmmmm, hmmm.” Then she kissed again, and licked. “Hmmmm, Oh.” In another moment she was kissing and licking all over my cock, and I began to feel really good. “Ooooooh, Professor! Ooooooh, Ohoooooh!, Mmmmmm, oh, that feels so hot!”

I could hear Sienna feeling what I was feeling. “Mmmm, ooooh, ohoooooh, Nnnnnn.” Professor Allenton heard too and raised the temperature. I felt her lips slip around the tip of my cock and push down tightly over the crown. Sienna and I both moaned, “Ooooo, oh, yeah! Mmmmmm, Nnnn, Oooooh!” Up and down Professor Allenton mouthed my hard member and I watched my dick slide through her lips over and over. “Oh, ooooh.”

My right knee began to quiver as Professor Allenton looked up at me with her baby face. She loved making me moan and cry. She loved it too that Sienna was doing the same, like she was blowing both of us. Professor Allenton pulled out and licked my cock a few times, then took it all the way in again, all the way to the back of her throat. “Oh! Oh! Ah! Aaahhaa, Mmmmmm,” I cried.

Sienna too called out, “Oooooh, Professor Allenton! Oh, oooooh, oh my, Eaawwww, oooooh! Ah! Mmmmm, hmmmm.”

Professor Allenton pulled back and whispered to me, “Fuck my face. Hold my hair and fuck my mouth just like its my cunt. Fuck my lips, fuck my throat. Now!”

She didn’t need to say it again. I was so turned on and blind that I grabbed the hair in the back of her head and inserted my penis between her tight, wet lips. “Ooooohshhhh, Gnnnn, oooh, Ah!, Uh!, Mmm, Mmmm, Uh!” I groaned as I thrust deep into Professor Allenton’s face.

I heard Professor Allenton breathing and moaning and gagging as I fucked her mouth. “Mmmm, Hmmm, Ggggghhh, Gahggg, Glllggg” I held her hair and used it for leverage while she pulled my ass and made my thrusts harder than I would have done on my own. “Gggghhh, glllgghh.”

“Oh, Ah! Ah! Oh, my, Eaaauuuu, oooooh, Ah!” Sienna cried as the slick dildo pumped in and out of her soaking vagina. Sienna’s cries of out-of-control pleasure, Professor Allenton’s breathing and gagging, my own moans and cries. All of it combined into an intense rush of blood. I felt the same surreal experience as earlier in the evening. But this time, I felt like I was fucking Sienna, as if Professor Allenton’s lips and Sienna’s slit were one and the same.

As I thrust my hard penis in and out of Professor Allenton’s mouth, I felt a tingle, then I felt it again. “Ooooh, shit! Ooooohoooo, Ah! Ah! Aaaahaaa!, Hnnnnn, Mmmmm, Nnnnn…Oooooohoooooo!” I screamed as my hot cream gushed out of my cock and into Professor Allenton’s mouth.

“Mmmmmm, hmmmm, Ggglhhh, ahhh, Glmp, glmp,” was all I heard from Professor Allenton as she drank my cream, swallowing some and spilling the rest down onto her breasts.

“Aaaaahoooo, Oh! Oooooh, Eauuuhhh, Mmmmmm, Hmmmmm, Oh! Ah! Aooooohoooowww!” Sienna screamed as the tethers holding her to the rack thrashed and jolted from her orgasm. “Oooooh, my, ooooooh…mmmm.”

We had to get Sienna out of the rack. Her eyes were half closed and she seemed like she might pass out. Professor Allenton and I brought her to the bed, where we all climbed under the covers to warm up and recover.

It got to be too late for me to head home for the night, so we all decided to sleep together. It was a bit of a squeeze, but we loved it. Sienna and I had Professor Allenton between us. We slept for a while, then first one woke up, then another. Soon the three of us made love. Then we did it all over again to celebrate the sunrise.

We went to a cafe together for breakfast, and sat close to each other, flirting, and sometimes laughing over ideas we had for more research.

Then I had an idea that required some serious thought. After sitting there silently for a while, I finally noticed that Professor Allenton and Sienna were staring at me. “Oh, I have an announcement to make,” I said. I’m going to change my major and go into sex research, specializing in the female orgasm.”

Professor Allenton and Sienna looked at each other with broad smiles. The professor then looked at me, beaming, and said, “Let’s go get started!”

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