Afternoon Delight

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All she wants is to feel his big, fat cockhead on her clit. She watches him from the bed, her arms bound. The ropes feel rough around her smooth wrists. She squirming on the bed, anticipating the hot cockhead he’s stroking inside of his pants.

He’s looking at her naked body. She starts to moan,”I’m so horny”.

She wants his cock so bad it hurts. Her thighs are moist in the summer heat of the cheap hotel room.

He starts to unzip his pants. He leaves his shirt and tie on. She loves the way he looks in the half-light. His thick stocky body, full thighs, and 10 cock exposed from the waist down. He starts licking his lips and she wishes he were sucking her swollen nipples and moving his big, rough hands all over body.

“You want it, baby?” he whispers with his low husky voice.

“Yes.” she whimpers, her pussy soaked.

He takes her legs, pulls her in one rough jerk further towards him. He gets on his knees on the bed and spreads her open.

“Oh, fuck yes.” she moans. She knows what’s coming. It’s her favorite part.

He lifts his thick cock in hand. It’s so swollen and she wants so badly to feel it on her skin and inside her warm pussy.

He takes the head and slowly caresses her thigh as he slides his massive cock closer to her pussy.

“You want almanbahis adresi to come?” he asks sternly.

“Yes…fuck yes. I’m so wet and horny.” she moans. All she can think about is his big, fat cock and how much she wants it.

“Make me come with your cock.” she whimpers as she squirms on the cheap bedsheets. The bed springs make a creaking sound and she is turned on even more. She’s knows what they are doing is wrong and dirty, and she loves it.

He takes his fat cock head and slowly begins to rub it from the top of her slit, across her wet clit, and then slowly down to her pussy entrance. Then he slides it slowly back up. He does it again and again, slowly stroking her with his cock. It feels so warm against her pussy, and he presses harder and harder each time he does it, lingering at her pussy entrance and teasing her with a thrust of his fat plumber’s head into her pussy hole. It feels so fucking good she can’t think straight.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck!” she cries out, needing to feel his fat cock inside of her aching pussy now more than ever.

“Oh please, please…fuck me now. Fuck me with your big fat cock!”

But he just keeps stroking, going slow and then fast, moving up and down, softly then harder until she’s on the brink. There’s sweat on his brow almanbahis adresi and she can see that familiar look in his eyes. Any second now he going to thrust every inch into her and pound her sweet pussy, hard.

Her hip are bucking up and she’s trying to get him to slip the head deeper into her pussy. He braces himself and she knows it’s coming, finally.

He grabs her hips with his big hands and roughly pulls her close to his cock. Then he slides it in, just the tip.

“Beg for it” he growls.

“Oh fuck, yes. Please, please, please…oh, please fuck my pussy.” she moans frantically.

He enters her with one hard, slick stroke. The way it feels when he’s inside of her is too much. He’s so thick and warm. She can feel him stretching out her tight pussy. The ropes on her wrists are torture. She wants to grab his ass and push him deeper into her.

“Fuck, oh fuck” he moans. “You’re so fucking wet.”

At first he is savoring each stroke. Thrusting slowly. Then he puts the entire weight of his body on top of her and starts bucking against her wildly, going deeper and harder with each stroke. She wraps her legs around him and thrusts her pussy against his cock. He’s fucking her so good she can’t stand it. Her pussy is swallowing his 10-inch hard cock over and almanbahis adresi over again and loving it. His deep groans get louder, making her hornier with each stroke.

“Take it. Take every inch, you fucking whore!” he moans.

She knows he’s losing his mind. He is on the edge. The bed springs are creaking louder and louder. He’s pummeling her pussy with all of his might, his hands digging into her ass as he shoves her pussy harder onto his cock with each thrust.

“Oh fuck, yes. Fuck my pussy. Fuck my pussy!” she cries.

Her mind is going numb from the feel of his thick meat, pounding and massaging the inside of her pussy. She’s moaning and bucking underneath him. It feels so fucking good. His cock thrusts are getting faster, and faster. Her pussy muscles start to tremble. He pounds her as hard as he can and she’s screaming now.

“Fuck! Oh fuck, yes!” she cries out. She feels his cock clench and then with one last thrust he starts to come, filling her with his hot juice as he bites her earlobe and moans,

“You’re such a sweet fuck, baby. You’re so good. Oh fuck, you’re so good.”

She can’t hear anything for a second, she is coming the hardest she has ever come in her life. Her pussy walls are clenching over his cock again and again. They are both shuddering and coming. The pleasure rising in them in giant waves, that slowly begin to subside.

Finally they lay there in the summer heat, sweaty and exhausted. She looks at him as he starts to doze off. She can’t wait until he does it to her all over again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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