Against All Odds

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The bar tender set the beer down in front of Ryan. He picked it up and stared pensively into the tall glass of gold liquid. He took a deep breath before his first sip, wondering what he was doing here. He spent a considerable amount of time in airport bars, usually passing time while waiting to board to a plane. However, this was the first time he had stopped in one after landing. The reason was simple: he wasn’t ready to go home to his wife.

Beyond that, it became quite complicated. Why? Because for the most part, he still loved her. But for all intents and purposes, they had basically been reduced to being nothing more than roommates. They never had much to say to one another, not that speaking risked argument or heated discussion; they simply had nothing to talk about. Their sex life had dried up a couple of years ago when they reached a point where they didn’t really satisfy each other anymore; they kept it up, pretending for a while and then gradually found excuses not to do it that neither contested. Dinner was much the same; whomever arrived home first started preparing it, but one or the other always wanted to watch something on TV that the other did not while eating, and so, the odd man out dined alone in the kitchen.

Ryan wondered how much longer they could or would continue to endure this absurd existence. He’d considered discussing it with her—and knew he should. But each time he endeavored to accomplish that, he either chickened out or something else conveniently prevented it. He often pondered whether his wife had similar thoughts or feelings.

So lost in thought was he that he ignored the voice speaking to him until the person tapped him on the shoulder. Ryan turned sharply and was taken aback by the beautiful woman standing there.

“I asked if this seat was taken?” she repeated.

Ryan glanced at the empty barstool beside him, and then quickly scanned up and down the bar noticing that all others were taken. “Uh, no. Please.” He gestured toward the vacancy.

Reaching for his glass, Ryan took a healthy sip eyeing the woman as best he could with peripheral vision, but he really couldn’t see her as well as he would like to; as well as he had in his initial glimpse when she was standing. He did not generally strike up conversations with people in airport lounges, particularly women, because many females seemed to think it a prelude to an attempted pick-up. However, when she ordered a beer with a German name he never heard of, without thinking, he asked about it.

“It’s actually a fairly new local beer,” she reported. “The name is deceptive. It’s really a gimmick to make people think it’s imported.”

“Oh. I’ll have to give it a try,” Ryan said.

She leaned closer offering him a glimpse down the top of her moderately low-cut dress as though to speak confidentially, “It’s not really that good. The micro-brewery is my client, so when in public . . .”

Ryan nodded his understanding and took another sip of his own beer. He expected there to be no more conversation.

“Where are you off to?” she asked.


“And where is that?”

“Here.” He lifted his glass. “Just needed a little fortification.”

She nodded once. “I think I understand.”


She snickered. “Well, you might not believe this, but it’s the same with me.”

“Wow! The possibility of this has got to be against all odds.” Ryan was not usually good with women, but there was something about this one. She had a nice easy-going style, she was quite engaging, and then there was her looks: simply ravishing. But he had to remind himself that people who struck up a conversation in an airport lounge were generally putting on a front. It wasn’t who they really were. However, for now, the fantasy was nice for the brief amount of time it would last.

“So, things are not good at home?”

“No. You either, I take it.”

“Seems somewhere along the way we drifted apart. Not sure why we stay together.” Lindsey was in public relations, and as such, was a pretty good judge of people. There was something genuine about this man, something she could probably get to like. But this was just a chance encounter in an airport lounge and she was not likely to ever see him again.

The conversation had taken them through their first beer. Seeing her empty bottle, Ryan pointed to it, “Another?”

“Only if you let me get the next round.”

With a nod, Ryan gestured to the bartender, pointing to their empty bottles. Two more beers quickly appeared before them.

“Any idea when the beginning of the end was for you and her?”

Amazed that she was continuing to make small talk, Ryan further realized that they would probably never see each other again, so what did it matter what they discussed? Plus, it was nice to chat with such an attractive woman. “Oh, for us it’s been gradual, probably over the last couple or three years.”

“Wow, another coincidence. About the same for us.”

“Staggering odds.” That was intended to be clever, not as flippant is it probably sounded. “I didn’t almanbahis adresi mean that the way—”

She waved him off. “No worries. By the way, I’m Lindsey.”


They shook hands.

“So, what a do you do?” Ryan asked. “Advertising?”

“Public relations, actually. And believe me, with this client—” Lindsey held up her beer bottle “—l earn every penny.”

Without thinking, Ryan reached out and took the bottle from her. He took a sip and instantly grimaced. “I see what you mean.” He quickly summoned the bar tender, pointed to his glass and held up two fingers. She started to protest, but he interrupted her. “The bar is nearly empty. Your secret is safe.”

Glancing around, Lindsey confirmed Ryan’s observation and shrugged. She picked up the glass that was just placed in front of her and drank. “Ah, Stella Artois. Very good.”

Ryan was impressed. “Wow! You really know your beer.”

Lindsey bowed her head in acknowledgment and then grinned. “Actually, it’s my usual beer of choice.”

“The coincidences just keep piling up,” Ryan noted.

“And if you tell me you also work in public relations . . .”

“Actually, I—” he paused for effect “—don’t.” Smirking over his drama, he said, “I work for a large health insurance company. Once a month, I travel to our various offices around the country to troubleshoot major claims.”

“That sounds—”

“Boring as all hell,” Ryan filled in for her.

Lindsey chuckled. “Thanks for saving me from lying.”

He shrugged. “It pays well. Gets me out of the house periodically.”

“Know what you mean. I’ve really been enjoying traveling the last several months.”

“So, what is yours and your husband’s story? What caused you to drift apart?”

Lindsey’s smile instantly disappeared.

Ryan cursed himself for bringing it up. “I’m sorry. You don’t have to answer that.”

Holding up her hand, she glanced around. She grabbed their drinks and carried them to an out-of-the-way table in the corner. Of course, Ryan followed. In those short few steps it occurred to him that he had never done anything like this in all his years of travel. He found it strangely exciting.

Once seated, Lindsey leaned closer and almost whispered. “I wouldn’t normally tell this to a complete stranger, particularly a man because of the implication—”

“He’s no good in bed,” Ryan deduced.

A seemingly shocked expression formed on her face, but it was really disbelief that he had guessed correctly. “How did you know?”

“Sex is the root of most marital problems, but many other things get the blame.”

“That’s profound. That your story too?”

“It’s a large part of it.”

“Well, I don’t want to brag, but for the record, it’s not me.”

Somewhat stunned, Ryan said, “I don’t know how to respond to that.”

“Is it you?”

“I’d like to think not.”

The bar tender appeared with two more glasses of beer. “Last call,” he advised. “We close in twenty.”

“But we didn’t order these,” Ryan pointed out.

“Just trying to help move you two along.”

“What do you suppose he meant by that?” Ryan posed after the bartender walked off.

“I’m guessing he thinks one of us is trying to seduce the other,” Lindsey surmised.

“Well, for what it’s worth, I wasn’t,” Ryan said defensively. “I’ve never done that.”

“Nor was I.”

Lapsing into silence, they finished the beers they were working on and started on the fresh ones.

After a couple of minutes, Ryan couldn’t help but say, “I won’t lie, though. I have fantasized about it.”

“So, have I,” Lindsey revealed. “Since I arrived?”

“Maybe,” he answered coyly. “How does your fantasy go?”

“Well, that’s rather personal,” she said in mock seriousness.

However, he took it literally. “We’ve been discussing nothing but personal things since we’ve been here. Besides, we’ll probably never see each other again, so does it really matter?”

She shrugged in deference. “Nothing fancy. I meet a man, not unlike how we met; we hit it off, not unlike we have; one thing leads to another, we end up in a hotel room and, of course, the sex is incredible.”

“Not very imaginative.”

“Then what’s yours?”

He chuckled. “Pretty much the same. But remember, I work in health insurance,” he reiterated to substantiate his drab scenario.

They both laughed and gulped more beer.

“When are you expected home?” Lindsey asked.

“I don’t share my itinerary. Just tell her about when I’ll be back.”

“Then let’s do it.”

“Do what?”

“Get that hotel room.”

“Are you serious?”

“I don’t know. I’ve had four beers,” Lindsey noted, downing the remainder of the last one. “Let’s prove to each other that it’s not either one of us.”

“I think you are serious.”

“Does that scare you?”

With a grimace, Ryan said, “A little. I’ve just never done anything like this before.”

“Do you want to? I mean, you said you’ve fantasized about doing almanbahis adres something like this; wouldn’t you like to see if reality is as good as fantasy?”

Thinking about it for a second, he admitted, “I guess.”

“Then let’s go.” Lindsey stood and pulled him up and slipped her arm in his. He fumbled for his wallet and dropped several bills on the table, they grabbed their over nighters, and he allowed her to lead him out.

“You have a car?” Ryan asked when they reached the entrance to the terminal.

“Yes. Let’s get our cars and meet at the hotel across the street,” she suggested. She then grabbed his neck and pulled his head to her, pressing their lips together in an intense kiss.

Ryan felt an instant hard-on grow in his pants in reaction to the amazing kiss. “What was that for?”


“You thought I might chicken out?”

Lindsey shrugged. “But for what it’s worth, it prevented me from backing out.”

However, Ryan did question himself about what he was doing as he walked to his vehicle, got in and drove out of the parking garage. He tried to convince himself to just let it happen. But Lindsey had suddenly become aggressive, and by her own admission, she might have had too much to drink. Was he hooking up with a crazy woman? Quite possibly only the short drive across the street was not enough time for his analytical mind, a product of his occupation, to give proper consideration to what he was about to do. Even as he pulled into the hotel’s parking lot he told himself he could just keep going, and as he walked into the lobby, he reminded himself that he could always turn around. And he started to do just that when he didn’t see Lindsey.

Still, he waited a minute to see if she appeared, wondering if this was all just a cruel joke . . . until the desk clerk approached him.

“Mr. Artois?”

Turning to the man, Ryan was, at first, taken aback by the name, and then he found himself nodding.

“Ms. Stella is waiting in room 362.”

Ryan merely nodded, amused at her little ruse to protect their identities. “Thanks.”

“Those aren’t really your names.” It wasn’t a question.

“Does it really matter?” Ryan asked, walking off without waiting for an answer.

A few minutes later, he knocked on the door to room 362.

“You came,” Lindsey said happily with a big smile.

“You still didn’t think I would?” he asked, feigning disbelief. “What would you have done if I hadn’t?”

“I was actually contemplating just spending the whole night here.” She stepped out of her heels.

“Now there’s an idea.”

She moved aside, allowing him to enter, and then took a seat on the sofa. “Any thoughts on how we do this?”

“Well I think we should keep our expectations low.”

With a jittery giggle, Lindsey agreed. “Probably a good idea. So, should we just talk until, you know . . .”

“Are you absolutely certain about this?”

“Well, yeah . . . I mean, I’m here. What do you mean?”

Ryan also took a seat on the sofa, but turned to face Lindsey, amused that she now seemed to be the nervous one. “No offense or disrespect, but you said you drank a lot. Are you drunk? Is intoxication causing you to do this?”

“Not at all. As I said—and so did you—I have fantasized about doing something like this. The truth is, you’re the first man to come along that appealed to me.”

He nodded. Well, she was saying the right things.

She also twisted toward him, the movement causing the hem of her dress to rise and reveal a great pair of thighs. It stirred something within him. Visions of how it was with his wife a long time ago flashed through his mind at light speed, and suddenly, he wanted that again. With no further thought, Ryan reached out and gently touched his hand to her knee. He enjoyed her softness.

Even though she watched him do it, the contact was electric and Lindsey looked up sharply. A momentary frown easily changed into an appreciative smile. And she didn’t stop him as his hand moved caressingly around her thigh.

Ryan also noticed that her dress seemed to be hanging lower on her chest offering him a pleasant view of her sculpted cleavage. His contact with her leg seemed to be the icebreaker. Slowly, she leaned closer gazing longingly into his eyes until their lips came together once more. Their parting kiss at the airport was still fresh in his mind and he now savored the repeat. The coming together of their mouths was soft and tender, the kiss loving and not desperate. An imperceptible whimper emanated from her throat.

Lindsey’s hand had gone to Ryan’s arm, and as the kiss escalated, she casually allowed it to drift lower until it came in contact with his leg. From there, it edged toward his crotch. A sigh accompanied her touch of his penis. She pulled back, her eyes roaming down to where her hand was. The outline of his cock in his pants brought a smile to her face. Her other hand traveled up his other leg and both paws danced across his bulge.

Now, Ryan wanted to taste her lips again, almanbahis adres this time with much more passion. This kiss was mesmerizing, nothing like he could remember sharing with his wife in a long time. The intensity—and feeling weak because of it—had Lindsey easing backward almost supine. To stay with her, Ryan leaned over on his side, his thighs stacked one atop the other. More out of convenience, she draped her leg over both of his, spreading her thighs.

Feeling her leg on his was arousing, and he couldn’t help running his hand down her thigh. She gasped when his fingers touched her panty-covered pussy. Mistaking her response, Ryan instantly withdrew his hand. But a sound of disappointment in her voice followed. However, instead of replacing his hand, his palm found her rounded breast, his fingertips touching the very soft bare skin of the top that was pushed out of her dress.

Again, Lindsey moaned her pleasure. She jammed her hand in her dress and pulled her tit out of the cup of her bra and dress exposing her nipple. His lips and tongue immediately latched on.

Ryan could now feel his cock seriously leaking pre-cum and it felt fantastic. He hadn’t sucked tits in a long, long time and he had forgotten how much he enjoyed it. So did she, if her moans were any clue. However, she quickly stopped him, sat up and removed her top, her nipple still peeking over the rim of the cup of her bra.

Before he could make any further move, she sat up, her skirt nearly rising to her crotch, and said through heavy breathing. “Let’s move to the bed.”

Ryan willingly and eagerly followed.

The level of Lindsey’s stimulation manifested itself when she ripped off the comforter and sheets and stuffed them on the side of the bed nearest the wall, and then laid down rapidly pushing her panties down and off. She taunted him with a wicked grin and spread legs.

Her exposed, shaved pussy was the most beautiful sight he had seen a long time. The slight parting of her pussy lips revealed glistening moisture, beckoning him. He literally dove on it. She threw her head back joyously when his tongue took its first swipe and he devoured her vagina like the sex-starved man he was. Her secretions were the most satisfying nectar he had ever tasted. His tongue danced over every part of her womanhood that it could, frequently darting in and out of her tunnel of love.

He felt her hand on the top of his head pressing his face as deeply into her inner section as it could get. Naturally, moans, cries and whimpers accompanied her squirming. After only a minute or so, the sounds subsided and her movement relaxed. Ryan believed she had an orgasm, but it had been so long since he had experienced a woman climaxing that he couldn’t be certain. He kissed her inner thighs and looked up to see a huge smile on her face. She pulled on his head to draw him up for a kiss, having no qualms about her juices coating his lips.

She kissed with the hunger of a deprived woman. So famished was she that she could not focus on one thing for very long; as if she didn’t keeping it moving, it would all suddenly disappear. So, with that, she pushed up to a kneeling position where she deftly undid his belt, pants and zipper, sliding his pants down only far enough for his swollen cock to spring free. Before it even stopped flopping, she had it in her mouth. Ryan expected her to suck it with a ferocity that might take skin off, but surprisingly and satisfyingly, she took it slowly, savoring it.

Ryan nearly became lightheaded from the incredible feeling of having his cock in a woman’s mouth. Even during their active sex years, his wife had rarely performed fellatio on him. It didn’t really matter whether Lindsey was good or not, she was doing it. And that made it good.

Looking down on her back, Ryan impulsively reach out and unclasped her bra. The straps automatically fell down her arms; she lifted one hand and then the other to get it out of her way.

The longer she sucked him, the more intense it became. He feared that if he allowed her to continue, he would come too quickly, and then he would be of no further use to her. He pulled her head up, mashing their lips and driving his tongue into her mouth. She responded in kind, allowing their tongues to explore. Her fist was still wrapped around his shaft, and feeling it constantly pulsing from their heated mouth action, Lindsey couldn’t wait any longer.

She rolled him onto his back, yanked his pants and underwear off, straddled his thighs and fed his angry cock into her yearning pussy. Her vagina sucked him in. She rode him fast and he matched her strokes until she pivoted her hips back and forth. Fortunately, he was big enough that she could feel her vaginal walls close tightly around his rod, caressing it.

Thankfully for him, he felt he was big enough that the grasp her pussy had on his cock was tight enough to let him know he was her first in quite some time. And that was a heady feeling.

Lindsey’s continued lack of focus had her hopping off of him, switching to hands and knees and shaking her rear at him. He was behind her fucking her doggy-style in seconds. This was another act that Ryan and his wife had seldom done and he was amazed at how totally different the inside of her pussy felt in this position—but certainly no less enjoyable.

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