After Hours Surprises

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Penny was a lot of things, a slut she really wasn’t. She didn’t feel right just banging any old guy. Trouble was she was horny. She really needed to do something dirty.

Things had been made worse of late, her online friend Jack had been teasing her something stupid. He had been sharing his erotic tales with her, and the thought of actually following through on these was getting too much for her.

She didn’t know that much about him really, but she had seen a picture of him, so she knew she liked and what she saw, and the thought of living out a fantasy or two was driving her insane!

She decided to do something about it, something totally out of character, and something that could go horribly wrong. Fuck it, she had nothing to lose! It was time to put her detective skills to the test!

It was dark outside, the hour was getting late. Jack sat at his desk hearing the building he worked in slowly but surely empty, the sound of the door closing signalling another person leaving for the day.

He put off all the office lights and worked by the light of a small desk lamp, relaxing his mood. He wasn’t ready to go home yet.

He sat and wasted time looking at all sorts of crap on the internet, and once he was sure the building was empty, he thought he might indulge in some guilty pleasures. He would have a read of some erotic tales, escape for a while into the land of all things sexual, erotic, and fucking filthy.

He got the fright of his life when the office door opened, and in walked a woman, closing the door behind her. She stood and stared at him. He stood up too.

What he saw was a short sort of a woman, with long dark hair, pinned and piled on top of her head, a sensual face, sexy eyes, a wicked grin, full red lips, and she was wearing a long, ankle length black wool coat, and black stiletto shoes.

She stared into him.

‘I’m sorry, are you lost?’ He asked her.

She still stared, and the smile never left her face, she was terrifyingly nervous, but maintained her composure.


This woman had to be insane, but she was attractive, he didn’t want to be rude to her by telling her to fuck off.

‘Well, can I help you then, I’m not expecting anyone, and I am wondering why you are standing in my office after hours.’

‘I’ve come to see you Jack.’ As she said her words she started to walk across the room into the corner where he had been sitting at his desk.

He was still standing when she reached his desk, staring into his eyes, luring him in, seducing him.

‘What you up to Jack? A little after hours reading? Want to read something to me? I’m in the mood for a bloody good………story’

He couldn’t believe she was standing in front of him. He knew exactly who she was.

‘Penny, what the fuck are you doing here? How did you find me? I told you we should never meet, this is a bad fucking idea….’ and he trailed off with his excuses.

As he trailed off, she slowly unbuttoned her coat buttons, rolling her eyes in the air, being aloof, disinterested in what he was saying and let her heavy coat fall at her feet. The very second that happened, Jack fell mute, with his mouth hanging open, in disbelief, and a smile crept over his face.

He stared her up from her feet. Black stilettos, sheer seamed black stockings, held up with belts, the belts attached to a corset, but the kind that is not your regular underwear, it was laced up the front, and cup less, and Penny’s fantastic tits were on full show, beautiful proud nipples staring into Jacks eyes.

He couldn’t believe she had found him, and turned up like this! Walked the streets with no clothes on, just a coat!

‘What happened to your excuses? Did you lose them?’ She said, her hands on her hips, her tone was firm, like a Mother scolding a child.

She walked up to him and his natural reaction as he just couldn’t help it, was to feel her tits, cupping them, squeezing them, it was like he had become hypnotised by them.

She matter of factly undid his belt, his jeans, and slid her nails inside and pulled them down.

His rather impressive cock sprung loose, erect, his jeans around his ankles.

She put her palm against his chest and pushed him backwards, until he was forced to be seated in his chair, and with the chair away slightly from the desk, he sat, stunned at her brassneck, her eyes, so alluring, her smell, feminine, musky, and she leaned over and kissed him as he sat, teasing him, nibbling at his lips.

She almanbahis adresi stopped her kiss, and stared into his own beautiful eyes.

‘Jack, read to me, I want to hear a good story, please?’

And with that, she fell to her knees, half under his desk, and took his cock in her hand.

She wrapped her lips and mouth around his head like it was some massive lollipop, and coated it with a thick coating of saliva, removed it, and started to smear her red lipstick all around her lips as she stared up at him, seated at his desk. His mouth hung open, in shock.

As she licked the end of his cock and smeared her face, she spoke.

‘You better start reading honey…let me know if you make it to the end..’

With that, she devoured his cock right up, until her nose was buried in his pubic hair. She sucked her cheeks in around him, and started licking the underside of his cock, and began to manoeuvre him slowly in and out of her mouth, with her tongue moving in strong, teasing circular motions all along the underside of his cock, paying particular attention to just beneath the head of his cock.

Jack slumped down in his chair, pushing his hips up, and driving his cock deeper into her mouth, he couldn’t focus on any reading! His hands reached down and took her breasts in his hands and started to massage them, and rub her nipples, pulling them, roughly.

Penny groaned, completely turned on by the sensation of his cock pumping into her face, and the attention her nipples were getting. She really did love her nipples being touched; it was such a turn on.

She looked up at him, in his chair as she continued to pump his cock between her smeared lipstick lips, keeping eye contact, and she groaned and moaned all around the throbbing member.

His hands left her breasts as his breathing got deeper, more aroused, and he placed his hands on each side of her jaw, to help push his cock deep into her throat, she wrinkled her nose as his pubes tickled it with ever thrust, but she kept looking right into his eyes, like some subservient whore, loving every second of her face being filled with Jacks cock.

As he became more and more aroused, his pace increased as he was fucking her face, and saliva escaped from her mouth. He was so turned on at this woman, who turned up out of the blue, and within minutes of coming through the office door, here he was fucking her hot mouth as she knelt under his desk.

She could taste him, pre cum dripping from him, and she couldn’t wait to drink him up.

He was loving this so much, he didn’t want it to be over, so he released her jaw and loosely placed his hands in the pile of hair and gently rocked her head back and forth in time with the thrusting of his hips as she continued to lick him and tease his cock with her tongue.

He could feel the pins in her hair, holding the mass of waves up, off her face.

He looked down at her, beautiful dark sensual eyes looking straight into his, grunting and groaning as his cock filled her face, puffing her cheeks out with every push.

It felt amazing, he really didn’t think he could last much longer, so he began to pull the pins from her hair, in some attempt to make him last longer as a distraction, but it wasn’t working, she knew he couldn’t last longer either, she felt him get harder in her mouth, and the thrusts were increasing, he couldn’t help it, his cum was rising, he was pulling the pins, her hair was falling all around him, his cock, her face and with that he was snarling, bearing his teeth, grabbing fist fulls of her hair, pulling her face over his pulsing cock, driving it down her throat, he was gasping and grunting.

‘Ohh you dirty bitch, you dirty dirty girl, you better drink my spunk, ‘cos I’m about to fill your face with it.’

She groaned too awaiting the delivery of his hot cum in her mouth.

He pulled at her hair, clenching fist fulls, hurting her slightly, she felt his cock start to wrench in her mouth, his balls contracting, he let out a deep primal grunt as he finally wrenched over sitting in his chair, and his cock spewed out thick burst of hot delicious cum all inside her mouth.

‘Hmmmm’ she groaned as she let his spunk pool on the back of her tongue, enjoying the taste of him, before swallowing it all in one gulp. She rolled her tongue around his cock head again, knowing he would be ultra sensitive, and he doubled over at the sensation and carefully removed himself from her mouth.

She rolled her tongue around in her mouth, savouring almanbahis adres the after taste of his fine nectar, she licked her smeared lips and still she stared deep into his eyes, the dirty subservient looking whore in her cupless corset.

‘Fucking hell, that was INSANE’. He said

‘Yup, I rather enjoyed that, we shall have to do that again, I am so fucking wet after that, I have got girl goo all over the inside of my thighs!’


He rolled his seat back, took her by the hand and pulled her up, as she got to standing, he too was standing. He spun her round, and pushed her shoulder downward, forcing her to sit.

‘Ok! Now it’s your turn!’ She smiled at him; he smiled back with a wicked look.

He pulled his jeans up and fell to his knees, ran his hands up her thighs as she slumped back in his chair, her long hair cascading down the back of it.

He slipped his hands around her panties and she lifted her bum from the chair so as he could pull them right off.

She sat there, no knickers on, breasts hanging over the corset. He crumpled the knickers in his hand like you would crumple a sheet of paper; he pushed his nose into them, and inhaled deeply.

‘I just know you are going to taste as good as you smell!’

He grabbed her legs, pulling her down in the seat a bit, and pushed her thighs open, so her knees were wedged over the edge of the seat.

He looked at her aroused pussy, shiny lips drenched in her own juice, the result of how turned on she had become sucking his cock. He could smell that fantastic smell that he smelt in her knickers, the heat of her hot cunt carrying the smell around the office.

He fingered her, and looked at the expressions on her face as he did so, she was screwing her face up, she was not going to last long, she knew if she wanted to, she could have made herself cum while she sank his cock in her face, but she didn’t want to spoil it, she wanted to give all her attention to him and his stiff cock.

He ran his thumbs up and down her slit, over her clit, and watched as she looked like she was in pain, whimpering and gasping.

He sucked on his thumbs, she tasted lush, so he bent his head downwards and started to eat her pussy, the sensation of his facial hair on her hairless soft smooth pussy lips was crazy, the rough bristles. His tongue was darting inside her, over her clit, and then he was sucking on her clit, nibbling it while he fingered her, feeling his fingers hot inside her, drenched, gooey, her pussy walls enveloping his fingers with tight spasmodic motions as he clit throbbed between his teeth.

Penny was gasping away in his chair, her head rolling around, and her back arched, pushing her pussy into his face, she was not going to last long. He continued to finger her as he teased her clit, rubbing it, licking the juice as it oozed from her hot cunt, she tasted great.

The palm of her hands rolled around on his head, enjoying the sensation of his shaved head, she loved the feel of it, a bizarre sensation.

Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter and hotter too. It was pulsing and kicking and there was a massive ache in her belly, she needed to cum, to get rid of it. More and more noises came from her mouth, and the soggy squelching between her legs aroused her even more.

She could feel the sucking of her clit and the fingering motion drive her insane and the sensations became more and more intense. She was going to cum, she knew it.

‘Urrrgggg, you really are God at this aren’t you?’ He tried not to giggle at her comment.

‘I am going to cum all over your face, cream ALL OVER your face, uhhh uhhhh uhhh hmmm FUUUUCK!!’

And with that, Penny’s back arched back as far as she could go, and then she was completely taken over by her pussy pulsating and throbbing, as she came all over Jack’s face. The volumes of juice and cream flowing from her pussy was immense, Jack was quite taken aback, and watched as lush hot cream flowed from her pulsing drenched lips between her bum and soaked into his chair. He knew he would smell her for days, weeks even. He had thought about keeping her knickers as a memento, but who needed knickers when her juice was embedded into HIS chair?

Her face was now totally flushed with smeared lipstick all around her lips, she was gasping, and her chest heaved with her irregular breaths. Her breasts moved as her ribcage expanded and contracted with her inhalations.

With the amazing pussy eating action that had just taken place, Jack almanbahis adres was glad to see the return of his hardon, he was rock hard, at the taste and smell of this slutty girl who appeared from nowhere (almost).

He got to his feet, and edged his jeans down, releasing the rock hard cock inside.

‘I have a problem, look what you made me do! Fucking RAGING cock again’

He pulled her to her feet and pushed her over his desk, so her big ass was up in the air and her still aroused pussy was exposed to him, sodden and drenched from cumming hard just a minute or so beforehand.

‘If you think I am going to waste this hot, tight wet cunt, think again.’

He ran his hands over her ass cheeks, aimed his cock at her fat dripping lips and with no pleasantries at all, rammed it into her, until his balls slapped against her wet lips.

‘Arhhh, Jack, fuck me hard, please fuck me, fuck me you dirty cunt, bang the fuck out of me!’

He did as he was told, he held onto her ass cheeks, and pushed them apart, allowing his cock to drive deeper into her soaking wet hole, his balls slapping against sodden flesh.

With every pound, the air was forced from her, and she made grunting noises where every breath should have been. He spanked her ass, hard, each hard slap was punctuated by her gripping onto his cock hard, a yelp from her grunting mouth which was now repeating in a low gravely dirty voice ‘Fuck me, I love to be fucked’, I’m a dirty bitch, fuck me harder.’

Her ass was stinging and red. He could see her heavy round tits sway as she was forced forward with the momentum of his ramming cock.

He reached under and enjoyed the sensation of their weight in his palms as they moved, and couldn’t help but tweak her nipples as they swayed too, she was yelping as he did this.

As he rammed and rammed the fuck out of her, he let his hands trace along her ribs to her back, where her lush mane had fallen to the sides, he couldn’t help it, it was too inviting, he took a fistful of her waist long hair and rolled it round his fists, and pulled her head back as he drove his shiny fat cock into her, and drove more and more of her juice out of her.

This continual pummelling was making her already spent pussy ready to blow again, she was going to cum, all over his cock this time, she felt it coming, the sensation her pussy had when it was getting ready to blow.

‘Arrr fuck me, I’m going to cum on your cock, grab your big cock with my tight cunt and come ALL OVER it, you dirty dirty bastard’. The little gasps of pain could be heard in between her words as he yanked at her hair.

She used one hand to rub her clit to help her on her way, and true to her word she started to make the most incredible noises, as she came again, writhing about, unable to move properly because of her hair being pulled on, like some set of reigns as she was being ridden, ridden as hard as she ever had been. In the moment of her orgasm her hand swept across his desk, sending all sorts of stuff onto the floor.

The sensation of her hot tight cunt clenching onto his cock as he rammed her was enough to start to tip Jack over the edge, his second load of the night was on it’s way, he let go of her hair and spanked her ass again, to make her pussy tighten, to keep the sensation of that tightening prolonged, he was going to cum, he so so wanted to fill her belly up with his spunk, so her belly was well and truly filled with him, but he changed his mind at the last gasp, and as his cock got ready to wrench out a second load, he spanked her again, pulled out and watched his load land all over her red raw bum cheek, as the last stream left his cock and landed on her skin, he rubbed the end of his cock in his own cum, and slapped his cock on her ass in the pool of spunk, enjoying the noise, and watching her look like a total whore, ass covered in spunk, and red raw pussy lips, dripping, well fucked.

She stood up from over the desk, the pair of them exhausted with their efforts.

He handed her tissue to clean herself with. She stood there, in her lingerie, and he went over and kissed her.

‘That was way better than I ever imagined!’

‘Wasn’t it just!’.

‘Back in a mo, I need to use the toilet.’ He disappeared out of the office away to the toilet.

When he got back to his office, she was gone, her knickers, the hair pins, her coat. Everything.

The only thing she left behind was her card, left on his desk. The ball was in his court now, how long would it be before he found her, and showed up on her doorstep?

OH! And the other thing she left…. her smell, embedded in the fabric of his chair, every time he smelt her, there was a familiar rock in his jeans, the rock she had a habit of putting there.

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